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Mamba Review

Mamba Review
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Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 850 450
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is quite simple and easy. It offers alternatives to include your social media accounts as a means of signing up.
  • Offers varieties of languages.
  • Prices are relatively cheap.
  • It's good since there are a variety of members you can find from your local location.
  • Despite the various languages offered, most users are from Russia, which causes a language barrier, especially when communicating with other international members.
  • There are loads of members who cause traffic, delayed response from the message department and the searching is stressful since there are a lot of options to choose from, and they might not even be interested in you.
  • Many users are up for casual hookups rather than a more settled relationship. However, after the latter, considering the figures, it's like looking for a nail in a haystack.
  • Even though it's cheap, the pricing isn't that transparent, meaning additional costs can come along, disadvantaging the user.
  • There are lots of inactive accounts.
  • The site only offers the basics in terms of services.

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Mamba is an online platform that offers communication and dating services. Unlike what other online dating sites present, Mamba is some sort of network host of thousands of sites that meet members’ dating and discovery experiences. In this Mamba review, we will dig deeper into what the platform has to offer and the need to know, adding tips on the dos and don’ts as a user. Read on to find out more!

How Many Languages Does Mamba Support?

Mamba reviews are often visited for the site occasionally update their language list. Currently, there are 25 languages available on the Mamba website, and some of them are English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Indonesian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Swedish. The website gives you the option to change the language through the language initially used was Russian.

Who Owns Mamba?

The owner and CEO of Mamba is Andrew Bronetsky, who works hand in hand with Iaroslav Sergeev and Peter Boytsov who is the COO and CMO respectively to ensure the success of the site.

So Where is Mamba Based Now?

If you’re interested in visiting Mamba’s head offices, you better head to their headquarters at 2-ya Zvenigorodskay dom 13, 42 Moscow, Russia.

When was Mamba Founded?

This largest online dating platform in Russia was launched back in 2002, and ever since, its evidence growth globally and the service rendering to members has been on the top-notch.

Is Mamba Available Worldwide?

This amazing go-to dating solution for young singles is available globally with users living in over 50 nations. However, the most dominant region where members have flocked is Eastern Europe.

How Old Should You Be to Register on Mamba?

How Old Should You Be to Register on Mamba?

This platform is not your ordinary amateur website so being 18+ is required, and if your age doesn’t cut it, then you’ll be behind closed doors until you get there. As for the age distribution, most of the users are in their 20s and 30s, with female members recording a larger percentage.

Can I Use the App Using My Computer?

It is possible to access the Mamba website on your PC using the desktop version. There is nothing you cannot do on the site with this approach. Whether it’s creating an account, editing your profile, searching for and communicating with fellow members, swiping, or even enjoy watching live streams. The desktop, although not that portable, offers a wider view and easily accessible features altogether. Saves time in typing, and also navigation is simpler.

How Many Members Does Mamba Have Worldwide?

This online dating app has a lot of users, amounting to 57 million profiles worldwide. Daily, there are 90,000+ active members, and the site records north of 20,000 new members as well. This site has its members evenly spread worldwide though a great majority are based in Russia, where it all began. In terms of success stories, the site has recorded 2.5 million matches daily, helping out the members interact and better their chances of finding a partner.

Website Design & Usability

The general look of the site is quite captivating, with bright colors selling off the site’s services. White is the dominant color on the homepage, although when you want to know more about the site, then orange takes over the whole theme. This transition is indeed attractive. As per how the site is designed, buttons, lists, and sections are all neatly grouped and positioned. Instructions are clear, and no matter your computer literacy, you can smoothly navigate the site at ease. The features are well structured to assist the members from being confused.

Which Browsers Support Mamba?

Your browser is enough to give you access to Mamba. Mamba isn’t that choosy with where it is operated from, but choosing the best browser will gain your advantage over issues like speed, space used, and internet swiftness. Get yourself Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox, and you’ll be good to go.

How Do I Use The Camera on Mamba?

Your camera can be put to good use on the Mamba website. Every Mamba review gives the site credits for the availability of the live stream feature. The live stream is all about sharing anything, be it a workout routine, a talk on something, a singing video recording, a cooking session, or a travel experience. You can use your camera to make this available to fellow members by simply choosing to activate the live steam feature that takes you to your device’s camera to record whatever you opt for.

Special Features

Special Features

Online dating sites have lots of competition amongst themselves that allow them to convince people to join the sites. Nonetheless, it all comes down to what unique features you can offer. So let’s find out what you can enjoy on Mamba:

Live streams – This feature captivates members since the videos help you learn more about a user, and in some, you can be educated on different topics. This increases the interactions of members.

Encounters – Almost the same as swiping in other sites, encounter offers a Mamba user control over profiles presented to them. You can either choose to like or dislike the profiles, which in turn helps the server better the accuracy of matching members.

Personals – In this feature, you have the right to dictate your match by writing a short description of your ideal partner. The descriptions should match the specifications given by the site, and you mail it to them. If you receive an approval, it will be posted in your profile only to attract who you want. This helps narrow down the hassle of finding a partner since only people that match those specifics will contact you.

Applications – You are offered links to downloading different applications within the site where you and other users will participate in games. This makes the interaction fun and also tests how compatible you can be with other users.

Compliments – You can complement another member either by sending them a romantic gift, a gesture of friendship, or a free compliment. The instructions to that are in a member’s profile while viewing them, and this gesture never goes unnoticed.

Extend VIP status – At a fee, you can be able to extend a user’s VIP status depending on the length of time you prefer. Of course, this will be triggered by the impact the status has made on you.

How Does It Work?

Regardless of your purpose of being a member here (where to get a partner, a friend, or hookup), you need to know the rules that govern this site. One of the greatest aspects is your personal space or security, you have power over that if you decide, and it’s all on the settings section. Messaging is quite easy and has different approaches to it. You can also decide to share your information through the live stream. You can also dictate your ideal partner’s specific description by writing it down and mailing the site’s staff that will aid them in finding your matches.

How Can I Message Someone?

It is important to recognize that there are millions of active users waiting upon anyone to communicate and interact. So how can you make a move? You can begin with a compliment if a profile blew you away. If a particular live stream was so good that it almost instantly changed your perspective about something, you can drop a comment to express the impact it has had of you, and you might just receive a message from the user. Speaking of message, you can decide to keep it simple and straightforward by directly sending a message to a member.

Is Sending Messages Free?

You can freely send an instant message to a member you are connected with.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Mamba?

Well, this depends on the way of approach you want to use. You can simply send an instant message or give a user a complement. However, the most important part is finding the perfect person worth the words you’re about to write down.

Why Can’t I Access Mamba?

The most common reported case in Mamba reviews is the age barrier. If you haven’t qualified, then there is no way you would get in. The other common cause is typing the wrong URL at your browser.

How Long are Mamba Bans?

Permanently or at least for a while. Technologies based on digital intelligence detect and block fake activity and suspicious profiles from operating on the site. The bans might range in time depending on the weight of your case.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Appealing through the hotline or using the mail can be a solution, but there is no compromise for misconduct. As for doing it yourself, you better go for extreme net lessons to get your way through the servers and get your account back to its feet – but is it worth it? Just get another account and avoid making the same mistake.

Is there an Option to Delete Your Mamba Profile?

Is there an Option to Delete Your Mamba Profile?

Yes, there is, and actually, in two ways. You can access those choices from your settings option and follow the procedure to terminate your account. On the other hand, if you feel like you might chicken out on the plan when it is halfway through, you can message the support team to do that for you. Note that this procedure cannot be undone.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me on Mamba” Option?

Since you can sign in using your social media account, disabling that feature can be done on your Facebook or whichever site you chose settings. Just go to the section that mentions your privacy and disable the choice of showing your linked accounts to the public.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Log in to your account and open your profile. A notification is usually sent daily of the potential matches that might interest or click with you well. As another option, your inbox section is a place you can see your matches as well. Would you be constantly talking to someone you aren’t interested in? If you have a profile, then your matches are out there waiting to bump into your account only to read your profile and find out that they are your type.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on Mamba?

It is as simple as opening your inbox, spot, and get to know who sent you a text or complement. If comments work for you, then go to your live stream video and see who sent something good.

Is It Possible to See the Mamba Members Who I Liked?

The voting part will show you who has liked you, but this feature is only available for the paid-for packages. You can also view who has put you on their favorite’s list – isn’t that a section for liked members as well?

What is Mamba’s Spy Mode?

There is no spy mode available in Mamba. So stalkers who enjoy going through profiles unnoticed will be disappointed by this. However, you can ghost yourself. How? This is by hiding some details in your profile, such as your last seen, age, and status.

How Do I Edit My Username in Mamba?

Usernames are non-editable in all online dating sites, and Mamba doesn’t break that rule. Such critical details, such as age, email, and usernames are not reversible. So you better get the best nickname out there, or the only option you’ll be left with is opening up a new account to name it differently.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

Are the credentials you’re using correct? Have you deleted your account? Well, if the information you’re filling out during login is incorrect, then there’s no way that you will access the site. Furthermore, if you deleted your account before and you are aiming to recover it – wake up from that sleep!

There is a matching feature, but people still prefer to explore; you never know, maybe the website didn’t do a good job in getting you great options. Searching can be filtered either by age, location, or other available features.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-Up Process

This won’t take you long since in a couple of minutes you will be done. There are several steps to be followed to get you there:

  • In your browser, feed the correct URL and get to the website
  • Choose the signup option
  • Fill in all the credentials required of you: Your email address, your username, the country you come from, your date of birth, your gender, and the gender you are looking for
  • You click the signup spot and wait
  • An email verification will be required, and by going to your inbox and clicking on the sent link then you would have finalized your registration
  • Go back to the site and log in using the credentials you gave to start your dating experience.

How Do I Verify My Email?

Verifying your email is quite simple from both your mobile app and desktop version. For the desktop version, you only need to open a new tab on your browser to access your email inbox, where you will click on the link to confirm that your email is legit. As for the mobile app, you will leave the app to go to your email app and do the same process to finalize your sign up.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

So Mamba reviews mention the ability to sign in using your social media platforms, including Facebook. When you decide to take that path, then you will save yourself the time required. The details in your Facebook account that are required in Mamba registration will automatically be fed, and you start setting up your profile right away. As for this case, there will be no email verification present.

How Do I Join Mamba?

Joining requires either downloading the mobile app and installing it on your device or simply visiting their website. The registration process will be your next move, and you will eventually be done and on the site as a member.

Can I Use the Site without Signing Up?

No, it’s not possible to run any operations or enjoy any feature until you are a verified user. Login in can’t be compromised, so unless someone has shared their details with you, which is improper, then the only choice you’ve got is getting your account to see what’s on the site.

Users Profile Quality

The better your profile, the more chances you have of getting a match. So what information can you include in your profile? A photo is one that should be your primary go-to; keep it of quality and with good lighting. The details contained in a profile include; the kind of person you’d like to meet, what they are looking to have, height, the number of languages they speak, their relationship status, level of education, if they have kids, smoking habits, living conditions, drinking habits, and the basic information you filled in during registration. Even though Mamba reviews regard this as shallow information about a person, it is a place to start from in knowing each other.

Mobile Applications

Mamba has a mobile app that gets over a million installations in a month. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, and it’s free. The app is very easy to use and is packed with all the Mamba website features. It best suits those people who are always on the road since they can easily keep tabs with fellow members as long as they can access the internet. The app doesn’t take that much space on your device and is the best suit for swiping as a way to navigate.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

If you are not satisfied with your basic package, you can choose to upgrade to a premium membership. The premium membership is called the VIP status that is payable via PayPal, with our debit or credit card. So let’s take a look at how much it might cost you:

  • $9.14 for a week
  • $13.74 for a month
  • $38.78 for 3 months.

Free Membership Features

You can still pretty much survive on a basic package. What comes for free?

  • You can ask other members questions
  • You can edit and update the information in your profile
  • Picking your interests
  • Operate a favorite’s list
  • Sending winks
  • Enjoy games in the application
  • Write personals.

Is Mamba Free?

Yes, from signing in to enjoying a couple of features.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Mamba If You’re a Free Member?

As long as you have a premium, see who has liked your profile.

Premium Membership Features

There are extra features that come by once you chip in something in your Mamba account. These additions include:

  • Ability to see who liked you
  • Hiding some of your information from your profile
  • Getting advance with your searches
  • Introducing stickers to your chats
  • Writing to a liked member
  • See who included you in their favorite’s list.

Does Mamba Offer Premium Membership?

Depending on how much you can afford, Mamba offers premium membership at relatively fair prices.

How Do I Cancel My Mamba Membership?

The cancellation of subscriptions is done manually in your settings.

Is Mamba Membership Auto-Renewed?

Is Mamba Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, upon expiry. As long as you haven’t canceled, Mamba will deduct their share from your account.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

No refunds are given whatsoever.

Is My “Support” to Mamba Automatically Renewed Every Month?

People’s donations to Mamba are usually renewed.

I am not Satisfied With Mamba. Can I Get My Money Back?

Mamba website doesn’t issue money back regardless of the reason given.

How Will My Mamba Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Mamba deductions will appear on your credit card as the company name, which is Mamba JSCC.

Can I Give Support to Other Mamba Members?

No Mamba review comes clear on that, so no.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

Donations depend on agreements made with the website staff.

Is Mamba Really Safe?

Yes, it is; the website prohibits any fakes and suspicious activities on the site and takes harsh measures for the same.

Are Mamba Forums Threads Moderated?

There are no forums in Mamba, but live stream acts like one, and it has policies to regulate it.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on Mamba?

Not really, you can choose not to reply to messages that don’t interest you.

What Security Features Does Mamba Have?

The ability for users to control their profile security and also email verification.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Are There Fake or Scam Members on Mamba?

The blocking feature is not included in Mamba.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Mamba Account to Solicit Money?

They’ll face justice as Mamba will take part in helping with investigations.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your Mamba Account?

Anything sexual or that violates the site’s policies.

Are Mamba Chats Encrypted?

An algorithm is used to encrypt chats.

Can Mamba Track You Down?

If given a reason to, it’ll not drop a sweat doing so.

Can Mamba be Traced by The Police?

Unless they violate a country’s restrictions, no.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in Mamba?

The support team will assist you in that.

Can I Delete the Information that I’ve Already Submitted to Mamba?

Mamba has enabled editing of profile information.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on Mamba?

Almost null due to the email verification.

Contact Information

Company: Mamba JSCC

Address: 2-ya Zvenigorodskay dom 13, 42 Moscow, Russia

Hotline: 7 495 123 4567


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Real Life Review

Mamba needs to go back to the old days, whereby there was no age restriction when contacting a person you want to. Though, it’s still pretty good site where you can find lots of people to have a chat with, and maybe something more! – Alex, 33

Is Mamba the Best Dating Site/App?


Mamba is Russian’s best dating site.

Can I Un-Match a Mamba Member?

It is possible one you change your preferences.

Is Mamba a Hook-Up App?

Hookup is part of the reason why people join the site, so partly yes.


The Mamba website offers a variety of features that can spice up the dating experience of a user. From unique attributes to many free features to many active members, you indeed have a great chance of finding a partner if you consider this Mamba review. Have you tried Mamba before? How was your experience? Leave a comment!

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