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Senior Match Review

Senior Match Review in 2020
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 20-50
Profiles 2 535 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are very few features offered on the free trial of the premium membership
  • The members have blogs from where you can read a lot about them
  • There is an exceptional search result presentation
  • The members of Senior Dating are real and ready to settle down
  • The profiles pass through a verification that is done by the site's officials.
  • You can only see the online status while on a premium membership
  • The verification process of profiles is quite lengthy.

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Is it too late to find love? This is often asked by the individuals you have hit 50 years of age and are still aging. There is a lot of pressure in the dating scene with all those adrenaline-pumped young fellas kicking things off on a high. Senior Match is an online dating platform for senior or mature peop;e that addresses this group’s needs as it has kept the audience precisely on the seniors. With all the site’s features and benefits, read on this Senior Match review to find out more.

Matches/How Many Languages Are Available on Senior Match?

How Many Languages Are Available on Senior Match?

The site is developed in English, and it’s the only language used to pass the information on the site and the one to be used for communication. Nevertheless, you can use slang that a match is familiar with to spice up your conversations.

Who Owns and Runs Senior Match?

The owner of this site is Miller Hedy, and together with the company, SeniorMatch.com, the operations of the site and the monitoring of activities are diligently done.

So Where is Senior Match Currently Situated?

If you’re interested in heading to the site’s offices either to address a concern or raise an issue, you better go to the headquarters, which are located at 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6 Canada.

When was Senior Match Launched?

The Senior Match website was launched back in 2001, and the site is almost hitting two decades of good service to its customers.

Is Senior Match Available Internationally?

The site is available to members from all corners of the world as it offers access to every continent. The members are evenly distributed in different regions.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for Senior Match?

Unlike other sites, the Senior Match website is fixated on the target group as the minimum age required to become part of the platform is 45 years old. As for the age distribution, most of the members are in the 55+ bracket as the second-highest numbers are recorded from the 45 – 54 bracket. A couple of young folks sneaked in as the least numbers of members are between 25 and 44 years of age.

Can I Use the Site Using My Laptop?

Yes, you can. The site offers users the possibility of accessing the site using the desktop version that is available on Windows and MacBook. The desktop version is suitable for members who are laid back and prefer a chilled vibe as they operate from their laptops. The website version offers members with features such as registration for an account, creating a profile, searching for matches, and communicating with them.

How Many Members are in the Senior Match Website All Over the World?

As given on the Senior Match website, the exact figures indicate that the site has over 1.03 million members on the site. The site also records about 6000 daily active users on the site. The conversations recorded hit a whopping 1.6 million every month. The site also boasts of more than 36,600 success stories. The female users are more than male users, and they are also the most active on the site.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

It’s only fair if we said that the design suits the target group, although it lags in comparison with competitors. The design is simple; we got to give credit for that, although it lacks the modern touch. On the other hand, the layout was perfectly executed as all sections are well placed, making navigation easy. Moreover, the fonts and icons incorporated on the design give the design an overall good look. They give clarity to the instructions making the usability friendly to all the members.

Which Browsers Support the Senior Match Website?

If you’re wondering what browser you should use to access the site, then you should go for the best available browsers on the market. The likes of Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox, will provide you will quality service. Their benefits include giving you the required speed, saving on the space of your device, and protecting you from malware and hackers.

How Do I Operate the Camera on Senior Match?

Although the site does not offer video chat, you can still utilize the camera in other ways. You can put on your best outfit and seek a good venue to take several great photos from where you will choose which ones will be uploaded to your profile.

Special Features

The special features speak a lot for a site as they are the most considered aspects of people choosing the sites they will join. With the growing number of members on the Senior Match website, let’s take a look at why they chose the platform;

Reverse matches – this feature takes a different approach, unlike what is offered in the normal matching system as you can make the results be based on your descriptions rather than your preferences.

  • Send a wink – This is a way of approaching a member to show interest in them.
  • Blog – Here, the members can freely update what they are going through or share what they have in mind.
  • Forums – This is a feature where you can freely post your questions and get answers from fellow members.
  • Account manager – For the users who are too busy to check on their profiles’ progress, they can appoint an account manager to assist them in so doing.
  • First date ideas – This is a section where members who are willing can post their idea of a reasonable first date for them.
  • Live chat – This is a feature that allows members to communicate with members who are online for faster response.
How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The site’s operations are quite simple. You need first to get an account, search for a member who is your potential Match or choose from the suggestions given, and you can make contact with them depending on the communication feature that you prefer.

How Can I Contact Someone?

Messaging someone is quite simple. All you need to do is to choose, which means works best for you. The options you have are;

  • Direct message – This is where you send a text message to a member to start a conversation with them. To work, you need to use your ice breakers or pickup lines to give an excellent first impression.
  • Chat room – These are groups on the site that offer different topics where members can join and contribute as they also learn from the other members. It fits the group that fancies group conversations.

Is Sending Messages Free?

The free Subscription only allows the members to send up to 50 winks in a day and reply to messages sent by the premium members.

How Can You Start A Conversation With Members on Senior Match?

The only way to start messaging the members is by getting one worth your time and the effort you’ll put. It will lead you to search for members or go through the match results to find the ideal member for you. Point to note is that once you get the one, then you can use the communication feature that is comfortable for you to make contact with them.

Why Can’t I Use Senior Match?

It can be an issue of having a browser that is not compatible with the site or a device that cannot support the app. The other common problem has poor internet connection.

How Long Do Senior Match Bans Last?

How Long Do Senior Match Bans Last?

There are two different bans given to the members who have violated the terms of use. There is a temporary ban that lasts for a specific time, usually around 3 to 5 weeks, and there is a permanent ban that lasts for an indefinite time.

How Do I Reactivate My Bans?

Reactivation of your ban is done in two ways. The temporary bans wouldn’t require any action but just being patient until the ban’s period is over, whereas the permanent ban will require you to appeal. The appeal will trigger a review of your case, which will lead to further investigations, and eventually, a verdict is made.

Is there an Option to Erase Your Senior Match Profile Page?

You can delete your Senior Match profile if you feel that you didn’t get what you are looking for or find yourself a match. The steps to this process start at the account settings, and it is easy to complete. The deletion of an account will lead to erasing your profile data, and the process is not reversible.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show me on Senior Match” Feature?

By disabling the ‘show me on Senior Match’ option, you will be able to change the audience of your linked accounts. It includes the Senior Match profile on your social media account.

Where Do I See My Senior Match Matches?

The matches on the site are visible at the match suggestion list. These are ones that are suggested by the site or the search results list where you are in control of the results since you can easily alter the filters.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on Senior Match?

The messaging section is one that is responsible for ensuring that it records all the messages that are sent to your profile. You will be able to see who sent you the message, the content of the message as well as the option to reply.

Is it Possible to See My Likes?

It is possible. All the members who have shown interest to you are listed in the likes my section of the site.

What is Senior Match’s Invisibility Mode?

What is Senior Match’s Invisibility Mode?

The invisibility mode is a feature that offers members the ability to hide their profiles and browse through other profiles without being noticed. It is a feature provided on the site.

How Do I Change My Display Name on Senior Match?

There is no option of changing your display name on your profile. It’s because the title serves as your identity on the site.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

It can be as a result of using the wrong credentials to log into the site. The solutions to this problem include saving your logins on the app or browser, recovering your password using the ‘forgot my password’ option, or used Facebook to sign in the site.

The basic search filters used on the site include the age range, the gender, the country, and the state. These will narrow down your options, and you can choose who is best from the results. The advanced search filters include searching by name, keywords, the horoscope signs, and the members’ location.

Sign up Process

The signing up for an account has three different stages, and each one with its credentials to fill in. The first phase will require your gender and the gender of the partner that you are seeking your age and an email address, which will be completed by agreeing to the privacy policy and service agreement. The next step will require you to upload a photo, and the conditions are you should be alone on the picture, and the photo should be yours. The final stage involves details about you and your Match.

You will then proceed to create your profile, which will demand the details such as your marital status, your body appearance, your occupation, education level, income that your earn, your religions, drinking and smoking habits, a greeting line that will be included on your profile, your hobbies and interests, and your ethnicity.

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

The site does not offer email verification, although it has its system of verifying the profiles before they can be released to enjoy the features on the site.

What Happens If I Sign-Up Using Facebook?

Registration using your Facebook account will save you some hassle, which includes the benefits such as getting direct access to your profile, exporting details from the Facebook account to the Senior Match profile, uploading photos from your Facebook account, and saving you the stress of remembering passwords each time that you login.

How Do I Become Part of Senior Match?

Joining the site is quite simple; all you need to do is to get the app or go to the website. It will then require you to register for an account and further create your profile. After getting verified, you will gain membership, and you can proceed to enjoy the features offered by the site.

Can I Use the Site without registering as a Member?

Unfortunately, the site is only limited to the members only. You can only see the terms of use and policies of the site.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles is on a high since there is a lot that you can learn about the person from the details presented on the profiles. As for the different sections’ arrangements, there is quite a good layout as the sections are sub-divided into smaller sections, which you can get to see the info step by step.

How Many Languages Are Available on Senior Match?

Mobile Applications

The site does not offer a mobile application yet, although the site’s mobile version substitutes it. Just like the desktop version, it is available on the website, although the ones that are on the phone. The design is similar to one of the desktop versions. It offers all the features available on the site. The only difference is that the fonts are quite smaller, and the icons are tiny as well.

Membership Price and the Payment Methods

There are different costs that you will incur if you decide to purchase a premium membership and they include;

  • $30 for a month
  • $60 for three months
  • $96 for six months.

These prices are fixed unless an offer is issued, which includes a greater discount for a member willing to purchase a subscription for a period longer than six months. The payment methods include writing a cheque, with a credit or debit card, or using PayPal.

Free Membership Features

The features that you can enjoy on the free membership include;

  • Registration of an account
  • Creation of your profile
  • Replying to messages from premium members
  • Replying to live chats
  • Sending winks to members
  • Getting to read the first dates ideas of other members
  • Accessing the basic search features
  • Looking for members using their display names
  • Asking for access to go through the private albums
  • Posting your ideas of the first dates
  • Adding photos to both your private and public albums
  • Posting questions on the forums and answering others
  • Getting access to the ‘let’s meet’ feature
  • You can make edits on your blog posts and forum queries
  • You can access the activities of members on the site
  • You can comment on members’ profiles
  • You can make your comments on the blogs, photos, and forum questions of other members
  • You can gain access to the mobile site.
Is Senior Dating Free?

Is Senior Dating Free?

The site is free. You can register for an account and also enjoy several other features.

Can You Notice When Someone Likes You on Senior Dating If You are a Basic Member?

You can see your likes on a basic membership. This is so unique, unlike what other sites offer.

Premium Membership Features

When you pay for a premium membership, the additional features that you will get include;

  • Starting live chats
  • Sending messages to other members
  • Making your responses on the first date ideas of other members
  • Getting to how the rate at which members send their responses
  • See which members are online
  • Using the advanced search filters
  • You can search by the exact location of the member
  • See other members’ favorites list
  • See other members who have viewed your profile
  • See the members who have liked your photo
  • Get to view the new members on the site
  • Access the matches both compatible and reverse
  • See when the last time a member was logged in was
  • Hiding other members from your search results
  • Include some personal notes on the profiles that have interested you
  • You can browse other profiles anonymously without being noticed
  • You can see the members who have liked you on the ‘let’s meet’ feature
  • Getting access to dating advice as well as the safety tips
  • Getting priority response from the support team
  • You can have an account manager to work on your account if you have a busy schedule.

Does Senior Dating Offer Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership. It comes with several additional features as well.

How Do I End My Senior Dating Membership?

Cancellation of your premium membership is made from your account settings. The condition to this is to ensure that you cancel before 72 hours of the depletion of the current Subscription.

Is Senior Match VIP Membership Auto-Renewed?

The site automatically renews subscriptions. It is effective immediately the current Subscription is over.

Can I Get a Refund for Unutilized Time?

You have to make use of your subscription time because you can’t get a refund of any kind if you don’t.

Is My Donation to Senior Match Auto-Renewed Monthly?

Donations are entirely decided between the two parties. If auto-renewal was among the terms agreed, then it would be an effect. Whether this is possible for Senior Match is unclear.

I’m Not Satisfied with the Subscription. Can I Get My Funds Back?

You need to request a trial period or consult with fellow premium members. If not, you will not get your Money back if a purchase is made.

How Will My Senior Match Payments Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

You can make payments using a credit card. Your credit card bill will read SeniorMatch for the site’s payments.

Can I Give Support to Another Senior Match Members?

Not at all. It is a conclusion made after analyzing several customer reviews.

Can I Send Donation for Only a Month?

Sending support is something that cannot be done on the Senior Match website. Many reviews have tackled this question of support and donations, and all came to the same conclusion.

Is Senior Match Really Safe?

Senior Match is safe to use. However, as with any other online platform, your online safety can be put at risk if you don’t adhere to the various guidelines users are given to keep them safe while mingling on the site.

Are Senior Match Forums/Threads Monitored?

The forums are standardized and moderated. It’s purposely to ensure they stick to the terms of use.

How Can I Choose Who Can Communicate to Me?

You can freely choose who you’d want to communicate with. It is done by hiding your profile from people you don’t want to hear from.

What Security Measures Does Senior Match Have?

  • Profile verification
  • Chats encryption
  • Blocking of members.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Fraudster?

Blocking and reporting of members are available on the site. It is done from their profiles.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Misuses their Senior Match Account by Stealing Money?

The member will be banned and reported to the authorities. Further investigations of the allegations will proceed before a verdict is made.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be on Your Senior Match Account?

Anything that violates the terms of use. Consult the policies of the site to know all the regulations.

Are Senior Match Chats Encrypted?

All the site’s conversations are encrypted. There is an algorithm that does that job.

Can Senior Match Track You Down?

Yes, if need be. Your details will be put to use in the procedure.

Can Senior Match Be Traced by the Police?

Possible if there is a warrant. It should be effective if there are any reports made by a client or member.

Who Should I Go to If I Have Queries Regarding My Privacy in Senior Match?

Contact customer care for all your concerns. They’ll give you a way forward on the matter.

Can I Edit the Info that I’ve Already Included on My Senior Match Profile?

Editing of profiles is enabled. However, there are several limitations to the kind of changes that you can make.

Are there Fraudsters or Scammers on Senior Match?

Scammers were reported severally. Although, there are only a few of them according to Senior Match reviews.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


SilverSingles, Singles50, and AshleyMadison.

Real Life Review

Here’s my own story: I’m 60 years old and saw the site last year on the recommendation of a friend. One night when I was lonely, and no one was talking to me, I thought about this website. So I signed up for the site. I gained a lot from this website and found my partner, a person who loves me very much. The staff of this company serve very well, very careful, and take care of the elderly. I am very patient, so I am very grateful to all the members of this company for their good service and help me to have a good belonging. I hope the company gets to serve more senior citizens – Zack S.

Is Senior Match the Best Dating Site/App?

The site is among the best senior platforms for dating. It provides unique features and security policies.

Can I Unmatch a Senior Match User?

You can un-match another member if you no longer want to message them. It is done by denying the match suggestions or passing the search results that you do not like.

Is Senior Match a Long Relationship Seeking App?

The Senior Dating pioneers different forms of relationships, including;

  • A dating partner
  • A companion
  • Travel mates
  • Activity partners.


For the old folks looking for a partner to enjoy their retirement with and give them companions during the later years of their lives, then this is the site to be. This site offers users the members multiple interesting features as long as different alternatives to choose from when it comes to matches.

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