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TeenChat Review

TeenChat Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 13-19
Profiles 800 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers a conducive environment for teenagers to interact with themselves.
  • The registration and creation of a profile is free.
  • Communication features are all free as well.
  • There are good security policies put in place.
  • The site offers a guest mode of logging in.
  • There are annoying notification sounds when new messages are received in your forums.
  • Some too many teens are quite noisy in the chat rooms; you basically can't have a constructive conversation without interruptions.
  • The chat rooms have been reported to contain lots of sexual content.

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Many online dating platforms have a higher age requirement for members to join the sites, and they block the teenagers away while all they want to do is socialize. However, TeenChat came up to solve this particular concern and give teens a spot to communicate with fellow age-mates to address their issues freely and air out their thoughts. With the site filling this gap, let’s take a look at the features that have and why that will be a good site for you. Read on this TeenChat review to find out more.

How Many Languages are Offered in the TeenChat Website?

This college dating site was developed and is run in English. It’s also the basic communication language. If you come from the same place with another member and speak a common language, you can spice up your conversation using your hometown slangs.

Who Owns TeenChat?

The person who came up with this idea is Dustin Lebotsa, and he is assisted by the company Teen-Chat.org to run the operations and manage all the activities on the site.

So Where are the TeenChat Offices Based Now?

If you’re interested in visiting their offices to address your teenager’s issue, you have to head to their head offices. These offices are situated in their headquarters, which are located at 101 Sanro Rd, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70507, United States.

Which Year was TeenChat Launched?

This site that offers the junior group a chance to socialize was founded back in 2002.

Is TeenChat Used Worldwide?

Yes, the site has recorded members from different parts of the world, and each continent is well represented.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for TeenChat?

The site takes a different direction when it comes to the age requirements of the other dating sites. There is a specific range in which you should lie between for you to become a site member. This bracket is between 13 and 19 years old.

Can I Use the Site from My PC?

Yes, you definitely can. The site has a desktop version that you can use on either your MacBook or Windows computer. The desktop version is the most commonly preferred by the users since it offers a wider view of its features. You can do all that you want from your PC, including signing up for an account, creating your profile, and using all the features available. It is quite okay for the user since you won’t be fixated on your phone all day since a PC isn’t that portable.

How Many Users Does TeenChat Have Globally?

Unfortunately, none of the TeenChat reviews have mentioned the exact figures of the members on the site. However, it has been noted that the site has plenty of teens participating in the chat rooms, although the number of new users has gone down recently. There is almost an equal balance in the gender distribution on the site.

How Many Users Does TeenChat Have Globally

Website Design & Usability

The general design used in the site is very simple and neat. Some bit of modern inclusions was thrown in as well to give the site a great view. The site also has a great background that shows pictures of teenagers using their phones. It is to give the perspective that the site is enjoyable and can easily be used. As for the colors used, white seems to be the second dominant one after blue that gives the site some brightness and attractiveness. The fonts used to display the information on the site are also readable, and the layout used to present the sections is conducive. The instructions are well-placed and make navigation through the site easy, and generally, the site has a design suitable for the teenagers.

TeenChat Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers are Compatible with TeenChat?

You can never go wrong with browsers since there have been a couple of them introduced since the launch of this site. However, in terms of quality, you ought to go for the best-performing ones in the market to give you fast speeds, save on your memory, help save your passwords, keep you logged in, and prevent you from hackers viruses.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on TeenChat?

Even though there is no video chat, you can still make good of the camera offered on the site. It can be successfully achieved by locating a good background, getting some good lighting, dressing up, and taking excellent snaps of yourself (you can also take videos if it is your thing). After so doing, you can either post them on your profile page or send them to someone you are interested in.

Special Features

The uniqueness is what makes sites stand out from the other. That is what many users consider before joining a site of their choice. So let’s take a look at the reasons why members opted for the TeenChat website in particular;

  • Forums – These forums resemble blogs, and they are quite a number on the site. The topics addressed include teenage dating, video games, issues to do with school life, habits, and everything that teenagers go through in life. They are very educational and moderated by the site.
  • Chat rooms – These are like group chats that ensure that teenagers interact with a couple of others to talk about issues and give their thoughts. As much as there can be educative information being passed through the rooms, a couple of TeenChat reviews mention that the content displayed is quite perverted, and it is not a good environment for the teens.
  • Friend request – This is a feature copied from the several social media platforms where you send your request, and upon it being accepted, you will befriend the other member. These friends are then listed in the friends’ section to be able to reach them easily.
  • Notification bell – This feature gives you all the new notifications that you have received, whether from the site of messages from different members.
  • Guest mode – This feature enables an outsider to get to the site and see what they will experience if they register for an account. They can freely participate in chat rooms and go through the forums.
TeenChat Special Features

How Does It Work?

The mode of operations on the site is quite simple. The first thing you need to know is that you can either access the site as a guest or log in to have an account. With this in mind, it is not difficult to access the features. So once you’re in, you can choose to send a direct message to the site members or participate in the chat rooms or even read the news (forums). These are all ways for you to interact on the site.

TeenChat How Does It Work

How Can I Message Someone?

Messaging someone on the site is quite simple. All you need to do is find the one person you’d like to approach. You need to start by searching for a potential match and not just choose a random member. After so doing, you can decide to send them a photo, video, or even a normal text message. It will depend on the kind of approach you intend to use to make your first impression.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, it is. Sending and receiving messages is free. You can use all the communication options available as well.

How Can You Start Messaging with a Member on TeenChat?

Considering there are different ways to contact people, you need to be smart about your approach. The primary thing to do is to choose how you will get to a particular member. The three options available include;

  • Sending the member you are interested in a direct message.
  • Participating in a chat room and backing up the points that the member you are after in giving
  • by commenting on the blogs that the member wrote.

Why Can’t I Access TeenChat?

This can be an issue of getting to the wrong site. A couple of sister sites share the same name, so you need to fill in the right URL on your browser to ensure that you get to the correct destination. According to several TeenChat reviews, there is a blocking of such sites in the internet settings and the members’ browsers from the devices they access using. It is usually done by concerned parents to avoid their children from being exposed to bad content in such sites.

How Long Does TeenChat Bans Last?

A ban is usually a punishment given to members who have been reported to have violated fellow users’ privacy or went against the policies of the site. The two types of bans usually issued are temporary and permanent. The temporary bans have a duration of 7 hours o about a month before they are done, while the permanent bans last for as long as the site is existing.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Profile?

Different approaches are depending on the kind of ban that was issued to you.

  • The temporary ban wouldn’t require you to do anything or make any move since it is a pity move for you, so all you have to do us wait until it expires.
  • On the other side, the permanent ban will need you to make a move to ensure that you uplift the ban. So the process involved is that you have to appeal to the site’s officials to reopen your case and countercheck the case. Usually, further investigations are done, after which a decision will be made, and if you are lucky enough, you will get your account back.

Is there an Option to Terminate Your TeenChat Account?

Well, there are two ways in which you can approach this move. The site has been noticed for this particular issue.

  • You can go to your account and from the settings, choose the delete my account option, and the account will be terminated.
  • The other way is to stay inactive for 90 days, and the site will be obligated to delete your account automatically.

The conditions are that the process is not reversible once it is completed, and the data in your account will also be erased from the database.

What Happens If I Disable “Show Me on TeenChat”?

It’s only available for the site that allows its users to sing on the site using their social media accounts. In this case, the settings can be done on Twitter since the site is linked with that. You can go to your Twitter account, and in the settings section, choose the privacy section. You will go ahead and change the visibility of your linked accounts to only you. It will disable the ‘show me on TeenChat’ option.

Where Do I Locate My TeenChat Matches?

The matches in the TeenChat website are referred to as friends. These are people who have send or accepted your friend request, and they are your matches. They can be accessed from the friends’ list.

How Do I See Who Has Contacted Me on TeenChat?

The TeenChat website’s messages appear on the notification section where you will get the name of the member it is coming from and the message they have sent.

Is it Possible to See the TeenChat Users that I’ve Liked?

Unfortunately, there is no similar feature on the site, although you can still see the people you liked. The add friend replaces the same feature, and logically, you won’t add someone as a friend if you don’t like them.

What is TeenChat’s Ghost Mode?

The site doesn’t offer the spy mode. This mode usually makes it possible for members to hide their profiles and go through other members’ profiles. From another point of view, the site doesn’t have the option of seeing who has viewed your account, so if someone ignores your account, then that will be a ‘ghost mode.’

How Do I Change My Display Name on TeenChat?

There is no way that you will be able to make edits on your username. It is simply because the name serves as your identity on the site, and it cannot be changed since it won’t meet the terms and conditions of the site.

Why am I Finding it Hard to Enter the TeenChat Site?

No one should have a problem with this issue, but let’s address it. The reasons to be blocked would be using the wrong credentials to log in to the site. The multiple solutions to this problem include saving your password in the browser to keep you logged in, and you can use your Twitter account to sign in or use the guest mode to access the site.

What are the Different Filters Offered on the TeenChat Search Feature?

The search features offered by the site are very shallow. They include age, location, and gender only, so if you are looking for a match, you will go through a couple of profiles before getting a particular one.

Sign up Process

The registration process will take you about 2 minutes to be done since it is simple and quick. You will begin by writing down your credentials, including your username, password, email address, gender, and age. You will also be required to confirm that you are not a robot. After completing this procedure, clicking the register button means that you would have automatically accepted the site’s terms and conditions. There is an option of uploading a profile photo as well when it comes to editing your profile.

TeenChat Sign up Process

How is Email Verification Done?

There is an email verification process if you choose to use the email approach of signing in. The process entails logging in your email and opening the mail sent by the TeenChat website, and by clicking on the link attached, you will be through with the verification process. The issue here is that although you can do so, and there is an option of accessing the site without putting down any details.

What Happens If I Sign in Via My Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, there is no option to sign in the site using your Facebook account. However, the site offers the option of using Twitter accounts, so we shall discuss it. We don’t know why, but the site prefers Twitter to Facebook because they feel that their audience is more of the tweet fans. Using Twitter to sign in will help you save the time to fill in the details during registry, save you the hassle of keying in passwords whenever you log in, and upload a photo from there.

How Do I Join the TeenChat Community?

Joining the site is quite simple. It would help if you first got to the correct website of TeenChat, whether on your phone or PC. You will then register for an account by following all the given instructions, and later on, make sure that you create your profile in the way you best prefer. After all, is done, you will use all the features available on the site.

Can I Access the Site as a Non-Member?

Yes, you can. It is one of the major features that TeenChat reviews enjoy. There is a guest mode on the website where non-members can log in to the site, simply noting down a username and confirming that they are not bots. This mode gives you access to participate in all the chat rooms and also read the news forums. The only thing you wouldn’t be able to do is view profiles or send direct messages to the site’s users.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles is quite something. The site’s information isn’t much that will help you know about the user’s personality since the sections offered are their info, an about section, and their friend list. The details are shallow, but what makes it stand out is that you can change the profile’s appearance by changing the colors used to present the profile details.

TeenChat Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

There is no mobile application on the site, although there is a mobile version offered. This mobile version is very similar to the desktop version, and it has the exact design except that it is reduced to fit on the phone’s screen. There are no downloads involved since they are accessible from the browser as well. They are much convenient for teens who are always up and about, and they can use the school internet to chat with friends.

Membership Costs and the Payment Methods

There are no payments involved! Do teens have credit cards and cash to spend on sites? Think about that.

Free Membership Features

All the features are free, and they include;

  • Registration of an account and creation of a profile
  • All communication features
  • Searching for members
  • Including users in the friends’ list.
TeenChat Free Membership Features

Is TeenChat Free?

Yes, the site is free.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on TeenChat as a Free Member?

Unfortunately, there is no linear feature for that, but your friends’ list will sort that out.

Premium Membership Features


Does TeenChat Have a Premium Membership?

The TeenChat website doesn’t offer a VIP membership.

How Do I Cancel My TeenChat Subscription?

You need not worry about this since there is only the basic subscription, and it’s free.

Is TeenChat Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Not really since there is no premium membership on the site.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time on the Site?

No payments are made on the site, so don’t you worry about refunds.

Is My “Donation” to TeenChat Automatically Renewed Each Month?

Donations in the site depend on the terms agreed between the two parties, and if the auto-renewal was one of them, it will be effective.

I’m Not Satisfied with the TeenChat Premium Membership. Can I Get My Cash Back?

Don’t be lured into spending your money on the site since the site offers only the free package meaning there should be no worries of trying to get a refund.

How Will My TeenChat depend on My Credit Card Bill?

Any payments on the site will appear as the company’,s name.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow TeenChat Member?

No TeenChat review confirms this issue.

Can I Send Donations fointoOspending Single Month?

If that was the agreement, then you can go ahead and do so.

Is Connecting Singles Really Safe?

A weak yes will be appropriate. In terms of users’ privacy, it is okay, but it is not for the content teens share on the site.

TeenChat Is Connecting Singles Really Safe

Are TeenChat Forums Threads Standardized?

All the forums on the TeenChat website are moderated.

How Can I Filter Who can Contact Me on TeenChat?

It can be done by blocking users that you aren’t interested in.

What Security Features Have TeenChat Put in Place?

  • Blocking and reporting of users
  • Email verification
  • Encryption of chats.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspicious Member?

It can be done from the profile of the member. There are settings available to either block or report the user.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a TeenChat Account to Steal Cash?

The member will face criminal charges of the offense, and if found guilty, they will be prosecuted.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Included in Your TeenChat Account?

Don’t include any information that violates a member’s privacy or that goes against the site’s policies.

Are TeenChat Conversations Encrypted?

Yes, they are using a known algorithm.

Can TeenChat Track You Down?

Yes, they can make good use of your location in the browser to do so.

Can TeenChat Be Traced by the Authorities?

If there is a court order issued, then it is possible.

Who Should I Consult If I Have Concerns Regarding My Privacy in TeenChat?

You can take your issues to the support team for assistance.

Can I Delete the Details that I’ve Already Given Out to TeenChat?

Editing of detail on your profile is accepted though limited as well.

Are there Any Fake or Scam Users on TeenChat?

TeenChat reviews claim that there are few.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


Role-Playing Forums, Furry Fandom, and Neko Amino

TeenChat Contact Information

Real Life Review

I like how it takes you right to a new tab on chrome to the teen chat, but I think if it were a separate app that wasn’t connected to Google chrome, it would be more useful. But otherwise, I like it, except the pods on it – ItsAshBooh.

Is TeenChat the Best Dating App Out There?

In terms of the audience, they have a place among the best.

Can I Un-Match a Member in the TeenChat Website?

It is done by disliking a member.

What Relationships are Built-in TeenChat?

It’s a platform for users who want to socialize and probably get their first boy/girlfriend.


If you’re looking for a site that offers you members of the same age and lies minded individuals, then this is the place to be. This site offers a climate of game characters and chat rooms where you can talk about literally anything that concerns the teens. Have you tried TeenChat before? How was your experience? Leave a comment!

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