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Spotted Review

Spotted Review
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Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 24-39
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Handy and secure registration using a Facebook account
  • Global coverage with 4M members
  • Free and open for iOS and Android devices
  • One-shot match picking mode associating people by their location
  • Stylish design and straightforward usability
  • Standard membership opens services for free
  • Trouble-free opt-out of a premium subscription
  • Note search is a hallmark
  • Lightweight app for phone memory space
  • Desktop version is not available
  • Shortage of search and interaction tools for a free member
  • Active GPS may annoy

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Spotted is the proper dating service if you are active, green, and looking for new meetings. This brand is for young adults who are on a short leg with mobile apps. The service offers trendy design, blending with perky features to spot your love. The dating brand is done as a mobile app, out of the desktop version options. This may seem like a serious flaw, but it hits young singles in their mid-30. This is an amazing age for smashing feelings and the chance of spotting your love nearby. In this Spotted review, we will sort through all the powerful app points for your benefit.

How many language versions does Spotted app keep up?

Catch your most desirable matches and spot people being certain to understand each other. The online service delivers the abundance of most commonly used languages.

Who is the Spotted owner?

This German startup showed a stunning growth over the last years and hit a $ 14.5M raised now. Spotted GmbH got funds of three investors, including recent Media Ventures, the Deutsche Balaton, and WOLFMAN.ONE.

Where is Spotted placed now?

The brand locates and operates from Mannheim, Germany. Being a German startup, it caters to dating services to German-speaking members in several countries. The service is growing and intending to cover the French dating markets as well.

When was Spotted started up?

The 2013 was the launch year of this cross-path dating service. The app meant to attract a fair balance of female members, without sags into the male part.

Is Spotted useable globally?

The service for spotting locals is globally accessible, although the focus is mainly on German-speaking countries. However, recently, it expands for French-speaking people too.

What is the lowest age to register on Spotted?

If you feel like mixing with young people whom you most likely have encountered more than once, sign up for Spotted! Any single person above 18 can easily convert into a member of this community.

Can I employ the app on my PC?

The trendy service for connecting locals does not have a desktop version and is accessible only as a mobile app. Download it from Google Play or App Store to find out whom you encounter daily.

How many partakers do the Spotted have throughout the world?

This mix of social media and dating service holds more than 4M members across the world and aims to draw much more, progressing to 10M partakers in the upcoming year.

Can I employ the app on my PC?

Website Design & Usability

Overall, the cupid app is fresh and trendy. You may recognize that in many aspects comprising from front to inside features. The earliest thing we notice is a hip and an all-out survey. They might have spent much time and money on this dating startup. Color balance, neatly set blocks, nice icons, and friendly-seized fonts will make you involved in the meeting process right away. The matchmaking service is targeting young adults and applies fewer buttons for navigating. Another blow is its weight. Just 6.5 MB of your phone memory space may change your life rapidly.

Which web browsers will show Spotted?

Some Spotted reviews point out that members do not mind having a desktop variant for greater immersion. Presently a youth-oriented dating service for discovering new faces within reach is open as a mobile app only.

Is it possible to use the camera on Spotted?

A member can upload up to 6 photos. Be different and highlight your image catching the most amazing looks with your phone camera. This is an all-embracing tool to make your profile looking fresh.

Special Features

The mobile app for spotting real people for fun and relations has few features for straightforward use. There are few, and we offer to settle your enthusiasm to join premium membership.


Practice this flirting option and making a hint about your intention. Send Winks to the person you deem is charming.


It is a cool and effective piece. Compose an anonymous note about the person you spotted. You do not know the name but explain the most distinct features. For instance, I am looking for a tall girl with a spider tattoo on her right arm. You narrow down the alternatives by setting the location mark.

New match every day

Standard membership delivers you one match per day.

Special Features

How Does It Work?

Use your Facebook to generate your account here. The principal profile info will be imported in auto mode. So, you are in the game. What’s next? Turn on the geolocation tag to activate the service. You will notice numerous people tags nearby. The most amazing detail is that you have already met many of those people not far from you, and they are real. Send Winks, create anonymous Notes, and send messages to encounter new associates.

How can I start instant messaging?

You may benefit from unlimited messaging by unlocking premium membership. Find a messaging tab icon to write something to the person who crossed your path.

Is the messaging option free?

This stylish matchmaking service is not providing the sending messages option in the free-based services list. Send Winks to grab attention and start a small talk, being a standard member.

How can you initiate messaging with someone on Spotted?

Check out your subscription on Spotted. You can come into messaging possessing advanced subscription. Just click on the purple icon to create a witty note. Instant messaging is a paid feature here. Elevate your membership to open it.

Why do I face troublesome access in Spotted?

Most likely, you will renew access instantly. Try to clean the cache, restart your phone, and log in anew. Check your age on the Facebook page. If it is under 18, you may be denied access. The service controls rules compliance and may throw you into a ban for the breach.

What is the possible ban time on Spotted?

The path crossing dating service holds a fixed view on safety. Once joining, a new member clicks to abide by the rules of interaction inside the dating community. It has the power to manage and change content, delete, stop, or put a ban on profile. Ban time depends on severity.

How can I recover my blocked account?

The most reliable alternative to recover your account is to come in touch with Support. Do you think you caught a ban by mistake? Provide your detailed comments for Support, so they could get to the bottom of the matter.

Can I remove my Spotted profile?

You have the power to cancel your profile if you choose to terminate your support. Go to your profile, click the Account Settings link, and complete by clicking Delete My Account.

What will go if I turn off the “Show me on Spotted» option?

This hip service may run accurately if your geolocation tag is active. If you disable it, you will not be displayed in alternatives for other members’ searches.

Where can I look at my matches?

Click on the green location tag to generate relevant alternatives to your spotted matches. Check out every one to locate the most fitting and engaging.

How will I find out who messaged me on Spotted?

Spot the obtained messages in the second tab section placed at the left bottom of the screen. All local messages are hidden hither. The answer will appear in the feed, and you may see who is writing to you.

How can I find the Spotted members who I liked?

Click on the Heart icon to open the feed of members that you liked. Send a wink and write a message to meet and ask her out for a coffee or morning run.

What is Spotted secret mode?

The dating service for young adults is not providing such a feature as surfing the Spotted website in anonymous mode. A disabled geo-tag will block the service to show you and your spotted matches correctly.

Can I modify my user nick in Spotted?

The spotting singles’ community links you via Facebook profile, pulling your data instantly. To edit your recent username, you need to modify it within your Facebook page.

Why am I facing troubles entering the site?

They may suspend or partially delete your account if you break the rules. You will have trouble with your entering if the account is deleted. Having a bad Internet connection, you should restart it and recover your access.

Does Spotted provide search alternatives?

Do not misplace a Note special search feature. Create your cool and detailed Notes to strengthen your search and narrow down possible alternatives. Outline your fancy match in detail.

Does Spotted provide search alternatives?

Sign up Process

Registration and login do not submit other alternative than running your Facebook account. That owns both pros and cons. However, targeting young adults partaking in social networks, the service fairly gained than obtained the faulty choice. Hence, you will generate an account in a minute. However, what about those who are not a Facebook part yet? They should register to join the local singles search. The signing up will proceed with your private info by importing it from your Facebook. You will also demand to turn on your phone GPS mark.

How can I confirm my email?

The matchmaking app does not oblige your email verification to complete your account making. Having zero of bogus profiles’ spread, it manages without this safety measure.

I would like to register using my Facebook account. What will result?

Spotted submits the single round to join it by using your Facebook. It will be prompt and reasonable as it will upload your data and photo automatically.

How do I partake the Spotted community?

Join the like-minded young singles and check out your alternative matches nearby. Manage your Facebook account to become part of the community.

Do they have a guest mode to use the site without registration?

The mobile app is not carrying out any other alternative for entry but registration. They do not provide a guest mode with the anonymous browsing option.

Users Profile Quality

The dating app grants a nice-looking profile for each member, despite viewing limitations for a standard subscription. Photos are amazing. Upload up to 6 items grabbing it from your phone gallery or sync it from Facebook. The profile includes basic user info. Personify it by drawing some unique features of yours. Another tip on how to boost your chances of being noticed, note some highlights like a tattoo, piercing, hair color, the manner of wearing heels, and bright T-shirts. The profile also displays the About You section, where you can introduce yourself.

Mobile Applications

This online service does not afford a desktop version of the Spotted website. Just a mobile app is achievable to search for a singles that you came across. Upload it on Google Play or App Store. It is a lightweight app and does not require much phone memory space to run smoothly.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Keep up and benefit from the most fitting membership option for you, by time and price. The dating service for young singles initiates packages for 1 month for $ 13.49 and 6 months for $ 54.99. However, the most amazing options in our opinion are the promo lifetime subscription and 1-week trial. Having paid $69.99 once, you will unlock the elevated privileges forever. You may pay for your access by credit card or via mobile phone.

Free Membership Features

Join the matchmaking community for free and discover like-minded singles to grow relationships. Dating app extends a few free-based products for interaction:

  • Sign up and fill out the profile
  • Winks for grabbing somebody’s attention
  • Browse profiles

Is the Spotted app free to use?

Join Spotted easily, it is free. The mobile app is developed for Android and iOS. It will not take much memory space, as it is lightweight. Standard membership offers trimmed dating privileges.

Is it open to see if someone favors you on Spotted if you are a standard member?

The free membership gives reduced options to encounter and searches for that single match. Scroll down to the bottom row of icons to see if someone has chased you with attention.

Premium Membership Features

Premium subscription can be characterized by a single word – Unlimited. Unblock VIP entree for your smooth messaging, replying to posts, and browsing profiles. Moreover, you will get rid of the ads.

Does the Spotted app present advanced membership?

This trendy service excites members with membership benefits. In enhancement to the standard, you can undertake a VIP subscription with superior communication alternatives.

How can I unsubscribe from my Spotted membership?

To adjust your billing settings and to unsubscribe, go to the Account Setting section on Google Play or App Store and cancel your support.

How can I unsubscribe from my Spotted membership?

Will my Spotted subscription refresh in auto-mode?

Your premium subscription is renewable. It will renew in auto-mode until you cut it.

How can I get a money return for the remaining period?

Voting not to refresh your premium subscription, keep in mind you will not get a refund for the unused period.

Is my Spotted subscription refreshed monthly in auto-mode?

Spotted reviews describe the abundance of subscription plans as a great one. Your monthly subscription payment is billed in auto-mode if you have acquired access for 1 month previously.

I am not happy with the Spotted. Can I ask for a refund?

The dating service is not engaged in your leaving out and is not eager to refund money for the unused period. Check out the Terms of Use to learn details.

How will my Spotted payment look on my credit card check?

You will catch your transparent payment details for the cross-pathing dating service in the credit card statement as Spotted.

Can I contribute to other Spotted members?

The matchmaking service is not allowing the opening to support other members by paying their gift coupons. Elevate your association level by paying support with your credit card.

Can I support membership for just a month?

The member may open a many-term subscription. You have period’s selections of 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, and eternally pick.

Can I support membership for just a month?

Is Spotted Really Safe to Use?

The on-the-go app will amaze even the most mature members by safety measures the partakers face. They monitor every step, withdrawing the slightest chance of troublesome cases within. This activity displays excellent outcomes. The scam profiles are uncommon here.

Does the Spotted control the forum’s topics?

The mobile dating service monitors the members’ activities and may intrude on the severe cases violating the interaction terms.

How can I decide on those who can message me on Spotted?

This mobile app aims to relate locales and encourage them to engage. Get involved in instant messaging and choose the local nearby that you fancy. Send a Wink and funny message to originate a chat.

What security hallmarks does Spotted carry?

The dating app for locals exposes amazing security outcomes. Essential safety points are registration through the Facebook account, activity thorough check, and reviewing info shared by members within the app.

What should I do to report a scammer?

Scammers and fake profiles are in short supply on Spotted. If you suspect a member of being a fraud, report this case to Support.

What will go if a Spotted member solicits money?

The service for smooth dating submits specific guidelines to stick. Any partaker soliciting money will earn an extensive ban and halted the activity.

Which information you can’t share in your Spotted account?

The Support team does not approve of posting any private info hitting your safety. Inspect the ample list at Terms of Use.

Does the Spotted app code the chats?

If we talk about the security and privacy of messaging that cover this cupid platform, every private chat is not visible to other members.

How can the Spotted find your location?

This mobile dating app runs and may hunt down your place if there is an active geolocation badge on your phone.

Can Spotted be detected by the police?

If this service becomes a part of the police investigation, then it will act by the law. Refer to the Terms of Use to learn more about your rights and obligations.

Who can assist me regarding my privacy questions in Spotted?

If you encounter difficulties or have questions about your privacy, contact support for help or guidance. The matchmaking app is actively serving to advance member privacy.

How can I erase my info submitted to Spotted earlier?

Consider the info you share on this dating platform. Do not distribute secret issues that could harm your security. Most likely, you will not be able to remove it if you change your mind.

Can you encounter fake or scam members on Spotted?

Most bulk of Spotted reviews of real members insist this online stage to be safe to discover your best match. You will hardly spot partakers soliciting money or promoting something. Fake profiles are also not common here as the main data goes from your Facebook.

Can you encounter fake or scam members on Spotted?

Contact Information

Company: Spotted GmbH

Address: F7, 21 68159 Mannheim Germany

E-Mail: [email protected]


Boost your lots of spotting like-minded young locals for awesome love experiences and examine the potential alternatives – Bounce, Heated Affairs of Lovoo.

Real life review

When I moved to Austria, I was alone and empty, as I had no friends here. My boyfriend broke up with me earlier, so I had no love relation at that time. I found out about the Spotted website by chance. I didn’t know those girls were talking about a mobile app. Overall, I downloaded and started using it right away. Amazing plenty of encounters arose after the first trial run. I went on dates and just hung out with new friends. This app is novel and serves singles to become happy. (Jenny 23)

Is Spotted the leading and effective dating site/app?

This trendy dating platform, with a unique match picking principle, attracted several million members globally. It associates people who are nearby and are already familiar indirectly. That is a huge benefit, as meeting with a stranger is more troublesome. Join this top dating app, and you will be stunned with the abundance of alternative matches nearby.

How can I alter my mind and unmatch the user in Spotted?

Change your mind and unmatch the member easily. Unlocking premium membership, you own unlimited interaction tools. Send unlimited winks and messages, browse profiles, view full-grade photos, and invite someone you liked on a date out.

Is Spotted a hookup app connecting young singles?

Try this unique matchmaking app to get your potential match nearby. This astounding set presents diverse alternatives that have always been on the outside. That is not just a love experience, and feelings, it is about new faces and friends to encounter.

Is Spotted a hookup app connecting young singles?


Submitting a different approach to connect singles, Spotted stands apart from the typical mobile apps for synergy. It recognizes a single youth nearby and inspires them to associate. That is natural as you have already met many of them next to your apartment, office, or cafe where you have a snack daily. The app will be a great pick for young hip singles. It is stylish, mild, and easy to use, possesses a user balance within male and female partakers. Premium membership holds some fresh spots. They open a weekly subscription for new users and lifetime access for expert love searchers. Although the list of free-based services requires changes, it is very short. Reaching the end of our Spotted Review, we certainly estimate the matchmaking app as a reliable, working, and top-rated cross-pathing platform.

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