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E-Chat Review

E-Chat Review
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Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 26-34
Profiles 948 046
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can chat as a guest user
  • Registration is straightforward and quick
  • Private messages are available for free to everyone
  • The design is simple, and it makes navigation easier
  • There is no mobile application available
  • The design is a bit outdated
  • There is no option for account deactivation
  • Security is a little behind compared to all the other websites

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E-Chat is one of the very few websites you can see over the Internet that offers a platform to interact with others, not just about dating but also on various topics of interest. E-chat offers many chat rooms where people from different countries and cultures meet to discuss their traditions, languages, and other common topics like dating, marriage, relationships, etc. E-Chat is available only as a website, and you can either sign up to use their website or join as a guest to enjoy their services. They have a vast number of chatrooms to choose from. There is no personal information to be given during the sign-up process. The website does not cost you anything, and you do not have to pay anything extra from your pocket for sending messages to other people over the network.

E-Chat Review

How Many Languages Are Available on E-Chat?

The website is predominantly available in the English language. However, you can translate the website into any other language that you wish for. It is accessible across all the countries worldwide.

Who Is the Owner of E-Chat?

A group of professionals who are graduates from the highly reputed university found E-chat. The main aim was to make sure that everyone who uses their website benefits from their services. That is one of the primary reasons why all the features are available for free in E-Chat.

Where Is E-Chat Located?

Though there is not much information about their location where they are operating, you can use their contact page to know more about them.

What Was E-Chat’s Year of Foundation?

A team of graduates found E-Chat in 2007, and it has been operating successfully since then. There is no application version of it yet, but the website meets all users’ expectations.

Is E-Chat Available Across the World?

E-Chat has an official website, and it can be operated across all countries in the world without any hassle and restrictions.

Is E-Chat Available Across the World?

What Is the Minimum Age to Sign up on E-Chat?

There is no age limitation to join E-Chat. Many other traditional dating websites restrict a minimum of 18 years to join the network. Since E-Chat does not only involve dating, it is open to anyone on the Internet.

Can I Access the Application via My Computer?

E-Chat does not have a mobile application version; you can access the website through any mobile browser compatible with it. You can access E-Chat using any of the available and updated web browsers of your choice.

How Many People Are Registered on E-Chat Globally?

There are around 300,000 members across the world and 100,000 active users weekly. Since the application is entirely free for everyone, both male and female members are almost equal. The ratio of their presence is 50:50 over the network.

Website Design and Usability

E-Chat retains its old vintage look so that the members who use their website even now will travel to the world of online chats back to 2007. It has very simplistic and minimalistic features that bring you a nostalgic ride back to the good old days. It has a solid white background with cool fonts. The design is aesthetic and has straightforward navigation that might attract many users. You can find the buttons at the bottom of the website, which makes it easier for operations. The mobile browser version is similar to its desktop one.

Through Which Browsers Can You Access E-Chat?

Almost all the browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc., support E-Chat. It is available on mobile web browsers as well.

How Can One Use the Camera on E-Chat?

There is no video chat supported by E-Chat; because of that, there is no necessity of using a camera on their platform. However, it supports various other features that are ideal for any good dating website.

How Can One Use the Camera on E-Chat?

Special Features

E-Chat is a simple website, and the functionalities come for free to use. E-Chat supports many features, including the one below.

Embedded E-Chat Chat Box

E-Chat lets you embed the chatbox to your website with the pre-written scripts on their website. You can format the dimensions based on your site’s layout. You can embed your chatroom if you have created one already. By this, you may get notified by messages instantaneously rather than going to the website to check for notifications.

How Does the Website Operate?

The working model of E-Chat is very simple and straightforward. It is not even mandatory to register on the website. You can join it as a guest, complete the Captcha verification to ensure that you are not a bot, and then enter their site to start using the services. You would then land on the next page with the whole bunch of chat groups to join or create one on your own. You can click on the group name and start the conversation with the people already on it.

Since it does not involve giving out any personal information, you cannot view someone’s profile. But you can add people to your friend list or ignore someone if you find them so annoying. You can also start a private chat with a member and have a conversation with them on a separate inbox.

How Can One Communicate With Other Users?

To message someone on E-Chat, click on the name of the person you would like to have a conversation with. Afterward, select “Private Chat”. A private chatroom window will open, and you can start the conversation with them.

How Can One Communicate With Other Users?

Is There a Fee for Sending Messages?

Sending or receiving messages from anybody over the E-Chat is free, and it comes with no hidden charges.

How Can One Start Communication on E-Chat?

Starting to communicate with a person on E-Chat is very simple. Follow the below steps to begin messaging to other members.

  1. Click on the name of the person you would like to chat.
  2. Choose a “Private Chat” option that pops out as a small window.
  3. A private chatroom will open, and you can start communicating with them.

Why Is It Not Possible to Access E-Chat?

E-Chat is accessible for almost all countries and everyone. You should be able to connect with them if you have a smartphone with a good internet connection. You can even browse through web browsers on the desktop. There could be some downtime with E-Chat if any technical issues occur at the back end. Sometimes, if the website has permanently banned you for any security reasons, you might not access their application. In that case, you can contact their support team.

What Is the Duration of an E-Chat Ban?

E-Chat is not a hookup site, and they guarantee about giving their best services to its members who use their platform to the fullest. They take the reports on anyone’s profile very seriously since they do not want to give a chance for scammers to spoil their platform. If found guilty of misusing their application, they can ban you forever from their network.

Is It Possible to Reactivate a Banned Account?

If you are guilty of misusing E-Chat’s network or doing anything illegal against the law, strict actions will be taken against you. If your account is banned for reasons that prove your guilt, you cannot reactivate your account. You need to contact the administrators for any concerns about reactivating your account.

Is It Possible to Reactivate a Banned Account?

Can One Delete Personal E-Chat Profile?

E-Chat does not provide an option of deleting your account. You can log in and log out of your account. However, you can connect with the support team if you want to remove your account from their database.

Is It Possible to Use the “Show Me on E-Chat” Option?

There is no exclusive feature available in E-Chat to hide your profile. Since there are no restrictions to join the groups on their platform, there is no need to keep your profile hidden. You can ignore someone if you do not want to receive any messages from them.

Where Can One See Their Matches?

E-Chat is more like a common chat forum where you can meet people with different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. You can connect with someone over the chat and find if they match your interests. E-Chat’s design is open-ended. It does not work on any matching algorithm. Hence there is no such option of seeing your matches on their platform.

Where Can One See Their Matches?

How Does One Know Who Messaged Them on E-Chat?

Follow the below steps to find out who messaged you on E-Chat:

  1. Log in to your account with your Username and Password.
  2. On the next page, you will see a message icon near your username on the screen’s top-left corner.
  3. Click on the icon that will open your inbox. It will have all the private messages sent by anyone on the network.
  4. You can change the settings under the “Account” options if you do not want to restrict who can send a message to you on E-Chat.

Can One See the E-Chat Members Who They Liked?

E-Chat helps people connect to find friends and partners with different languages, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. It is a very simple and straightforward forum with minimal yet most needed features. Hence it does not have the option of showing E-Chat members whom you liked.

Does E-Chat Have Incognito Mode?

The E-Chat application does not have a spy mode, but you can always reach out to the support team to find suspicious activities. E-Chat is very strict about their privacy policy, and they discover any security breach, the profile is then eligible for termination.

Does E-Chat Have Incognito Mode?

Is It Possible to Change Personal Username on E-Chat?

You can change your signature by going to your Account Settings. Under “Signature”, choose “Edit” and select the name you would like to have. Please note that the display name remains the same once you have logged in. To change the user name, you can contact the support team and guide you through the same.

Why Are There Any Issues With Entering the Website?

You might not be able to enter the site because of many reasons. Your network connectivity might be very slow, or your mobile browser is not updated, or it might be downtime for the application due to technical reasons. E-Chat makes sure to give seamless services to all users.

How Can One Search on E-Chat?

E-Chat has many forums like Just Chat, Decent Chat, Tea House and Kindness, Roleplay, etc. You can join any of them for free and start conversing with members thereof right away if you feel like they share common interests like yours. Since the approach is pretty straightforward, there is no exclusive search option on E-Chat.


One of the biggest strengths of E-Chat is that the sign-up process is much more manageable than anyone can imagine. In fact, it takes less than a minute to register. The website does not require any personal information. Registration with E-Chat is free, and there are no hidden charges as well. You will have to give a username and password for registration. There is no email verification carried out. There will be no questions about your identity, but it is better to be extra careful while connecting with others.

How Can One Verify Personal Email?

To join the E-Chat website, all that you need is a username and a password. You do not even need an email for registration. Therefore, there is no necessity to verify your email, as well.

Is It Possible to Sign up Using Personal Facebook Account?

Since E-Chat does not care about getting users’ personal information, there is no registration process with Facebook. You can give a username and password to start using their services.

Is It Possible to Sign up Using Personal Facebook Account?

How Can One Join E-Chat?

You can use E-Chat’s website to join their network. Unfortunately, there is no mobile application available. All that it requires is a username and password to join them. You can also use their site as a guest. All the features are available for free without any hidden charges.

Is It Possible to Use the Website Without Registration?

You can use the site as a guest member without signing up by providing a username and a password. Not even email verification is necessary for utilizing their services.

Users’ Profile Quality

Since E-Chat does not collect any user’s information, every member’s profile on the platform will have fewer details about them. That does not stop E-Chat’s success since it gives the members all possible features that a traditional dating website would provide. You can restrict someone from messaging you and keep your account private. You can also ignore a member if you think that your interests are entirely different from them. People in E-Chat have different cultural backgrounds, traditions, and languages. It allows learning and accepting diversity.

Mobile Application

E-Chat does not support mobile applications. The team from their end is trying to develop one, and we can expect it to be on the market soon. You can also access the website on mobile using mobile browsers. The design and interface are as simple as it is in the desktop version.

Fee Structure and Payment Methods

The registration with E-Chat is free, and the services are also free to use without any hidden charges. You do not have to give any credit card details while registering with them. Indeed, there are no premium features, and the site offers all the essential services needed for a dating platform.

Free Membership Features

All the features in the E-Chat are free to use. The following are a few of them:

  • Sending and Receiving private messages;
  • Restricting who can send messages to you;
  • Ignoring someone on the network;
  • Embedding the E-Chat chatbox on your website.

Does E-Chat Charge Anything?

E-Chat is free for registration, and the services are also free to use. They do not have any hidden charges, and the members can utilize the website’s full potential.

Can You See if Someone Likes You Being a Free E-Chat Member?

The feature of someone liking you on E-Chat is not possible for any member. This feature was not implemented, thanks to the website’s simplicity. If you like someone, you can chat with them, and if you feel you do not share common interests, you can ignore them.

Premium Membership Features

E-Chat website is free to use, and all the features are also available to everyone. There are no special charges applicable for any services over their network.

Is It Possible to Have Premium Membership on E-Chat?

E-Chat does not offer premium membership since all the services are available for free access to its members.

How Can One Cancel Their E-Chat Membership?

Since there is no premium membership feature, there is no need to cancel membership over the E-Chat platform.

Is There an Auto-Renew Option for Membership on E-Chat?

There is no option for E-Chat membership to auto-renew. This is because there is no premium membership available to users. You can find a friend or an ideal partner online for free.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund?

The feature is not applicable for the website since it does not involve any registration or buying the application for extra money. Because it is a free network, anyone can access it for any period.

Is the Membership on E-Chat Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Few websites and networks include supporting the application and autorenewing it. During that time, you will have to give the credit card details for the renewal. This sounds a little scary due to the possibility of the personal and account details getting leaked. Thankfully, E-Chat has never introduced this feature to avoid all these complexities.

In Case a User Is Not Satisfied With the E-Chat Services, Is It Possible to Receive a Refund?

E-Chat has no money back feature. One reason may be due to the unavailability of premium membership. But the primary reason is that those who join the service will never leave dissatisfied and hence refund would not be necessary.

How Will the E-Chat Membership Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Since there is no payment involved, the bank statement or the credit card bill will not have E-Chat support. But if you want to support the website, you can contact their support team and let them know about your intent.

Can One Provide Financial Support to Other E-Chat Members?

There is no specific feature to support other members of E-Chat. Additionally, it is not recommended to send any money to strangers via the Internet, no matter the circumstances.

Can One Pay for a Membership for Just One Month?

Since the service is free, there is no need to pay for anything. However, should you wish to financially support E-Chat, please contact the support team for more inquiries.

Is E-Chat a Safe Service?

Unlike other dating websites, E-Chat is very safe in terms of personal information since it does not misuse your personal details or urges you to fill up several forms to store the data. This way, E-Chat makes sure that you are in a secure environment. Apart from this, it is the individuals’ responsibility to know with whom they are connecting. Not everybody who is in the network may be trustworthy enough. Before making any move regarding a relationship, you need to make sure that the person is genuine.

Is There Anybody Who Moderates E-Chat Forums?

There are separate moderators for each of the forums. They are responsible for filtering out any content that looks offensive or abusive.

Is It Possible to Filter Who Can Message Users on E-Chat?

You can change the settings on E-Chat so that you can restrict anyone from texting you.

  1. Click on your username on the top left corner of the page.
  2. Select “Account Options” and choose “Privacy Chat”.
  3. Click on the “Edit” option and choose the option to restrict anyone from messaging you.

What Security Measures Does E-Chat Provide?

The E-Chat website itself is safe to use and has the most modern security protocols implemented. You can very well block someone or report them immediately if you find communication with them inappropriate or offensive to you.

How Can One Block and Report a Potential Scammer?

You cannot block or report a person directly; instead, you can mail the support team if you find anyone not following etiquette or the website’s rules.

What Measures Are Taken Against Members Who Use E-Chat to Ask for Money?

It is illegal to solicit money by using an E-Chat account. If found guilty of doing so, you can report any member to the support team so they take necessary actions.

Which Information Is Not to Be Disclosed via E-Chat?

There is no option of providing any personal information or filling out forms regarding your details. This is one of this platform’s greatest assets since your details remain with you unless you specify them explicitly to other members.

Is There an Encryption for E-Chat Chats?

E-Chats’ chats get encrypted using Secured Socket Layer and Firewall options to prevent the website from intrusion.

Can E-Chat Track Users Down?

E-Chat representatives may track you down using the IP address of your device.

Can the Police Trace E-Chat Activity?

Unless and otherwise there is a necessity or anything related to an investigation, the police will not trace you. But if needed, they can do so using the IP address.

Who Should One Contact in Case of Inquiries Regarding the Privacy on E-Chat?

You can contact the support team with the proper issue description and proof via the “Contact Us” page. The team will take care of any technical issues and reply to you as soon as possible.

Can the Information Submitted to E-Chat Be Removed?

There is no information saved on their network, and hence the situation of deleting the information on the profile never arises.

Is There Any Activity of Fake or Scam Members on E-Chat?

There are few fake profiles over their network, and it’s the individuals’ responsibility to make sure with whom they are talking.

Contact Information

Contact: http://e-chat.co/contact

Similar Websites

Few other websites similar E-Chat include Chatroulette, Flingster, Friend Finder, and others.

Real Life Review

“E-Chat has been the best website that I have ever used. I found many friends over the platform, learned about languages and traditions, and learned about other people’s cultures. Thanks to E-Chat, I have broadened my circle of friends. I am in love with the website’s design since it takes me back to my school days. Anyone who wants to pass the time with pleasure should consider chatting via E-Chat.”

— Jacob, 35

Can E-Chat Be Considered as the Best Dating Service?

E-Chat is one of the best dating websites since it allows its members to choose their partner without involving any bots to program algorithms to find ideal matches for the members.

Can One Unmatch an E-Chat User?

E-Chat does not have an unmatching feature. However, if you do not like conversing with random strangers, you can ignore that person.

Is E-Chat a Hook-up Website?

E-Chat is not a hookup site; rather, it is a place for casual dating and finding friends.

Closing Remarks

E-Chat is not a traditional dating website that works on matching algorithms, and you can swipe left or right to accept or reject the match. The platform is open-ended, and you can join as many forums as you like. The ultimate goal is to find the right match by yourself based on your interests rather than looks. If you are a person who does not want to pay money for dating, you can very well choose E-Chat. It is an excellent place for you to have a fun time with many people and find your ideal partner.

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