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FlirtWith Review

FlirtWith Review
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 56%
Popular Age 25-39
Profiles 658 497
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • FlirtWith provides an easy registration process for newcomers
  • The company has mobile applications to support mobile users
  • The website offers an extra feature of live-streaming
  • They have a highly responsive team that clears all the user's queries regarding the website and mobile application
  • Users can add their interests and preferences to find people with matching choices
  • The website guarantees the privacy and security of its users
  • Based on the content quality, activity on the website, and the profile descriptions, FlirtWith offers special free membership to specific users
  • The website provides its users the chance to send real gifts to people
  • Most of the FlirtWith reviews suggest the lack of availability of multiple languages on the platform.
  • It does not have any age verification process, which might cause underaged ones to create an account by providing a wrong date of birth
  • FlirtWith uses the telephone number given in a profile to send marketing and non-marketing messages, disturbing the users
  • The free access to profiles is only allowed for a month, after which one has to pay for all benefits
  • Apart from a monthly paid subscription, the website calls for extra payment for certain other services
  • The easy registration has led to profiles being less informative
  • FlirtWith has a mobile application for Android devices alone and not for iOS devices

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FlirtWith is one of the earliest dating platforms for adults looking for a casual dating experience. Like most other dating websites, it aims at connecting people from the world over. Anyone can host personal live streaming on the FlirtWith website and chat with people worldwide with similar interests and desires. The website offers both free and paid memberships, and the paid subscription is more of a pay-per-action form so that people need to pay only for what they want.

FlirtWith Review

How many languages does FlirtWith support?

FlirtWith website supports English alone. However, it provides almost all the world’s popular languages as filters to search for partners to interact with. However, this single language support has not reduced its worldwide membership.

Who owns FlirtWith?

FlirtWith is currently owned and managed by Venta Solutions, a company under private ownership based in Singapore.

So where is FlirtWith based now?

It is currently managed by Venta Solutions, located at International Plaza, Anson Road, Singapore.

When was FlirtWith founded?

FlirtWith is one of the popular dating websites that was founded and launched in the year 2017. However, the managing company Venta Solutions, established in 1993, has a history of over 25 years.

Is FlirtWith available worldwide?

The website has a global reach, with people from all over the world accessing the website. However, the company admits to emphasizing the countries of Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

How old should a user be to register on FlirtWith?

FlirtWith is an adult dating website, and it allows only people above the age of 18 to register. The website also has an upper age limit, which is 85 years. Therefore, minors and people above the age of 85 are not allowed to create a profile on FlirtWith.

Can a user use the app using their computer?

No, the company does not provide any specific computer application. However, the FlirtWith website can be accessed using computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

How many members does FlirtWith have worldwide?

FlirtWith is prevalent in around 32 countries across the world. Many of its members come from the United States, with a higher number of male members, approximately 60%. Statistics show that even though there are more male members, a large part of live streams is done by female members. Most of its users are from the United States, and around 40,000 users worldwide actively use the platform every week.

How many members does FlirtWith have worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

The FlirtWith website has a straightforward design, easy to navigate. People can very easily create profiles without any cost. The website has quick options for searching for people according to individual interests. The registration process is straightforward, as one can even register in a single step using their existing Google account. On creating an account, people can begin chatting with thousands of people online. FlirtWith has a flexible design, and it allows users to watch live streams and talk simultaneously.

FlirtWith has an ‘About Us’ section, which provides detailed information on its operators. The operators explain some negative FlirtWith reviews in the ‘FAQ’ section and its Terms and Conditions. The website also has a compliant managing section where users can register any complaints regarding the website or any other user. It also has a mobile version that provides a better experience for mobile users who do not prefer mobile applications.

Which browsers support FlirtWith?

Almost all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, UC browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc., support the FlirtWith website. With all these browsers supporting the website, people can access it on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

How do a user use the camera on FlirtWith?

Anyone can easily use the camera on FlirtWith. On clicking on the picture upload icon, the website asks the users to choose an already existing image to be uploaded, and here the website does not provide a camera option. At the same time, the mobile application offers the users the choice to upload images either from the existing collection or directly from the mobile camera. Camera accessibility is an essential part of the website, as live streaming is the most highlighting feature of it.

How do a user use the camera on FlirtWith?

Special Features

Live streaming is one of the famous and characteristic features of FlirtWith. On creating a profile, one can send messages, watch live streams, or send gifts to any other individual. Users can upload images and update their interests and preferences based on which date they can date anybody. The website provides the facility of editing the profile anytime, as per the user’s wish. A notification system notifies the user whenever a message is received, or someone likes a photo, or even when someone takes a look at a particular user’s profile. The home page of FlirtWith shows a list of profiles with their pictures and profile names. Users can have their specific chatbox on the right side of the website, below which they also feature a list of chat requests that users get. The website does not automatically find matches and notify the users, but they may provide suggestions from which users can contact through text messages or emails according to their preferences.

FlirtWith website provides a specific feature of sending private messages to people of interest under a paid subscription. Users can send or receive virtual gifts during live streaming, and to send these virtual gifts, it has the feature of ‘coins’ that are used as real money on the website. The same ‘coins’ are required to respond once someone has replied to the user’s message. FlirtWith users can also use the coins to send real gifts to their favorite ones with its operators’ help.

FlirtWith has a live support section where people can have a live chat with the operators and clear doubts or register issues, if any. It also allows users to add a phone number and email to interact through text messages and phone calls. There is an account management section where users can hide their profile, turn off email notifications, or even delete the account. Deleting a profile is as simple as creating one on FlirtWith. One just has to give a reason for deleting, followed by entering the password one last time, and the account gets permanently deleted.

How Does It Work?

FlirtWith App, launched in August of 2017, has over 1 million users worldwide, is a dating app for open-minded singles to connect with attractive singles all over the world, and finds matches by chatting, streaming videos, and of course, flirting.

The app provides the best direct approach to get connected with matches globally. Users can download the app and get associated with attractive singles worldwide. Thousands of profiles can be found by either scrolling down the ‘members’ or specifying specific details such as gender, age, country, education, etc., from the search option to chat with the singles of their choice. Users can chat with any singles by going into particular profiles of their choice where all the interests and details of the person would be given. On the left side, users can click on the ‘message’ icon to start chatting with them or click on the camera icon to have a video call. The FlirtWith app allows users to send gifts to their matches by choosing the contributions from the list in the respective profiles.

How can a user message someone?

The user can click on the profile and then click on a message option present on the page.

Is sending messages free?

Sending messages to the members is not free on the FlirtWith app. For a minute basic chat with any user, it cost 100 coins. Offline sending of messages costs 100 coins per message, and mobile app message sending costs 100 coins per message.

How can a user start messaging with someone on FlirtWith?

To start messaging someone from the site, go into the person’s profile, and press on the message icon to start messaging. Users would be required to purchase coins to continue the chat, where 100 coins are needed per message.

Why can’t a user access FlirtWith?

Some people would not be able to access the app if they are below the age of 18. Based on the app’s eligibility criteria, users should be at least 18 years of age to access the site.

How long are FlirtWith bans?

If a user is found on an anti-scam site or gets involved in illegal activities, it can delete its profile or ban it according to the terms.

How do a user reactivate their banned account?

Banned accounts cannot be reactivated.

Is there an option to delete the FlirtWith profile?

Yes, there is an option to delete a FlirtWith profile. From the ‘Account’ block, click on the link ‘Remove Account” to delete a profile.

Is there an option to delete the FlirtWith profile?

What happens if a user disables the “Show me on FlirtWith” option?

If the “Show me on FlirtWith” option is disabled, the user’s profile does not come up on the member’s profile list.

Where do a user see their matches?

A user can find matches by scrolling through the members or typing in the desired partners’ required details from the search option.

How does a user see who messaged them on FlirtWith?

The ‘inbox’ block at the bottom of the app would show the notifications of the messages.

Is it possible to see the FlirtWith members who a user liked?

Yes, it is possible to see the FlirtWith members who are liked by the user.

What is FlirtWith’s spy mode?

Based on the FlirtWith reviews, the spy mode enables members to check out members’ profiles without the site notifying the concerned members.

How does a user edit their username in FlirtWith?

To edit the username in FlirtWith, click on the profile block, then click on the small pencil icon on the top right corner. The user’s profile would come up then the username can be edited accordingly.

Why is a user having a hard time entering the site?

As per FlirtWith review and eligibility, members need to be at least 18 years old to enter the site, and so some users find it hard to enter the site.

The different options of the FlirtWith search are as follows:

‘I want to meet’ option allows users to select the gender they want to connect with. ‘Between the ages’ option underlines the desired age group of their matches. There is an option named ‘Available for Video Chat’ where users can click on it to enable video chat availability to the members. Another option, ‘Add More Options’, is where users can specify their desired matches city, education, languages, relationship, kids, etc.

Sign up Process On FlirtWith

Users can either use their Google account or their email address to sign up. The registration process is quick and easy. On registering, the users are required to enter their nickname, date of birth, and gender. Users who are interested in the same sex can also enter the same. The overall registration method on FlirtWith does not require any email verification or codes.

How do a user verify their email?

The postal does not require any email verification process.

What happens if a user registers with a Facebook Account?

If users register using their Facebook account, they would view all the members’ profiles and live broadcasts through Facebook. The users can click on ‘learn more’ from the FlirtWith account on Facebook to get directed to the member’s profiles and broadcasts.

How does a user join FlirtWith?

To join FlirtWith, members can download the app and sign up by registering with their email address or Google account. Entering the website is an easy process.

Can a user use the site without signing up?

Members can see the members even without signing up; however, signing up is required to chat with them. Members must go through a quick sign up process to message and video chat with the members.

Can a user use the site without signing up?

Users Profile Quality

For the user profile, members need to enter necessary details such as their name, gender, and birth date. The members can specify what they are looking for by setting it in the ‘I want to meet’ and ‘Between ages’ options. On FlirtWith, the users can type in some words on their ideal partner details, interests, hobbies, and personal information such as their occupation, relationship status, blood type, eyes, hair, education, etc. On their profile page, which would be visible to other members. There are thousands of users on the site, so based on FlirtWith reviews, members are required to specify their match details to make the job easier as users on the site are mainly focused on finding easy-going connection and communication with singles.

Mobile Applications

The FlirtWith website has a desktop and a mobile browser app that can be downloaded for free. The app is free to download in the mobile app.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Membership Fee and Other Payment Method On FlirtWith

Membership starts with a discount for the first month, and every member qualifies as a Free Member, and free membership gets entitled to the users once after the company reviews the member profile. On the website, the currency is denoted as coins, where the cash can be used to send messages and purchase virtual and real-life gifts.

Availability of paid and free functionality

According to the terms and down for the FlirtWith website, sending emails costs 1000 coins, sending animated smileys costs 100 coins each, sending stickers costs 500 coins each, etc. Users can also send gifts of flowers and watches, and clothes to their matches by paying coins.

Free Membership Features

As per the FlirtWith reviews, for a member to qualify as a free member, the user should make at least one purchase of coins, get through the qualifying process, and accept the communication process. Free membership becomes available after the company reviews the user’s profile. If the user’s profile qualifies for the free membership, then a promo code would be provided to the member. On the other hand, if the user profile fails to be eligible for the free membership, the application gets rejected.

Is FlirtWith free?

FlirtWith website comprises both free and paid activities. Members purchase coins to message, video chat, buy gifts, and email them.

Can a user see if someone likes them on FlirtWith if they are a free member?

Free members can see if someone likes their profile as they would get notifications on it.

Premium Membership Features

FlirtWith offers various exciting features. Many of them are available for free, like watching the live stream, broadcasting, and customizing the profile.

However, a paid membership is available, which gives better options. Paid members can send private messages, send virtual gifts, and real-life presents. The paid services are available based on duration/ coins. Three hundred coins would have to be born with 2.99 USD, 1500 coins would have to be paid with a total of 9.99USD, and 20,000 coins have to be paid with 99.99USD. These coins could be used for sending ten free chats, email messages, and introduction messages each. Sending gifts would require more numbers of coins. These paid services, when compared to other providers, can be considered to be average.

Does FlirtWith offer premium membership?

FlirtWith offers both paid as well as free features. Though the paid features are available on a per coin basis, it also provides a paid subscription for maximum use of the communication features.

How does a user cancel their FlirtWith membership?

The coins can be bought with money. Once a user buys the coins, there is no going back. The coins have to be used for messaging or sending gifts. There is no membership policy in FlirtWith. The coins could be bought as and when needed.

Is FlirtWith membership auto-renewed?

No, one just buys coins as per need. It does not have auto-renewal.

Can a user get a refund for unused time?

No, one doesn’t get a refund for the coins bought. Once a user buys the coins, they may use them for various purposes. There is no way of obtaining a refund for the money.

Is their “support” to FlirtWith automatically renewed every month?

No, the support can be withdrawn as and when the user wishes. The account can be removed when required. Since the coins are bought only as per needs, there is no financial connection.

Can users get their money back if not satisfied with FlirtWith?

No, the money spent on buying coins will not be repaid to the user. One could refrain from buying more coins in the future. The already bought coins have to be used, or they stay unused. In other cases, the money is not refunded.

How will FlirtWith support appear on their credit card bill?

The money spent on the FlirtWith website might cost more or less according to one’s intentions. If someone is looking for deep connections with the people, they could buy the coins to initiate conversation and send gifts. These are only bought as per user. Since there is no membership money for regular people, one could stop buying when they wish to. The bills might appear high if one wants to engage in conversations.

Can a user gives support to other FlirtWith members?

No, this feature is not available in FlirtWith. However, one could send real-time gifts, including cakes, flowers, and much more, using the coins bought.

Can a user send support for just a month?

The coins do not have any control based on monthly or yearly people. The coins are just bought if the user wishes to on any basis of time.

Can a user send support for just a month?

Is FlirtWith Really Safe?

FlirtWith is a registered company. It, however, might have many scam members. The users are responsible for their safety while broadcasting and posting anything on the app. It is a legitimate dating app.

The FlirtWith website is open to also. There is a fair share of scammers as the posts are available to the public. The website asks its users to take care of their safety while using it. The users can report in case of doubts of spam accounts. The website will take immediate action after validating the request. The members who deliberately give false information are identified to be a scam.

Are FlirtWith Forums threads moderated?

The website offers a free live streaming service. These are open to viewing to everybody. The threads are not moderated. However, users could customize their experience based on their favorites.

How can a user filter who can message them on FlirtWith?

The massaging facility can only be turned on with coins. The FlirtWith website offers members to connect with like-minded people through a matching process. The messaging works by sending as many messages as the other user replies. Then, one would have to use found for further messaging.

What security features does FlirtWith have?

The FlirtWith website provides a privacy policy. The company claims to use the private information provided by the uses only to benefit the dating service. Personal data is only collected during registration. They also have policies for exposing scammers. The coins of scammers, if reported, will be taken away unless proven otherwise.

How can a user block and report a suspected scammer?

The users can report potential scammers by logging a complaint on the website. One could also block members and report the accounts.

What will happen to a member who uses a FlirtWith Account to solicit money?

The users should refrain from members who try to solicit money through the website. They can report such users. If the report is legitimate, the FlirtWith website will take action by removing all their existing coins from the account.

What will happen to a member who uses a FlirtWith Account to solicit money?

Which information shouldn’t be posted in the FlirtWith Account?

FlirtWith asks for private information only necessary for helping the dating experience. Users should take care not to reveal private information through the account. This includes credit card details, bank details, private data, passwords, and official identity documents. Do not disclose this information through chats also.

Are FlirtWith chats encrypted?

No, the chats on the FlirtWith website are not encrypted.

Can FlirtWith track a user down?

The website asks for some user information. However, they do not ask for email verification. Hence the tracking option might not be available. Also, the FlirtWith app might be able to receive one’s location if provided with location access.

Can FlirtWith be traced by the police?

If there is any non-legitimate action, the account of the member might be traced by the police.

Who should a user contact if they have questions regarding their privacy in FlirtWith?

The FlirtWith website offers contact forms for contacting in any case. They offer live support by which one could chat with a live chat operator. One could also contact the website by phone. Operators are available around the clock.

Who should a user contact if they have questions regarding their privacy in FlirtWith?

Can a user delete the information that they’ve already submitted to FlirtWith?

One might not be able to delete the information suited. However, it is possible to cancel the posts and close the account at any time.

Are there fake or scam members on FlirtWith?

FlirtWith is not free from fake accounts and scam members. There is a fair share of such members on the website. If a member finds out a scam profile, they could report the account.

Contact Information

Company: Venta solutions

Phone: +1 (800) 314-2076



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Real life review

“Sometimes, I will spend a couple of hours talking to someone on Livestream because it is so much fun! I had found several friends too when finally I started ( and had the gall) live streaming. Almost everyone is friendly, of course, you will get the occasional credits, but I really enjoyed FlirtWith so far,”- says Alana, 27

Is FlirtWith the best dating site/app?

FlirtWith reviews show that it is not the best dating site or app. But it could be an enjoyable experience with live streaming features.

Can a user unmatch an FlirtWith member?

Yes, that is possible.

Is FlirtWith a hook-up app?

FlirtWith offers free, enjoyable content or might be useful for getting into serious relationships.


This article provides a review of the dating site, FlirtWith. It mainly focuses on membership and its features. The app is just right for those looking for casual encounters. Its main characteristic is the live streaming feature, which could be watched by many people for free.

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