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Pink Cupid Review

Pink Cupid Review In 2020
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-49
Profiles 895 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A community for bi-curious or lesbian
  • Updated interface
  • Amazing features in Premium version
  • Low membership costs
  • Cupitags for profile pairings
  • Updated app
  • A percentage of its members are inactive
  • Little fluidity of members in the world.

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You need to see the Reviews of Pink Cupid, the best dating site for women and lesbian girls, and stay with all its optimal functioning. This website helps you find a partner, friendship, or a person who wants to have sex right now. You must know the web thoroughly to make the decision that leads you to register.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

How Many Languages ​​ Does It Support?

Spanish, English, French, and German prioritize the interface, although you can translate it using the browser. With these three languages, ​​you can join the online dating website; it can be very limiting for Asia or Arab countries.

Who Owns The Pink Cupid Website?

Pink Cupid belongs to Cupid Media Pty Ltd, Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd registers it under this very cool emblem. Niche dating company Cupid Media is a genius in this field at registering other sites of similar use.

Where Can I Find Pink Cupid?

Gold Coast in Australia is where Pink Cupid operates for all its registered members; you can visit them. From Cupid Media, you can find other dating websites; their support is incredible, and have a lot of security.

When Was Pink Cupid Founded?

Pink Cupid had its launch in 2006; it is a fairly new dating website and application that fulfills your goal of finding you a partner. You may be surprised by a very up-to-date, fast dating system with great chatting features.

Is Pink Cupid available Worldwide?

Although same-sex taste is not approved in Arab countries, Asia, and some Middle East areas, if you are a gay girl living in a country with these limitations, you should only use a VPN.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Sign Up For Pink Cupid?

With 18 years and older, you can register within the interface and enjoy all its dating features. You must verify your identity data; Pink Cupid tries to provide a suitable environment for adults.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

Can I Use The Application With My Computer?

You can access the interface from your computer or mobile phone by downloading the App for free. You impose the only limits for dating because Pink Cupid has everything you need to register.

How Many Members Does It Have Around The World?

For each month, PInk Cupid has 315,000 new registrations, encompassing about 28,000 American member registrations. There is no specific figure, but the web is very popular in records all over the world.

Website Design And Usability

Like all the trademarks registered in Cupid Media, the Pink Cupid website has a fantastic design and usability. You may be amazed by a very solid interface, bright colors, information to spare, and verified profiles. There are two views for the dating web, the desktop version, and the mobile version; they are similar but have great differences.

The web for gay girls has a Pink color throughout its upper edge and some lighter tones in design. At the top edge are all its usage characteristics, from visiting your profile to doing smart searches. You can do thousands of things on the dating web; you have to locate yourself in the desired option and proceed to do it.

With Pink Cupid’s website usability, it is very easy to understand; everything is at a glance and has code names. There is no feature that you cannot understand or enjoy, just as are the descriptions. The entire system is well explained and complies with giving you a tour at the time you register.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

What Browsers Does Pink Cupid Support?

For the computer version, you can enter the dating site with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The supported browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Safari.

How Can I Use the Camera?

You only have to download the App, register on the web, and activate the “video calls” within the dating interface. It would help if you had a front camera on your phone to have a pleasant online chatting experience. You can use the camera with a device on your computer; this is a very favorable option.

Special Functions

In the Pink Cupid review, you can enjoy some special functions in the interface such as:

  • Translation system: you can automatically translate messages when you decide to talk to other countries’ members.
  • Favorite lists: you can place favorite members to start conversations whenever you want without problems.
  • Detailed profiles: you, as a gay girl, want to meet a person who meets your expectations, and with this website, you will achieve it. Each profile shows the member’s personality in detail; some personal information data may be hidden from Premium members
  • Activity time: each online chat shows the member’s activity or disconnection time.
  • Cupidtags: you can place Cupid tags to have a better match with other members.

They are unique features that you can fully enjoy with a Premium account; you must purchase the membership now.

How Does It Work?

The website works under the Cupid Media service that links Cupid tags to match you with other members online. This support is very good, and you may be captivated by the results it throws at you in matchmaking. It would help if you got the web’s full potential looking to find a lesbian girl who will make your life happy.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

How Can I Send A Message To Someone?

You can’t send messages with a free account unless a Premium member took the initiative to write to you. You are free to communicate after having purchased the rest; you will have a chat block.

Is Sending Messages Free?

If you must wait for them to write to you and then talk to that person, all this happens until you buy the membership. You must invest a minimum amount of money in the interface looking for a Premium profile with special characteristics. You can get your membership for one month, three months, or 12 in gold or platinum quality.

How Can You Start Messaging Someone?

To start sending messages on Pink Cupid, you must obtain the membership promoted by the dating provider. If you buy one of these packages, you will not match with other members even though you have a free view before making the decision.

Why Can’t I Get Into Pink Cupid?

Your problem entering the dating interface may be due to:

  • Internet connection problems: you should check your mobile wifi connection or if your LAN connection is available. You can restart the devices looking for the internet connection to stabilize.
  • Interface under maintenance: although it is unlikely and sometimes notified, Pink Cupid’s interface may be under maintenance. This process of restructuring the web can take a few minutes; you must be patient.

If your access problems are due to a password or username, you can click on “remember me” to contact support. The Pink Cupid provider will send a notification to your email so that you can regain access.

How Long Do Pink Cupid Bans Last?

It all depends on the fault you made in the interface; the more serious it is, it can last for months or years. The dating site adheres to the protocol of providing a safe interface without toxic or offensive members.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can call Contact Support; you must commit that it will not happen again. The Pink Cupid website sometimes gives you a second chance; you must take advantage of it and redeem yourself.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Pink Cupid Profile?

You can delete your profile whenever you want. You have to go to the profile settings and accept that request. When you do this deletion, you cannot regret it since your access vanishes. You must report the complaints that led you to delete your Pink Cupid profile.

What Happens If I Deactivate The Option “Show Me In Pink Cupid”?

If you disable Pink Cupid chat, neither you nor your added members can start an online conversation. You go into an incognito mode where it can be refreshing if you don’t want to talk to anyone at the moment.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

Where Can I See My Matches?

You can search for members by Cupid tags, which are the likes or personality that those people express. A day you will receive ten matches between lesbian girls from your country or internationally registered on the dating website. Both options are available in “search” located at the top of the interface.

How Do I See Who Sent Me A Message On Pink Cupid?

You will receive a notification with a peculiar sound when you have a new message in your inbox. You have the option to reply to that member who is looking to match or leave it in “seen.”

Is It Possible To See The Pink Cupid Members That I Liked?

With a Premium account, you can do whatever you want to see the members you liked to start talking to them. You must change your account to one per membership to enjoy this feature. Otherwise, the option will be blocked.

What Is Pink Cupid’s Spy Mode?

It allows you to visit other members’ profiles without your presence being detected when you are online. You should optimize Pink Cupid’s spy mode by not liking member posts or doing anything else that betrays you.

How Do I Edit My Username?

When you register on the dating website, you must enter a username that you can edit after acquiring the membership. You can make name changes with a paid account; you don’t have access to this feature with a free profile.

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Enter The Site?

You must verify that the data you give is correct; if you do not remember it, you must restore your access. You can send an activation code to your email to change the password that allows you to enter the profile.

What Are The Different Search Options?

Pink Cupid Reviews are positive and among your search options are:

  • Cupidtags
  • Country
  • Age
  • Lesbian groups
  • Height and color
  • Sexual fantasies

You can earn a lot of appreciation for Cupid tags by being the strong point of this entire online dating system.

Registration Process

For you to be able to register in Pink Cupid correctly, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the official dating website for lesbian or bi-curious women.
  2. Go to the “register” option located in the upper right part of the interface.
  3. Give the following personal data correctly:
  • Name and surname
  • Birthdate
  • Username
  • Email
  • Pleasures
  • Country of residence

You must verify the email given as well as upload a photograph to complete your registration. Among other personal data, you can complete the configuration after registering.

How Do I Verify My Email?

The email to verify in Pink Cupid must be Gmail and not Hotmail since it is available for your devices. You must enter the given email, look for the verification message from the dating website, and click on the ad. This verification system works by link and not by security code; it is a faster process.

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account?

You can save some time by signing up for a Pink Cupid from Facebook; you won’t have to enter your details. In this process, everything you gave to the social network will migrate to this dating site in a few seconds.

How Do I Join Pink Cupid?

You should visit the official lesbian dating site; some sites are copycat but without Cupid Media quality. With the registered company, you have all the guarantees that the interface is safe to use every day.

Can I use the site without registering?

You can keep track of the dating site before signing up to be convinced that you can join. This follow-up or tour of the interface is unique; you do not have two opportunities to do it on the web. All you have to do is locate the website and click on “see more” located at the bottom.

User Profile Quality

Like any website registered in Cupid Media, the Pink Cupid Review is very positive, covering options in:

  1. Wide profile photo
  2. Detailed or reduced information according to your tastes
  3. If you are a Premium user, your account can be hidden
  4. Cupid tags for better matchmaking

The online dating profile quality is amazing; you will have no complaints about this system to make you known. It has a profile very similar to traditional social networks but with the Cupid Media brand throughout its interface. You can put all the details of your personality in the profile or have discreet information about how you are.

Mobile Apps

Pink Cupid is available for your Android phone; you can download the App from the Play Store to enjoy dating. The application has a slightly more restrictive use than the desktop version, but it is just as useful. You cannot update your information or profile photos in this portable version, but you can enjoy other features.

The App is lightweight, free to use, and you can pay for your membership to get other unique features. The support it provides is very stable; it will never crash or suffer from errors throughout the system.

Pink Cupid Review In 2020

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

In the Pink Cupid Reviews, you can find some memberships for the use of the dating website such as:

  • Gold Membership

You can enjoy Cupid tags, smart searches, incognitos profiles, and other features with this membership. For this golden account, you will be limited in using filters in the chat and creating new conversation topics in forums. The payment of the service is:

  • One month for $8.33
  • Three months for $16.66,$ 5.55 per month.
  • 12 months for $24.98, $2.08 per month
  • Platinum membership

With this membership’s purchase, you can enjoy all the chat filters and have more participation in forums. You can save a lot of money by paying for the service in many months than for one month; you know its prices:

  • One month for $ 10
  • Three months for $ 20, $ 6.67 for each month.
  • 12 months for $ 29.98, $ 2.49 per month.

Free Subscription Features

After the free subscription on the Pink Cupid website, you will enjoy these features:

  1. You can chat with Premium members if they write to you
  2. You will enjoy simple searches to locate other lesbian girls
  3. You can join the chat forums as a spectator.

They are quite limited functions in the free account that you can optimize by paying membership at a cost.

Is Pink Cupid Free?

You can use it for free, but if the dating site focuses on membership payments at a low cost for you to buy now. You can give very little money to use the dating app and website for 12 months.

Can You See If Someone On Pink Cupid Likes You If You Are A Free Member?

No, this option is enabled by Premium members.

Premium Membership Features

With any of the two paid memberships in Pink Cupid, you will enjoy these unique features:

  • CupidTags for matching with other lesbian girls
  • Incognito profiles
  • Unlimited chat rooms with functions in video calls, share videos, photos, voice notes, etc.
  • You can get ten daily matches of girls in your country or abroad.

If you want to find a partner without so much trouble, you just have to take the initiative and buy a Premium account at a low cost. You are getting an exclusive discount for every extra month that you pay; you should not miss this offer.

Does Pink Cupid offer Premium Membership?

Yes, you can get gold or platinum membership; they both have special features to offer you.

How Do I Cancel My Pink Cupid membership?

If you are dissatisfied with the Pink Cupid website and wish to cancel your membership, you just have to contact support. You have the guarantee that your unused membership money will be refunded in no time.

Does Membership Renew Automatically?

You can place this option to save time; you only need to add your TDC for regular payments. Every time you receive a notification and an invoice to your email for the money paid, you must make this approval.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Yes, you get a refund of your membership for unused time in a Pink Cupid in a short time. The dating site works legally, and you understand that you may feel unhappy with the system after purchasing a membership.

Does My “Support” For Pink Cupid Renew Automatically Every Month?

All the features that you acquire after obtaining the membership are renewed with your payment automatically.

I Am Not Satisfied With The Pink Cupid. Can I Get My Money Back?

You acquire all the guarantees that you could get a refund of all your money if you did not enjoy the membership. You must contact the provider for the reimbursement process to be correct, do not hesitate to send them an email.

How Will My Pink Cupid Holder Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

All the websites registered by Cupid media produce an invoice of the same name to maintain confidentiality. Your family or friends will not discover you because the invoice will appear hidden in your email.

Can I Support Other Members?

You can offer your moral or monetary support in Pink Cupid and all the members you have added to your profile. You can do all this process under a very secure system; there are even extra gay communities for charity.

Can I Send Support For Just One Month?

If you can afford the membership for just one month, you won’t enjoy the nice discounts on packages. You can pay a short period to test the dating site and determine if it is worth using.

Is Pink Cupid Safe?

You will discover that the gay girls dating site are very safe to use from the Pink Cupid reviews. You will not fear the theft of information, data, or suffer some kind of discrimination. Something that identifies the websites registered with Cupid Media is that they are 100% secure, with real profiles previously verified.

How The Site Protects Users From Information Leaks, Bots, And Scammers?

The security system in Pink Cupid Review dictates that it works 24 hours a day without interruptions for your enjoyment. You can be sure that there are no members who scam, steal, or use computer bots.

Are Pink Cupid forum Conversations Moderated?

Yes, all the topics in the forums you visit within the interface went through a verification and approval process. The website guarantees that racist or offensive topics will not arise for a specific group of girls.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Pink Cupid?

You can put a specific member blocked so that you cannot receive messages online. With this option, you can block that member who has offensive or inappropriate comments.

What Security Features Does Pink Cupid Have?

From your registration on the Pink Cupid website, you will enjoy these security features:

  • Each member must verify their data
  • It is essential to use a profile photo
  • Access passwords are complex; they must be eight digits, two letters, and one special character
  • The web is monitored to block all those members who have a negative or denigrating attitude.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You must visit the member’s profile, look at their default settings, and click on the “lock” option. With this action, you automatically notify the Pink Cupid provider that this person is negative for the web.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Pink Cupid Account To Request Money?

It is blocked for life, all the websites that Cupid Media registers reject its interface for other things besides dating.

What Information Should Not Be Posted On Your Account?

You must not post anything about minors’ photos, talk about political issues, or that offend a race in general. You must follow these rules; otherwise, your Pink Cupid profile will ultimately be sanctioned or blocked.

Are Pink Cupid’s Chats Encrypted?

For your full Pink Cupid experience, all chats have a monitoring system to block negative members.

Can Pink Cupid locate Him?

No, you will be relieved because the web will only know your general location with a country but not where you are staying.

Can The Police Track Down Pink Cupid?

Any security agency outside of Cupid Media is not well received since the web solves its problems. Everything that happens on the dating site is quickly resolved within its interface.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy?

You should contact the Pink Cupid provider, which is Cupid Media, based in Australia. You can make an appointment at her facility or contact her by email that the dating website provides.

Can I Delete The Information That I Already Sent To Pink Cupid?

You have all the right to delete or modify the information you gave on the dating site from your registration.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Pink Cupid?

No, the entire web is protected against this class of members who seek to harm people from the internet. If you see that a member violates the rules, you should only report it to the provider who will take legal measures to block it.

Contact Information

Pink Cupid is a dating site for lesbian or bi-curious girls founded in 2006 by Cupid Media.

  • Official Website: PinkCupid.com
  • Office Location: Gold Coast MC 9726 – Australia
  • Contact number in the United States and Canada: 1-844-968-0958
  • Contact for other international calls: + 61-7-5612-5016
  • Contact email: [email protected]


Besides the Pink Cupid website, you can see the Review of other online dating websites for gay girls like:

  • Ashley Madison with a 4-star approval in operation
  • Eharmony with a 5-star approval, this dating website, and App is one of the best on the list.
  • AdultFriendFinder with a 3-star approval is very good, but its interface requires an update.

Real-Life Review

Pink Cupid’s Review, according to members who enjoy the service, is positive, earning 4 out of 5 stars on performance. You can sign up for a very good lesbian girls dating site that meets your goals without any hassle.

Is Pink Cupid the Best Dating Site Or App?

The dating site for lesbian girls is perfect in every way to get the best service online. Its approval lacks a star because the App has some disadvantages compared to its desktop version.

You can seamlessly unlink a member from a Pink Cupid at any time, or their actions lead to a ban. You can report this lack of the member with the provider so that your profile is blocked or sanctioned.

Is Pink Cupid a Hookup App?

You can access and use the application with an internet connection; this is essential; the rest will not work.


Pink Cupid’s Reviews indicate that this site is ideal if you have similar tastes for another lesbian girl. This community supports the relationship between girls and unites all the communities in the world with a website. You can feel very good on the platform; you will gain many friendships and potential relationships inside or outside your country.

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