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Hitwe Review

Hitwe Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 687 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign-up process
  • You can access your account
  • Many members
  • Improved interaction system
  • Convenient chat features that allow you to message other members without matching
  • Blacklist feature
  • You can include up to 20 pictures in your gallery
  • There are 6 languages
  • Free to view other member’s profiles.
  • Limited payment options
  • Multiple unfilled profiles
  • Free members have to deal with annoying popup ads
  • Matches last for 24 hours only.

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Hitwe is an online social networking and dating website. This site was designed to help individuals to meet, interact, network, and develop relationships. Although this site was created to cater to the African and Asian population, it now has over a million users in more than 200 countries.

This site’s purpose is to help individuals across the world to connect. Hitwe is popular because of excellent customer support, privacy on the site, and reliability. This website combines both dating and social networking into one platform.

Hitwe is a platform that promotes long-term relationships and marriages. People love this site because members can send messages to other users even if they are no matches. This feature makes it convenient to chat and start making acquaintances.

Hitwe Review

How Many Languages Can I Use on Hitwe?

The Hitwe website allows you to use languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and Russian.

Who are The Current Owners?

Hitwe is owned by Communitainment LP, a company in the UK.

Where are Hitwe Offices Located?

Hitwe is based in 12 South Bridge, Suite 1, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH 1 1DD, Great Britain.

When was Hitwe Established?

Hitwe was launched in December 2015, and it is popular among individuals under 40 years. It is a dating site and a social networking app to meet new interesting people.

When was Hitwe Established

Is It Accessible Globally?

There is no limit to Hitwe; everybody can access the app and site from all over the world. According to Google Play, there are 100,000,000+ global users.

Are There Age Restrictions?

This site has age restrictions. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to register on Hitwe because they are not adults.

Does Hitwe Have a Computer App?

You can use the desktop version on your computer. There is no app available for computer downloads. However, the site and app have the same features and layout; you won’t miss anything.

How many Global Members Use Hitwe?

Millions of individuals are currently using Hitwe to connect. When you sign up to the site, you will meet other 245,126,147 members. These numbers keep changing because new members join the community every minute.

Website Design and Usability

The interface on both the application and the website is user-friendly. It allows its members to effectively use the services and features available on the app and the desktop web version. Any member can easily navigate through every part of the site.

Web design and usability are very realistic and interactive. This is a very colorful, stylish, yet simple site that helps you find what you are looking for effortlessly. Hitwe allows users to sync their accounts with Facebook. You can even directly import your pictures from Instagram or Facebook. You can include a profile picture and a cover image just like you do on social media pages.

Website Design and Usability

How Many Browsers Support Hitwe?

Most browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Web Browser, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox all support Hitwe. Since Hitwe is a global app, you can access it on any browser.

How Does the Camera Work?

This site is easy to navigate, and the camera is also very straightforward. You can choose to use the camera or import pictures from your Instagram or Facebook accounts. If you choose to use the camera, just follow the icons or instructions provided.

How Does the Camera Work

Special Features

There are so many positive Hitwe reviews because even with a free membership, you can still use special features. Although this is possible, there are minor limitations for free members. However, these limitations do not get in the way of meeting new people. Special features include:

  • See who liked your profile – The site allows you to see who liked your profile in the last 1 month (30 days). This list gets deleted after a month, and you can only see your top 5 “likes” if you are a premium member.
  • See who visited your account – This feature shows you all the members who visited your account. Profile visitors are removed from your page after 30 days. Premium members continue to see who viewed their profiles.
  • Profile Interaction Counter – The app and site display the total number of visitors to your account since you signed up. It also shows you the total number of likes you sent and received.
  • Pet Evolution – This is an interactive game, and it is exclusive to the Hitwe mobile app. You start playing by choosing a pet at the first level. To keep growing, evolving, and ultimately reach the highest level, you have to finish all the listed daily activities. These quests encourage users to utilize the mobile app more.
Special Features

How Hitwe Works

Hitwe, dating sites for pet lovers and bring together people from different parts of the world to interact and form long-term relationships. Members enjoy various features, and they can sync their profiles to their Facebook accounts.

The site supports 6 languages (English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and French) to help individuals to maneuver through the site and app without any language barrier. This is more of a social networking site that brings together individuals looking for serious relationships.

Almost every Hitwe review talks about the awesome experience on the site because you can send a message to other members without waiting to be matched. Also, the app is available for free.

How Hitwe Works

How Do I Message Other Members?

The communication features on this site are sleek, stylish, and easy to use. Unlike other sites where you wait to be matched with another user to communicate, Hitwe allows you to communicate with anyone on the site.

You can message any user by clicking on his/her picture. The site will redirect you to your inbox, where a chat window with the member’s name will pop up. Write your message and hit “Send.” You can also visit the member’s profile and use the “Fast Message” feature. This allows you to choose a question from the drop-down menu; this is sent directly to the member’s inbox.

Can All Members Send Messages for Free?

Both free and premium members send messages for free. This allows members to meet more people and stand high chances of making new acquaintances.

How Do I Start Messaging Someone?

It is very easy to start messaging with someone on this site and app. Just send a message and wait for the member to reply. Whenever you get a message, the site notifies you via browser or email notifications. If you use the mobile app to send messages, you will get phone notifications whenever somebody messages you. You can choose to turn off both the web and mobile app notifications. The site allows instant messaging, which makes it fast and convenient to communicate.

How Do I Start Messaging Someone

Why Can’t I Access My Account?

You might be unable to access your Hitwe account if you are using the wrong password or username, have a weak internet connection, or the site has banned your account.

How Long Will My Account be Banned?

If you violate the terms of use, the site bans your account permanently. Hitwe will delete your account if you conduct any suspicious activities like trying to solicit funds from members.

How Do Members Reactivate Banned Accounts?

Unfortunately, you cannot reactivate a banned account. Unfortunately, if somebody reports your account of suspicious activities or if you create a fake account, it is banned permanently. You can’t get it back.

How Do I Permanently Delete My Profile?

Although you cannot temporarily deactivate your profile, you can permanently delete your account by:

  • Logging in to your account
  • Locate your avatar r account profile picture
  • Click the “Settings” option.
  • Choose “My Account & Privacy”
  • Click the “Delete Profile” button and then select “Remove.”
  • Tick the boxes as directed and then click “Continue.”

Once you delete your account, you cannot retrieve it again. Your friends cannot contact you, and your profile will never appear on this site again.

Can You Disable the “Show Me” Option?

If you disable this feature, other members will not see your profile. You can disable this option if you do not want other users to see your profile or whatever you post. This is not the same as disabling or deleting your account.

How Do Members See Their Matches?

You can see your matches by using the search function to look for individuals who fit your preferences. This is a quick way of viewing members based on their age, weight, height, and interests.

How to See When Someone Messages You?

There are various ways to see who messaged you. Whenever another user sends you a message, you get a browser or email notifications. Also, if you’re using the mobile app, you get phone notifications.

Is it Possible to See Members I Like?

The Hitwe website allows you to see any member you like. The profile interaction counter contains the total number of visitors and likes on you sent and received since you joined the site.

How Do I Use Hitwe Anonymously?

Hitwe does not allow you to access its services anonymously. You cannot view any profiles unless you are registered. This creates privacy for members because you can see other users’ profiles.

Does Hitwe Allow Members to Change their Usernames?

Hitwe allows you to edit your username by:

  • Signing in to your account
  • Click on your avatar/profile picture.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click on “My Account & Privacy settings.”
  • Follow the instructions and change your username.

Why is it Difficult to Access Hitwe??

You might find it hard to enter this site if your internet connection is weak, if you are entering the wrong password or username, or because you are banned. If you engage in suspicious activities or have a fake account, it gets banned, and you cannot access the site.

What Search Options are Available on Hitwe?

You can search for members based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location.

Signing Up

The registration is simple and takes a few minutes. It’s free to register on this site. You can sign up with your email, Google+, or Facebook account. The site requires you to give basic information like your email address, name, gender, password, age, and filling in a captcha question. This site requires email verification and can detect fake email accounts.

After verifying your email account, the site directs you to your profile. You can upload multiple profile photos and also edit your profile by adding physical and personality details. Your registration details provide the site with your gender and age.

You can also include additional details like your astrological sign, body type, and religion. Hitwe also allows you to state your relationship status, sexual orientation, and the relationship you prefer. If you want to include more details and revealing information, you can say whether you have a pet, kids, or even the type of car you drive.

Signing Up

What is the Procedure for Email Verification?

Like most dating sites, Hitwe requires you to verify your account to complete the registration process. This is necessary to keep away scammers from the site. After signing up with your email address, the site sends you a verification link. Open your email and click on this link; you will be redirected to your account to set up your profile.

Is it Possible to Sign up With My Facebook Account?

You can choose to sign up using your Facebook because it is easier than registering with your email address. When you decide to sign up with Facebook, a pop up appears and inquires whether you want to sync your Facebook account with Hitwe. Enter your details, and click “Okay.”

What is the Procedure of Becoming a Member of Hitwe?

You can easily join Hitwe by signing up for free and becoming a member. This allows you to meet new interesting individuals and to use the site’s features to meet your match.

How Can I Use Hitwe Without Signing Up?

You can read the terms of use, privacy policy, and safety tips, but you can’t use Hitwe without signing up. Hitwe does not allow anonymity; you have to register so you can interact with other members.

Users Profile Quality

The Hitwe website is famous because even free members can view other users’ profiles and pictures. This site is similar to social media accounts, and anyone can get a blue verification badge. The site allows you to include up to 20 pictures. You can choose to add photos to your account later. You can also edit your profile whenever you want.

Users Profiles can be very detailed because members can include details about their habits and lifestyles like diet, drinking, and smoking. Users can also include their occupation, education attainment, and religion.

Mobile Applications

You can access the Hitwe app on Google Play for Android users and the Apple iTunes Store for iOS users. This app is free on all app stores. The app does not take up much space; it is only 20mbs.

The Hitwe app has the same apps found on the site and a fantastic game. The user interface is friendly, and you receive mobile notifications for every message you receive. The game on this app encourages members to upload photos, interact, and finish other quests. The app has another feature that lack s on the site; the message button. This feature directs you to a private chat room with another member.

When you click a member’s picture on the site directs you to a personal chatbox, but this action on the app immediately takes you to the member’s picture gallery. This shows that using the app is more convenient for viewing profiles and sending messages.

Membership, Price, and Other Payment Methods

Hitwe provides free and premium membership. Payment can be made via your mobile phone or credit card. There are 3 membership packages:

  • 1 month at $7.99
  • 3 months at $5.99 per month ( total $17.97)
  • 12 months at $3.94 per month (total $47.28).
Membership, Price, and Other Payment Methods

Free Membership Features

Free members enjoy the following features:

  • You can upload up to 20 pictures on your profile
  • Pet evolution game
  • Instant chat messaging with all members
  • You can see who visited and liked your profile.

Is Hitwe a Free Website?

This is a free site; you can register and use some of the features for free. However, you have to be a premium member to enjoy all the site has to offer. The good thing is, registration is free, and you can still meet other users as a free member.

It is Possible for Free Members to See If Someone Likes Them?

Hitwe allows you to see who likes you. There is a “Likes” stamp that lists all the people who liked your profile for the last month. The 5 recent likes are restricted for free members. This allows you to evaluate whether you like those individuals and maybe communicate with them later.

Premium Membership Features

Premium members enjoy all the features free members enjoy and the following features:

  • You can disable ads.
  • Unlimited likes
  • You can become a top user; this way, your profile will appear at the top user’s sidebar.
  • You will see when your messages are read.
  • Your chats will appear at the top of other members’ inboxes.
  • You can instantly see your profile “likers” and visitors.

What is Hitwe’s Premium Membership Package?

The Hitwe website provides premium membership. The packages include:

  • 1 month at $7.99
  • 3 months at $5.99 per month ( total $17.97)
  • 12 months at $3.94 per month (total $47.28).

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

The site allows you to cancel your membership whenever you want. To do this, you need to submit all the current details of your billing account. Contact the site at [email protected] or +1(877) 410-3952.

Does Hitwe Auto-Renew My membership?

Once you become a premium member, your membership is automatically renewed after the expiry period. You can cancel your membership anytime if you don’t get it to be renewed the following month.

What Procedures Can I Follow to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

If you cancel your membership, the site gives you a refund in sole discretion. If you would like to get a refund, you should contact [email protected].

Is Support Automatically Renewed on Hitwe?

Your support is renewed automatically every month. Like most dating sites, Hitwe renews your support every month.

How Can I Get a Refund I am not Satisfied with Hitwe?

If you are not satisfied with Hitwe’s services, you can request your refund by contacting the site’s team at [email protected].

How Will Hitwe Support Transaction Appear on My Credit Card?

The support bill will show the amount deducted and where it was paid to. However, the support bill does not include the name “Hitwe.”

Can I Give Support to other Hitwe Members?

The site does not allow you to transfer support to other users. Just like other dating and hookup sites, Hitwe does not have this feature.

Is it Possible to Send Support for Just a Month?

This is not possible on the Hitwe website; sending support for just a month or any period of time is not available on this dating platform.

Hitwe’s Safety

Hitwe is a legitimate site that protects its members’ privacy. The site also expects you to take part in keeping your information safe by not sharing your password and username. Hitwe advises you to notify the site if you suspect that your password and username have been used or if you notice any other breach of security.

You’re also advised to log out of your account after using the site. You should also be cautious when using a public or shared computer so that other individuals don’t access your account. The site also reminds its users that online transmissions are never 100% secure.

Does It Control its Forum Threads?

Hitwe moderates what you can post; this means some materials are not allowed on this site. This ensures that members follow the terms and respect each other’s privacy.

Does Hitwe Allow Me to Filter Members who can Message Me?

Although you cannot filter who can message you, you can blacklist any annoying member. You don’t have to respond or get messages from annoying members anymore.

How Does Hitwe Protect Its Members?

This site has a variety of security features. The site advises all its members to report all suspected scam accounts. The site also has a safety page where members are advised not to send money to anyone or share personal details.

What is the Procedure for Blocking and Reporting a Suspected Scammer?

The site allows you to block a suspected scammer by going to the member’s profile and clicking the “Block” button. You can also report the member by contacting the support team at [email protected].

How Does Hitwe Deal With Members Who Try to Solicit Funds?

Hitwe restricts its members from soliciting money from others, and any member caught doing this is permanently banned from the site. You cannot access your account after this action.

Are there Restrictions on What I Can Post?

Once you sign up on this site, you agree that you will not post:

  • Offensive content like racism, bigotry, and physical harm
  • Adult content or pornography
  • Unauthorized materials like pirated files
  • Illegal activities
  • Misleading or false information
  • Advertisements and other commercial activities
  • Material that exploits those under the age of 18 violently or sexually.
  • Guiding people on how to conduct illegal activities.

Are Chats on Hitwe Protected?

Chats on this site are encrypted; this means that only you and the recipient can read your chat threads. This keeps other members away from snooping on your private messages. Third parties and the government cannot read your conversations.

Can Hitwe Track me Down?

Although the site uses “cookies” to collect information, it does not trace its members. The site also uses web beacons in email messages to establish whether they have been read.

Is it Possible for the Police Department Trace the Hitwe Website?

The police can track this site and its activities. However, you don’t have to worry because Hitwe does not disclose your information to other parties.

What Should I Do if I Have Privacy Concerns?

If you have any privacy questions, you can contact the site at [email protected] or write to them at COMMUNITAINMENT LP, 12 South Bridge, Suite 1, Edinburg, Scotland, EH1 1DD, UK.

Does Hitwe Allow Me to Delete Information I Have Already Submitted?

You can delete the information you have already submitted to the site by editing your profile or deleting your account. Some things like location can change, which makes you want to change the information you already submitted to this site.

Does Hitwe Have Fake Members?

There are fake and scam members who try to take advantage of others. You can report these individuals if you notice any suspicious behavior like trying to solicit money from you.

Contact Information

You can contact the site at P.O.Box 3169 PMB103, Road Town 1110 Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Phone (877) 410-3952 and email at [email protected].


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Real-Life Review

I love using this site; it is easy to sign-up and navigate. The premium package is affordable and auto-renewed every month. You can search for members using different filters like age, location, and appearance. I love the fact that you can block annoying members. – Janie

Is Hitwe Among the Best Dating Sites?

Hitwe is quite popular all over the world because of the freedom it allows its free members. This is one of the best dating sites to meet other like-minded individuals.

What are the Steps to Unmatch Members?

You cannot unmatch a member: however, you can block or blacklist someone if he/she is annoying. You can also report a scam or suspicious members.

Can I Use Hitwe Use for Hookups?

This site was designed to help people find meaningful relationships. You can meet people from different walks of life or your town.


Hitwe is a very popular site worldwide, and it looks more like your social media account. This site has many members, so you can be sure that you will meet someone. Although there are fake profiles, there are other real members worth meeting. You only need caution when interacting to identify scammers.

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