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Little Armenia Review

Little Armenia Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Likelihood to get an opportunity in Little Armenia to get exposed to specific demography of interest
  • The platform enables connection to cultural and historical-geographical locations
  • This dating site helps to establish strong lifelong relations
  • Reduces the possibility of entry of time passers
  • Possible to use free till you are satisfied to invest further
  • This site is for the Americans’ only outsiders are not welcome
  • Not suitable for short period relations or those expecting flirting
  • The Little Armenia website lacks facilities and features equivalent to its competitors
  • The Site doesn’t have any mobile application
  • Fake profiles undermine credibility.

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Little Armenia Reviews give the details of the website and its performance this year. It has been found that this dating site is a powerful medium for connecting two hearts. Since 2001, the dating site has been able to connect single souls with their lifemates. The website enables loners to identify their desire and fulfill their expectations. Moreover, all the romanticism, friendship, and marriage sectors find destiny by using this dating portal.

The Number Of Languages Available With Little Armenia

Search mainly happens, community-wise. However, the spectrum of search can reach global levels. Moreover, the site, networks, and team’s approach hold 16 years of successfully servicing multiple languages, cultures and furnishing every support to connect love birds. Hence, the Armenian singles find dating purposes and flock to the Little Armenia website to find their life partners.

Owner of Little Armenia?

The Little Armenia website happens to be a counterpart of Word’s Single Network. It was founded in 2001 by Said Amin. Besides, it is one of the world’s networks that has proven ten years of excellence in technological and performance records.

Owner of Little Armenia?

Where is Little Armenia Presently Located?

Currently, the WSN office is in the USA, which deals with the subject dating site. It addresses:

32565-B Golden Lantern Street, # 179

Dana Point, Ca 92629

USA +1 (949) 743-2535

WSN acts as a backbone for the successful operation of the website.

When was Little Armenia Founded?

This dating site was founded in 2001. Mr.Said Amin is the founder. Since then, the Little Armenia website has operated brilliantly.

How About Worldwide Availability Of Little Armenia?

This dating site works as an umbrella combining singles all around the globe. Hence, no matter where you are, you don’t have to worry that team members will help in searching for your desired life partner.

Age Criteria For Registration On Little Armenia?

This dating site is for a long term stable relationship. So, it’s quite uncommon to find under 18 years visitors. Moreover, the section applies to those above eighteen. Frankly speaking, members between mid-twenties and mid-‘20s and ‘30s are predominant on this Little Armenia website.

Is there a possibility of using the app on a computer?

At present mobile apps are not available for this dating site. Though a mobile app would be the most favorable demand of today, browsing the website on mobile can serve the purpose. Today, only desktop devices, i.e., computers, are the only medium to access the site.

What is the global member count on Little Armenia?

Notably, the Little Armenia website, a counterpart of World Singles Network, has established 7.5 million customers. However, a single contribution of this site is 1,000,000 profiles. This dating app has merged distances allowing life partners to know each other better.

What is the global member count on Little Armenia?

What is the superiority of website design & usability

The website is designed to provide soft as well as pleasant essence amongst love partners. People belonging to separate demographics worldwide come closer and know each other better, subsequently ending in marriage bondage. The single individuals get exposed to a straightforward and friendly dating platform.

Once registered to the Little Armenia website, members are free to explore what is available online. Using find features, a person can track their partner whom they desire. The start of sending messages starts the flow of communication. Exchange of emails, subsequently video chat features, allows the members to start intimate conversations. They are sending romantic messages and voice chats to form a basic functionality of the site.

Name The Browsers Which Support Little Armenia?

Because only the desktop version is applicable to access the dating site, iOS or Android adaptability features are not required. For browsing purposes, Google Chrome, Mozzarella, or Internet Explorer can suffice.

Purpose Of Camera on Little Armenia?

This Little Armenia website allows video chat and video calls besides email and messaging features. That’s why an inbuilt camera or computer applicable camera accessory finds usage. These cameras facilitate virtual meetings as well as allow them to feel the partners’ presence during intimate chatting.

Identify The Available Special Features

Promoting the Armenian community in Hollywood California, has resulted from this dating site over a decade. You get exposed to shopping modes based on Armenian culture. Moreover, the shopping features available to a lot of businesses within the community has flourished. Along with the shop, various blog spots are available that reflect Armenian affairs. The site has enrolled itself on Twitter so that you can expect tweeted messages from the site.

Identify The Available Special Features

How The Site Works?

Many Little Armenia reviews describe the straightforward approach of the website. You are permitted to contact us as you wish. Once registration and profile creation are over, your homepage is ready to start navigating. Moreover, you can send messages, emails, and texts based on user profile data, which they have shared in their profile. Besides, the site won’t interfere in your communications as long as they remain mutual.

Searching profiles online, subsequently filtering profiles of interest, and sending them a friendly text initiates your conversation. Moreover, video chats and video call facilities allow you to conduct more intimate talks if you desire.

What is the procedure to message someone on Little Armenia?

To get replies to your messages profile created by you should be expressive. The requirement is to furnish as many intricate details as possible. Don’t put confidential information that may lead to a security breach—the Little Armenia website targets setting up a long-lasting relationship, probably marriage. Hence, the site operators envisage substantial information from both sides to initiate chat.

Post sign up, you get access to search features and enjoy the right to explore profiles that interest you. If the picture and profile details attract, you can try chat options. The chat option enables you to communicate with whoever you desire. This site has unique free communication features allowing its members to gather sweet memories.

Can the users send messages for free?

The Little Armenia website permits free membership but paid members have more preference. The messages can be sent free of cost. Hence, there is not much variation. However, in free members’ accounts, several ads pop up, which gets irritating.

How can you start messaging someone on Little Armenia?

Little Armenia reviews can give you a proper guideline on how to contact and start messaging with someone on the site. Once you register onto the site, you meet the profiles of singles who match your preference. Once you get convinced about suitability with profile details and display pictures, you can start messaging the choices.

When does it become difficult to access Little Armenia

The reason why you can’t access it sometimes is that your membership has probably expired. Perhaps there is some technical glitch on the site. Moreover, the idea might be the wrong username password. Besides service term violations like scams and vulgarity, the team at the Little Armenia website are allowed to block your IP address, disallowing you to sign in.

What is the duration of bans on Little Armenia

The management of the site holds the right to ban a member violates the terms and policy. It might range to 24 hours. Whereas if the member does something offensive and against management policies, his account can get terminated for a lifelong.

What is the method of reactivating a banned account?

The banned accounts can get reactivated by communicating with the customer support group. Reasons need to get explained in the email, and commitment to not repeat such activities in the future needs to be in place.

What is the method of reactivating a banned account?

What is the procedure for deleting Little Armenia profile?

If you are dissatisfied with the site activities or met someone already and wish to terminate your account, you can do so. You can either drop an email to Customer Support available for Little Armenia or call them. But be reminded before cancellation, if you are a subscribed member, you need to furnish payment details. Consequently, you need to provide a reason for deactivating or deleting your profile. Don’t worry, the customer support team would respond to any kind of request.

What Will Happen If Someone Disabled “Show Me On Little Armenia”?

Either you want to stay activated or deactivated depends upon the user. If you wish to unsubscribe, it doesn’t mean you are deleting your profile. However, the “show me on site” shows that you are active. But if you intend to remain invisible to others, you can deactivate or disable the active option. Reactivate your account on the Little Armenia website when you feel.

Where can the users find matches?

When you create a profile, you need to fill in all the details carefully about you. The Little Armenia reviews give you a brief description of the website that matches your preferences, i.e., gender, preference, location, age group, and zip for your selection with the help of the algorithm. Hence, when you sign in, you get exposed to numerous profiles on your login page. Consequently, you can search which pattern matches best and start a conversation.

How to track messages received on Little Armenia

When you sign in to the dating website, you can filter the search based on age, preference, or location and send messages directly. However, Inbox is where you can track the result you had received when you went offline against interests sent.

Possibility To See The Members Whom You Liked

If you are a free member, you cannot trace history about whom you liked. However, for paid members, it is possible to track who you expressed interest.

Little Armenia Spy Mode

Little Armenia holds the right to terminate profiles that are derogatory and hampers the integrity of any of its members. Hence, the site’s moderators work as spies to identify those account holders threatening their member’s confidentiality.

How can a user Edit Username on Little Armenia?

For editing the username, members are supposed to be contacting customer support. Only the support group can make changes for you.

Issues Faced While Entering The Site?

The signing up issue may be due to the cookies. Maybe the cookies entitled to the proper operation of the site are not active. Hence, it would be essential to select the cookies for entering the site.

Different Options Of Search Engines Available On Little Armenia?

On the Little Armenia website, the searching method is quite straightforward. You need to set your gender, what preference gender you seek, age range, the location where you live, and zip code. You get directed to the matching profiles as per selection. So, once the entire list of profiles is displayed, you can go through the profiles and filter as preferred based on personal choice.

Different Options Of Search Engines Available On Little Armenia?

How To Sign In

The sign-in process is quite simple in Little Armenia. All you need to provide is your gender and preference. You need to provide the country you are l. Moreover, to be specific, you need to furnish the city to locate you correctly. Besides, your date of birth will be required. Not only but you have to provide your email address along with a password.

What is the email verification process on Little Armenia?

While registing you need to provide a valid email address. The site suggests individual members abide by the terms and conditions. So, it would be mandatory for anybody to be undergoing self-verification before sharing any details. Before further action, email is strictly passed through checking by site moderators who approve your request for joining the site.

What If Facebook Account Is Used For Registration?

The subject site, Little Armenia, is a counterpart of the World Singles Network. However, this World Singles Network does not support the terms and conditions levied by other social sites. They are more careful about how the profiles are getting detailed. Hence, FACEBOOK account details cannot get used while registering.

What is the method of joining Little Armenia?

If you are in search of love, it’s never very late. This free dating site provides ample opportunity to find your perfect soul mate. In case you are serious about joining, register with the group. Once registered, sign in and share your details. As you are looking for a stable, long-lasting relationship, probably marrying that perfect person, you should express yourself to the fullest, so do you expect from others. As a free member, you are free to surf the Little Armenia website. If you are comfortable with the site, open sending friend requests is possible.

Is there any possibility of using the site without signing up?

Yes, without signing up, you can navigate the site. But you would be allowed to view singles in your locality. Moreover, you can see the profiles, as well as be allowed to send interests. Apart from pictures, you would know the individual’s biography, appearance, lifestyle, interests, and insights.

Profile Quality Of The Users On Little Armenia

The Little Armenia website was designed to render stable, long-lasting bondage between singles. Marriage is the primary intent of why members visit the site. As you can envisage, the website got oriented towards demographic, age, and preference. It would call for more details about you when you build your profile. Try providing as many features; be more expressive. The profile quality of users may increase if a short biography can get used. Is it not the same as expecting more from others?

Is a Mobile Application available for the site?

Only desktop browsing of the site is possible, and there is no mobile app available. It is admissible that mobile applications would have been beneficial, but only the desktop version is available for the Little Armenia website. However, browsers can help in accessing the site on your mobile.

Is a Mobile Application available for the site?

What are the available subscriptions and methods of payment On Little Armenia?

The level of satisfaction guides an individual to select a type of membership. You have two options: paid and free membership. The free kind of membership is not at all a wrong choice. However, you can choose the same if you are not irritated with hoards of ads popping up on your screen. Moreover, you are not entitled to fully access all the available benefits the site has to offer.

Whereas, if you opt for a paid membership, The Little Armenia website guarantees you two things, ad-free access and unlimited access. So, if you are a paid member, you are free from any kind of annoyance because of ads.

For payment options, take a note:

  • Free Trial $0.00
  • One week or month subscription $0.99
  • For a lifetime subscription $9.99

Payments can get made with a credit card or other payment mode.

Features Available For Free Membership

The features available to free members are commendable. However, there are certain limitations that premium members can enjoy. Message sending and exploring the various intricate features of the site is not accessible. Moreover, the menace of ad interference is the prime concern. But if you are used to ad services, free membership can work great for you.

Is Little Armenia free for users?

If you intend to find a companion for life, the dating site Little Armenia is just perfect. Now, the free membership is available, but the annoyance of ads popping up may bother you. Hence, the primary navigation of the site would get recommended. Like and dislike depends on an individual. If you are serious about establishing a relationship, you need to explore every feature available. In that case, you have to opt for a paid membership to get access.

However, the site visit is free; if you want more indulgence, you need to become a paid member.

Can a user view likes being a free member on Little Armenia

Being a free member does not restrict you from viewing the likes you received on your profile. Being a free or paid member, profile details provided could be the same.

What all features are available for premium members

If you get converted to premium membership, the Little Armenia website guarantees you two valuable offers: ad-free access and other unlimited access. Unlike free groups that comprise disturbance of ads and limited access. Secondly, you get assistance from site team members in availing of matchmaking facilities. For paid members, a week or monthly price is .99$, whereas for lifelong, it is $9.99.

Premium Membership Availability In Little Armenia?

Yes, you have a premium membership opportunity for the site. This facility enables you to get freedom from the interference of ads and lets you have incredible features that establish a comfortable encounter.

Process of canceling membership with Little Armenia

You can terminate your membership by contacting the Customer Service officials. However, you can drop an email or make a call to let your intention get revealed. In any case, you are not eligible to obtain any refunds. Ending a subscription may not mean deletion. You can still visit the site anonymously. For deactivation of your profile, you can do it yourself from settings.

Does Little Armenia membership renew automatically?

If you choose to become a member, you can opt for a week, month, or lifelong period. Separate charges apply. You make use of a credit card. So, you can rest assured Little Armenia will intimate you on completion of the term period to renew the subscription. If you wish, you can discontinue it.

Possibility Of Refund For Cancelling Subscription Before Term End

No, you won’t be getting any refund for any unused time from Little Armenia. Subscriptions are made and agreed upon as per terms and conditions; it is not the responsibility of the site to compensate for an individual’s inability.

Does Little Armenia membership renew automatically?

Will The “Support” to Little Armenia Gets Renewed Monthly Automatically

Until and unless you provide written communication for termination of auto-renewal option, you would be susceptible to the automatic renewal. Hence, you should keep track of auto-renewal features while subscribing.

In Case Of Dissatisfaction With Little Armenia, Are There Chances Of Money Refund?

Monetary issues arise if the person has subscribed. Once subscribed, the premium member is not allowed to demand any refund for any kind of consequence. While accepting Little Armenia explains for acceptance of terms and conditions. Hence, to be on the safer side, you should freely try to navigate the site without opting for a subscription. It should get known that in case of investment before the term ends, no refund would be done.

Will Little Armenia Help Reflecting Transactions On Credit Card Bill?

Yes, but in that case, the credit card holder must inform the card details to the site. As soon as any transaction gets made, it would get reflected on your credit card bill.

Possibility Of Supporting Other Members on Little Armenia

If the mode of payment is a credit card, you are responsible for payment formality. If you choose to support others, the site would not be liable to investigate whom you authorized for payment.

Can Anybody Send Support For Only A Month?

You have to pay for availing services for the term you have subscribed. But you can pay from the credit card or other modes of payment for just a month if you have opted to stop to renew or submit a request in writing to Little Armenia.

Is Little Armenia Really Safe To Use?

Safety should not be a concern on Little Armenia until and unless you share your confidential data. Accept the fact that the person whom you are messaging can turn out to be a scammer. So better stay vigilant, don’t hand over personal data. Any suspicious activity needs to get addressed to Customer Care. Safety is private, so better be conscious about the events.

Little Armenia Forums Threads Are Moderated Or Not?

Site team members strictly moderate the forums. If anything derogatory or violating terms and conditions get noticed, immediate action occurs.

Process Of Filtering Messages On Little Armenia

If you want to filter messages, you can do so by visiting the member’s profile and selecting the tab at the top to send a return message of the candidate’s unavailability to exchange further messages. Besides, you can visit settings to turn off notifications and messages.

Available Security Features on Little Armenia

The Little Armenia review states that the singles site has security features for the members, but it is not spectacular. Hence, they have stressed mostly personal security. They have a few precautions for the users. Moreover, the site wants its deliberation in the fighting scam. They are not liable for any kind of mishap. It is at visitors’ discretion how to settle differences. Customer Support works but is not up to the standard of competitors.

Methods To Identify, Report, And Block Suspected Scammer

In case you suspect a scammer, immediately contact the customer support available in the Little Armenia website—the responsibility of identifying lies with the user. The customer support team can locate the scammer and track down the IP address and do needful. The support team can perform even the blocking action.

Consequence If A Member Uses Little Armenia Account To Solicit Money?

In case the site identifies any member trying to solicit money on their behalf, the site enjoys the right to take legal action against the claim. Probably the subject member’s profile would be terminated forever.

Consequence If A Member Uses Little Armenia Account To Solicit Money?

Informations Posting On Little Armenia Profile:Dos And Don’ts

The privacy and risk of information sharing is the sole risk of the member. So, avoid using confidential data like phone number, address, credit card number, etc. which are your attributes. Hence Little Armenia warns you to remain cautious.

Are Little Armenia chats secure?

As per the privacy policy of the site, the chat messages are considered safe. However, the website doesn’t have any secure personal security options. Chat and exchange of words are at the member’s own risk. The utmost caution of sharing confidential data is discouraged.

Can Little Armenia Track The Profile Owner

If you are doing something beyond terms and policy or violating the decency clauses, the Little Armenia website can track the offender by locating the IP address and email address you have given.

Can Police Trace A Profile Owner On Little Armenia

The website requests its members to post unwanted posts. Defamation, derogatory, sexually explicit materials, illegal documents can invite police intervention. Hence, better practice caution while posting on the site.

Little Armenia Reviews will give you a brief description of the privacy-related queries. You can read the privacy policies and terms and conditions from the Little Armenia site Itself also. When registering, you should understand the terms and policies well; however, if you need clarification further, contact [email protected].

How to delete profile information on Little Armenia?

If you want to delete the profile details, you would be required to contact the customer support team. They can assist you from their end in removing your information; hence, drop a mail or call the group narrating your service request.

Probability Of Existence Of Fake And Scam members on little Armenia

Chances of fake and scam members are less on Little Armenia website. But, privacy policy suggests its members be cautious. In case a scam profile is recognized, the support team must be informed. The site accepts membership of those who are above 18 years. Members looking for stable, long-lasting relationships are evitable.

Who Looks After Site Supervision?

The Little Armenia website happens to be a counterpart of the World Singles Network. Hence, any communication regarding site supervision needs to be channeled through the latter.

World Singles Network

32565-B Golden Lantern Street, # 179

Dana Point, Ca 92629

USA +1 (949) 743-2535

Similar Sites

The American dating world has lots of alternatives for attracting singles.

  • The Armenian Passion website
  • The website named Kulu Armenian
  • Not only but Arm Room
Similar Sites

User Review Of The Site

Most of the users give this site four stars. According to them, the website is best for long term relationships and marriages. Overall it is a wonderful site to date your prospective one. The dating site behaves as the connecting string between single hearts. The profile qualities express your acceptability. Followed by messaging, chatting, video calls, and video chats allow you to increase intimacy. Subsequently, you get an opportunity to meet the member in person, proceeding towards a happy ending.

Rating of Little Armenia performance as a dating site

The Little Armenia site is an integral part of the niche dating Site WSN. This site has demographic features with an excellent straight forward essence. Hence, because of its aesthetic brilliance, it is rated as a most sought after platform for the Armenian race.

Process to unmatch a member on Little Armenia

The site team members have dedicated to the effort of building up bonding amongst its members. But if you want to unmatch a member out of concern, you can unfollow the member. Moreover, you can communicate with the customer support team to get disconnection effective.

Is Little Armenia A Hook-Up App?

Unfortunately, the website only has desktop applications. Mobile apps are not there. Hence Android and iOS facilities do not hold good.


Little Armenia reviews suggest that there are various dating sites available for American singles. The World Singles Network has contributed immensely towards matching single hearts to end up with marriage relationships. Out of the lot, based on demographics and aesthetic brilliance, the dating site has stood apart. The site has attracted a lot of singles worldwide to find their love.

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