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Shagle Review

Shagle Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 964 500
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration.
  • The huge member base of over a million members.
  • Hookup possibilities significantly high.
  • Detailed member profile page.
  • No fake members.
  • Complicated interface.
  • Fewer features on paid membership.
  • Not too many active members.

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A huge dating site launched in 2017, Shagle was formed by the company named Cogroup Limited. As of today, the site claims to be the ‘World’s Best live Chat Site’ that promises a pleasurable experience for people who just love chatting with interesting people all over the globe. The site allows video chat for free of cost, so that’s a big advantage. You can also use the language transition feature that eliminates any language issues you might face with fellow members. To protect your identity, the site allows you to wear virtual gifts if you wish to do it. Additionally, there are chat filters provided to help you out pick your interest in people.

Shagle.com is a free camera dating site that contains over a huge 3 million members who’re active every month. When you think about it, that’s a lot of members on a site. You can use the option of video chat easily with gorgeous women who you’ve seen before. Since you don’t know who you expect to talk with, that adds up to the excitement. You can pick and choose the type of personality that fits your choice according to all the site’s filters. It lets you filter by either location or country, depending on what you’re looking for. Suppose you’re looking to chat up and hook up with women who’re into erotic and sexual fun. You can also sign up for a free online chatting application that lets you instantly connect with people worldwide with just one click of the mouse.

How many languages does Shagle support?

The site is in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese, but most people that use Shagle speak English.

Who owns Shagle?

The site is owned by a company named Cogroup Limited.

So where is Shagle based now?

The site is based out of the United States of America.

When was Shagle founded?

When was Shagle founded?

The site was founded in March 2010.

Is Shagle available worldwide?

Yes, the site is available in most countries worldwide, where the usage of dating sites is not banned.

How old should you be to register on Shagle?

You should be a minimum of over 18 years of age to register on this dating site.

Can I use the app using my computer?

You can use the site version on the computer, which practically offers similar features and functionalities, just like the app.

How many members does Shagle have worldwide?

Shagle claims to have over 3 million members in its database.

Website Design & Usability

The user interface has been built subtly and keeping in mind that all age groups will be visiting the site. You’ll be familiar with the functionality within no time as the design and layout will keep you comfortable and easy-going. You’ll notice that it takes up more than half the screen when you use the video function.

But this is just so that your focus remains on the video while you’re doing it. You’re also only allowed to talk to one at one time. If you wish to move to another user, you can click the right arrow that’s right on that page. In case you wish to edit your filter and meet someone new from a new country, you can edit your choice of location and enable that.

There’s a chatbox function that sits right beside your cam, and it has good fonts for writing and reading with a plain and simple white background. You can use the site’s filters to change gender and location whenever you feel like it.

Which browsers support Shagle?

The site is supported by most of the browsers that are currently working in the modern era.

How do I use the camera on Shagle?

To utilize this function, you can talk to the customer support team for help.

Special Features

Special features on a dating site allow its members to communicate and enjoy virtually chatting with people and having sensual fun around it. You can just start by going old-school by utilizing the video chat function. You can also choose the virtual mask while chatting if you wish to protect your identity, which builds up some suspenseful with the person on the opposite side. If you wish to go back to your previous video chat, you can only do that if you’re a premium member. With a paid subscription, you can send virtual gifts and also become a verified member. Verified members give you the highest credibility on the site than any other Shagle user.

The site is available in 6 languages, which allows language barriers to be eradicated. It also means that if you find a beautiful girl but don’t know their language, you can utilize it and start communicating without hesitation. With the daily rise of members joining in from all over the world, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime, and after a point, you’ll feel spoilt for choices. Getting the chance to chat away with gorgeous women from over 70 countries is a value-added benefit. Through the location filter, you can pick the country or region you want to look at profiles of, and don’t be surprised to see if you hit it off with anyone.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

One of the brightest features of Shagle is that chatting is free. That opens up a world of possibilities for you compared to other dating sites that usually charge for chatting functionality. All you need is a laptop or a phone and a working internet connection to spend your day in bliss by connecting with thousands of online members without even opening your wallet. Let’s explore the chat filters in much more detail:

You start with an intro message, which is usually the conversation opener, try and be as pleasant and attractive as possible and then click on ‘save settings.’ You can also choose the gender between a male, female, and couple from the chat filters. Apart from singles, we also found many hot couples on the site who’re looking for sexual adventures.

How can I message someone?

If you wish to message someone, you need to take a premium membership. After that, you can directly go to their profile page and start chatting away.

Is sending messages free?

If you wish to send messages for free, you can start doing that after buying a premium membership.

How can you start messaging with someone on Shagle?

If you wish to message someone on Shagle, you can look up anyone you feel interesting in and send them direct messages to start interacting and knowing each other upon buying the premium membership.

Why can’t I access Shagle?

You’ll only not access Shagle if your country has banned dating sites, if you’re having internet issues with your local provider or if the site itself is down for maintenance.

How long are Shagle bans?

You need to be careful about posting any controversial content as the site may ban you. And when it happens, it’ll be difficult for you to make an entry back into the site with the same profile.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

To reactive your account, you can check up with the 24/7 support team.

Is there an option to delete your Shagle profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile if you wish to. You can go about it two ways. You can either go to your account settings and find an option to delete your profile from there. If you don’t do that, you can also directly talk to the customer service team to delete your profile.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Shagle” option?

If you disable showing you on Shagle, the fellow members will not view your profile after that. So, think carefully before doing it.

Where do I see my matches?

If you wish to see your matches, you can go to your profile directly and view all the matches in an orderly manner.

How do I see who messaged me on Shagle?

If you wish to see who messaged you, you can do that after taking a premium membership and checking your inbox.

Is it possible to see the Shagle members who I liked?

As long as you have the premium membership on Shagle, you’ll see the members you’ve liked.

What is Shagle s spy mode?

What is Shagle s spy mode?

Unfortunately, there’s no provision for spy mode on this site, but you can choose to pick incognito mode if you wish to operate discreetly.

How do I edit my username in Shagle?

You can check your account settings and choose to edit your username. Do note that you won’t be allowed to change many times, so think carefully before choosing a fancy and creative username.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

You’ll have a hard time entering the site if your browser does not support the site, if your country has banned dating sites or if the site is currently down for maintenance.

Two main search filters will help you throughout your journey with Shagle as you set off finding interesting members to interact with. You can pick between the gender and location filters that’ll help you expand your horizon and pick interesting profiles to pick out and interact with.

Sign up Process

The sign-up process of the site is extremely simple. It’s a straightforward process that’s completed within 3-4 minutes, and the best part is that it’s easy to use across all ages. Once you go to the home page, you can click on the ‘join page,’ and the site will take you through a series of questions that ask just basic questions about you. Once you’re done with this, you’re all set to enter the site.

How do I verify my email?

You can choose to verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link that the site authorities would have sent you on your registered email account. If you don’t use that email account, then you can, unfortunately, not verify it.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

The site has a similar registration process, which is similar to the one that comes with a Facebook account registration.

How do I join Shagle?

To join Shagle, all you need to do is join the home page. Click on ‘Join now’ and start answering all the questions that the site would ask you to start registering your profile on the site. This helps your profile stand out among the crowd. After registering, you can start looking for matches of interest with your free account. You can also choose to start chatting away and only when you like the site; you can opt to take a premium membership if you wish to.

Can I use the site without signing up?

A registration process is required to use the site optimally.

Users Profile Quality

You’ll observe that the profile quality of users on Shagle is of high quality. The profile information is well-detailed and organized in a manner to enable you to pick and choose what you like. The site assures that members can stay anonymous if they feel like it. You’re not required to fill in any name or address if you choose to. You can choose the web camera option, and you’ll see that your face is already recorded in your profile. If you wish to hide your face, you can opt to take a virtual mask, which is found in the options of Chat Filters. If some members are found to be guilty of breaching certain rules, the site moderators have the authority to remove such profiles.

Age: You must be a minimum of 18 years to register on the site.

Conduct: After you become a member of the site, you’re expected not to conduct any behavior that may be considered inappropriate or offensive. You’re also not allowed to promote the use of drugs or similar prohibited substances when on camera.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

We could not come across any app for Shagle. However, you may see that the mobile version available is similar to that of the app. The features and the functionalities are similar; you can use it in the same manner. You’ll observe that the gender and location filters are provided to you on top of the chatbox. To promote video calling, the site takes you straight into it with a direct button feature. All you need to do is appear presentable, and you’re set to go!

Membership Price and Other Payment Method


Duration Costs Total
1 Month 19.99 USD / Month 19.99 USD
1 Week 6.99 USD / Month 6.99 USD

Free Membership Features

There’s a lot to do with a free membership on Shagle, unlike other dating sites that don’t offer many options. You can register for free, and along with that, there’s also the video and text chat options given to you to communicate with fellow members. You can turn on the location filter that provides you access to over 70 countries and even use chat filters. You’re also given the option to switch to the next users.

Is Shagle free?

Yes, the site is free for registration and also contains many benefits for free members.

Can you see if someone likes you on Shagle if you are a free member?

To see if someone likes you or not, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership unlocks many benefits for you. Along with video and text chat options, you can also use the gender filter that doesn’t come with the free membership. You’re allowed to visit the shop and send online gifts. This allows you to break the ice for a conversation if you’re shy to talk directly otherwise. You get the option of 200 countries in your location filter. The site offers no ads for your seamless experience and will also let you get in touch again with the previous user.

Does Shagle offer premium membership?

Does Shagle offer premium membership?

Yes, the site offers premium membership under gold membership, which has various plans tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget.

How do I cancel my Shagle membership?

To enable/cancel your membership, you can go to your account settings and deactivate it yourself or even get in touch with the customer support team to get it done.

Is Shagle membership auto-renewed?

Yes, the site does offer auto-renewal options in your account if you wish to.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Unfortunately, there were no moneyback policies to be found on this site.

Is my “support” to Shagle automatically renewed every month?

If you wish to enable this feature, you can contact the support team to help you out.

I am not satisfied with the Shagle. Can I get my money back?

We could not come across any visible moneyback policies on this site.

How will my Shagle support appear on my credit card bill?

The support will appear as a ‘discreet’ purchase on your credit card bill.

Can I give support to other Shagle members?

To enable this feature, you can choose to talk to the support team.

Can I send support for just a month?

You should be able to; however, we recommend getting in touch with the support team to guide you efficiently.

Is Shagle Safe?

Yes, the site is a safe platform for singles and couples to join in and have all the sexual fun. Shagle is built with a 256-bit SSL encryption system that enables protection against hackers or third-party attackers. You’re not obligated to add any personal information while logging in to start chatting as well. This helps in avoiding any possible security issues in the future.

Are Shagle Forums threads moderated?

Yes, the 24/7 support team does well to manage all the work concerning maintaining the security, monitoring the content on the site. Be careful while posting any inappropriate or offensive content as otherwise, the site moderators could potentially remove your profile from the site as an act of security measure.

How can I filter who can message me on Shagle?

You can filter who messages you depending on your preference and choices after taking up a premium membership.

What security features does Shagle have?

Which information shouldn't be posted in your Shagle Account?

The site offers standard international security protocols that enable thorough protection of the site against hackers. With a 256-bit SSL encryption, members can rest assured about the confidentiality of the information they punch in.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can block and report a scammer by directly reporting ‘block’ on their user page or even contacting the support team.

What will happen to a member who uses a Shagle Account to solicit money?

If anyone’s found guilty of soliciting money, the matter is then taken forwarded strictly by the site moderators who ensure adequate punishment is provided to the offender.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Shagle Account?

You should avoid posting any controversial or inappropriate content that may cause offense or harm to others. The 24/7 support team is always at hand to catch such offenders.

Are Shagle chats encrypted?

Yes, all the chats on Shagle are encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about the security of the content you choose to post.

Can Shagle track you down?

If your Internet Service Provider, that ISP is provided, then the site can track you down. But this will only happen for an extremely serious issue.

Can Shagle be traced by the police?

Yes, the site can be traced if you’re ISP is provided but don’t worry, the police won’t trace unless there’s a serious crime committed.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Shagle?

If you have any queries related to the site’s privacy, you can contact the support team.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Shagle?

It’ll be difficult to delete any kind of information, so you need to be careful before posting anything.

Are there fake or scam members on Shagle?

No, we could not come across any fake scammers and only saw real profiles operating on the site.

Contact Information

Company, Cogroup Limited

Address: The Barn 16 Nascot Place Watford


Ashley Madison: One of the world’s biggest reputed sites, Ashley Madison is a great platform for discreet affairs for people who’re single and divorced or separated. A huge member base will get your tongues wagging.

Be Naughty: As the name goes by, Be Naughty is a notoriously naughty dating site that helps attractive singles find casual hookups and one-night stands with ease.

Real life review

Contact Information

‘I used to wonder if I’ll ever sleep with a gorgeous woman of my dreams. Since no one wanted to date me, I was lonely. I came across Shagle.com, and since then, my life has changed completely. Now, I get to date absolutely smoking hot women of my choice and even have all the fun I can.’ Roger. 32.

Is Shagle the best dating site/app?

Yes, it’s one of the best dating sites you can come across for casual hookups and one-night flings.

Can I unmatch a Shagle member?

Yes, as long as you have a premium membership, you can unmatch a Shagle member if you wish to.

Is Shagle a hookup app?

Yes, the site is a dating site that also adds up as a hookup app.


In conclusion, Shagle provides a memorable experience for singles and couples who’ve been craving to get out of their comfort zone and find a new sexual awakening. It allows people to remain free despite all the great security measures provided by the site. You can just not find flings and casual encounters; you can also interact with millions of people worldwide and gain something. Since the site also provides more features for free members than most of the websites that we came across, you should give Shagle a try!

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