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Swinging Heaven Review

Swinging Heaven Review
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 2 975 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Swinger Search. Find local members in your location using a full range of advanced search tools.
  • Private Messaging. Add your local swinger friends and chat online privately. Moreover, with instant messenger, you will be able to send pictures or private invitations.
  • Secure & Anonymous. Browse the platform anonymously and safely. Swinging Heaven will never ask for private information or even your name. If you want to share some details, choose the corresponding option on your profile.
  • Swinging Stories. Former members wrote exciting stories about their experience so that you can learn a lot.
  • Many extras. There are many opportunities to have online and offline fun on Swinging Heaven thanks to its various features and offers.
  • Scammers can convince you to pay money to them.
  • You may come across suspicious activities.
  • Some users had their accounts deleted automatically without any notice.
  • Your pictures may get removed without any reason.
  • Sometimes, you will not get any notifications if somebody is texting you.

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The Swinging Heaven portal is an international space for open-minded singles and couples that crave for passionate sex and kinks. This swinger dating platform provides the opportunity to spice up your sex life within a safe environment, avoiding stigma and judgmental comments. The online club welcomes people regardless of their sexual identity, preferences, ethnicity, and other social markers. Active users are looking for partners to chat or date in different places. The website allows nudity and adult content.

Languages That Swinging Heaven Support

The Swinging Heaven website covers English-speaking countries worldwide; that’s why English is the primary language. You can choose from English, Chinese, Hindi, and Portugal. In the upcoming days, the developers will expand the coverage into more countries.

Owners and Operators of Swinging Heaven

Owners and Operators of Swinging Heaven

The Swinging Heaven platform doesn’t disclose its owner’s name and the information about the operating company.

Head Office of Swinging Heaven

The Heaven Company’s address in the UK is Union St, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH42 3TL. Besides, it has the head office in Canada: 25 Benner Ave, North York, Ontario, M6B 3G9.

Launch Date of Swinging Heaven

Neither the Swinging Heaven website nor third parties mentioned when the service was launched.

Regions Where Swinging Heaven Is Available

Swinging Heaven started in the UK as a hookup project for singles and couples. It has been successful enough to spread to other countries (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada) to cater to locals. However, any visitor can join regardless of his/her place of residence. It is a globally open dating service for everybody willing to register.

Can Only Adults Sign up at Swinging Heaven?

You must be at least 18+ years of age to register on Swinging Heaven. Apart from that, there is no age restriction. Unfortunately, many minors might access the website and its options (nude pictures and other explicit content) using their parents’ bank card details. Be attentive to contact adults only and report suspicious accounts.

Besides, the app will ask your preferences to match you with people within your age group or older/younger folks if you like them.

Can You Run the Website on Your Computer?

Can You Run the Website on Your Computer?

The developers created the Swinging Heaven website for desktop devices, making it compatible with all currently used operating systems and browsers. The visuals are of top-notch quality despite the monitor’s size and resolution.

Members on Swinging Heaven From Around the World

The initially UK-based site is currently generating traffic from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa. Besides, it’s popular in France and the Netherlands.

Currently, it has over 3.3 million members worldwide and more than 100,000 users from the USA. Over 30,000 participants from different countries join the platform every week. Over 1.9 million people visit the website every month.

At Swinging Heaven, 40% of users are male, and the other 60% are females. You can join the site with your partner’s ID, sharing the same text box. The average age is 35-44 years old.

Aesthetically Appealing Design and User-Friendly Interface

The design is straightforward, and the navigation is easy to use and understand. The website’s options are quite understandable, thanks to the informative content and relevant buttons. People of any age and computer skills will navigate Swinging Heaven effortlessly in a couple of minutes after they’ve landed the homepage. For this purpose, type the site’s name in the search bar and join this incredible community.

The main page features a state-of-the-art design thanks to its landing-page structure. Besides, it’s surprisingly informative, providing you with the following data:

  • The application form
  • Inner stats
  • Horny video preview of the adult chat room
  • The list of your benefits
  • Newcomers’ avatars and personal ads
  • The “About Swinging Heaven” section

There are quick links in the footer section to enter any area you like for fun or getting more info. The Swinging Heaven website performs flawlessly, meaning fast load, no freeze and glitches.

All Browsers Support Swinging Heaven

All Browsers Support Swinging Heaven

It is a globally open website, so you can operate it through the Internet, using any desktop/ mobile device you have. The members can use mobile browsers to enter the site hassle-free on the go. Swinging Heaven boasts good responsiveness, providing a flawless mobile user experience.

Using Device’s Camera on Swinging Heaven

In the 21st century, all of the dating services present too many advanced features. Swinging Heaven has also updated the website and added the camera feature. It means that you will be able to take your photo and upload it on your page instantly. If you and your partner are comfortable with video chatting, you can do that, too. You will find out a camera option to take a live photo or video streams in the chat box.

Special and Interesting Features to Browse

  1. Advanced search.A free search tool with filters is available on Swinging Heaven. However, some search results are available within the premium version only. It’s necessary to upgrade the account to get more benefits.
  2. Additional communication options. There are many communication options on the site, including personal messages, chat rooms, forums, video chat rooms, and bulletin boards.
  3. Share your thoughts.You can share your stories on Swinging Heaven. Many people write their reviews and explore their imaginations.
  4. Account improvement. When you log in for the first time, a free trial version is available. When you upgrade it to the premium membership, you can access advanced perks like story writing, video chatting, among others.
  5. Dogging. The Dogging section allows the user to find locations (parking lots, parks, and other wooded places) where they can watch how other members make love.
  6. Photo ads. It’s possible to promote your page while creating a personal ad to specify your sexual offer.
  7. Party calendar and the club list. The “Parties” section is always full of scheduled events for swingers worldwide. Besides, you can choose one of the listed offline clubs to visit.
Working Algorithm of the Site

Working Algorithm of the Site

Swinging Heaven aims to find a perfect match for people in the easiest way possible. The algorithm works efficiently based on user profile information. You will meet people according to your preferences and appearances. Besides, you can meet partners independently, looking through their pages, photo galleries, videos, etc. Group chats and forums are the best places to attract someone special through comments and communication.

Tips to Message Other Users

Once you are successfully done with your login process, you can operate a free-trial version for messaging others. You can add them as your friends, and if somebody accepts your request, you both can chat. You should click on the name of the person or the dedicated icon to send a message.

If you need to reach out to several people simultaneously or send public messages with claims, thoughts, offers, and other content to comment on them, use the bulletin board, forums, chat rooms, and video chat rooms. Creative and hidden messaging is possible through your stories posted on Swinging Heaven.

Unlimited Messaging Is Not a Free Feature

You can send 3 messages with the free trial on Swinging Heaven. Besides, only premium subscribers can respond to you. When you switch your account to a paid one, you can send and receive unlimited messages, including video chatting.

How to Text Someone on Swinging Heaven

After completing your login details, it’s possible to send a request to the person you would like to interact with. You can choose someone special from the “Local Swingers” section on the main menu. It looks like you email someone since you should write the subject and then the message’s body. Don’t use banalities and cliché to avoid multiple refusals. It’s crucial to turn your greeting into a real ice breaker and show your sincere interest and sympathy. There is no need to write long-reads, but it is enough to add some humor to a single sentence to make your favorite smile.

Reasons for Being Unable to Access Swinging Heaven

Reasons for Being Unable to Access Swinging Heaven

Some people in the Swinging Heaven review section have complained about the site’s unavailability. Violation of the rules is the only reason for the moderator to prevent you from entering the website. As you see, the company takes action against scammers and fraudulent activities; no one posing such threats will be able to access the account.

Duration of Ban on Swinging Heaven Account

The duration of bans is currently unknown. Swinging Heaven doesn’t inform the intruder about how long he/she should wait for unblocking. The only way to clarify this matter is to contact the support team.

Reactivating the Account After Ban

Once you get banned by the site moderators, you won’t get it back. So, you have to create a new account and run it carefully. If you wish to reactivate the same page, you should get in touch with the moderator or authority.

Is There an Option to Delete Your Swinging Heaven Profile?

One can remove his/her Swinging Heaven account by clicking the relevant icon at the top on the right side within the account settings. The process is mostly instant and implies email confirmation.

Hide Your Profile by Disabling “Show Me on Swinging Heaven” Option

There is no such an option on Swinging Heaven for now. Those who want to become invisible should delete their accounts.

Steps to View Your Matches

You can see the list of your crushes on your profile in the “Notifications” section after registration. You can just click on your match list and find out all the people who have matched with you.

Checking Your Messages on Swinging Heaven

Checking Your Messages on Swinging Heaven

If someone texts you, a relevant notification appears on the notification bar of your device. Don’t forget to allow Swinging Heaven to send you these notifications, making the dedicated setups in your browser. You can then log in and open your mailbox (the relevant “envelope” icon is at the top of the main menu).

You can see the members you’ve liked by clicking on the “My Friends” list on your profile. This way, it’s possible to look through the list of your favorites anytime.

Spy Mode on Swinging Heaven

There is no spy mode available on Swinging Heaven.

Steps to Edit Username on Swinging Heaven

You can modify your profile and replace the username by clicking “Edit” in your account settings.

Finding It Difficult to Enter the Site

The possible reasons why you may have a hard time entering Swinging Heaven:

  • Incorrect URL
  • Account blocked for some reason
  • Swinging Heaven is unavailable in your area
  • Slow Internet connection
    • Diverse Search Parameters on Swinging Heaven

      There are basic and advanced search bars with various filters to apply. You can get matches based on location, age, gender, etc. Besides, you can directly put the username of a particular person.

      Easy and Straightforward Signup Process

      During the signup process, Swinging Heaven will ask you for minimum info such as your name, date of birth, and email address. Once you’ve handled the application form, accept the website’s policies and click the “Join Free” button to complete the registration. Then, you should upload eye-catching photos to attract the attention of others.

      Steps to Verify Your Email Address

      Every user should confirm the email address before availing of the service. For this purpose, it’s necessary to click on the link in a mailbox to ensure you are not a bot.

      No Option to Register Using the Facebook Account

      No Option to Register Using the Facebook Account

      The Swinging Heaven website doesn’t link your new account to your Facebook. So, it’s not possible to sign up for the platform through Facebook.

      Ways to Join Swinging Heaven

      You can find Swinging Heaven in the search. Choose the website that matches your location by focusing on the extension (.com, .ca, etc.). Add the site to the directory tab to enter it anytime instantly. If you find the platform while reading the reviews, just click the link in a post to enter Swinging Heaven in a second.

      Signing up Is the Only Way to Explore 100% of the Site

      Even though it’s recommended to sign up for the Swinging Heaven website, those hesitating can explore its content as a visitor. You’ll access all the sections and even profiles’ previews. However, you should register to browse full pages and interact with other users.

      Majority of Profiles Are Incomplete

      Swinging Heaven’s profile interface has a very familiar look, similar to other social media. The profiles on the website are pretty detailed, which is not typical for many hookup apps.

      There is an option to specify your sexual adventure. You can select kinks from cybersex, BDSM, double penetration, or any other activities you enjoy. Swinging Heaven allows you to write testimonials on other profiles if you wish. Besides, it’s possible to upload photos and create a gallery. However, you should note that the avatar is visible to all visitors. Still, only premium subscribers can view full-size pictures.

      Mobile Application Is Not Available

      There is no dedicated mobile app for Swinging Heaven right now. The company doesn’t inform whether it is going to develop the application for Androids or iOS devices.

      There are two types of membership plans if you decide to switch to a premium account:

      1. Standard

      You can access free messages and other benefits at just €56.95 for a year.

      1. Extra premium

      Get unlimited messages, video chat, nude videos, and photos at €74.95 for a year.

      Swinging Heaven accepts debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and other transactions.

      List of Free Membership Features on the Site

      After completing your login details, the site provides you with the free trial version. Browsing for free, you can:

      • Send three messages per day
      • Use basic tools
      • Look through a few profile photos
      • Hide your activities from others
      • Participate in forums
      • Check out the community gallery
      • Look through the list of members who have viewed your page

      Swinging Heaven Is a Partially Free Site

      You can access the website, build your presence, and use a few features without paying any money. You’ll need to buy a premium subscription to communicate with other Swinging Heaven members.

      See Who Likes You for Free on Swinging Heaven

      Yes, of course, you’ll get a notification on a personal dashboard to view those people who liked you. It’s even possible to send a message to some of them. However, you can count on a response from premium subscribers only.

      List of Features That Premium Members Get

      List of Features That Premium Members Get

      You get many benefits with the premium membership. The list goes on, but some of the services look as follows:

      • Unlimited texting
      • Adult photos and videos
      • The opportunity to check who viewed your profile
      • More videos and pics available
      • Multiple charts for couples
      • Manage your activity feed settings
      • 7 chat rooms with webcams
      • Access to the full-fledged chat room

      Members on Swinging Heaven Can Upgrade to Premium Membership

      The website provides you with two premium membership plans with different prices and benefits.

      Steps to Cancel Swinging Heaven Membership

      You won’t be able to cancel your membership plan once you paid for it. You have to use it until it expires. Then, go under the Subscription heading and click the “Cancel” button to switch it off.

      Swinging Heaven Membership Is on Auto-Renewal

      The paid subscription renews automatically. Before your membership plan ends up, Swinging Heaven will notify you about the renewal for the following year.

      No Refund for the Unused Time

      The company doesn’t have a refund policy. However, you can always contact the support team to clarify the issue and find an acceptable solution.

      Swinging Heaven Recurring Payments for the Support

      Swinging Heaven reviews say there are no extra payments or hidden commissions on the platform except for premium subscriptions. Only scammers might request money from other users. However, people are free to build their meetups on a financial-focused base.

      Requesting Customer Support for Money-Back on Swinging Heaven Is Not Possible

      Unfortunately, once you pay for the active premium version, you can’t get it back. In other words, there is no money-back guarantee on the website.

      Swinging Heaven Support Record on Credit Card Bill

      It will appear as the name of the website — Swinging Heaven.

      Gifting Premium Membership to Other Swinging Heaven Members

      You cannot provide membership to other members of Swinging Heaven. Still, premium subscribers can reward their favorites as they wish.

      Sending Support for a Month

      No feature like this is available. The website’s members should discuss the details through a private talk.

      Is Swinging Heaven Really Safe?

      Yes, it is! It won’t ask you for any personal information. It keeps you safe from getting in trouble of any kind. Swinging Heaven is a legit platform that doesn’t share your data with other web-resources or individuals. The MacAfee software and other similar extensions identify it as a safe place.

      No Moderators on Swinging Heaven Forums

      Forums are not moderated. All chats are exclusively discreet and secure.

      Can You Filter Users Who Can Message You on Swinging Heaven?

      Set specific filters to exclude spam or block annoying users.

      Important Security Features on Swinging Heaven

      The Swinging Heaven website has implemented the necessary SSL protocol to ensure safe interaction even if you enter the website through insecure channels (public Wi-Fi, etc.). Email verification is another typical way of decreasing the number of bots.

      Steps to Block and Report Scammers on the Site

      If you found someone using the fake ID, you could report them to the administrators, and they will take appropriate measures. You can go to the user’s profile and click on the block option.

      Strict Action Against Member Who Uses a Swinging Heaven Account to Solicit Money

      You can report them and restrict them from contacting you. After your report, the site will investigate the case and decide on further measures.

      Information You Should Not Post on Swinging Heaven Account

      Swinging Heaven asks to provide some basic information — your name, email, gender, etc. You should not disclose personal details (real name, postal address, etc.) on your profile. Try to upload photos where no one is near you and your location is hard to recognize.

      No Signs of Swinging Heaven Chats Encryption

      No information about chat encryption is given. However, the website assures you of the utmost security of your messages.

      Swinging Heaven Cannot Track You

      The website doesn’t track down its members by location.

      Can Police Trace Swinging Heaven?

      The law prevents the police from tracking people’s online activity on the website until there is a criminal case.

      Resolve Privacy Queries on Swinging Heaven With Customer Support

      The platforms provide the opportunity to contact live support in the chat room or dial +44 (0) 370 490 0000.

      Deleting Information From Swinging Heaven After the Signup Process

      Yes, you can delete your information. Go to your profile settings and click on the “Edit” option. There, you can change everything, from your username to profile picture.

      Few Fake Profiles but No Scammers on Swinging Heaven

      Fake people and scammers can be found on all websites. If you come across someone who uses a fake account, you can block them from your side and report about it.

      Get in Touch With the Site

      Company registration number: 4316056

      Vat no.: 758224319

      Email: info@Swinging Heaven.com


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      Real-Life Swinging Heaven Review

      “Unbelievably, it is effortless to find a friend or a partner on Swinging Heaven. Most of the users that I have encountered are very mature like me. I never sent any nude picture unless I reached that level of trust.”

      Is Swinging Heaven the Best Dating Site?

      It is one of the best international dating sites for people since it offers a lot more features than any other service.

      How to Unmatch a Swinging Heaven Member?

      You just have to click on the profile of the person and go to the options. There, you will see the unmatched button. You can click the icon to remove anyone from your match list.

      Is Swinging Heaven Just a Hookup App?

      Swinging Heaven is a UK-based online dating site to find a partner. Moreover, you can register to arrange a casual hookup or build a relationship.


      Many Swinging Heaven reviews state that it is indeed one of the best websites for casual hookups. Whatever you are seeking, whether it is a long-term relationship, date night, or just a hookup, you can find anything here. With minimum membership costs, it provides you with the best value for money.

      Swinging Heaven works perfectly, providing a seamless user experience. The multi-million community delivers matches for all tastes. The opportunity to join offline fun, parties, and tons of other activities is one of the platform’s greatest features and advantages. This option compensates for the lack of transparency when it comes to Swinging Heaven’s history and owners.

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