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Soulmates Review

Soulmates Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 100 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration for an account and creating a profile doesn’t cost a single penny
  • Profiles go under a verification process
  • The site has excellent search filters
  • The site offers an wonderful matching system
  • Superb security policies.
  • Basic communication requires a member to buy a premium subscription
  • The VIP payments are quite high.

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There are a couple of online dating platforms nowadays but it’s hard to find the exact one that works best for you. Most of them address the casual dating group but only a few deliver on the issue of finding an intimate partner. That is where Soulmates comes in. This dating site is one that offers the users an opportunity to meet up with their destined partners. The site offers a couple of features and has a vast majority of success stories. Read on this Soulmates review to find out more.

How Many Languages are Offered on the Soulmates Website?

The language that has been used to develop this site is English and the same language is set as the primary communication language. There’s an allowance for members who both speak a different language fluently that they can use the different slangs to spice up their conversations.

Who Owns Soulmates?

The Soulmates dating platform is under the Guardian News & Media Limited company and that same company is responsible for running the operations and monitoring the activities in the site.

So Where are the Soulmates Offices Based Now?

If you are interested in visiting the head offices of the site to either address your issues or make consult on something, then you have to head to their headquarters which are located in PO Box 68164, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1P 2AP.

Which Year was Soulmates Launched?

The year this amazing site was launched is 2004 and since then it has served its users diligently.

Is Soulmates Used Worldwide?

This Soulmates website has been used by members from all parts of the world with each particular continent well represented.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for Soulmates?

The minimum age required for one to become a user of the Soulmates community is 18 years old. When it comes to the age distribution, the majority of members range from the ages of 25 to 34 years old, and the rest of the members are well distributed in the following brackets 18 – 24, 35 – 44, 45 – 54, and 55+.

Can I Use the Site from My PC?

The site can easily be accessed through your PC whether you use Windows or a MacBook. The site’s desktop version is one that gives the members a greater screen view while navigating through the site. The desktop version offers all features from registering for an account to creating your profile, using the various communication features, searching for members as well as enjoying the special features. This version best suits users who are quite chilled and prefer working from their laptops.

How Many Users Does Soulmates Have Globally?

The Soulmates community has about 30 million+ members and around 70% of this figure are members of the US (they are about 22 million). The site also welcomes millions of new members daily and many of them are readers of The Guardian. The site also records about 735,000 daily logins. The members are mainly from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The male members make 57% of the total population and the female counterparts are only 43%.

How Many Users Does Soulmates Have Globally?

Website Design & Usability

The design used for the site is quite relaxed as it has a darker color approach. The colors incorporated are purple and white. The layout was done properly as every section is properly positioned. The instruction and information are also well indicated and the font used is readable and elegant as well. The site has been divided into sections and it is easy for any user regardless of the internet knowledge to navigate the site at ease. Generally, the developers did a great job on the site.

Which Browsers are Compatible with Soulmates?

You can never go wrong with the choice of a browser. The most important thing though is to consider the quality of the browser that you select. The Soulmates website should also be compatible with your choice. The best browsers in the market are Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox. Either of them will give you great speeds, save on your time, and also protect you from malware and hackers.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on Soulmates?

Even though the site doesn’t offer a video chat, users can still make good use of the camera on the site. One of how you can utilize the camera includes taking your best shots after dressing up and in front of good background to post the photos on your profile. You can still send the photos you’ve taken to members who you are interested in.

Special Features

The uniqueness of the sites is what makes the best stand out from the rest. Since the Soulmates website has millions of users to its name, let’s take a look at why the users opted for the site:

  • Advanced search – The site offers users this feature which helps you to narrow down your options to get the best results. The advanced search offers more filters including the hobbies, lifestyle, and qualities of a member to get the precise results for you.
  • Blog – The members of the site who are readers can enjoy the educative blogs done by The Guardian that is very informative and covers a vast number of topics.
  • Likes list – This feature enables users to list the number of members who they have liked and are interested in.

How Does It Work?

The site is quite simple to operate and be successful in what you aim at. The first thing to do is to get an account so that you can begin enjoying the rest of the features. The primary approach to locate a member is by searching for them using the filters offered or you can decide to wait for the daily 20 match suggestions that are usually given to members. After you find the exact person that you’ve been looking for then you can go ahead and make contact with them using the several methods of messaging presented by the site.

How Can I Message Someone?

Messaging someone is quite simple all you have to do is look for the right means that you think will best suit the recipient of the message. Your approach matters as you need to make a great first impression to boost your success chances. The different messaging options include sending a like to a member in a view to express your interest to them or you can send a normal message as well (go for your best ice breaker to start the conversation on the right foot). It is important to note that the latter only applies to the premium members.

How Can I Message Someone?

Is Sending Messages Free?

Not at all, sending messages requires you to pay for a subscription. The only free communication feature offered on the site is sending likes.

How Can You Start Messaging with a Member on Soulmates?

The first step to sending a message on the Soulmates website is by looking for the right person to send that message. This will work well if you utilize the search feature to get the person that you desire and especially capitalize on the advance searching feature. The other approach is to wait for the daily match suggestions offered by the site where you can view the profiles to see which one is more appealing to you. When you find the right one for you, then you can use the communication features offered to make contact with them hoping to have a constructive conversation.

Why Can’t I Access Soulmates?

This can be an issue with your browser since it might not be compatible with the site. However, you can also be having issues with your internet connections making it difficult for you to get to the site. Another issue mentioned in different Soulmates reviews is the fact that users indicate the wrong URL on their websites that lead them to the wrong website. If your device is not compatible with the mobile app, then you won’t be able to access the site as well.

How Long Does Soulmates Bans Last?

Bans in the Soulmates site are usually given as a result of violating the terms of use in the site or going against the policies of the site. The types of bans issued by the site are temporary and permanent. The temporary bans usually last for days or weeks depending on the weight of the matter while the permanent bans last for long.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Profile?

Reactivation of bans will also take two different approaches. One is the case of temporary bans where the most you can do is just be patient until the ban period is over so that you can continue using your account as usual. The permanent bans will force you to make a move. You will be required to appeal to the site’s official for them to reopen and review your case. The process will involve further investigations on the case and a verdict will be made at the end of it all. If you were innocent then you will get your account back.

Is there an Option to Terminate Your Soulmates Account?

Yes, there is an option and it is so simple to achieve this. The settings section is where you will get the feature to terminate your account and precisely at the account settings. The one thing that you should note is that once you delete your account, all your data will be erased as well. It is also important to know that the process is not reversible.

Is there an Option to Terminate Your Soulmates Account?

What Happens If I Disable “Show Me on Soulmates”?

This setting is usually offered by sites that have given their members the option of signing on the site using their social media account. The option is to disable the visibility of your linked account to the network of your social media. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t give its users that privilege.

Where Do I Locate My Soulmates Matches?

The matches in the Soulmates website can easily be spotted at the suggestion section where the site offers its users about 20 match suggestions at any moment. These are members that would best suit you considering the details you gave during the registry.

How Do I See Who Has Contacted Me on Soulmates?

The notifications of the individuals who have sent you messages are well listed in the messaging section. You can see whom the message came from, the contents of the message, and also be able to reply from there as well. The app offers site’s notifications which pop up on the screens if you enable that setting.

Is it Possible to See the Soulmates Users that I’ve Liked?

Well, there isn’t a particular feature that gives you a clear view of the people who you have liked but this Soulmates review will give you an option to do so. The simple way to notice them is to check the ice breaker that you used when you first contacted them and if you did make use of the ‘like’ feature then those are your liked members.

What is Soulmates’s Ghost Mode?

The spy mode is a feature that offers users the ability to hide their profiles and then going ahead and start browsing on different profiles without being noticed. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer the users this feature. From another point of view, you can’t see the members who have gone through your profile if they didn’t contact you so basically that is a form of ghost mode.

How Do I Change My Display Name on Soulmates?

There is no setting that allows members to edit their display name. This is primarily because usernames are the identity of users and if altered with then the site won’t be having appropriate identity policies. If you want to change your username, then you better open up a new account.

Why am I Finding it Hard to Enter the Soulmates Site?

The main reason as to why people find it hard to enter the site issues with their login details. Feeding the wrong credentials during the logging in process will deny you access. The solutions for this are to choose the ‘forgot your password’ option and make good use of the process of recovering your password or rather save your password on your browser to keep you logged in. The other reasons might be a banned user or users who have deleted their account trying to get into the site.

What Are the Different Filters Offered on the Soulmates Search Feature?

There are two types of the search filter. This includes the basic search which only offers the age, gender, and location filters and the advanced option that offers additional filters including hobbies, lifestyle, and appearances. These search options help members narrow down the results of getting the best match possible.

What Are the Different Filters Offered on the Soulmates Search Feature?

Sign up Process

The sign-up process is quite simple and quick. The first step involves filling in your credentials which includes your gender and the gender of the member you are seeking, the age bracket of your preferred match, your date of birth, your email address, your display name, a password, your country, and postal code. After filling all these details you will be registered for the site and you can go on with the completion of the profile.

The profile has a couple of details that will require you to fill in and they include height, color of your hair and eyes, type of your body, your relationship status, relationship sought, and if you have children. You can also write down a personal bio to say more about yourself that the site wouldn’t mention in the questions. A short description of your ideal partner is also optional. You will finish off by uploading a couple of photos on your profile.

How is Email Verification Done?

The site does not offer verification of your email. Although this is a major security concern for members, the site makes up for the issue by doing their approval process to verify the profiles.

What Happens If I Sign in Via My Facebook Account?

There is no option to sign in the site using your Facebook account. The site also doesn’t offer members the opportunity to sign in using any other social media account.

How Do I Join the Soulmates Community?

Joining the Soulmates website is quite easy, all you are required to do is either get to the site or download the app on your device. The next step would be to sign up for an account. The procedure is very clear and simple and you will be done in a few minutes. You will then proceed to creating your profile, making sure that you include all the details for the match system to work out well for you.

Can I Access the Site as a Non-Member?

Unfortunately, you are not able to access the site and use its features if you are from the outside. The only information that you can access is the terms and conditions of use, the policies of the site, and a glimpse of the features that you will enjoy if you sign up for an account.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of users are well decorated although they are averagely detailed. The information offered is enough to get an idea of the person behind the profile and a rough picture of how they look like. To boost the latter info, there are photos that you can view to see the appearance of the member. There is a personal bio which can say a lot in terms of how the person feels about themselves and also know more about them. There isn’t much to be taken from there so you better ask for the things you need to know when you make contact with them.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

The site has a mobile app that is very convenient for members who are always up and down going about their businesses. The app is offered for free on both Google Play and Apple Store. The application has a great design conducive for the screen of mobile phones and it also offers all the features on the website version.

Membership Costs and the Payment Methods

If you are not satisfied with the basic membership, then you can choose to upgrade to a premium membership. So let’s take a look at the costs that you might incur for the upgrade:

VIP membership – 32 pounds for a month, 64 pounds for 3 months, and 96 pounds for 6 months.

These payments are all constant unless there is a bonus or an offer presented. The different payment options available include using your mobile phone or with your credit card.

Free Membership Features

The basic membership offers a couple of features including:

  • Creating a profile
  • Going through profiles
  • Seeing the member’s profile photos
  • Using the basic search feature
  • Accessing the likes list.

Is Soulmates Free?

The Soulmates dating site is free from getting an account to enjoying limited features.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Soulmates as a Free Member?

No, you cannot see the people who have liked you but you can see the ones who you have liked using the likes list.

Premium Membership Features

Once you upgrade to a premium membership, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a couple of additional features such as:

  • Getting to go through the complete profiles of members including their gallery
  • Getting the top 10 recommended matches
  • Enjoying filters on advanced search feature
  • Sending unlimited messages and replying to others
  • Sorting out the search results.

Does Soulmates Have a Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership which also comes with extra features.

How Do I Cancel My Soulmates Subscription?

Cancellation of VIP membership is simply done from the account settings or you can consult the support team if you are having a hard time doing so.

Is Soulmates Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

The VIP subscription is always renewed when the package expires.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time on the Site?

You need to utilize the time you have been given for your premium subscription since you won’t receive a refund if you don’t use your time wisely.

Is My “Donation” to Soulmates Automatically Renewed Each Month?

The automatic renewal of donations is dependent on the terms of agreement with the site and if it is among them then it will be effective.

I am Not Satisfied with the Soulmates Premium Membership. Can I Get My Cash Back?

You cannot get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the services of the premium membership. The solution for this is to go for the trial period or consult with the other members.

How Will My Soulmates Donation Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The payments on the site appear on the credit card bill as the name of the company.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow Soulmates Member?

No Soulmates review mentions this issue.

Can I Send Donations for Only a Single Month?

Yes, you can, depending on the agreement you made with the site.

Can I Send Donations for Only a Single Month?

Is Connecting Singles Really Safe?

Yes, the site is entirely safe since it offers members with profile approval and other security features.

Are Soulmates Forums Threads Standardized?

The site does not have forums.

How Can I Filter Who can Contact Me on Soulmates?

You can simply block a member who you don’t want to reach you.

What Security Features Have Soulmates Put in Place?

  • Proving your profile
  • Reporting and blocking features
  • Encrypting the chats.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspicious Member?

These features can simply be achieved from the profiles sections on the member’s page.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Soulmates Account to Steal Cash?

The member will face the criminal charges and if found guilty will be prosecuted.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Included on Your Soulmates Account?

Anything that violates the terms of use and policies of the site.

Are Soulmates Conversations Encrypted?

There is a particular algorithm for this job.

Can Soulmates Track You Down?

If there is a reason for doing so then they can do so.

Can Soulmates Be Traced by the Authorities?

If there is a court order for that then it will be possible.

Who Should I Consult If I Have Concerns Regarding My Privacy in Soulmates?

You can take all your issues to the support team.

Can I Delete the Details that I’ve Already Given Out to Soulmates?

You can edit details on your profile but it is very limited.

Are there Any Fake or Scam Users on Soulmates?

There are very minimal scam cases.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 020 3353 2000


OkCupid, Tinder, and Badoo.


Real Life Review


This is a real app and I managed to find my spouse here too. The search options are many and the member is friendly. I enjoyed my time here and not I have a soul mate as I am walking out. Good luck – Elena Fontelar


I just downloaded and the app won’t stop spinning and I couldn’t find customer service about it either. They conveniently don’t have a way for us to contact them. I looked on the site and asked Google Play Store too. Not a good way to start. Is it an indication of ignorance? – Ruby Milke

Is Soulmates the Best Dating App Out There?

Yes, it is if you consider the audience it targets.

Can I Un-Match a Member in the Soulmates Website?

This can simply be done by rejecting the match suggestions offered by the site.

What Relationships are Built on Soulmates?

The site offers members the opportunity to find long term relationships.


The site will be best for you if you are seeking a partner who will share with you in every different way, someone who will intimately relate with you. The site offers you different features and there are many members which also boosts the probability of getting a partner. Have you tried Soulmates before? Did you get your soul mate? How was your experience?

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