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Oasis Dating Review

Oasis Dating Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Almost everything on the site is free
  • The registration process is short and quick
  • A couple of special features
  • The site offers an app.
  • The site has many fake accounts
  • There are reports on scam issues.

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There are many individuals out there who are seeking partners, but they are too held up for them to start from scratch. That’s the reason online dating platforms have been the go-to places for most such individuals. Oasis Dating is an online dating platform that offers individuals a variety of features and security policies, although there are several concerns form the members about the latter. The site targets individuals who want to explore the dating scene and those who want to settle down. Read on this Oasis Dating review to find out more.

How Many Languages are on the Oasis Dating Website?

Oasis Dating

The site is developed in English, but due to the demand of international members, the site introduced other languages to make navigation on the site smooth regardless of the user’s nationality. These other languages include French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Who Owns and Runs Oasis Dating?

3H Group Pty Ltd owns the site. It is the company that runs all the operations on the site and monitors all the activities taking place.

So Where are the Oasis Dating Offices Based Now?

If you want to raise a particular issue in person or have a case that you would want to address to the site’s official, you can head to the Oasis Dating headquarters, located in PO Box 387 Bondi Junction NSW 1355 Sydney, Australia.

When was Oasis Dating Launched?

The site as launched back in 2008, and since then, it has been servicing its customers with a lot of determination.

Is Oasis Dating Available Globally?

The site has users from all corners of the world, with every continent having a good share of its members. It is the prime reason why the site offers a couple of different languages.

What’s the Age Requirement to Register on the Site?

The minimum age requirement for one to be part of the Oasis Dating website is 19 years old. As for the age distribution, most of the members are between the ages of 25 and 34. The 55+ bracket has the least number of embers on the site.

Can I Use the Sire From My PC?

You can use the site from your PC if that is your preference, and the site is restricted to Windows and MacBook users only. The website version of this site offers the members an opportunity to register for an account, create their profile, search for the users, make contact with your matches, use the special features, and block the unwanted users. The version gives members a bigger screen view and the device’s actual keyboard that is better off while typing your replies.

How Many Members Are on Oasis Dating?

The site released its members’ data, which indicated that the site has over 11 million users on the site. Nonetheless, Oasis Dating reviews claim that there are many fake accounts, so the active accounts’ actual number is still a mystery. Female users are fewer compared to male users. There are around 1.6 million users in Australia and about 500,000 members from the United States. The site records 6000 visits in a single month from the United States and a total of 200 logins in a day. The female members have been noted to be more active than their male counterparts.

Website Design & Usability

The design used by the site is quite outdated, as the site is not welcoming at all. There is a solid blue color that welcomes you to the site, which is quite dull. However, unlike the background, the sections are well arranged and to give the site a great layout. There are different faces to see if not convinced; it’ll be enough if you haven’t signed up yet to do so. The information offered is presented with great fonts and icons that make it easier for the members to navigate the site. Despite the poor design, the site makes up with easy usability.

Which Browsers Can You Access Oasis Dating?

Oasis Dating

For the best experience on the site, you have to go for the best browsers offered on the market. These include Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. These choices will assure you of quality, which includes excellent speeds, saving on the space of your device, and enabling extensions that will help you keep away malware and hackers.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on the Site?

The site offers members the choice of using the camera on their profiles in different ways. You can either choose to video chat as from the instant messenger feature or dress up, find a well-lit and a perfect background, smile for the camera, and take your snaps. With these photos, you can either upload them on your profile or send them to fellow members.

Special Features

The special features are what separate the best sites from the rest. The members are usually attracted by the unique features offered on the site. Since the site has got millions of users, let’s take a look at what drew them into joining the site.

  • Who liked me? – This is a feature that enables members to get to keep track of the fellow members who have shown interest in them by liking their profile. The list is always updated as soon as there is a new liker on your profile.
  • My maybes – Unlike what other dating platforms offer, the Oasis Dating website allows users to keep hold of liking a member’s decisions. The ‘my maybes’ feature is one that a member can place a fellow member who they aren’t sure of whether to like them or not. It is a form of a list of the members you can refer to when your options are over or change your mind.
  • Shoutouts – This is a unique feature of interaction. Upon acquiring it, you can select an already defined message that you can send to as many as 1000 other members who look interesting and fit as your match.
  • Instant messenger – This is a form of communication that ensures the online members can reach out to the other members who are online to get a fast response. It includes live chat and video chat.
  • Flirts – This is a way of expressing your interest to another member, and it works well as a start-up for a conversation.

How Does It Work?

Oasis Dating

The site has a smooth path in terms of its operations. The most important thing to consider here is that you need to have an account since you cannot access anything as a non-member. Register for an account, create your profile, and then move on to interaction. Depending on your preference, you may decide to either search for your matches using the features available or wait for the site’s match system to give you match suggestions. When you get a member that interests you, you can go on to make contact with them as you get to know each other more.

How Can I Contact Someone?

Messaging someone will require you to make sure that you get the proper means to ensure that you don’t ruin the moment you’re sharing. The communication options offered include;

  • Direct message – This is a standard method all over the dating arena and is the most effective of them all. This approach will require you to have the best ice breakers or your best pickup lines to ensure that you give an excellent first impression to the other member. It is a casual way of communication and works well for those who are good with words.
  • Chat rooms – This is a feature that works best for individuals who prefer group discussions and debates to personal chats. The chat rooms are groups with a different topic discussed upon, where members can air out their views as they learn from other people.

Is Sending Messages Free?

All communication features are free on the site. It includes sending and receiving features.

How Can You Start Communicating to Someone?

The most important factor to consider before you can even choose the form of communication to use is finding the appropriate person worth the time and effort you will put there. There are two ways that you can get the matches that you require. These steps include searching for the member on your own using the filters offered or wait for the match suggestions given by the site. When you get the right person for you, you can use the communication features to ensure that you make a good first impression.

Why Can’t I Use the Site?

The main issue that results in this complaint is when your browser is not compatible with the site, and the mobile phone cannot support the application. The other issue is having a poor internet connection that can lead to being denied access to either of the site. The other consideration is for the cases of individuals who are non-members of the site.

How Long Do Oasis Dating Bans Last?

The bans on the site are usually given as a result of violating the policies of the site. There are two types of bans issued, which include temporary and permanent bans. The temporary bans are issued for light cases, and they last for a specific period, ranging from 2 – 6 weeks. The permanent bans are issued for serious cases such as scams and fraud, which last for an indefinite time.

How Do I Get My Ban Uplifted?

The deactivation of the bans will take two approaches depending on the kind of punishment that has been imposed on you. The temporary bans will force you to be patient and wait for the ban period to be over, which is usually done to avoid complications. As for the permanent bans, a member will have to appeal to the site’s support team for the case to be reviewed. It will work well for those with a clearance from the police of supporting evidence of the same. If you’re lucky, then you’ll get your account back.

Can You Terminate Your Oasis Dating Account?

Oasis Dating

You can delete your oasis profile if you’re fed up with the site, if you did not get what you were looking for, or if you found a partner on the site. The procedure to follow to ensure that you achieve this goal are all found in your account settings. Upon completing this process, you will delete all the data on your account and the profile information. The process isn’t reversible.

What Results to the Disabling of the “Show Me on Oasis Dating” Option?

Since the site offers members the opportunity to sign in using their Oasis Dating profile using Facebook, the settings are usually done from the Facebook account and privacy settings. The settings are to make the users hide their linked accounts from friends and followers from Facebook. The option entails you to change the audience from public to nobody.

Where Do I View My Matches List?

Your matches are seen on the match suggestions section, in which the site gives a list drawn from the matching system. The other place to locate your matches is at the search results section, although these members differ depending on the filters used.

How Do I View the Members Who Contacted Me?

There is a message section where you can see the people who have contacted you on the site. From this section, you will see who sent the message, the content of the message, and a path to reply to the sender.

Is It Possible to See My Likes?

Yes, you can see the members who have shown interest to you through like you. The feature ‘who liked me’ is available to all the site users despite their Subscription.

What is Oasis Dating’s Ghost Mode?

The spy mode is a feature that enables members to hide their profiles and go through other profiles without being noticed. The Oasis Dating website version of this feature is that you can see the members who have viewed your profile, and if someone does that and ends up not contacting or liking you, then that will be no spy mode since you will know who they are.

How Do I Change My Display Name on Oasis Dating?

There is no option of editing your username on the site since it is considered the identity of the profiles and the email address and age. It is a policy in all the online dating platforms.

Why am I Finding it Difficult to Enter the Site?

It is usually as a result of using the wrong login credentials. The solutions to this problem are saving your login credentials on your app or the site, using the ‘forgot my password’ option to go through the password recovery process, and sign in using your Facebook account.

What are the Various Search Options on Oasis Dating?

Different filters are available for the members to choose from if they want to search for a member. These filters include the age bracket, the gender, the location, interests and hobbies, and appearances. These filters help you to narrow down your options and find the best match possible.

Sign up Process

The process of signing in is quite simple and quick to complete. The credential that will be required includes your gender and the gender of the partner you’re seeking, a username, password, email address, and birth date. You will finish the procedure by indicating whether or not you want to be kept logged in. You will then create your profile, which will include a couple of detail about yourself, which are divided into sections. There is the about section (your location and a small personal bio), what you are looking for (your sexuality, age range, and the distance between you and them), your identity (relationship status and the languages that you speak), your appearance (the eyes and hair color), your lifestyle

(your intentions, education level, drinking habits, if you have pets, your religion, and zodiac sign), and then you will finalize by uploading a photo.

Is There an Email Verification?

There is no email verification offered on the site, although the site offers anti-fraud software, which detects suspicious individuals.

What Does Registering Using a Facebook Account Entail?

Signing in using Facebook will give you a couple of benefits to enjoy. These benefits include getting direct access to your profile, saving you the hassle of remembering passwords, exporting info from your Facebook account to your Oasis Dating profile, and uploading photos from your Facebook account.

How Do I Become Part of the Site?

Joining the site is quite simple. You first have to either get to the website or download the app. The next step is to register for an account, which will be followed by creating your profile. Your profile will go through the anti-fraud software to ensure that there are no fishy details fed there, and you will be free to enjoy all the features available on the site since you will be a member by then.

Can I Use the Site as a Non-Member?

You cannot access any feature as a non-member of the site. The only things that you can see are the policies and terms of use.

Users Profile Quality

Oasis Dating

The profiles on the site are quite detailed and well arranged. The details are structured in a proper manner, ensuring that every section has its share of the info presented properly. There is an average number of details available, which is enough to give you a clue of who the person behind the profile is.

Mobile Applications

The site offers a mobile application that is offered for free in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The site also has a similar design to the desktop version, only that it has been converted into the mobile version. The app offers all the features available on the desktop version and is convenient for the always up and down members.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are no costs mentioned on the site, although there is a premium membership.

Basic Membership Features

The features offered by on the basic Subscription include;

  • Registration of an account and creation of a profile
  • Access to all communication features
  • Getting match suggestions and using the search feature
  • Including profile themes.

Is Oasis Dating Free?

The site is free to open up an account as well as enjoy all the features available on the site.

Can You See Who Liked You on a Free Membership?

You can see the people who have liked you using the ‘who liked me’ feature.

Premium Membership Features

There are two features that you will enjoy once you have upgraded for the premium membership. They are;

  • Surfing without adverts
  • Accessing the shoutouts feature.

Does Oasis Dating Have Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership. However, it only offers two additional features.

How Do I End My Premium Subscription?

You can freely end your Subscription. Cancellation of the premium membership is made from the account section.

Is Premium Membership Automatically Renewed?

The premium subscription is usually auto-renewed. It is effective upon the expiry of the current Subscription.

Can I Get a Refund for Unitilized Time?

There are no refunds given whatsoever if you haven’t made use of the time given for the premium package. So you better make good use of your Subscription.

Is My Donations Auto-Renewed Every Month?

While Subscription is auto-renewed every month, depending on the subscription package signed up, it is unclear whether the site supports donations.

I’m Not Satisfied with the Subscription. Can I Get Back My Funds?

Whether you were satisfied with the additional features on the premium subscription or not, you cannot get your money back after paying. You should consult before getting one.

How Will My Support Read on My Credit Card Bill?

As previously mentioned, we have no clear information on whether support to the site is possible. However, any purchases or payments made to Oasis Dating via a credit card will appear with the company’s name on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support to Other Members?

No, you cannot. However, it’s best to confirm with the customer care to see if any arrangements can be made.

Can I Send Donations for a Month?

Information on whether sending of support or donation to another member on the site is possible is not available. So, no direction can be given regarding this in this Oasis Dating Review.

Is Oasis Dating Really Safe?

Oasis Dating

The site is not safe due to the many scam cases. Multiple members have also suggested that you have to be smart to prevent scamming. As is the case with any online platform, however, safety begins with you!

Are Threads Moderated?

The chat rooms act as the site’s forums. They are standardized to ensure that they are in line with the terms of use.

How Can I Filter Who’d Contact?

It is simply done by blocking ber. It is specifically done to whom you don’ want to hear from or a member who has offended you.

What Security Features Does the Site Have?

  • Blocking and reporting of members
  • An anti-fraud software
  • Encryption of chats

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

It can be done from the option presented on the profiles of the members.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses the Site for Fraud?

The member will get banned from the site. The process will proceed to be handed over to the authorities.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be on Your Account?

Anything that violates the terms of use. You should read the terms of use to get more clarity on the restrictions.

Are Oasis Dating Chats Encrypted?

An algorithm does that job. The encryptions ensure that the conversations of the members are safe.

Can Oasis Dating Track You Down?

Yes, if need be. They will use your profile details to do so.

Can Oasis Dating Be Traced By The Authorities?

Yes, it is trackable with the issue of a court order. The only condition is if they have broken any law.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Concerns With My Privacy?

If you have any concerns, you should address them to the customer service. They will give you a way forward.

Can I Edit the Info on My Profile?

Editing of profile info is enabled. The only downside is that there are limitations to specific details.

Are There Fake Members On The Site?

There are several according to Oasis Dating reviews. However, some of them are mistakes made by the members.

Contact Information

Hotline: +61-293864971



Zoosk.com, Match.com, and SilverSingles.

Real Life Review

Oasis Dating is a good platform to find a sexual partner. Although it’s not entirely free, get your phone airtime for about half an hour, buy several glasses of drinks, and on your budget include a couple of condoms that you might use if the deal goes through. It works well than a prostitute since you can also go a couple of rounds. It’s the best place for the guys and gets the 35+ women – Paul D

Is Oasis Dating the Best Dating Site/App?

The site isn’t that good. However, it has an acceptable performance compared to sister sites.

Can I Un-match a Member?

Yes, you can. The process involves rejecting the match suggestions given by the site’s matching system.

Is Oasis Dating a Hook-Up Site?

The site offers members both casual and serious relationships. Hook-ups can be available if that is your approach.


If you’re an individual seeking a platform where you can make great friends and probably get a partner from, then Oasis Dating is the place to be. The benefits that you will get include a great number of individuals to choose from and a couple of specials features that will make your experience amazing.

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