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Huggle Review

Huggle Review
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 28-32
Profiles 589 056
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a top-rated dating app
  • Has a positive effect on finding an effective match
  • Versatility in registration with social networks
  • It has a very high safety index
  • You have limits to send messages to unpleasant people
  • You cannot put in a new "favorite place" after registering
  • Your App requires updating

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It’s time for you to take a look at the best Huggle Review and check out all its special features in its interface. Get to know the App in-depth, all the requirements for its registration, and the unique qualities for matchmaking. With the App, you can find your partner or have a chance meeting to make new friends in your country; get to know him:

How Many Languages ​​does Huggle Currently Support?

You can register in the App with great security with more than 42 languages ​​to use its interface. With this variety, you will have no limits to communicate regardless of the country where you currently reside. Among the favorite languages, ​​you can see English and Spanish, in addition to that, you have Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, among others.

How Many Languages  does Huggle Currently Support?

Who Owns The Huggle Website?

This application belongs to Tina Sanders, a famous model, and Valerie Star you want it was created for dating. Both girls’ use was completed when they teamed up with Andrey Andreev, an entrepreneur on popular social networks. Since its launch to the present, this special dating app has been widely used around the world.

Where Can You Find Huggle Right Now?

You can find the App on the Huggle website to download it in no time without any problem. You can download your application from Google Play or iTunes, depending on the device you have up to date. It is a very simple application to find; it has a lightweight and a good reputation for you to trust.

When Was Huggle Founded?

She had a single release in 2015, but for the following year, in July 2016, she gained the highest recognition. All of the work that founders Valerie Stark and Tina Sanders did pay off after gaining recognition with Huggle. You can see how special the App is to make you find the love of your life simpler.

When Was Huggle Founded?

Is Huggle Available To Everyone?

Yes, you can download the app regardless of the country you are; there are no language limits. As an App that follows all the dating rules, it has no censorship in any country. Arab and Middle Eastern countries support this middle eastern dating sites initiative; there is even a huge flow of members there.

How Old Is It To Register With Huggle?

You can register from 18 years of age; the App does not have content prohibited for you. For a greater experience, you can wait until you reach the majority’s age to interact with many people from your country and finally meet them.

Can I Use The Application With My Computer Now?

You can enter the Huggle Website as many times as you want, although your registration and use are through the mobile application. To be able to enjoy it from your computer, you must have an emulator that allows you to have a mobile App included. You must purchase a mobile device with a current operating system that supports the full interface that Huggle has at this time.

Can I Use The Application With My Computer Now?

How Many Members Does Huggle Have Around The World?

Currently, the app has more than 60 million members who have set a location to match other people. It is a very special application that you can use right now to meet different people.

Website Design And Usability

The application is simple, which maximizes its ease of use for less experienced people who want to match. You can feel like having an App where all the options are in sight; you don’t have to search. The design is rooted in the color blue since it is a friendly application that seeks to make you travel the world from the phone.

In usability, you can see how Huggle does not have complex features, its system is very fast, and it does not get stuck. Although the interface has many advantages, you may feel that it requires an update to give you more experience. You can see you need filters, emoticons, camera features, and a matchmaking restructuring.

What Browsers Does Huggle Support?

You can access the dating place from your Android or IOS devices with your Windows and Mac computers. You will have no limits to join this community of young people who want to meet their partner or a new friend.

How Do I Use The Camera In Huggle Quickly?

To use the camera, capture your image, make publications, or send it to your new friends, you must press the central button. The App is configured to take quick photos by pressing the “capture” screen or the button on your phone.

What Browsers Does Huggle Support?

Special Functions

Among the special functions you can get with Huggle are:

  • Verification for your photos
    With this function in the App, you can copy a pose from a photograph that they indicate to you before capturing the image. You can have very funny, sensual, or striking photos by following everything the system tells you.
  • Pairing in places
    You can place where you want to go or where you are currently, and the App links you with nearby members. You can easily make friends when you are traveling using this system.
  • You can send videos and photos to your friends
    You can make the videos funnier to send to other members you previously matched to your profile. Photos are another option for you to send to your parties; they will be warmly welcomed.
  • Linking with social networks
    A very special function is to link all your photos, videos, and publications with your social networks. Huggle has a good partnership with social networks like Facebook and Instagram being the most popular of the moment.

How Does It Work?

The whole Huggle system works correctly, and you will not feel frustrated when matching with other members under its interface. All this structure follows a pattern where “everyone can use it” without instructions or a complex means to acquire it. You can obtain all the advantages of the interface from your registration, and in constant use, you only access it.

How can I send a message to someone in the App?

You have to select your partner or member near your location and start a conversation on various topics. You can see a small online chat where the app links to members who are closest to you. You should set up the site for higher ranking conversations, so Huggle puts members within reach to speak.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, you can send Huggle messages from your registry and enjoy all the features of online chat. There are some restrictions in the chat if you have a free account; to eliminate them, you must switch to Premium. Among the limitations, you can quickly talk to people close to you; it is not allowed to send photos or videos.

For maximum experience, you must switch to a Premium account in the application to take advantage of the online chat. If you intend to look for the love of your life with a trip full of adventures, you must use the App.

How Can You Start Messaging With Huggle?

With the Huggle Reviews, you will learn how to start your first conversations, search for the specific member, and access the chat. You can do a smart search among members who are in your city to chat. Another feature is that you can indicate the site or country you want to meet people who reside there.

Why Can’t I Log Into Huggle?

You have to verify your internet connection before accessing the interface; this may cause problems to connect. You can restart the mobile device if the fault persists or deactivate and activate your Wifi connection. You can see if the mobile breaks Huggle’s connection in any way to solve this common problem.

In general, these access failures come from your phone and not from the interface since Huggle is very stable. You can reboot the phone completely to see if it is not a software problem you are experiencing.

How Long Does Huggle Ban Last?

Depending on the problem that you generate within the application, you may have mild or lifetime prohibitions. You must follow all the rules that the App indicates to prevent your profile from being blocked. The most serious offenses at Huggle are racism and nationality discrimination; this can cost you access to live.

If you had a minor offense for harassment or for saying inappropriate words, your profile might be blocked for a few hours. When you receive the first ban on Huggle, you are already a priority for support. You must not fail anymore, or you will be blocked.

How Long Does Huggle Ban Last?

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account In The App?

When you have been completely blocked, you cannot do anything to reactivate your Huggle account. If you received a light penalty, you could reactivate your account after completing the period where the charges are resolved. It all depends on what you do; the more you break the rules, the less likely you will recover your profile.

You can contact support to see what alternatives you have with reactivating your Huggle account. In most cases, you will have a second chance to access your profile; take advantage of it.

Are There Options To Delete A Huggle Profile?

If you find a member who violates the Huggle system rules, you should report it to the provider. With this movement, you will no longer know anything about that person, and the interface will apply restrictions to their profile for the offense. This community is helpful for travelers who want new friends, not to give you bad communication experiences.

With the Huggle Review, you can follow these steps to delete a profile:

  1. Visit the member’s profile
  2. Click on the bottom right where the “settings” appear
  3. Press the option to “block member.”

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me In Huggle” Option?

If you apply this option, you will not have a chat available for members in your country or the place of reference to visit. You will only use Huggle incognito, no one will write to you, and you will not be able to start a conversation with your friends. To enjoy the features in the interface again, you have to reactivate the online chat.

Where Can I See My Matches?

To enjoy this feature, you must place a reference point for the match to serve on your profile. You can locate your residence place to search for members around or a place you want to visit in the next few days. The interface works fast, and you can have good results in members near the place you indicated.

Depending on the site, you can have more than ten matches with members willing to start a conversation. You should be very nice, have a simple conversation and get to know that person in the best possible way.

Where Can I See My Matches?

How Do I See Who Sent Me A Message With Huggle?

You will receive an in-app notification dictating the message received and the member who sent it within seconds. With this advantage, you can decide to accept that invitation to an interesting conversation or ignore it. This system is similar to that of the Facebook social network, so you will see it quite efficient for online conversations.

Can I See The Huggle Members That I Liked?

Yes, you can see Huggle members that you liked based on their location or personality in a conversation. You can add the best members to a favorites list to chat with them whenever you like. This feature allows you to save a lot of time searching for that person based on their username.

What Is Huggle’s Spy Mode?

This navigation mode allows you to view member profiles without being detected; it is only available for Premium accounts. With a built-in stealth mode, you can view the photo of that person you like, their posts, or videos before writing to them. You can get to know a lot about a person just by visiting their Huggle website in spy mode, switch to a Premium account.

How Do I Edit My Username From Huggle?

You can put a specific username in Huggle after registration, but you can change it from your profile. To edit the pseudonym or real name that you gave in Huggle, you must do the following:

  1. Locate your Huggle profile; you can access it by clicking on your photo
  2. Go to the settings, and you can locate them with a three dots icon in the vertical direction located at the top right.
  3. Locate the option “profile.”
  4. Click on “change user name” and comply with the rules according to the number of letters you must use
  5. For the changes to be made, the interface will ask you for your access code to verify that you are the owner of the profile

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Enter The Website?

Your problems accessing the website can be caused by a bad internet connection that you must solve. You should verify that your internet speed is not interfering with access to the Huggle interface. If everything is fine in a few seconds, you can enjoy all the interface features at your fingertips.

What Are The Different Search Options Huggle Has?

Among the search options for you to match with members of the App are:

  • Search by current location: you can find members near your residence or place where you are on vacation to interact with them. This search covers a radius of 100 km to locate the largest number of people around you wherever you are.
  • Search for future trips: you can place a landmark in a city or region you want to know and search for members. With this quest, you can start a friendship that will accompany you on this adventure as a tour guide.
  • Smart search by likes and similarities in travel: you can find members who have the same tastes in traveling and agree to do so. This system is only integrated into the Premium account; it is very effective for you to use it and meet the best people.

Registration Process

For you to be able to register in Huggle, you have to follow the instructions indicated on the official website:

  1. Locate the Huggle website, download the application and install it on your mobile device
  2. You can register in several ways:
  • Through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Via email
  • By phone number
  1. You must verify your profile through the email you gave or by a photo that is exported to your profile

This process to access the application is simple and will not take 3 minutes of your valuable time. You can link your social networks to this online dating system, promote the web with your friends, and expand it.

How Do I Verify My Email In The App?

You must indicate an email that you can enter and when the application requests its verification, enter the code. Huggle support will send you a unique 6-digit code that you must enter in your profile to verify it. Without this verification, you will not enjoy the unique features that the App has at your fingertips with a Free account.

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account Now?

You can save a lot of time if you decide to sign up for Huggle with your Facebook account; it will be verified automatically. All the data you need will be added to your profile in the Dating App, so you will not have to configure anything. For further changes, you are not limited in any way, but all profile data is migrated to Huggle with Facebook.

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account Now?

How Do I Join Huggle Quickly?

After seeing the Huggle Review, you have to download the application on your mobile to join this dating website. It will not take you 1 minute to download the App, install it, and start your registration through the social network or in a traditional way. You will make the best decision by joining this community that shares your love for traveling to meet new cultures.

You will feel that Huggle gave you a family, even though this may be possible because there is a 99% chance that you will get a partner. You can start a conversation with a member that changes your life, either because of their friendship or chances of a serious relationship.

Can I Use The Site Without The Need To Register?

You must register in the Application to enjoy all its benefits to match people. You cannot use it without prior registration; without it, you will only have access to its interface to log in as a member. You should not be afraid of good things because, in this case, Huggle will be the best option to meet new people.

User Profile Quality

You can get a very good quality profile both aesthetically and in operation at your fingertips among the Huggle Reviews. Like the entire interface, your profile has a blue background that allows you to feel in a pleasant environment. You can see how your photo predominates throughout this page and all your relevant information in the lower area.

You can decide what type of information you want to reveal, be it your location, tastes, age, or dreams to fulfill. Everything is editable, even your name, you can put a pseudonym if you want to increase your safety online. When you change your account to Premium, you can enjoy other profile features, such as hiding your details from members outside your country.

This online dating and travelers application does not have boots since all their profiles are verified by mail and photos. The 60 million members that the App has are real; more than 70% are active to chat. It is a very active community that predominates from other dating networks; you must register and be amazed at how it works.

Mobile Apps

Huggle Reviews goes to the mobile application; this dating system does not have a website that you can use. Huggle has a dedicated phone system, although it has its website for questions and suggestions but not for appointments. You have to download the Play Store or iTunes application from your devices; you will not pay a penny to obtain it.

The weight of the App comprises a maximum of 30 MB; this is because it has not received updates for a long time. This outdated model, in its only application, is what detracts from Huggle for you to acquire. With a restructuring of the system, the company can gain more followers by updating the new technology.

In the future, Huggle is expected to take steps to upgrade, and you can enjoy its features. It is a very stable application, but it lacks a small update to be the most popular in dating.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

You will enjoy a free profile from your registration in the Huggle application that you must eventually change to Premium. The dating system does not give you a trial period to use it at no cost, but its features are limitations. You can suffer a lot when having a chat with little to share photos or chat with members from other countries.

In the Premium account for a low cost, you will release all the App’s interruptions, and you will get all its potential. You can have a pleasant experience by having no limits to chat, share photos, or videos online. It is a membership with a single payment that you must cover to enjoy its benefits; its price is just a few dollars.

Each month, you must pay a small amount within the Huggle interface under its methods in quite varied charges. You can pay by credit card or PayPal wallet if you have one. The entire process must be verified within 24 hours for you to acquire a completely updated profile.

Free Subscription Features

With a free Huggle account, you get these features:

  • You can interact with your country members to find out their similarities in travel within or outside their location.
  • You can configure your profile to your liking, post relevant information that attracts many members.
  • You will enjoy features such as linking with Facebook, looking at photos and videos of other members
  • You will be able to search for people throughout your country or remote areas according to their qualities or appearance

Although the free account features are limited, you may be distracted for a moment while learning about the application. You can use this account free of charge for as long as you want, and when you see it necessary, you switch to Premium. With a membership account, you can get 100% working on the dating interface.

Is Huggle Free?

You can register for free, but you also have the option to switch to a membership to improve the system. You can use the application without spending a penny and then decide to buy a membership.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Huggle if You Are A Free Member?

No, this feature is dedicated to Premium members; if you want to enjoy it, you only have to make the required payments. With taste matching, you can take the extra step to find the love of your life in seconds. With the Premium profile, you will meet the objective of matching yourself with a good boy or girl who has the expectations you want.

Premium Membership Features

The most relevant functions that you can appreciate in the Premium membership are:

  • You can navigate incognito between user profiles to view their photos and personal information. You can get to know this person very well before starting a conversation; this helps you gain confidence.
  • You can enjoy the functions in place import, photo verification, send videos and photos to members, among others. With a Premium membership, you will get the full potential of Huggle for your dates between travelers.
  • You can see which member likes you and how many people hate you from your profile.
  • You can block rude members without problems; you will not go through a period of checking and approval for the report.

You can take these incredible functions within the interface for a low cost and take advantage of these advantages. If you are going to use Huggle, you must do it under the best quality, and a Premium account can give you those qualities.

Does Huggle Have A Premium Membership?

Yes, you can get it at an affordable price by contacting the provider and making the required payments for the payment account. This website has a lot of potential and more when you can get a membership; you will not regret doing it.

How Can I Cancel My Huggle Membership?

You can do the payment process from the Huggle website on your device with TDC or PayPal account. You must wait an average of 24 hours for the payment to be approved and your profile to update automatically. You can report any bug or bug you see while switching your account to Premium, improving the Huggle dating community.

Will The Huggle Membership Be Automatically Renewed?

Yes, the membership of this website will be renewed automatically for the convenience of its users.

Is Huggle a Safe App?

This dating site is very safe when compared to other similar websites. Photos and information are verified with a high-quality verification system; its setup process keeps scammers away. All profile information is always kept in essential details; you will not see links to your financial information.

Is Huggle a Safe App?

Our Conversations On The Huggle Forums Moderated?

This website does not have forums, and no private messages are not moderated; you are responsible for all information you put on the website.

Can You Filter Who Can Message Me On Huggle?

You can block users who annoy you from being able to communicate with you again.

What Security Features Does Huggle Have?

This is a free online dating website that is based on the member’s location. Administrators work to ensure the safety of all users that the application has. To register, you need to link your Facebook account and thus be able to authenticate your account.

Then you must upload photos, and the moderator must verify them before being uploaded to the website. This offers you more security and prevents the application from being filled with scammers or trolls.

They have an excellent customer support team for you to report any issues or malicious activity on the website.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

If you want to report or block a user, you can do so without a problem; you have to open the profile you want to report and find the option to block or report. If you use this feature inappropriately, it can lead to you being kicked out.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Huggle Account To Request Money?

Receive a message from a user asking for money. You should be very cautious and avoid giving money to anyone you do not know. Many people are tempted to ask for money when they have financial problems. Still, you should be careful about this, and you can report it.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Huggle Account To Request Money?

What Information Should Not Be Posted To Your Huggle Account?

The platform always recommends that users should not share their data with strangers.

Are Huggle Chats Encrypted?

Messages on the Huggle website are private and are not shared with others.

Can The Huggle Website Locate It?

The location that appears on this website is generated automatically by the GPS receiver that your device has. You can change the settings to show and hide your distance.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy At Huggle?

If you have a problem or want help, you can contact the customer service staff. The technical team will help you with everything you need so that you can have greater security.

Can I Remove The Information That I Have Already Posted On Huggle?

Yes, you can; deleting the conversation will also delete its match to a certain member. This will affect your ending; that is, your conversation will be over, you will be able to communicate with that user again if they contact you first.

Are there fake members or scammers on Huggle?

The process they use to verify photos helps keep fake accounts or scammers away from this website.

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Real-Life Review

“Huggle is a good app; it’s straightforward and simple. It’s a great option when I go out of town; I use it to win new friends every place I go to. It differs from the others because the others focus on romance, which is based on friendship” Anonymous, 25 years old.

Is Huggle the Best Dating Site Or App?

It is a dating app to make new friends wherever you are. It is considered as one of the best friendship dating platforms and has a good reputation from its members.


With Huggle’s review, you could learn a little more about this geolocation-based dating and friend finding app. It is an excellent application that will allow you to meet new people to make friends.

Huggle is a friendly and secure platform that you can use anywhere to talk and meet people like you online. The application is free and relaxed that allows you to turn strangers into best friends.

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