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Oasis Active Review in 2024

Oasis Active Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of the features are available for free.
  • Local search is available on Oasis Active.
  • Easy and fast registration.
  • A lot of advertising.
  • Supports only one language.
  • Mediocre matchmaking system.

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Oasis Active is a free online dating resource with automatic approval and instant messaging. You can find attractive, friendly singles with similar interests. The site allows you to find the perfect match by location, age, and lifestyle worldwide.

Oasis Active dating resource has a category “Traditional online dating.” This site invites people with traditional, gay, and lesbian sexual preferences. The main page of the site does not contain images for adults. This site is part of a network of sites managed by one company.

What Languages Are Available On Oasis Active?

Though the Oasis Active website supports English only, you can easily start communicating online using English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and German.

Who Has Founded Oasis Active?

3H Group Pty Ltd founded this dating resource.

Where is Oasis Active Located Now?

According to the Oasis Active reviews, the company is located in Sydney, Australia, now.

When Was Oasis Active Created?

As Oasis Active review says, this dating resource was created in 2008, and since that time, it has been successfully operating on the dating market.

Is Oasis Active Resource Available All Around The World?

People from all around the world can use the services of this dating resource. It must be mentioned that this dating resource is extremely popular among Australian users.

How Old Should A Person Be To Register On Oasis Active?

To register on Oasis Active website, you must be eighteen years old, at least. Most of the users on Oasis Active are people of 18-34 (they are 70%). Other users of the platform are people who are over 35.

Can A Person Use The App?

Oasis Active has both the desktop version and mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. You can download and install the app absolutely for free. Moreover, you can use the mobile version of the site if you don’t want to download the app. Just open the site using your preferred browser on your mobile device and start using this dating resource’s services. Make sure that an internet connection on your mobile device is stable.

How Many People Use Oasis Active Worldwide?

As the Oasis Active review says, the site has one million users from Australia and 2.5 million active members worldwide.

Website Design & User-friendliness

This website has a full-featured web design and can be used on any computer, laptop, or smartphone.

The color scheme of the site looks dim, but the site is well-structured. All the features can be found easily because the site is well-organized.

You won’t spend a lot of time loading the pages of the Oasis Active website. The navigation is simple, and the interface is clean.

Oasis Active Website Design & User-friendliness

What Browsers Are Available For Oasis Active?

Any browser works with Oasis Active, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac only), Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only), etc.

Can A Person Use The Camera On Oasis Active?

Oasis Active does not offer webcam services.

Special Features Of The Site

Although Oasis Active is a free dating site, it has special features to make users’ dating experience more pleasant and comfortable. You can also get some perks for an additional fee.

Who likes me?

You can see the list of users who visited your profile and who are interested in dating you. You can filter the profiles and choose those that you want to like back.

My Maybes

Oasis Active allows its users to add a member in your Maybe list if you are not sure that you want to meet him/her. You can always get back to your Maybe list and start communicating with the person from this list.


You can choose from predefined messages provided by the Oasis Active. The site will send them to 1000 active members who meet your criteria. This feature requires payment, and it’s not in the site’s set of free services.

How Does the Site Function?

To start using the services of the Oasis Active website, you must be a registered user. The registration is simple and not time-consuming. After that, you can start searching for a person you’d like to communicate with. Basic and advanced search options are available for users of this platform absolutely for free. Local search is also available. It’s used to find people who want to meet in your region. You also get featured matches from the site. This site focuses on selecting personal recommendations, so you will be able to communicate with those participants who will be offered to you according to your preferred criteria. After you’ve found a person you like, send him/her a message. Sending messages is free of charge for all the users of the Oasis Active platform. The chatroom is also available.

Oasis Active How Does the Site Function?

How Can A Person Send A Message To Someone?

Click on the username of a person you’d like to communicate with or click the “Send Message’ button on his/her profile. It will open the messenger window, where you can type in a personal message.

Is Sending Messages Free Of Charge?

You can send the messages to Oasis Active members absolutely for free.

What To Do To Start Messaging With Someone On Oasis Active?

To be able to contact a user on Oasis Active, just like his/her profile. If you both liked each other, a person would appear in your contacts list, and you can start chatting. Apply a “Send Message” button to send a message to a person you like on Oasis Active.

Why Can’t A User Get Access Oasis Active?

Some technical problems have probably occurred.

For How Long Does Oasis Active Ban?

Contact the customer support team to get the information on how long your account can stay banned on Oasis Active.

How Can A Person Reactivate A Banned Account?

To re-activate your Oasis Active account, just log in, and you will be provided with an option to activate it again

How To Delete An Oasis Active Profile?

Go to the Account Settings to deactivate your Oasis Active account.

What Happens If A Person Disables The “Show Me On Oasis Active” Option?

If you disable this option, you won’t be able to see other people’s profiles. Other people won’t be able to see your profile also.

Where Can A User See His/Her Matches?

Enter your account using your computer, laptop, or mobile device. Find the “Matches” list there.

Oasis Active Where Can A User See His/Her Matches?

Can A Person See Who Messaged Him/Her On Oasis Active?

You will be notified if someone has sent a message to you.

How Can A Person See The Oasis Active Members He/She Liked?

Click on the heart icon to see people you liked on Oasis Active.

What Does Oasis Active Spy Mode Mean?

It means that you can stay incognito on the site.

How Can A Person Change A Username On Oasis Active?

You can’t change your username once you’ve created an account. The only way out is to deactivate your account and then create it again using the same email address.

Why Can’t A User Enter The Site?

A technical failure has probably occurred. Contact the customer support team to resolve your problem or ask for advice.

What Search Options Are Available On Oasis Active?

Oasis Active offers its clients basic and advanced search options. Basic search criteria on the Oasis Active website include gender, age, only with photos, now online. Advanced search is available when using refined criteria. Local search is used to find people who want to meet in their area.

The Procedure Of Registration

The procedure of registration is simple and requires only a couple of minutes. You need to fill in a standard registration form where you need to indicate:

  • username,
  • password,
  • email address,
  • date of birth,
  • location.

Oasis Active website has an average registration form with nine required fields. Alternatively, you can register via Facebook.

How To Pass A Verification Procedure On Oasis Active?

You don’t need to pass the procedure of verification on Oasis Active.

What Happens If A Person Wants To Register Using His/Her Facebook Account?

You will be able to log in to Oasis Active using your Facebook account. In this way, you don’t have to remember your Oasis Active username and password.

How Can A Person Join The Oasis Active?

To become a part of the Oasis Active community, you need to register and create a profile. The whole procedure is simple and requires minimum time.

Can A Person Use The Site Without Registration?

You need to register to use the services of this dating platform.

How To Create A Profile?

To create a profile on Oasis Active, you need to provide required personal information and add a profile photo. Your profile information can be changed later. To attract more users, you need to make your profile as informative as possible. Add professional photos made at the Studio or by a professional photographer to attract more users to see your profile.

Is Mobile Application Available?

According to Oasis Active reviews, this website has a full-featured web design and can be used on any computer, laptop, or smartphone. Oasis Active offers an iOS app that can be downloaded from Apple iTunes for an iPhone or iPad. This site additionally offers an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app download is performed absolutely for free. All functionality is preserved on the mobile app.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using a mobile app for online dating because it’s a great way to be in constant contact with the people on Oasis Active website. Ensure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection before you start communicating with this dating platform’s users.

Oasis Active Is Mobile Application Available?

Membership Price And What Payment Methods Are Available On The Site?

The site is free of charge. You don’t need to pay to use most of the functions of Oasis Active. However, some features require payment. You need to pay for Shoutouts, for example. You will require tokens to send Shoutouts to other members of the site. You can pay for fee-based services using your credit card or PayPal.

Free Membership Options

Almost all the options are available for free on Oasis Active. They are:

  • Registration;
  • Profile creation;
  • Match search option;
  • Sending messages;
  • Chat function.

Is Oasis Active A Free Dating Resource?

All the main features are available for free on Oasis Active. Only some of them require payment.

Can A Person See If Someone Likes Him/Her On Oasis Active For Free?

Most of the site’s functions are free, so you can see who liked you on Oasis Active website absolutely for free.

Premium Membership Options

Only several options on Oasis Active require payment. They are:

  • Shoutouts;
  • No ads.

Does A Premium Membership Available On The Oasis Active?

Oasis Active is a free dating resource. All main functions are available for free on the site; that’s why you don’t have to pay for a premium subscription.

How Can A Person Cancel His/Her Oasis Active Membership?

You can’t cancel your membership because the site is free. You can only deactivate your Oasis Active account by going to the account settings and clicking on an appropriate button.

Is Oasis Active Subscription Auto-renewed?

Oasis Active subscription is free of charge; that’s why auto-renewal is not required.

Can A Person Get A Refund On The Site?

You don’t need to pay for the services of this dating platform; that’s why a refund is not stipulated.

Is A Person’s Oasis Active Subscription Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Oasis Active is a free dating platform. You don’t have to renew your subscription.

Can A Person Get The Money Back If He/She Is Not Satisfied With Oasis Active Services?

This platform is fully free. So, if you are not satisfied with its services, just delete your Oasis Active account.

How Will Oasis Active Payment Appear On The Credit Card Bill?

This dating platform is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for its services.

Can A Person Give Support To Other Oasis Active Users?

There are fake accounts that hide scammers on the site. If you are asked for money on Oasis Active, you have probably met a scammer. Please, contact Oasis Active customer support for further investigation.

Can A Person Subscribe For Just A Month?

The subscription on Oasis Active website is free of charge. You can use its services as long as you want for free.

Is Oasis Active Really Secure?

The site does not allow you to view its participants’ profiles if you have not registered as a member. It provides a basic level of security. An account on Oasis Active can be used without confirming your email address. It doesn’t protect from creating fake accounts and is expressed in many of them on the site. So, be careful when communicating with people on Oasis Active. Scrutinize the profiles of the members you will communicate with and never provide strangers on the site with your personal information. If someone on the site seems to be suspicious to you, please, contact customer support and report about suspicious activity.

Is Oasis Active Really Secure?

Are There Moderators On Oasis Active Forums?

Threads on Oasis Active forums are being moderated.

How Can A Person Filter Who Can Message Him/Her On Oasis Active?

If you don’t want to receive messages from people who don’t match your criteria, go to your profile, and find the Seeking Criteria tab there. Apply “Do not allow members to contact me if they don’t match my criteria above” option.

What Security Features Are Provided On Oasis Active?

  • You can’t see other people’s profiles if you are not registered on the site;
  • Oasis Active offers the option to add personal photos and define access to them only for specific users.
  • A moderator must check all pictures before they become visible on the site.

How Can A Person Block And Report About Scamming On The Site?

To block a member on Oasis Active, click the “block” option at the upper side of his/her profile. If you meet a scammer on the site, click on a “whistle” icon at the user profile’s upper part. Then choose the specific reason you are reporting him/her.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses An Oasis Active Account For Fishing Out Money?

If you meet a person on the site who tries to fish out your money, report to the customer support about this fact for further investigation. All members who use the site for getting financial benefits will be banned.

Which Information Is Prohibited To Post On Oasis Active Account?

All the content that violates the rights of other people is prohibited on the site. It’s prohibited to publish, post, or distribute any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, violent, or unlawful material or information on Oasis Active website.

Does Oasis Active Site Use Encryption?

All the data on Oasis Active is sent via an SSL connection, which makes it technically impossible for anyone to intercept your messages.

Can A Person Stay Anonymous On Oasis Active?

You can stay anonymous on Oasis Active.

Can A Person’s Activity On Oasis Active Be Traced By The Police?

If your activity on the site is illegal, your personal data can be given to the police for further investigation.

Who Should A Person Address To If He/She Has Privacy Questions On Oasis Active?

For general privacy issues, apply the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page.

For urgent issues, complete the appropriate request form, call the office during Australian EST business hours, and ask the privacy officer to resolve the issue. The telephone number is +61 293864971.

Customer support over the phone is not provided on Oasis Active.

Can A Person Change Information He/She Has Provided On Oasis Active?

Use the Account Settings to change the information you’ve provided.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On Oasis Active?

An Oasis Active account can be used without confirming your email address. It leads to fake accounts on the site. Sometimes, fake accounts hide scammers. Therefore, carefully check the profiles of the users with whom you will communicate and never give them your personal information.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On Oasis Active?

Contact Details

If you need this dating site contact details, use the following information:

Company name: 3H Group Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

Customer support phone number: +61-293864971

Facebook: Oasis Active

Twitter: Oasis Active

Alternatives Of The Site

  • OkCupid. It is one of the most successful resources where many single people find their soul mates. OkCupid can boast of more than 50 million users. Most of the members are from the United States, and user activity is high. Most of the site’s users are people of 25-34. There are more men than women on this site. Registering on the site is simple.
  • MeetMe. MeetMe helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat right now. To date, the site has reached an audience of more than 15 million users. Like Oasis Active, this site is also free of charge.
  • Tinder. Today it is one of the most popular free dating apps in the world. The app attracts users because it selects a match based on the specified parameters: age, gender, and location. Tinder offers its users free and paid options. The set of free options is somewhat limited.

Real Life Reviews

Michael, 26: “The site is easy to use. You can log in and start searching for people quickly. It’s free to use it and contact members. Great. I highly recommend it.”

Jane, 33: “I like the Oasis Active website because the services are free, and many profiles are on the site. I registered five months ago, and since that time, I’ve got acquainted with many interesting people. I recommended this site to my colleague, and she has found her perfect match there. Can you believe it?!”

Rayan, 35: “I don’t recommend this site, though the services are free there, and there are many choice options. The site is full of fake accounts. I recently met a woman on Oasis Active site, and she started to ask for money from me. I’ve blocked her. At this point, my love story ended.”

Oasis Active Real Life Reviews

Can Oasis Active Be Considered As The Best Dating Platform?

The site has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages of Oasis Active is an extensive database of users and free services. The main disadvantage of the site is numerous fake accounts.

Can A Person Unmatch An Oasis Active Member?

Blocking or unmatching is available for Oasis Active users. Click on the “block” option at the top of the user’s profile to block him/her.

Blocking means that:

  • A person will be deleted from your contacts;
  • You will be deleted from his/her contacts;
  • A blocked user won’t be able to contact you anymore;
  • A blocked user won’t be able to see you in search results or view your profile.

You can unblock a user if you click on “Unblock” when visiting his/her profile.

Is Oasis Active A Hook-Up Site?

According to Oasis Active reviews, the site is free of charge, and it doesn’t require verification during the registration procedure. It is the reason why this site is full of fake accounts and scammers. Moreover, you can meet the rude users and one-night hook-ups seekers on the website. So, you can try your luck to find serious relations on the Oasis Active, but you will need to spend some time and effort to do this.


Oasis Active is a great dating resource that can be used absolutely for free. The extensive database of the site’s participants contains users from Australia, the USA, and Europe. Millions of people use the services of this dating platform.

The registration is simple on the site and doesn’t require much time. You only need to specify the required data, fill in your profile information, and add a profile photo. Verification is not provided. Non-verification leads to fake accounts on the site. Sometimes scammers create fake accounts to solicit the money from the users on the Oasis Active website. So, follow some simple safety rules not to become a victim of the scammers. Carefully study the user’s profile before you contact him/her. Never provide your personal information to other members of the site.

Most of the features on the site are entirely free of charge. Only some of them require payment. For example, you need to pay not to watch the ads on the site.

If you have any questions concerning Oasis Active services, please contact the customer support team. You can contact customer support if you apply a “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the site’s page.

So, if you are looking for a free dating resource, try your luck at Oasis Active dating resources.

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