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Tiny Chat Review

Tiny Chat Review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 16-68
Profiles 675 540
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Lots of special features that are fun to use and interactive for the members.
  • Registration takes less than a minute.
  • You can send private messages and gifts to other members.
  • No email verification takes place.
  • Many of the features come with the premium membership.
  • One on One conversation is rare since it involves mostly video conferencing services.

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Tiny Chat connects thousands of people worldwide through video conferencing and chats with its interactive user interface and the easy registration process. It lets you connect to the other Tiny chat user with full video and sound chat. You can create your chat rooms or join the existing one and virtually connect with all the people in the chat room. The major advantage of using Tiny Chat is although the concept of communication is old, but due to the quality of the interface and the functionalities, the site garners many members. The Tiny Chat team has revamped its app and website in such a way that it targets the younger generation. Since the minimum age to join their forum is thirteen, there are many games and other fun stuff involved to attract younger people.

How many languages do Tiny Chat support?

Tiny Chat supports the English language alone. Though it supports just a single language, it is available across all the countries of the world. People find it more interesting and comfortable to use the application in its native language.

Who owns Tiny Chat?

Peer Stream, an American computer software company, owns the Tiny Chat group. They are the sole developers of all the multimedia social applications and business communication.

So where is Tiny Chat-based now?

Tiny Chat’s headquarters is in Glen Cove, New York. But they are operational In more than five cities, including California, Washington DC, etc. The application is accessible across the globe, and it is available for everyone.

When was Tiny Chat founded?

When was Tiny Chat founded?

Peer Stream, an American software company, found Tiny Chat in the year 2009. From then on, Tiny Chat has got its name established rapidly. They were even able to raise funding of around 1.3 million dollars in the first year.

Is Tiny Chat available worldwide?

Tiny Chat is available on both websites and mobile applications. You can download both the Android and the iOS apps from their respective application stores.

How old should you be to register on Tiny Chat?

You should be at least 13 years old to get registered with Tiny Chat. No one with an age less than that can sign up with them. This is to make their security policies too stringent that no one below the minimum age would misuse their services.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Tiny Chat is available on the website, as well as the application versions of it. You can access the website through your desktop. You can download the applications to your mobile phone or any other gadgets to enjoy their services.

How many members does Tiny Chat have worldwide?

Tiny chat estimates to have around 500,000 users in the United States of America. They have more than 10 million people using their services until now, and there are around 3 million active users worldwide. Around 60 percent of the population are male members, and 40 percent are female members.

Website Design & Usability

The design of the Tiny Chat application is more attractive than any other dating applications in the market. The navigations or the buttons don’t beat around the bush; rather, the features are simple and straightforward. It’s quite simple and intuitive design as well, where someone who seems to be joining the dating site for the first time, wouldn’t find themselves lost in the crowd. It takes less than a few minutes to understand all the features and following them up. Right from the registration process to connecting with people is easier with Tiny Chat.

Which browsers support Tiny Chat?

Almost all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc., support Tiny Chat. But you should make sure that the browser’s flash player is up to date since it involves a video conferencing feature.

How do I use the camera on Tiny Chat?

You can use the camera on Tiny Chat for Video Conferencing. You can join either as a guest or log in through email or password. Join any of your choice forums and click on the Turn on camera option to start the video call with the group members.

Special Features

Below are the special features of the Tiny Chat application.

  • Tiny Chat Coins and Points – Tiny Chat Coins and Points are exclusive for the premium members where they get the coins as credit for buying gifts from the virtual store and give to the other members.
  • Promoting a Room – You can promote your chat rooms to other network members or any media platform. This feature is available for the Tiny Extreme and Tiny gold membership members. They get 2000 coins at the start of the subscription for promoting their chat rooms.
  • Virtual Gift Store- Virtual gift store helps the members to buy virtual gifts for themselves and their friends. You can upgrade your membership in the Virtual Store. The store sells themed gifts ranging from seasonal ones like Halloween to food, drink, pets, gold, and jewels.
  • Live Directory- Live directory is one where you can see live chat rooms. The chat rooms you see are the most promoted ones near your location, and it might hold lots of gifts. Getting featured in such directories is one of the milestones in this website.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Tiny Chat is an attractive and excellent application for a serious dating relationship. The app version is very convenient to use. The design attracts a lot of younger generations. It has lots of exciting features that make more number of people use the application. You can either register with Tiny Chat through email or Facebook. You can also join them as a guest, but you may not enjoy the services if you have entered their site as guest users. After you log in, you can see various common chat rooms. You can click on any one of them and start your conversation with the members over the group. You can also send private chats or gifts to other members of the network.

How can I message someone?

Tiny Chat focuses on group conversations but also through light on private messages. To send a message to someone, you can start conversing in the group using the test area, or if you want to send a private message to the user, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Members tab and choose any group that you would like to join.
  • On the top of the screen, you can see the Members icon. Select the icon, and that will show the list of members of the group.
  • Select a member to whom you want to send a message across and click the Private Chat option and then start chatting with them.
  • You can also send virtual gifts to them if you are a premium member.

Is sending messages free?

Sending a message to a person on Tiny Chat or communicating with them over a video call is a free service. But to send any virtual gifts, you must need a premium membership account.

How can you start messaging with someone on Tiny Chat?

You can start texting someone or connect to them through video conferencing, or even send virtual gifts to them. It’s a pretty easy process.

  • Find to whom you would like to send a message.
  • Click on the person’s name, and a list appears where you will need to select the Private Chat option.
  • It will create a separate pane for private chats with them. You can send a message, start a video call, or even send virtual gifts to attract them.

Why can’t I access Tiny Chat?

Tiny Chat is accessible for everyone globally, and there are no specific restrictions for using their services. You need to be 13 years old to access their features. If not, you might not be able to access the Tiny Chat. In other cases, if you have a ban over your account, you might still not be able to access their functionalities.

How long are Tiny Chat bans?

Since Tiny Chat involves the registration of members aged around 13 years, they are very particular and strict about their security policies. If found guilty of misusing their services, then there will be a permanent ban from their network. They also follow Camera Ban, where you will not use your camera to share any offensive content over the chat. The ban extends until 72 hours, and you may need to request their support team to lift the ban.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

How do I reactivate my banned account?

The security policies of Tiny Chat is very stringent since it has members with age around 13 years. They are very particular about maintaining decorum over the forums, and each group has moderators to make sure the dignity gets maintained. So, once your profile is banned from Tiny Chat, you will not reactivate the account.

Is there an option to delete your Tiny Chat profile?

Follow the below steps to delete your Tiny Chat account permanently.

  • Go to the Account Management page.
  • Select “I want to disable my account” There will be few instructions then. Follow them and then confirm for deletion.
  • Note that this step will permanently delete your records from Tiny Chat, and there is no way of going back again.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Tiny Chat” option?

Tiny Chat is a pretty straightforward application, and there are moderators involved in each group to regulate the conversation. This is to make sure that the decorum of the site gets maintained. Therefore it doesn’t encourage hiding your profile for any reason.

Where do I see my matches?

Tiny Chat doesn’t work as a traditional matchmaking dating site. The process is straight to the point. It focuses largely on people’s interests, likes, and dislikes rather than their looks. If you find someone interesting over a forum, you can do a private message and start conversing with them.

How do I see who messaged me on Tiny Chat?

You can send and receive text messages of gifts on Tiny Chat. If you receive a message, you will get a pop-up notification, and you can click on that to see who messaged you.

Is it possible to see the Tiny Chat members who I liked?

There is no exclusive like an option in Tiny Chat to show that you have interest om, someone. But you can send across gifts in various forms if you like them in any way. This conveys that you like them and you are looking for an ideal match.

What is Tiny Chat’s spy mode?

Since Tiny Chat involves people age 13 years, the spy mode feature isn’t available to them. Their team makes sure that everything over their network gets moderated, and the popularity of their network doesn’t get spoiled for any reason.

How do I edit my username in Tiny Chat?

To change the username on Tiny Chat, Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the application. Under the column Nick Name, change the name that you want to get it displayed on the app. Click save to reflect the changes.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

Tiny Chat makes sure that the application is accessible to everyone without any interruption. If you face any issue in entering the site, it might be due to the age restriction, or your account might have been banned due to security issues. However, you can contact the support team and get it resolved.

Tiny Chat is not a traditional dating website; rather, it creates a forum for everyone to join the groups of their choice and discuss topics of interest. After that, people can find a partner on their own based on the criteria that meet their expectations. It’s a random chat platform where you don’t have any filters to get the people’s list and choose to start the conversation.

Sign up Process

Tiny Chat’s registration process is as simple as it is easy to complete within a few minutes. You can even join their platform as a guest. But you cannot access their services if you are logging in as a guest. Almost all the basic features are available for free, whereas you need to be a premium member to opt for some exclusive features.

How do I verify my email?

Tiny Chat doesn’t require any verification of email. Since the privacy policies are strong in Tiny Chat, the validation process is not required.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

Tiny Chat allows you to register using the Facebook account. If you sign up using the Facebook account, all the basic details get pulled and updated in Tiny Chat. You can even find if those who are available on Tiny Chat are available on Facebook also.

How do I join Tiny Chat?

Tiny Chat has both the desktop version and mobile application versions. You can access the desktop version through any updated web browsers. The application is available for Android and iOS users, and you can access them through any gadget. You can log in using your email id or existing Facebook account. You can also join them as a guest user and enjoy limited benefits.

Can I use the site without signing up?

You can join Tiny Chat without registering with them as a guest user. But if you opt for guest usage, then you can access very limited features. You will have to be a premium member or register using your existing mail id for seamless services.

Users Profile Quality

Users Profile Quality

The minimum age limit for anyone to join the website is thirteen years. Since it targets are the very young generation, parental care might be necessary at times. The security policies of Tiny Chat are very stringent such that if found guilty of sharing any offensive contents over the chat, then your account would be eligible for a ban immediately. Due to their privacy terms, the number of fake profiles over the Tiny Chat is very less. Even then, it is better to be careful with someone over their platform. It is each individual’s responsibility to know how genuine is the person they are talking to.

Mobile Applications

Tiny Cha’s mobile application is available for Android and iOS users in their application stores. However, you need to pay to enjoy some exclusive services. The application occupies only less space on your mobile phone. The navigation and the interface are a very cool outlook. It attracts almost all the younger generations who are so much into dating websites. The artsy buttons, navigation, and features of the mobile application retain their integrity.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The below are the membership details of Tiny Chat

Tinychat Pro

12 Months 4.15 USD Month 49.75 USD
1 Month 9.95 USD Month 9.95 USD

Tinychat Extreme

12 Months 6.23 USD Month 74.75 USD
1 Month 14.95 USD Month 14.95 USD

Tinychat Gold

12 Months 37.48 USD Month 449.75 USD
1 Month 44.95 USD Month 44.95 USD

Free Membership Features

Below are the free membership features available on the Tiny Chat application

  • Browsing the live directory.
  • Joining any forum, groups, or Rooms
  • Registration with them is free.

Is Tiny Chat free?

The tiny Chat application is available for both Android and iOS users on their application stores for free. There are few free features that the users can avail, whereas to enjoy all the exclusive features, you need a premium membership.

Can you see if someone likes you on Tiny Chat if you are a free member?

The tiny Chat application is a very straightforward one. It doesn’t involve any complex matchmaking algorithm to find out the ideal partners over their platform. You join a group and have a discussion based on your interests. If you find the person to be interesting, then start conversing with them on private chat. This is how the application works. So there is no separate feature to see if someone likes you on Tiny Chat.

Premium Membership Features

Below are the premium membership features available on the Tiny Chat application

  • High Definition Fullscreen video calls.
  • No Advertisements.
  • Users will get bonus Tiny Chat coins.
  • Directory Listing.

Does Tiny Chat offer premium membership?

Does Tiny Chat offer premium membership?

Yes. Tiny Chat offers a premium membership account at a very affordable price.

How do I cancel my Tiny Chat membership?

On the Tiny Chat application, Choose the settings icon on the top right corner of the page. Select the Account settings option and Choose Cancel subscription. Confirm it once again to remove your subscription from them.

Is Tiny Chat membership auto-renewed?

It is not mandatory to renew the subscription. However, there is an auto-renewal feature in Tiny Chat. You can turn it on/off based on your wish. It is available under the Subscription menu.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

You can cancel your subscription anytime when you need it. But you should do it before the subscription period ends. You can contact their support team for help with the refund status.

Is my “support” to Tiny Chat automatically renewed every month?

Unless and until specified by you or explicitly choosing the option, the support to Tiny Chat will not automatically renew your account. You can contact the support team on their mail id regarding the same.

I am not satisfied with the Tiny Chat. Can I get my money back?

Tiny Chat doesn’t give the money back if you are not satisfied with them. But the situation never happens since it makes sure that their members stick on to their platform for a longer period.

How will my Tiny Chat support appear on my credit card bill?

The bank statement or the Credit Card bill will have details of the Tiny Chat account and the amount deducted for the monthly billing cycle.

Can I give support to other Tiny Chat members?

There are Help and Support available for every member of the network. You can support other Tiny Chat members personally by guiding them through the features of the platform.

Can I send support for just a month?

You can contact the support team on the timeline of supporting the members through an email.

Is Tiny Chat Really Safe?

Tiny Chat uses the latest technologies like SSL and Firewall to safeguard the user’s profile from getting hacked. The match is 100 percent safe to use. However, it is the individual’s responsibility to know with whom they are talking to. Since the age limit for Tiny Chat is thirteen, they are taking extra care to tighten up the security.

Are Tiny Chat Forums threads moderated?

The discussions and the threads on the forums get moderated and monitored carefully by the website’s administrators. Any unrelated or offensive posts and videos are subjected to removal without any intimation. This can also lead to the camera ban and a permanent ban from the website.

How can I filter who can message me on Tiny Chat?

How can I filter who can message me on Tiny Chat?

Though there is no option for filtering out who can message you on Tiny Chat, you can “Ignore” a person’s message if you find it harmful or abusive.

What security features does Tiny Chat have?

Tiny Chat has distributed Terms of Usage and Privacy Policies, which all individuals should follow. The report and block buttons are additionally effectively available in contacting functions and on member profiles. In addition to that, since many youngsters are of age range 13 years, they carefully monitor the profiles.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can simply go to their profile and click on Block or Report option to report any suspected scammer. You can also mail the support team about it if you find their activities so annoying. The Tiny Chat team would review and remove the person’s account permanently if found guilty.

What will happen to a member who uses a Tiny Chat Account to solicit money?

Those who misuse the platform for soliciting the money might have to face serious punishment and a permanent ban from the website if they go against the laws.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Tiny Chat Account?

Any sensitive information, bank account details, or any other personal details must not be posted on the Tiny Chat account.

Are Tiny Chat chats encrypted?

Tiny Chat uses SSL and Firewalls to protect their site from intruders and encrypt the messages conveyed between them.

Can Tiny Chat track you down?

Since you don’t turn on the location like any other application, Tiny Chat cannot track you down.

Can Tiny Chat be traced by the police?

Unless and until required for any serious issues or investigation, police will not trace down the application.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my Tiny Chat privacy?

You can contact the support team or the site moderators regarding privacy issues.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Tiny Chat?

You can delete the account if you want to. Since you don’t submit any basic or personal details with Tiny Chat, there is no necessity to delete the information you have submitted.

Are there fake or scam members on Tiny Chat?

Are there fake or scam members on Tiny Chat?

There are few Scammers and Fake profiles across the network. But you can anytime contact the moderators to inform them about the fake profiles if you identify any. They might face some strict actions against them.

Contact Information

Company: Tiny Media, Inc

Email: [email protected]


Several other dating applications like Tinder, Ok Cupid, Match, Chatroulette, Zoosk, Ashley Madison, etc., do the same Tiny Chat services.

Real life review

I signed up with Tiny Chat with no hope since all the websites were giving the same features. But after using Tiny Chat, I felt that having registered with them was the best thing that I have ever done in my life. I could find cool people around the network, and I even met a few of them for coffee. Many people are genuine and were guiding me well. I would recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun time with people worldwide.

Is Tiny Chatthe best dating site/app?

Yes. Tiny Chat is one of the best dating apps that encourages serious and long-term relationships and casual dating.

Can I unmatch an Tiny Chat member?

Tiny Chat doesn’t work as a traditional dating website that sticks on to a specific algorithm. You can join the groups and forums to interact with the members and make video calls.

Is Tiny Chat a hook-up app?

The tiny Chat application is a special platform for those looking for some serious relationships and casual dating and is not a hookup application.


Tiny Chat aims to blend the new with the old. It brings back the old chat room model and makes it attractive for the younger generation. The site doesn’t just look smart and pleasing, but it also deals with niche topics like makeup, games, music, etc. If you are looking around for some sites that should meet your expectations, then Tiny Chat is the one.

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