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Grizzly Review

Grizzly Review
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Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 875 800
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Worldwide exposure.
  • Safe and user-friendly community.
  • Profile qualities are relatively high.
  • Customer support team is very active.
  • If your mobile number gets changed, you will not be able to join.
  • Many users do not show their faces in video chat.
  • Membership money is non-refundable.
  • Premium membership is costly enough.

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Gay dating has become much more streamlined and organized. A dating site like Grizzly has made it a fun spree with the right balance of user-friendliness, fun, entertainment, and safety. But we understand how selective you are! We have reviewed Grizzly from all the users’ aspects to get to know this site well enough before you join it.

What Are the Languages Supported on Grizzly?

The site supports multiple languages. Presently, the site supports languages like English, Czech, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Who Is the Owner of Grizzly?

Surge Gay App s.r.o owns the site and the network.

Where Is Grizzly Currently Located?

Presently, Grizzly is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.

What Was Grizzly’s Year of Foundation?

What Was Grizzly's Year of Foundation?

It was founded in the year 2017.

In What Countries Is Grizzly Available?

Grizzly is available all over the world.

What Is the Minimum Age to Become Registered on Grizzly?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years of age to join the site and its community.

Is It Possible to Use the App via a Personal Computer?

If you want to use Grizzly from your desktop, you can access the site. Using the desktop or laptop, you will not be able to access the app.

How Many People Are Registered on Grizzly Globally?

The Grizzly community has more than 10 million users at this moment. The app has claimed that it enjoys more than 20,000 downloads per month worldwide.

Website Design and Usability

The site looks cool and attractive. The black background and white font have added a particular emphasis on its readability. No matter if you are using the site at night or in the daytime, it is always friendly for your eyes. The design is clean and pleasant for navigation. You can browse the site hassle-free, as well as download the applications. The best part of Grizzly is that apps are available for both the operating systems, Android and iOS.

The Grizzly website is an information-packed interface, and you will get to extract a wide variety of information and assistance here. But if you want to start immediately searching for online Grizzly users or hot gay people nearby, you have to download any of the two apps according to your phone’s operating system.

Which Browsers Can You Use to Access Grizzly?

Grizzly is a mobile-friendly site. You can access it from most mobile browsers — Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and others support Grizzly.

Is it Possible to Use the Camera on Grizzly?

Grizzly provides the option of video chatting. While doing video chatting, you can use your camera. If you want to take a screenshot of your video conversation, you can use your camera to frame the moment.

Special Features

Grizzly has several notable features to make your gay dating experience colorful and customized.

  • You can make your profile a verified profile, which means you have passed the Grizzly photo verification test. It means your profile is an authentic one, and it will show the red sign on it.
  • You can metric units in measuring your physical features. Go to Edit → Account → Measuring units.
  • You can assert your presence if you are presently active on the user interface. A green light will be shown beside your profile.
  • The handkerchief mode will allow you to use colors to let you know about your sexual preferences. For example, the bear is signified by leather.

How Does the Service Operate?

Grizzly works on an easy and hassle-free algorithm so that anyone can use this dating site. Interaction, communication, and appreciation for each other are the buzz words for this thriving community. The application will help you find hot guys near your location; in this way, your location will be tracked. You have to GRR at them to start a conversation.

There are different users: starting from cubs, you will get polar bears, etc. You can share your photo from other social networking sites. Use the handkerchief code to let the other guy know what exactly you want out of this relationship. You can enjoy private chatting. You can share your favorite snaps, videos and speak about lots of many things of your mutual interest.

How Can One Message Other Users?

You can message any of the Grizzly users. Just click on the selected profile, and you will get the option to start chatting.

Does Sending Messages Involve Paying Anything?

Does Sending Messages Involve Paying Anything?

No, of course not! Sending an unlimited number of messages to other Grizzly users is a free option for all users.

How Can One Start Communication on Grizzly?

It is easy. First, select the user who you want to message. Click on his profile, and you will get the option of messaging.

Why Is It Not Possible to Access Grizzly?

There are several possibilities:

  • You may not be using the latest version of the application. In this case, you must update Grizzly at your access.
  • Check if any update is due on your browser.
  • If both points are clear, check your Internet connection. If your Internet connection is okay, check if your account is active. In that case, you can mail to support and ask for assistance.

What Is the Duration of Grizzly Bans?

It depends on the reason for banning, and here, the support department’s decision is final. If you have anything to contradict/appeal, you can always mail them.

How Can One Reactivate Personal Banned Account?

Please send an email to the support department. They will help you in reactivating your account if possible. However, on Grizzly, you cannot usually create an account twice on the same mail ID. Customer care people will help you in the best way possible.

Is It Possible to Delete Personal Grizzly Profile?

Of course! Grizzly always grants you exclusive access to your profile. Anytime you want, be it a free or a premium profile, you can delete your user page.

What Happens if One Disables the “Show Me on Grizzly” Option?

If you disable the option “Show me on Grizzly,” you will be able to stay in an invisible mode. It is one of the premium features. Under this mode, you will be able to visit other profiles secretly.

Where Can One See Their Matches?

You will get to see the matches on your notification pages. These match suggestions will come to your given mail address. Plus, you will get messages from other’s profiles. If you accept their messages and reply to them, the profiles will get added to your page as contacts.

Is It Possible to See Who Messaged a User on Grizzly?

There will be a message notification, and a new message alert will be seen. This alert is an easy way to know that you have received messages from other users.

How Can One See the Grizzly Members Who They Liked?

You can keep track of the profiles that you have liked. This is the best way to check whom you have liked so far.

What Is Grizzly’s Incognito Mode?

Grizzly does not have a spy mode. The app maintains cookies to keep some details of the user login so that users get to enjoy a better experience.

How Can One Edit Personal Username on Grizzly?

It is an easy process. Go to your profile and click on the “Edit” option. Here you can do the editing as you wish. Try the new username you have selected. Unless the username is already in use, you will get it changed.

Why Are There Any Difficulties Entering the Site?

Why Are There Any Difficulties Entering the Site?

There are several reasons for this issue. Please check the list of suggestions below:

  • Your Internet connection is slow.
  • Your used app version or browser version is not updated.
  • Your account may have got restricted.

If none of these suggestions work, try to uninstall your browser or application or contact customer support.

What Are the Search Options on Grizzly?

You can add different filters for your user profile search. These filters can be age, location, profile status like a bear, panda, Ursula, etc. Please note that you can search profiles based on your dating preferences.

Registration Process

Signing up is the initial process to join the Grizzly community. You have to enter a username, and then you have to submit an email ID. Once your email ID gets verified by the system, you will get to create your profile. You have to type in a password to keep your account protected. Alternatively, you can use your mobile number to join the dating community.

Instead of using your email ID and password or mobile number, you may use your Facebook login ID to sign in Grizzly. It will save you time in submitting personal details.

How Can One Verify Personal Email?

Once you submit your email ID on the Grizzly registration box, the system will send a link to your mailbox. Once you click on the link in your mailbox, your email ID will get verified. It takes two minutes, and it is a free email verification process.

Is It Possible to Register Using a Personal Facebook Account?

Yes, and it is a time-saving process, indeed. You can save time typing your personal information here. The Grizzly system can collect/extract Facebook login details and persona information from your Facebook account.

However, if you ever deactivate your Facebook account, you may get some issues logging in to your Grizzly account.

How Can One Join Grizzly?

It is an easy and free of charge process. Just select a username, set a password, and submit a valid email ID. Your registration will be done, and you can join the community.

You will get a link in your email box, and you have to click on it for your email verification. Once your email is verified, you can join Grizzly.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Yes, it is. If you want to join Grizzly without signing up, you can use your Facebook login ID. You can skip the formality of submitting all your details. Using the Facebook ID, you can save your time, and you will get the facility of importing your photo posts from Facebook to your Grizzly account.

You can use your mobile phone number to join the Grizzly community other than using your email ID.

Users’ Profile Quality

On the user-interface of Grizzly, profile quality demands special mention. The users can include a detailed profile with their photos, personal description, and their to-be partners’ preference.

Grizzly maintains strong guidelines because of the visual element of this application. Users are requested not to use explicit photos or keep them for private albums.

You can group your favorites, implement the Handkerchief feature, and make your profile verified by the Grizzly community moderators.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The social community has launched its paid apps: one is for Android, and the other is iOS compatible. Both are free to download from their respective app stores and are incredibly user-friendly.

Finding your prince charming is easy by using Grizzly apps. Messaging is free, and you can search users’ profiles as much as you want. You can upload photos, and you can make a private album with your hot snaps. You can chat online; you may share your hobbies, desire, and goals with your partner. You can send your photos and exciting videos via chat! Find a guy online in the far puff country as well as in your nearby location.

It’s time to find your Cub, Chub, Otter, Ursula, Panda, or a Polar Bear online amidst your Grizzly friends, you name it! The Grizzly Gay Men Apps will never let you be lonely and depressed.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Grizzly is a thriving community, and many of the features of this virtual community are free. Grizzly users can use all these free facilities at the time of joining here.

You can upgrade your free Grizzly profile into a premium membership. Presently the premium membership is available under three types of subscriptions. One is for one month, the next is for three months, and twelve months, respectively. The prices are:

  • For the 1-month subscription: $9.99;
  • For the 3-month subscription: $19.99;
  • For the 12-month subscription: $59.99.

You can pay the subscription via your credit card.

Free Membership Features

Free members of the Grizzly community can enjoy many features. These are:

  • You can create an account.
  • You can start messaging once your profile is made and the photo is approved.
  • You can browse other users’ profiles.
  • You can reply to messages.
  • You can block a user.
  • You can share your physical details (metrics) in your profile.
  • You can edit your profile as many times as you want.

Does Grizzly Charge Anything?

No, Grizzly allows its users to join the community for free and offers many features. But it’s a vast community, and if you want to enjoy this vibrant community’s full leverage, you have to upgrade your free profile into a premium membership.

Can One See if Somebody Likes Them Being a Grizzly’s Free Member?

Yes, if your profile fetched a like from other Grizzly members, you will get to see it. The system will also notify Grizzly users.

Premium Membership Features

Grizzly premium membership is full of exciting features. With a Premium account, you can access numerous upgraded functionalities for enjoying colorful dating opportunities than free profile holders!

  • You Can See All the Visitors: See men who visited your profile and GRR back at them.
  • You Can Travel: You can teleport your location to contact the sexiest bear in the community.
  • You May Browse in Invisible Mode: This option will allow you to browse photos and profiles anonymously.
  • Option of Hiding Age and Distance: You can keep your age and distance under cover from other users.
  • Use of the Advanced Filters: You can narrow your search to find your partner’s accurate body and find the best bear for you.

Does Grizzly Have Premium Membership?

Does Grizzly Have Premium Membership?

Yes, there is the provision of upgrading a free profile to a premium membership.

Is It Possible to Cancel Own Grizzly Membership?

You can simply opt-out if you want to cancel your premium membership. Once you stop its renewal, your account will get converted into a free profile.

Is There an Auto-Renew Option for Grizzly Membership?

Subscription regularly renews, except you turn off the auto-renew option at least 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. It is done to help the users in getting an uninterrupted service facility.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds.

Is a Membership on Grizzly Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes, the subscription counts as support for the Grizzly community. It gets automatically renewed every month if you take a monthly subscription. For a 3-month or yearly subscription, you will renew the support at the end of the subscription period.

In Case of Dissatisfaction With Grizzly, Is It Possible to Get the Money Back?

There may be some situations like that. That is why Grizzly support often offers ten days to one month free trial for its new users to get the hang of the premium account. You can avail that trial period benefits because once you subscribe, you cannot cancel the subscription.

How Will a Subscription to Grizzly Appear on One’s Credit Card Bill?

It will show a payment for Surge Gay App s.r.o., the company’s name that owns the brand Grizzly. If you pay to iTunes, iTunes’ payment in the account of Surge Gay App s.r.o. will be mentioned as well.

Can One Pay for Other Grizzly Members?

To avoid non-transparency, Drizzly does not indulge in the provision of anonymous payment. If you want to pay for some other profile users, you can do it by mutual consent. Alternatively, you may contact support for assistance.

Is It Possible to Support the Service Monthly?

Yes, this option is available.

Is Grizzly a Safe Service?

Yes, Grizzly is safe to use. You will get to meet all verified profiles here. Grizzly maintains its safety page, where lots of suggestions are shared for staying safe online.

Who Moderates Grizzly Forum Threads?

Site moderators make a special effort and continuously keep on moderating all threads. Necessary actions are always implemented against the reported content and profiles.

How Can One Filter Who Can Message Them on Grizzly?

Please note that some users can use filters for their messages. More specifically, this option is only available for premium profile holders.

What Security Measures Does Grizzly Utilize?

Grizzly keeps a bug-free community, and here impolite behavior is never indulged. There is no scope to maintain a fake profile, and you can be sure that you are interacting with a genuine individual.

Grizzly maintains a clean community. If someone starts harassing another user, you can report the profile, and the support staff will take immediate action.

If any nude photos are uploaded as a profile photo, they will be removed shortly after.

The application never discloses the users’ location to other parties; the same goes for the email ID and the phone number.

How Can One Block and Report a Potential Scammer?

You can select the target profile, click on it, and you will get the block option. If you want to report the profile, you can choose a report and block option. You can mail support about the scam of the users you have detected.

What Will Happen to a User Who Uses a Grizzly Account to Ask for Money?

What Will Happen to a User Who Uses a Grizzly Account to Ask for Money?

It is a prohibited act in the Grizzly community. You should immediately report the profile, and it will be banned permanently.

Which Information Is Not to Be Posted in One’s Grizzly Account?

You must not post your personal information like social security number, financial details, personal routine, home address, email ID, mobile number, etc., on the profile.

Is There Any Encryption for Grizzly Chats?

Yes, all Grizzly chats are encrypted. They are entirely safe.

Can Grizzly Track Its Users Down?

Grizzly is a user-friendly community. Grizzly tracks down the location for offering local matches, not for tracking the users.

Can the Police Trace Grizzly?

No, it is not possible. Grizzly has never shared its users’ details with any third parties, including the police.

Who Should One Contact in Case of Any Questions Regarding One’s Privacy on Grizzly?

You can consult the detailed privacy policy available on the landing page. Should you have any additional questions, you can mail the support team.

Can One Delete the Information That Has Already Been Submitted to Grizzly?

Yes, you can delete your information on Grizzly. But in that case, you have to deactivate your profile. Please note that it is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.

Are There Any Fake or Scam Users on Grizzly?

All the profiles are verified and authentic here. However, you should not take any chances. You must maintain online integrity unless you know your partner well enough.

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User Feedback

“I love Grizzly dating site and app because I have already met many amusing and interesting people on this service. This is one of the best gay dating apps I have ever used so far. I highly endorse it to all gay men out there!” — Jason D, Melbourne

Can Grizzly Be Considered as the Best Dating Service?

Can Grizzly Be Considered as the Best Dating Service?

Yes, of course. If you are interested in gay dating, Grizzly is one of the best gay dating sites out there. It is spread worldwide, so it offers excellent coverage for the users at friendly terms.

Is It Possible to Unmatch a Grizzly Member?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to ignore a user, you have the option not to answer his message(s).

Is Grizzly a Hook-up Application?

The site is more of a platform catered to a specific community of people who share common sexual preferences. Thus, we cannot say it is a hookup site. If someone wants to date a gay guy, this is one of the best virtual platforms.


If you are a gay dating enthusiast, Grizzly is one of the best dating sites you have at your service. It offers exciting free benefits and a trial period for moving to premium. It is safe and full of interesting men from all corners of the world. Whether you are looking for a partner in your locality or are interested in exploring gay relationships, Grizzly is worth exploring. Join today, and it will keep you fascinated!

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