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GuySpy Review

GuySpy Review
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 23-35
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app provides free registration.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows users to impress potential partners by including an audio recording in the profile
  • There’s a mobile app.
  • Provides unlimited voice messages, texts, as well as audio calls
  • Excellent features for the free membership plan
  • Great profile pages with multiple photos
  • It offers outstanding GPS technology
  • No live support
  • Some features, such as anonymous browsing, are only available in the paid version.

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GuySpy is a social platform and gay dating service that uses a location-based matching system. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, with a separate web browser version. The network relies on location-based services, mostly GPS, to curious, gay, and bisexual men. Users can create detailed profiles through the app without paying and even add multiple photos. Furthermore, they can chat with guys in their area and send more pictures, make video calls, and give their specific locations.

You can use the in-app voice option to leave audio messages for your potential partners. GuySpy is similar to Grindr with a map function, allowing you to lookup guys in different cities or towns.

The service officially began operations in 2011 for the WinterPride festival of GayWhistler. It then initiated the Pearl Pride Party application in 2013 to help keep the members posted, create and stick to personal schedules, share info about worldwide LGBT circuit parties and pride events. GuySpy was founded in 2010 by Stark Mobile before Pink Triangle Press purchasing it in 2017.

There are more than one million active members on the site with a high reply rate. Besides, most users are in their mid-30s and early 40s. GuysSpy is one of the best apps for those looking forward to dating or chatting with hot bisexual guys and gay men near you.

How many languages does GuySpy support?

The site is available in eleven international languages, like Chinese, Italian, Japanese, English, Thai, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, German, and French.

Who owns GuySpy?

Pink Triangle Press is the current owner of GuySpy, although it was initially founded and launched by Stark Mobile.

Where is the platform originally from?

The service is based in Ontario, Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa.

When was GuySpy first created?

The site was founded in 2010.

Is the platform available on every country?

Yes, GuySpy is available to qualifying members across the world.

What are the age requirements to be a member on GuySpy?

Members must be at least eighteen years to register and use the app.

Can I use GuySpy mobile app from my computer?

Yes. You can use the GuySpy app on your computer with an Android platform simulating software like Bluestacks. Besides, you can access the website version using the browser on your desktop or download the mobile app on your smartphone.

How many members does GuySpy have worldwide?

GuySpy has over one million members worldwide at the time of compiling this review.

How many members does GuySpy have worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

The website has a perfect user interface with an easy to understand layout. It makes it for non-savvy members to use the site without difficulties. By offering an uncluttered design, you can be sure to sail through the basic functionalities at hand. The features are well-distributed and straightforward, making it easy to access the site’s highlights.

There’s an exclusive box showing the live feed on the number of people online. In this way, users can invest their time towards matches who are online and can provide answers promptly. In terms of looks, the GuySpy website uses dark colors, adding seriousness and providing a more masculine appearance.

Quickly access the platform’s features by clicking the main interface button from the top bar. You’ll see a list with tons of info you may want to pursue. The dating service uses need-to-know criteria, such as “Need to find the nearest gay club is?” The application will give you an accurate answer. It helps people find gay and lesbian fun in over ninety-five major cities globally.

Which browsers support GuySpy?

GuySpy supports multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I use the camera on GuySpy?

You will need to click on the ^ symbol on your iPhone device, while Android users can tap the paper-clip icon. Both symbols are available from the left side of the text entry-box. Once you click the icon, select Send Video to record a video message. Note that you will require an Adobe Flash enabled internet browser on your computer or phone to use the camera feature from the site.

GuySpy Special Features

GuySpy comes as a guide into the unique world of homosocialization or LGBTQ dating. Apart from the basic tools, it features a selection of special functions, including:

GPS Technology

It lets users search the site for locals and send their actual location when it’s time to hookup. Moreover, it lists nearby gay-friendly destinations that are worth visiting.


Members can be sure not to miss any hot dates while staying connected throughout their app usage, thanks to the useful notifications.


You can only access the feature through the desktop version. It has plenty of posts targeting the LGBTQ audience with different topics.

Buddy List

As the name suggests, you can add your favorite chat partners to the buddy list for ease of communication. It is similar to adding friends on social platforms like Facebook.

Travel Mode

The feature allows you to discover local hot guys in your travel destination by browsing other cities’ members. In this way, it increases the number of potential matches you can view and cruise.

GuySpy Special Features

How Does The Site Work?

Before using GuySpy’s services, you must first register an account on its portal. There are no charges for signing up both on the desktop and mobile versions. After installing the app on your device, you can access all the amazing features on it.

Providing your location details is vital because it’s a geo-social networking gay site and app. The platform will use your location to show the nearest matches. Once the application finds members near you, it will alert you of potential matches through your set-criteria.

Show interest in the people that attract you most by liking their profiles. Wait for them to like you back before you can begin chatting. Remember to add an audio message on your profile as it can attract plenty of guys. Send unlimited voice and text messages to your GuySpy matches.

How can I message someone?

The app lets you send a message to your matches through text, voice, and video chats. It works the same way as Facebook, where you can only send messages to friends. Liking another person’s profile is similar to sending a ‘Friend Request’. You’ll become friends when that member also likes your profile, allowing you to send messages. It also means that you can’t message a member who didn’t like your profile back.

Is sending a message on GuySpy free?

Yes, GuySpy allows users to send unlimited voice, video, and text messages without paying. However, you can only send free messages to people on your Buddy’s list.

How can you initiate contact with someone on GuySpy?

Liking someone’s profile is the first step in initiating contact with the person. The user should also like your profile to make the two of you friends on the site. Once you add the member to your buddies list, simply send them a video chat, an audio clip, or text message and wait for their response.

Why can’t I access my GuySpy’s account?

Some things can prevent you from accessing your GuySpy account, including:

  • You used the wrong log-in details.
  • You deactivated your account and didn’t reactivate it.
  • The site has banned you from using its services for violating one or more of its rules and regulations.

In such instances, it is crucial to reach the support team for further assistance.

How long will my GuySpy account stay banned?

How long your GuySpy account stays banned will depend on the violations committed to its terms and conditions. It’s always best to contact the support team and wait for a response within two business days. You may or may not get back your account after the forty-eight hours, based on the reason for your suspension. Some activities, such as defrauding others or using the app for commercial purposes, might lead to a permanent ban.

How can I reactivate my GuySpy banned account?

You can reactivate a banned GuySpy account by launching your appeal with the site’s support system and letting them know your intention to have your account back. If your appeal is successful, you may log into your account with your previous username and password. However, if the support team declines to reactivate your account, you’ll have to set up a new one.

Is there a way to delete my GuySpy account?

To delete your GuySpy account, navigate the site’s settings, choose deactivate, and follow the on-screen prompts. The app will ask you to select between ‘Deactivate’ or ‘Delete’ the account. Deleting your account is a permanent action, preventing any future attempts to recover it. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to deactivate it, which will disable the account until you login with your credentials to reactivate it.

Is there a way to delete my GuySpy account?

What happens if I disable the “Show me on GuySpy” option?

Disabling the ‘Show me’ feature on GuySpy allows you to browse other people’s profiling without a trace. Besides, your friends will not receive alerts each time you’re online.

Where do I see my matches?

There are several ways to see your matches on this site, such as:

  • The nearest members tab
  • Under your Favorites list
  • Through the New Guys section
  • Visiting the Viewed Me section
  • Using the Search button to find guys, depending on your preferences

How do I see who messaged me on GuySpy?

GuySpy will send you a notification when you receive a new message. You can go to the app’s main profile to access the notifications.

Is there a way to see a user that I liked on GuySpy?

Sure, you can see the members you liked and include them in your buddies list if they like you back.

What is GuySpy’s incognito mode?

It allows you to log into the site, browse user profiles, search for potential matches, and send messages without alerting other members that you are online. While using the incognito mode makes you invisible to others, it doesn’t lower your online activity rates.

How do I edit my username in GuySpy?

You can edit your GuySpy username by logging into your account and navigating to your profile.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the site, try checking your internet connection. If your internet is okay, close the window and refresh it. You’ll also want to countercheck that you are entering the right username and password. Contact customer care for help if the issue persists.

You can narrow down your search on GuySpy using different filters. The location-based filter is the first search filter, listing all gay partners in your neighborhood. There’s also the primary filter with options to lookup matches based on city, age, and distance. For advanced searches, you can use filters like language preferences, ethnicity, and appearance.

What is GuySpy’s Sign-up Process

GuySpy has a simple sign-up process like most dating apps, taking less than ten minutes to complete. You must download the right app for your device to register for the service. The site will ask you to fill in basic information before diving into the exciting gay dating world. The sign-up details include; username, password, date of birth, and email.

The site will send a verification email to the address you’ll provide. Be sure to open it and click on the link to verify your account. Once you create an account and verify your ID, GuySpy will also ask a few more questions. Some of the mandatory fields you must fill out in your profile are:

  • Height
  • Preferences
  • Location
  • Appearance
  • Marital status
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity

It is clear that looks are vital on this platform, explaining why uploading a profile photo is essential to completing your profile. You can include a voice message for your potential profile viewers plus the languages you use. Note that you must be at least 18 years to sign up on GuySpy.

Moreover, while you can access your account using the desktop website, you cannot use it to sign up. Once you register and log into your account, you can start using the service and lookup potential matches.

What is GuySpy’s Sign-up Process

How do I verify my registered email on GuySpy?

GuySpy will send a verification link to your registered email. You must access the email address and click on the link to verify it.

Can I register to GuySpy using my Facebook account

No. You can only register using a valid email address, which you’ll verify to activate your account.

How do I join GuySpy?

You can join GuySpy by downloading the Android or iOS app to your device and creating a free account. After joining GuySpy, you can set up your profile and take advantage of all functions, including meeting your matches.

Is it possible to use the site without signing-up?

Yes. When you visit the site, it lets you browse multiple profiles without signing up. But you’ll only see restricted information on the user profiles pending registration. You’ll see the person’s picture and their essential bio info, appearance, and preferences.

GuySpy’s user profile quality

You must make sure that you are talking to a real person on the site. Most user profiles are filled out with corresponding main photos of the members. You’ll also find the ‘about me’ section useful when you want to know more about the person. It provides the necessary details of the member, such as their location and hometown, appearance, as well as preferences, making it easy to find the perfect match.

Besides, there are pictures scattered throughout each profile, giving you a clear impression of a prospective match. But there is one downside. Some of the profiles are about sixty to eighty percent complete, making it hard for other users to know if the person matches their interest. Moreover, click the button to view pictures since the image captions are not clear.

The majority of members are unmarried gays with bi-curious men from more than sixty nations worldwide. Most users are active on the platform, which you can tell by their comments on pictures and likes on other gay members.

Even though some profiles don’t have pictures of the account owners, we could not verify if they are fake accounts. Lack of profile pictures could be because the users are not confident enough to include their faces.

Mobile Application

GuySpy’s mobile app is where almost everything happens. The homosocialization platform is available for iPhone, Windows, and Android users, allowing everyone to engage with someone they like. Furthermore, the site is fully responsive, enabling users to access their accounts from any computer or laptop.

Like the desktop version, the site’s mobile app is uncluttered and easy to use. It employs bold and visually appealing fonts, making it easy to find anything you want.

Mobile Application

What is the Membership Price and Other Payment Method that area available on GuySpy?

The gay dating app is free to download and use. Like most dating platforms, there are two membership types, including standard and paid accounts.

Premium members get the GuySpy+ subscription, allowing them access to the app’s advanced features. You can become an upgraded member on this site by choosing one of the following plans:

  • 1 Week package at $4.99 for seven days totaling to $4.99
  • 1 Month package at $9.99 for thirty days totaling $9.99
  • 3-Month package at $8.33 for thirty days totaling $24.99
  • 6-Month package at $6.67 for thirty days totaling $39.99
  • 12-Month package at $4.99 for thirty days totaling $59.99

GuySpy allows multiple payment options, like prepaid cards, credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, and Western Union. You can also bill your home phone at 1-9000.

What are the free features that are available on GuySpy?

GuySpy offers plenty of free features compared to other dating platforms. Some of the accessible functions you can access with a standard account include:

  • Exchanging unlimited videos and photos with your buddies
  • Sending unlimited voice messages
  • Receiving alerts about activities on your profile
  • Managing notifications
  • Accessing the Buddy List to add friends
  • Search for guys in your neighborhood
  • Sending private photos to users
  • Check for potential matches across the world.
What are the free features that are available on GuySpy?

Is GuySpy free to use?

Yes. You can download and use the app without paying, although some features like anonymous browsing are only available to paid subscribers.

Can you see other user’s profile on GuySpy?

Yes. You can see and like other members’ profiles.

Premium Membership Features

Premium membership offers a host of amazing features, such as:

  • Browse profiles anonymously
  • Experience an ad-free app usage
  • Get alerts about users who like your photos.
  • Getting notifications on new members joining the site
  • View members who added you in their favorites list

Is there a premium membership plan on GuySpy

Yes. GuySpy offers premium packages for members who wish to experience more fantastic functions on the site.

How do I delete my GuySpy’s account

iOS users can delete their accounts by going to ‘My Account’ and selecting the ‘Delete Account’ option. Android users can navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ section and tap on ‘Delete Account’. You can also delete the account from the desktop version by going to ‘Settings’ then ‘Deactivate’. From there, follow the instructions to either deactivate or delete your account.

Is the membership auto-renewal?

Yes. GuySpy auto-renews members at the end of each billing cycle.

Can I get a refund if I didn’t use any of the features?

No. Each member should maximize on premium features once they upgrade their account.

Is my membership to GuySpy renewed each month?

No. GuySpy will renew your membership depending on your subscription plan, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly.

I’m not happy to be a member of GuySpy, can I get a refund?

No. GuySpy doesn’t have a free trial package with a money-back policy.

How will GuySpy’s payment appear on my credit card statement?

GuySpy uses TELIGENCE, a discrete billing name on your debit and credit card statements, to keep your purchases’ privacy.

Can I help other users on GuySpy?

Yes. You can help other users on the site as long as it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of engaging other app members.

Is my “support” to GuySpy automatically renewed every month?

Once you create a free account on GuySpy, you’ll continue being a member and enjoying all the available features, including access to the support team, until you deactivate or delete your account.

Is GuySpy truly a safe dating website?

Yes. The site requires members to verify their registered emails to prove that they are not bots. Besides, GuySpy encodes individual data, making it difficult for spammers to intercept. The platform has an SSL certificate to enhance security on the site. However, it is also essential to engage with caution since the matchmaker doesn’t run background checks on members.

Are the forums in GuySpy moderated all the time?

Sure. GuySpy’s support team moderates all the forums and blogs to delete any inappropriate content.

How can I set who sends me a message on GuySpy?

Go to the privacy settings to choose the members to communicate with. You can also block users from sending you messages. The ‘block user’ function is available from the profile view and within your conversations with each user.

What are GuySpy security and safety features?

The safety and security features of GuySpy include:

  • Reporting users for inappropriate conduct
  • Blocking users from sending you messages
  • Browsing incognito
  • Receiving alerts on your profile views

How can I block and report any offensive behavior and scammer?

Visit the person’s profile and tap on the ‘Block User’ option to prevent them from sending you messages. You can also select the ‘Report User’ link from the menu when chatting with a member to report them for inappropriate behavior.

What happens if a user asks you for money on GuySpy?

Just report the person and block them if you suspect any fraudulent activity.

What type of information that I shouldn’t share on GuySpy?

You should never divulge personal details such as your work or home address, credit card details, contacts, and social security number.

Are GuySpy chats encrypted?

Yes. GuySpy encrypts all chats to maintain the privacy of site users.

Can anyone on GuySpy find you?

No. Someone will only find you when you share your physical address with them.

Can the police track your activity on GuySpy?

The police will not track your activity on this site as long as you keep to the terms and conditions.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about GuySpy?

You can contact GuySpy’s customer support team for any queries concerning the site.

Can I edit and delete any information that I’ve shared on GuySpy?

Yes. GuySpy allows users to delete or amend any info they share on their profiles.

Are there fake or scam members on GuySpy?

GuySpy is prone to scam members just like regular dating sites experience the issue. It’s the reason the platform encourages members to verify their ID and have a face to their profile. You can avoid incomplete profiles or those without a picture and stop engaging any suspected scammers on the app.

Are there fake or scam members on GuySpy?

GuySpy Contact Information

There are multiple ways to contact GuySpy, including:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Twitter: http://twitter.com/guyspyapp

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/guyspy.gay.dating.apps

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/guyspyapp

Tumblr: http://guyspyapp.tumblr.com/

Mail: Pink Triangle Press, 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5B 1J3

Fax: 1-416-640-2580

What are GuySpy alternatives


It is among the leading dating apps for trans, day, bi-curious people worldwide. It also offers free membership like GuySpy, with plenty of opportunities to hook up with local partners.


The platform has a huge member base, especially for those looking for sugar daddies. It has a free version with premium membership providing extra features.

GuySpy Real-life review

“Well populated with hot guys, both local and global! Lots of great features even at the basic membership level. Can’t wait until l go VIP!”

“The ability to view more private pics is configured better than any other app..”

Is GuySpy the best dating website?

GuySpy is among the best dating apps in terms of the free features and prices for its paid plans.

Can I unmatch on GuySpy?

Simply visit your Favorites or Buddy List and remove the person to unmatch them on GuySpy.

Is GuySpy a hookup site?

Yes. GuySpy is a gay dating app and social site for gay singles and bi-sexual men looking to explore the LGBTQ world’s options.

Is GuySpy a hookup site?


GuySpy keeps to its commitment to being an exceptional day community by offering a combination of dating space and social network. The middle-aged to young demographic is a sign that the app has gained traction in the target audience. It provides a free, easy, and accessible option to find gay hookups, friends, or soul mates. The paid membership is optional and quite affordable.

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