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Whiplr Review

Whiplr Review
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 23-36
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to report scammers, bots, and fake profiles.
  • The platform is diverse in terms of sexual orientations.
  • All logins are anonymous and not linked to other social connection networks.
  • It can be used both by experienced people or newbies.
  • It allows users to explore their fetishes without judgment.
  • The site organizes kink events for the members.
  • Users can upload up to 100 photos on their profiles.
  • It operates on a freemium basis.
  • Poor customer service.
  • It takes a long time to upload any pictures.
  • There are not a lot of users on the app.
  • User accounts can be blocked without prior warning or reason.
  • A user cannot contact other people until they upgrade to a premium subscription.
  • The app takes up a lot of space on a device.
  • A lot of negative Whiplr reviews.

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There are a lot of dating sites available across the web, but it is a hefty chance your account will get reported if you mention certain of your fetishes. Such apps and sites are restrictive for individuals who want to explore their sexual fantasies and fetishes. This is why the Whiplr website provides a space for such individuals, to meet like-minded people, and most importantly, without prejudice.

How Many Languages does Whiplr Support?

Users can only use the site in English.

Who is the Developer of Whiplr?

This platform is privately owned by Matech Limited.

So Where is Whiplr Based Now?

Currently, this platform operates and is managed in Washington, United States.

When was Whiplr Developed?

This site was developed in 2014, and it has continuously attracted new members through the years.

Does Whiplr Operate Globally?

This site is available to people all over the world, but some kink events are restricted to certain areas and countries only.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement to Register on Whiplr?

Every user that signs up on the Whiplr website must be at least 18 years and older.

Is this App Accessible Via a Computer?

To access this service on your PC, visit the Whiplr website. Here, members can download app versions of the platform for their device.

On a Universal scale, How Many People Use Whiplr?

This platform boasts of over half a million users globally, with thousands of daily app downloads and logins.

On a Universal scale, How Many People Use Whiplr?

Website Design & Usability

The website and app have an impressive interface, but the dark mode may be challenging for most people to use. Users access the main menu by clicking on the icon at the top left corner. The categories are well laid out and easy to maneuver.

Which Browsers Support Whiplr?

Individuals that want to register for this service can access it from different browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Lynx.

How Do I Use the Camera on Whiplr?

If you want to upload a live video, upload instant pictures, or initiate a video call, you can use the camera feature. To access it, click on the image icon labeled shots at the bottom of the screen and click on the camera icon at the top right. There are four upload versions: profile, shots, private, and shots unleashed. The profile division permits you to modify the picture on your profile to increase the attention you attract. All photos taken on the shots are public and will appear on the Shots Feed. The Shots Unleashed is a feature accessible to users via the web version, and it allows users to upload their most kinky pictures. The private option allows users to remain in control of who can view these photos and when. Access granted can be revoked at will.

Special Features

Users can share their photos and videos privately by granting access to specific people. The one sharing can revoke this privilege. If a user changes their mind about shared media or texts they have sent, they can delete it for both devices.

The Spark and Icebreaker features allow users to start a chat in a different exciting tactic. Using the kink survey, you can easily figure out what other members are into and chat with your contacts using the group chat on premium subscription.

How Does It Work?

When you’re logged in the account, connect with as many people as possible. To start a chat, click on an interesting profile and tap on the chat icon. You can also request for private connection, or make a video call instead. If you are selective on the people you want to connect with, filter your feed to basic preferences. However, the filter options are limited on the free membership, and you will need to upgrade to enjoy the full feature.

How Can I Message Someone?

Click on the picture or profile of the user you want to message and choose your preferred messaging option. This includes icebreakers, chat, or a private conversation. Members who do not have a premium membership are restricted to sending three animated icebreakers a day to any user.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Once a user signs up, they can message other members for free. However, one will need to upgrade to a premium subscription if they want to have a private conversation.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Whiplr?

If you see someone that strikes your interest, you can initiate a conversation by clicking on their profile and choosing the way that suits you most. You can either send an animated icebreaker if you are shy or unsure. Also, you can click on the Chat option to initiate a conversation via a text, video, or audio call. Request the user for a private conversation by tapping on the Request Private Button.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Whiplr?

Why Do I Have a Problem Accessing My Whiplr Account?

If you’re unable to log into your account, check your password and emails and ensure they are correct. If they are, there is a definite chance your Account is suspended.

How Long are Whiplr Bans?

Bans that are based on guideline violations of any kind are permanent. If you wish to continue using this service, you will have to create a new account.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Typically, all banned accounts cannot be accessed by the owners. Owners of blocked accounts have to open new accounts to access the services. However, if your account is reported on untenable grounds, you can get in touch with customer service via social media platforms and ask for help.

Is it Possible to Delete My Whiplr Profile?

If you wish to discontinue using the app or site, you can delete or deactivate your Account. To delete, tap on the sidebar to let down the menu. Tap on Settings, and tap on Account. Select the Delete Profile and confirm by accepting the “delete my profile” prompt. If you are uncertain, simply tap the “change my mind” option to go back.

Deleting your profile means all the information and media you have shared on the platform will be unavailable everywhere. For individuals with a premium membership, they will have to cancel their subscription on Google PlayStore or the AppleStore. If you wish to use the platform again, you must sign up afresh and register a new profile. However, users with Dekadom credits on their previous accounts can redeem them on the new one.

What Happens if I Disable The “Show Me on Whiplr ” Option?

Unfortunately, this site does not have this feature. However, you can look at the profile without notifying the owners.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Once you fill out your profile, you can check your matches on the connections sections.

How Do I Read the Messages I Receive on Whiplr?

Once you log into your Account, any messages you have received will reflect at the very top of the screen, and the number of messages will be indicated on the text bubble icon. To see who has sent you messages, click on the bubble to display the message center. All messages will reflect here, and you can choose whom to reply to or who to ignore.

Is it Possible to See the Whiplr Members Who I Liked?

You can add other users that you like on your favorite list.

What is Whiplr’s Spy Mode?

This feature allows a user to remain anonymous when they look at other users profiles. Therefore, the other person will not be notified if you click on their profile.

How Do I Edit My Username on Whiplr?

In case you want to change your username for whatever reason, simply click on the sidebar to reveal the menu and tap on Edit Profile. Type in a preferred username under the Nickname slot, and tap on Finish to save the new name.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

If you have trouble accessing the site, confirm your login credentials to ensure they are correct. If you are unsure, click the Forgot Password button to reset your password. Also, you may be unable to access your Account if it has been banned by customer service.

You can search for matches based on preferences by using the filter feature. They include sexual preference, age, location, role, body type, experience, kinks, and relationship status.

What Are the Different Options of Whiplr Search?

Sign up Process

Compared to most dating sites, the sign-up process on Whiplr is relatively simple, and it takes at a minimum of five minutes to complete. Since this site focuses primarily on casual sex and hookups, the registration profile is minimalistic and straight to the point. On the website, click on the Join Us prompt to access the sign-up page. Here, you will have to fill in a nickname, which will serve as your username, then enter a password and your date of birth. The next field will require selecting your gender, with the options of men, women, Trans, Trans man, Trans women, genderqueer, or Agender. Then select a role and the options are a sub, dom/domme, switch, not sure, and other. Click the sign-in prompt to finish your registration.

How Do I Verify My Email?

Users who sign up on Whiplr, either on the app or website, do not require verifying their email address. However, it is essential to have a valid email address you have access to so that you can use it to reset your password.

What Happens if I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Registration is only done by creating a new independent profile. This site does not allow for account linking, and therefore you cannot use your social media or Google accounts to sign up on the Whiplr website.

How Do I Join Whiplr?

You can download the app for your iOS or Android device and create an account. Similarly, log into the website www.whiplr.com and click on the Join Us prompt.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Individuals cannot access the services without registering an account first.

Users Profile Quality

After registering an account, you’ll have to create a profile; you can use the guide to fill out the necessary information. Even though it’s not mandatory, a well-detailed profile will attract more clicks. You can fill out your body type, height, and weight, or skip to the nitty-gritty of what you are looking for on the site. Write a short description of yourself, your kinks, experience if you have any, and your safe word.

Be sure to describe what you’re into, and a little on your “unleashed.” Common courtesy will dictate that you fill out your relationship status, but you are not obligated. Naturally, you will want to upload a profile picture that highlights your best features, or one that looks sexy. You can also be a member of the Whiplr Elites, a group of connoisseurs and trendsetters of the kink community.

Mobile Applications

Other than the Whiplr website, users can access the services via the mobile app, available for both Android and Apple devices. The app provides all features available on the site, including chatting, uploading photos, and video calls. Furthermore, it is easier to manage your subscriptions and Accounts via the app. However, the app will constantly crash if it is running on devices with low performance.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Whiplr is a freemium platform, meaning that users can sign up and access certain services for free. However, there are features that cannot be accessed unless a user subscribes to premium membership.

Free Membership Features

Members without a subscription have access to the communication features on the site, but they will be limited to the number of conversations they can initiate. Also, free membership limits the number of icebreakers one can send every day.

Is Whiplr Free?

This platform is partially free, meaning some of the services will be inaccessible until they are paid for through subscription upgrades.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Whiplr if You are a Free Member?

Even on a free membership, a user can receive messages, and see who likes their pictures.

Premium Membership Features

The Dekadom is paid membership, and it allows the users to have full access to all the features. This subscription will cost you $19.99 every month, or you can settle for a six-month subscription of $79.99. Features on paid membership include:

  • Limitless conversations
  • Icebreakers are not limited
  • Block users
  • Access private photos
  • Send video messages
  • Send gifts
  • Keep notes on other members.

Does Whiplr Offer Premium Membership?

Yes. All members who wish to access the full features of the site must upgrade to a monthly premium subscription at $19.95.

Does Whiplr Offer Premium Membership?

How Do I Cancel My Whiplr Membership?

All premium cancellations should be made via the Whiplr website. To cancel a subscription, go to settings, tap on Account, then subscription and select cancel.

Is Whiplr Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes. The monthly payments are recurring, and you will be billed every month.

Will I Get a Refund If I Do Not Use The App After I Upgrade to Premium?

No, under no circumstances does the site offer refunds.

Is My “Support” to Whiplr Automatically Renewed Every Month?

This platform does not have a support program.

I am Not Satisfied with Whiplr Services. Can I Get My Money Back?

If you find that the site does not provide what you’re looking for, you can choose to cancel your premium membership. However, once you have been billed, you cannot get your money back.

How Will My Whiplr Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Your credit card will be billed to Matech Ltd, which is the name that will appear on your credit card statement.

Can I Give Support to Other Whiplr Members?

No. However, you can send gifts to your favorite users.

Can I send Support for Just a Month?

This program is not available on Whiplr.

Can I send Support for Just a Month?

Is Whiplr Really Safe?

As a hookup site, you will not be asked for personal details, and therefore, the amount of information you share on the platform is entirely up to you. Be wary of the people you talk to, and avoid meeting people recklessly. If you must, ensure to tell someone of your plans and whereabouts.

Are Whiplr Group Chats Threads Moderated?

Everything you post on this platform is reviewed to ensure it does not violate the guidelines.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on Whiplr?

To filter the people who can contact you, simply tap on the filter icon on the top right of the screen and select your preferences.

What Security Features Does Whiplr Have?

For starters, a user can delete chats, photos, videos, or any content they share with other members on the site on both users’ devices. Subscribers do not have to leave the app to video call, send photos and videos or chat. They can do so for free right on the app.

To enhance, dependability, the validation feature allows users to authenticate who they know. Users under the age of 18 cannot access the app, and all plays involving minors are strictly prohibited.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

It is not uncommon to come across bullies, aggressive, rude, frauds, and cons on the site. If you come across such users, you can report it to the customer service and block them. To block and report a user, click on their profile, and tap on the three dots at the top right corner. This will prompt you with a report or block option. You can choose to block a user without reporting them and vice versa. Blocking is irreversible, so make sure you are certain. By blocking a user, they will be unable to see your profile, and your history in chats, media will disappear from both devices.

What Are The Penalties for a Member Who Uses a Whiplr Account to Solicit Money?

Actions such as advertising or those that indicate monetary exchange are strictly prohibited, and users who violate these regulations are permanently banned from using this service.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted on Your Whiplr Account?

Avoid posting very detailed information on your profile, such as your location, where you work, and social media handles. If there is a need to share such information, do it in the privacy of a chat.

Which Information Shouldn't be Posted on Your Whiplr Account?

Are Whiplr Chats Encrypted?

All communication on the site is encrypted, but the company is not liable to the actions of individuals with unauthorized access.

Can Whiplr track You Down?

No. This platform has no business trying to trace down its users.

Can Whiplr be Traced by The Police?

Under most circumstances, users can be traced down using their IP addresses, but this is not very accurate since they can only have a rough estimation of your geographical location.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on Whiplr?

This site does not link your Account to other social media platforms, nor share your private data. However, if you are in a position where you question your privacy, contact the customer care through their contact form. However, the customer service team is not there 24/7, and it might take some time to get feedback.

Can I Delete the Information that I’ve Already Submitted to Whiplr?

You can modify your profile information to accommodate your current contact information, delete certain media, or clear chats with other users.

Are there Fake or Scam Members on Whiplr?

Generally, you are bound to come across fraudsters or fake profiles as you use the site. It is close to impossible to have an online platform without these kinds of individuals, especially on sites with free registration or free membership options. Therefore, be very careful with the people you choose to make contact with, and always be on the lookout for red flags. Report users who try to solicit you and promise money in exchange for sexual encounters.

Are there Fake or Scam Members on Whiplr?

Contact Information

Unit 3203-4 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

[email protected]

[email protected]


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  • Vanilla Umbrella
  • Kinkstr
  • Knki
  • Feeld.

Real Life Review

“The site is okay, but maybe Whiplr reviews may be overselling it. For starters, any user is limited to only ten kinks, and I don’t really understand why they do that. But it is a really nice place because the people here want the same thing, and most importantly, there is no judgment. Actually, that is the beauty of it all. So if you are really into this life, this is it, this is where you should be.” Alex, 27

Is Whiplr the Best Dating Site/App?

There are a lot of dating sites nowadays, all of them catering to different sexual orientations. However, a site that caters to sexual fetishes is hard to come by. Most people on this site will be looking for hookups and casual sex, so it really cannot be categorized as a dating site. Nonetheless, according to some Whiplr reviews, it does not mean you cannot find a partner from the site. It is possible that most people on this site are already in relationships and are just here to explore.

Can I Unmatch an Whiplr Member?

Of you are no longer interested in a person, you can take them off your favorites list, and if they are a nuisance, you can block them.

Is Whiplr a Hook-up App?

Yes. This is the place to be if you are looking for non-committal sexual escapades to fulfill your sexual desires.

Is Whiplr a Hook-up App?


If you are looking to explore your sexuality on different levels without seeming weird or getting blocked for mentioning your fantasies, then Whiplr is for you. It allows you to connect with like-minded people for casual sex or hookups.

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