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Muzmatch Review

Muzmatch Review
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Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 73%
Popular Age 24-36
Profiles 378 187
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is available on both iOS and Android
  • Members have to go through a strict verification process
  • Has a user-friendly, modern and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Follows Islamic law and is halal
  • Good range of features even for free members
  • A mostly respectful and honest community
  • Thousands of active members weekly
  • Can sign-up by email, Facebook or a Google account
  • The profile section can be quite detailed
  • Wide range of filters available when searching for matches
  • Sending messages are always free
  • An instant match feature
  • Allows private and safe video conversations
  • It's not available on a desktop or PC
  • People of other faiths are not allowed to sign-up
  • Premium accounts are slightly expensive
  • You can't see if a member is active or not on the platform
  • Some profiles are blurred
  • Can't undo a like or dislike

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Dating platforms that cater to various religious faiths are getting very popular nowadays. Muzmatc is another one in the dating scene that provides for Muslims worldwide. The site follows Islamic laws and is halal, allowing members to find partners and potential spouses.

Because Muzmatch is a religious dating app, it doesn’t allow hook-ups or casual dating. Instead, the app encourages Muslims to seek long-term relationships that lead to marriages. As such, the site’s features reflect Muslim values and have a few features that are unique and not found on other dating platforms.

Suppose you are of the Muslim faith and want to find a potential wife or husband than Muzmatch could be the right app for you. The app combines the modern world with Islamic laws to make the dating process convenient but strictly obeying Muslim laws. Read on below to know our thoughts on Muzmatch.

Muzmatch Review

How Many Languages Does Muzmatch Support?

Muzmatch supports 14 languages:

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • German
  • US, UK, and Canadian English
  • Spanish
  • Persian
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Urdu

Who Owns Muzmatch?

Muzmatch Inc owns Muzmatch.

So Where is Muzmatch’s Office?

Their office is located in Ilford, England.

When Did Muzmatch Started Operating?

The app was launched in 2015.

Is Muzmatch Available Worldwide?

Yes, the app is downloadable and can be used worldwide.

How Old Should You be to Register on Muzmatch’s Platform?

The legal age to be a member of Muzmatch is 18-years old.

Can I Use Muzmatch on My Computer?

Unfortunately, Muzmatch is an exclusive app platform. The website version is viewable on a PC or desktop, but you can only sign-up and use the features with the app.

How Many Members in Total do Muzmatch Have Worldwide?

Muzmatch has around 3 million members from around the world. They have over a hundred thousand members in the US alone.

Website/App Design & Usability

Muzmatch is only available as an app. But you can also view their site on a desktop or PC to learn more about the features and the benefits that you’ll get by becoming a member. Although the website can’t be used to start the matchmaking process, the design is excellent and looks very professional.

On Muzmatch’s site, you can read up on the various success stories people have had using the app. The website does a good job of explaining about Muzmatch and its multiple accomplishments. And there’s an eye-catching video background at the top showcasing Muslims around the world using the app and having a great time.

Once you’re ready to sign up, there are links to the Apple Store and Google Play Store on Muzmatch’s website. Alternatively, you can search for the app using the app store on your mobile device.

The app uses a similar design to the website. You can see the logo, a quaint pink butterfly at the top of the page, which is also seen on the site. Member profile photos are shown in an album like view – similar to Instagram newsfeeds. Overall, Muzmatch’s easy to navigate design makes it easy for you to connect with potential matches.

Which Browsers Support Muzmatch?

All major browsers support viewing Muzmatch’s website. However, the site is only for showcasing the app’s features and information on the company. To utilize Muzmatch’s matchmaking features, you have to download and use the app.

How Do I Use My Camera on Muzmatch?

You can use the phone on your camera for video chats or verifying your profile on Muzmatch. It works like any other image that you take with your phone camera. However, you need to grant the required permissions for the app to allow pictures to be taken.

Special Features

Intuitive like feature

Muzmatch works somewhat like Tinder. Instead of swiping on a profile, you either tap the heart icon to like a profile or tap the X button on the left to pass.

Wide range of filters

Being a Muslim dating app, Muzmatch allows for some very detailed search filters. This will enable you to find precisely the spouse or partner you’re looking for. Since Muzmatch encourages relationships that lead to marriages, the feature is crucial because you’re trying to find a lifelong partner.

Free chats

Muzmatch is one of the dating sites that allow unlimited chats with any member, provided that you have verified your account. This makes it easy to make a connection and have more in-depth conversations with people you like.

Control over where your profile should appear

Muzmatch allows you to specify where your profile should appear. If you choose from a specific list, you’ll only be listed in that category when someone searches for it.

High-quality images

Because of Muzmatch’s app design, you’ll find that the images are of better quality than other dating apps. The profile images are crisp and clear, along with detailed information about the member.

Free trial

Muzmatch allows you to send a referral code to a friend or coworker, and if they sign-up, you’ll get a seven-day premium account on the site.


Some Muslims need to have a chaperone or wali when two people are dating and getting to know each other, even online. You can include a wali in your chat conversations with Muzmatch, so you feel safer.

Verified profiles

Profiles on Muzmatch go through a strict verification process. You need to upload a recent picture and subsequently verify it – taking a selfie before your account is fully approved. Also, you’ll only be able to use the search filters, and most of the features after you have verified your account, which encourages members only to create legitimate profiles.

Community ratings

Muzmatch rewards good behavior by giving members badges and positive feedback from the community. This makes it easier to find someone legitimate on the site because the profiles already know the community and already get the ‘thumbs up’ by others.

Dad approved

In Muslim culture, it can sometimes be essential to get the girl’s father’s approval for the relationship to continue, especially before proceeding with real-life dating or marriage. The ‘Dad Verified’ feature is available for members and allows you to chat with a girl’s father to gain his approval.

Special Features

How Does Muzmatch Work?

Muzmatch is made for Muslims to have a safe and convenient environment for online dating. The app developers claim that it’s halal, with features that adhere to Islamic rule. The matches are made with safety in mind, and following Muslim culture.

On iOS

As soon as you sign-up, there is a verification process for your profile to be accepted. This means that most of the profiles, if not all on Muzmatch, are legitimate. Once you create an account with your email, Facebook, or Google, you can start using it.

On the main section of the app, you are randomly shown matches based on your location. The app does an excellent job of displaying members’ profile photos, and makes it easy to like or pass – users click the heart or X button below each profile to do this.

After your profile is verified, you can use various filters to discover other Muslims according to your criteria and needs. You can also set your preferences for the type of member you’d like to meet, which can include the profession, physical attributes, and even prayer levels.

How Can I Send Someone a Message?

You can send someone a message when a match is made between your profile and theirs.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, sending messages on Muzmatch is free for all members.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone on Muzmatch?

Once both members like each other’s profiles, you’ll have the option to send them a message.

Why Can’t I Log in to Muzmatch?

Check that you used the correct email address and that your login credentials are right. If all else fails, contact their customer support [email protected] for help.

How Long are Muzmatch’s Bans?

If you deliberately go against their behavior guidelines, your account might be permanently banned.

How do I Reactivate my Banned Muzmatch Account?

If you feel that you have been wrongly accused of violating Muzmatch’s rules and regulations, contact support at [email protected]. Reactivating a banned account will depend on the reason the account was banned in the first place.

Is There an Option to Delete Your Muzmatch Profile?

Under the ‘settings’ section, click on ‘Deactivate account’ to delete your Muzmatch profile.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show me on Muzmatch” Option?

If you disable this feature, only existing matches can see you. Your profile will no longer be shown in other members’ Discover Or Explore results.

Where Do I See my Matches?

Matches are under ‘Your Chats’ screen. Chats are made available when two members like each other’s profiles.

How Do I See who Messaged me on Muzmatch?

You can only see the message if a match is made, and these matches are shown under ‘Your Chats’ screen, which shows all your messages. You can also get a message if a Gold member chooses the ‘Instant chat’ feature, regardless of whether a match was made.

Is it Possible to View and Track the Members Who I Liked?

Yes, members that you have already liked are shown under the ‘Previously swiped’ section. You can see both the members that you liked and passed here.

What is Muzmatch’s Spy Mode?

Muzmatch doesn’t have a spy mode. But you can blur your photos whenever you want. With that feature, including using an anonymous username essentially makes your profile ‘invisible’ to other users.

What is Muzmatch’s Spy Mode?

How Do I Edit My Username in Muzmatch?

Go to the ‘menu’ section. Look for the ‘Tap to edit profile’ option. This is where you can choose to edit your username.

Why am I Having a hard time entering the site?

If the app is causing you problems, try uninstalling it and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work, check that your username and password are correct. Lastly, contact Muzmatch’s support if the problem persists.

Muzmatch’s search options are as follows:

  • Marital status
  • Plans for marriage/marriage goals
  • Height
  • Age
  • Location
  • Willing to relocate
  • Level of religiosity
  • Type of Islamic Sect
  • Profession
  • Smoker or non-smoker
  • Ethnicity
  • Dress preference

Sign up Process

Signing up for an account with Muzmatch is as easy as downloading the app. iOS and Android users both can download the app in the respective app store. For a direct link to the app, go to the website and click on ‘Download on the App Store’ if you’re using an iOS device or ‘Get it on Google Play’ if you’re an Android user.

  1. Once the app is installed on your device, open it, and you can begin the registration process.
  2. You can choose to sign up by email, Facebook account, or your Google account.
  3. Once you choose, just follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  4. If you’re using an email to sign up, first you need to select your gender, then select your birthday. Be aware that you need to be over 18 to sign up for an account with Muzmatch.
  5. After that, you’ll receive a code in your email, a six-digit code that will expire within 48 hours
  6. Enter this code when prompted by Muzmatch’s app.
  7. Once you’ve entered the code, you’re done registering on Muzmatch and can straightaway see your matches on the home screen.

You can see a few profiles even though you haven’t verified your profile, but it is severely limited. To unlock most of the features, upload a photo of yourself and use the selfie feature to verify your account.

How do I verify my email?

Look for the email from Muzmatch that has your random six-digit code. Enter the code in the app to verify your email.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

Registration via Facebook makes it easier to complete your Muzmatch profile as some fields have already been filled. Muzmatch clarifies that they do not post anything on your Facebook wall, so this is a viable method to register your Muzmatch account.

How do I join Muzmatch?

Download the app from Apple’s Itunes or Google’s Playstore. Once the app is on your device, open it, and start the registration process.

Can I use Muzmatch without registering?

No, you can’t. The features are only accessible once you register.

Users Profile Quality

Even though Muzmatch is a religious-based app, the time-tested rules of making a good profile are still quite the same as with any other dating app. You have to ensure that you are presentable. And make sure to take care of yourself and how you look before finding a partner online.

Your personality is essential for finding your soulmate, but your photos are the first impression that other members will have about you. Therefore your posture and facial expression are important, and you should do your best to show off your best traits.

Have a clear headshot photo of yourself to show what you look like up close. Also, you shouldn’t hide your physique, so a body shot is also necessary. Next, show that you lead an exciting life, by showing pictures of you doing something interesting, like a hobby or some type of sport. Try to avoid using filters because you want to show off the real you. Deceptive photos will only make people lose interest in you in the long run.

As a religious app, on Muzmatch, only take decent photos of yourself and do not use shirtless photos or any indecent photos that make you look embarrassing. Lastly, make sure that you fill out your profile description as thoroughly as possible because this will help you find matches closely related to your personality.

The profiles on most Muzmatch are mostly legitimate because every member has to go through a strict verification process. Members are looking for clean chats, meaningful conversations, and some might even prefer small talk. With millions of users on the site, taking the time to upload a good picture of yourself and writing a great bio will make a big difference. Doing this will get you quality matches and prevent your profile from being ghosted.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

Muzmatch can only be used as an app. Therefore all the features are on the app. The website is just for informational purposes only and to discover more about Muzmatch.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Muzmatch offers a generous array of features, even for free members. And if someone signs up through your referral code, you’ll get a premium account for a week.

Free Membership Features

You can do a lot of things even as a standard member of Muzmatch. The site allows messages for free, which is an essential feature for a dating app. A list of free features for members are:

  • Chats and exchanging contact information
  • Video calls with an anonymous number
  • Photos can be blurred
  • Creating and maintaining a profile
  • Making a match with other members
  • Applying religious search filters
  • Profile verification
  • Chaperone inclusion
  • Earn profile badges
  • Reading Muzmatch’s blog

Is Muzmatch free?

Yes, Muzmatch is free to use. However, some features have limited use per day, But mostly, you can find matches and make connections even as a free member.

Can you see if someone likes you on Muzmatch if you are a free member?

Yes, you can. Once a match is made, that means someone has liked your profile, and you liked them back.

Gold Membership Features

Muzmatch’s premium membership is called the gold membership. It unlocks more features than the standard membership and comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited swipes on profiles
  • One Instant chat per day
  • More search filters in ‘Discover’ mode
  • Shows percentage of match filters on every profile shown
  • Unblock someone for free
  • Undo a ‘like’ or ‘pass’
  • Profile boost
  • Filter by visible photos only
  • A gold badge on your profile
  • No ads
  • Reset your swipe history

Gold membership costs 19.99 GBP per month. You can subscribe via PayPal or credit card.

Does Muzmatch offer gold membership?

Yes, it does. A gold membership extends some of the standard features and gives you more value when using the app.

How do I cancel my Muzmatch’s membership?

Subscription payments are managed by Apple or Google, depending on your device. To cancel, do the following:

On iOS

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Within the iTunes & App Store, tap your Apple ID.
  3. Under ‘Subscriptions’, find Muzmatch.
  4. Cancel your subscription.


  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Go to ‘Menu’, and under ‘Subscriptions’ find Muzmatch in the list.
  3. Hit cancel and confirm the cancelation

Does Muzmatch’s membership auto-renew?

Yes, it does. But Muzmatch has no control over your subscription as it’s managed by Google or Apple.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

No, refunds can’t be issued for unused time. You need to cancel your membership 24 hours before it expires to prevent another recurring charge.

Is my “subscription” to Muzmatch automatically renewed every month?

Yes, it’s set to auto-renew unless you cancel it on your end via Google’s Play Store or Apple’s Itunes. Alternatively, you can change the recurring payment date if you choose another option besides monthly.

I am not satisfied with Muzmatch. Is it possible to ask for a refund?

Refunds are processed via Google or Apple, depending on which device you used to install Muzmatch. Google or Apple also determines the terms and conditions for refund approval. Kindly view the process for refunds on the respective platform.

How will my Muzmatch’s payment appear on my credit card bill?

It will appear as GOOGLE *Muzmatch or Apple *Muzmatch.

Can I give support to other Muzmatch members?

There is no gifting feature within Muzmatch. However, you can purchase a Google Play or iTunes Gift Cards and give them to another member to have a Muzmatch subscription.

Can I give support to other Muzmatch members?

Can I send support for just a month?

You can subscribe for a month, six months, or a full year.

Is Muzmatch Really Safe?

Muzmatch’s app is safe to use and doesn’t have any malicious code to steal your information. All payments are processed by either Google or Apple, which are trusted and secure. However, just like any online dating platforms, you should still be cautious with who you talk to online, and read Muzmatch’s safety guidance at https://muzmatch.com/en-GB/safety.

Are Muzmatch’s Forum threads moderated?

Muzmatch doesn’t have a forum for its matchmaking platform.

How can I filter who can message me on Muzmatch?

A regular member on Muzmatch can only message you if you liked their profile. So if you passed on their profile, they can’t contact you.

Tell me about Muzmatch’s security features?

Muzmatch has a few security features on its site:

  • All members are verified with a selfie before being able to use the app
  • Secure payment subscriptions via Google or Apple
  • The ability to include a chaperone
  • Can blur photos
  • Community feedback on positive members
  • App asks for limited permissions

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

Tap on the ellipsis on the top right corner, and click ‘Report [Username]’ and ‘Block [Username].

What will happen to a member who uses their Muzmatch Account to solicit money?

Solicitation of funds or financial information from another member is prohibited and will get you banned.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Muzmatch Account?

Financial and personal information should be kept private even if you have known someone for a while on Muzmatch. Your address and phone number should be kept private and try not to give someone your full name, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

Are chats on Muzmatch encrypted?

Yes, chats on Muzmatch are encrypted to ensure privacy.

Can Muzmatch track you down?

Muzmatch may collect your Sensitive Data – individually identifiable information and your geolocation among others to provide the products and services that they offer. The information is also used for account management and handling customer support. You can read more about the information they collect at Muzmatch’s Privacy Policy page.

Can Muzmatch be traced by the police?

The police don’t track members’ activities on Muzmatch, but they may disclose personal information to the proper authorities if required by law or for other legal purposes.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Muzmatch?

For more information on Muzmatch’s Privacy Policy, you can reach them at the following address:

[email protected]

By mail

Muzmatch Limited

249 Cranbrook Road,




Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Muzmatch?

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Muzmatch?

To edit your profile, go to ‘Menu’ and tap ‘Edit Profile’. You can change your profile bio and uploaded photos anytime you choose.

Are there fake or scam members on Muzmatch?

Members on Muzmatch go through a strict verification process, so the chances for fake profiles are slim. However, there is the possibility of verified profiles scamming another member. Practice online dating safety guidelines at all times, even on a secure platform like Muzmatch.

Contact Information

Muzmatch can be contacted at the following address:

Muzmatch Limited

249 Cranbrook Road

Ilford, England IG1 4TG

United Kingdom

[email protected]


Single Muslim

Single Muslims has resulted in more than 10,000 successful marriages for its members. The platform offers free membership for female users and provides a secure online dating site for Muslims worldwide.


Another popular halal Muslim dating app, the features are similar to Tinder and encourages marriages by matching you with the right partner. The profiles are very detailed and make finding a husband or wife convenient than traditional dating. Members get 200 free swipes every day.

Real life review

“I love that I can find a Muslim wife according to my exact religious requirements. It’s not easy finding someone, especially when I’m living in a non-muslim majority country.”

  • Hassan

The verification process might seem daunting for some, but it’s good to know that the profiles are legitimate, and members’ photos are displayed beautifully. I hope I’ll find my special someone soon.

  • Fatimah

Is Muzmatch the best dating site/app?

Muzmatch design, security, and niche specialty targeting a specific segment of the dating market make it a winner. We give it a 9 out of 10.

Can I unmatch with another Muzmatch member?

Yes, you can. Under ‘Chat’, tap the ellipsis and choose Unmatch. Unmatch members will appear under the broken-hearted icon on the top right-hand corner of ‘Chats’.

Is Muzmatch a hook-up app?

Muzmatch, being a religious-based app, is definitely not a hook-up app. It’s geared towards online daters who are looking to find that special someone for marriage.


Muslim culture is unique when it comes to dating and having relationships. Muzmatch combines the best modern technology with Muslim laws for dating and is especially popular for young Muslims.

The safety features make it attractive to use since it deters fake profiles. And the free messaging features allow members unlimited conversations to find someone based on their religious needs. If you’re a Muslim and single, then download and register for Muzmatch today; you never know when your significant other is just a match away.

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