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FirstMet Review

FirstMet Review
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 565 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free
  • The model used makes it easy for users to use the site
  • There is blockage of adverts if you go premium
  • A large number of users to look for your partner from
  • Some icebreakers questions are a great first impression for conversation starters
  • The environment in the site is rather chilled and promotes a relaxed mood
  • Some features make matching more accurate.
  • The users are on the site for many different reasons apart from dating
  • The matching isn't dating-focused
  • The chatting and video features aren’t good enough
  • Information on the profiles are shallow and limited
  • Limited communication means on free package.

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This online dating site is well known for its millions of users and how simple and straightforward it is. This is a platform that offers those who are widowed, have divorced, or have never been lucky enough to get married the opportunity of finding a life partner. It is more of the mature side, offering quality services that reflect the users’ desire to getting someone to have a long-term relationship with. In this FirstMet review, we will have a look at the site’s services as we dig deeper into what you should expect if you intend to join it. Follow up-to know better.

How Many Languages Does FirstMet Support?

Unfortunately, FirstMet is only offered in a single language, and that’s English. There can arise a language barrier for those that do not understand the language properly.

Who Owns FirstMet?

SNAP Interactive Inc owns this site for individuals seeking partners. The company, also known as PeerSteam Inc, runs the site.

So Where Is FirstMet Based Now?

If you’re interested in visiting their head offices, then you have to get to the headquarters of FirstMet, located at 122 E. 42nd Street, Suite 2600, New York, NY 10168.

When was FirstMet Founded?

This site was first brought to life in 2007 by the name AreYouInterested (AYI). However, it was later rebranded in 2012, and it now holds the name FirstMet and a couple of upgrades as well.

When was FirstMet Founded

Is FirstMet Available Worldwide?

FirstMet is an international online dating site that assists members from all over the world in realizing their dreams of finding a partner. However, the members are densely populated in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

How Old Should You Be To Register On FirstMet?

Every FirstMet review is very clear on the age restriction, putting the 18 and over tag very clear for interested parties to see. Despite this policy, most of the members are 30+ because of the kind of environment offered in the site.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

Yes, it’s possible, although it is not referred to as an app but as the desktop version. You can do every single thing that is required of you to enjoy the experience on FirstMet. The registration is smooth on the website, although the option of choosing the person you are looking for has a missing option both, which is only accessed via Facebook or in the mobile app, so you can only choose male or female. The desktop version can work as much for you as the other options available for messaging and searching. There is a disadvantage of portability since you cannot carry your PC anywhere you go. The version is available for both Mac and Windows users. A bigger screen and keyboard are what stand out. Many users opt for this choice.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer

How Many Members Does FirstMet Have Worldwide?

The total number of members on the FirstMet website is over 30 million, and almost half of them are located in the United States. The site gets about 2 million visits from members in the United States and about 500 000 active members in a week. The ratio of men to women is also equal, with men slightly exceeding women.

Website Design & Usability

The first opinion you might have is the site might look boring to you. Well, are the older people affected by that? So from the previous launching, not much was done in terms of the overall design and it looks kind of outdated. Don’t get it wrong, though; you can still access pretty much everything and capitalize on the featured offered. It’s dull but very neat. The modern touch lucks, but every list is made easy for every member regardless of their computer knowledge to be able to navigate through the site.

Which Browsers Support FirstMet?

Well, since the site is quite old school, you can use just any browser to start your experience in FirstMet. The features are readily accessible in all browsers, although you got you to rethink your options regarding quality delivery. It would be in your best interest to get a browser that will save your space, avoid freezing of pages, ensure speed, and also be able to give you the best blend with an internet connection. If you’re wondering what kind of browsers will be best to give you all these features, then you can opt for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Which Browsers Support FirstMet

How Do I Use the Camera on FirstMet?

Oops! Developers didn’t launch FirstMet with the video chat feature. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the camera you have on your device. You can clean up and dress well, look for a good spot with good lighting and take a couple of snaps that you’ll post on your profile. Similarly, apart from the photos, short videos can also be shared in FirstMet, and your camera can come in handy for that purpose. However, just recently, the site partnered with a video chatting site, and this means that members of FirstMet can freely enjoy seeing and talking to their matches and interacting more.

Special Features

Uniqueness is what puts any online dating app apart from the rest. According to multiple FirstMet reviews, this is the special treats that you can get on the site:

  • Ice breakers – These are a couple of questions sent to potential matches by the site on your behalf. If the interest grows from their end, then you will receive quite a nice response for starters.
  • PalTalk – This other site agreed with FirstMet to offer its user with the feature of video chat. This is to give the members the security to see who the people they communicate with look like and get that personal talk that normal messages can’t give.

Special Features

How Does It Work?

In terms of how the site operates, members have a couple of choices to choose from in terms of finding their match. The site plays its part since it does some of the work for you by sending ice breakers. However, members can also search for matches on their own to explore the different options that they have. Many FirstMet reviews state that communications start lightly from the message sector and generally graduates to video chat when you are used to each other. Your information sells you, so filling the profile helps users know a bit about you before initiating contact.

How Can I Message Someone?

There are different approaches to this. The site can approach you on behalf of someone else and for you to reach them is to simply reply. You can also send a member a message directly after your search results show you that they are the ones for you. A video chat can also be requested if you feel like you want to communicate on another level. You need to know that searching isn’t free, and your search experience can be changed as you alter with the age range. There is also a chatroom that can allow you to read through what is being discussed and make your communication; you can later slide a text to a member’s inbox depending on how they interested you.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Unfortunately, until you are subscribed to a premium package, you cannot send anyone a message or contact them.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone on FirstMet?

Depending on which means you choose, it’s different. You can choose to reply to an ice breaker and start a conversation. You can also request a video call and start messaging or simply send a text message to start a conversation.

Why Can’t I Access FirstMet?

You might be having poor internet connections that sabotage your accessibility to sites. Other reasons given by FirstMet reviews include people who have no account and trying to go through the site and also malware in your device that corrupt almost every functioning of your device, including accessing the FirstMet website.

How Long are FirstMet Bans?

Bans can be done by a fellow user or by the staff of the FirstMet website. A member might block you as a way of banning you from communicating with them, and usually, the period depends on the user. However, if found to be violating any policy of the site, you can be banned from accessing the time for an indefinite time. This usually depends on the weight of offense; some might be permanent while others can be temporary.

How Long are FirstMet Bans

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Reactivation of bans will require you to appeal or request the staff to revisit your claimed case if you strongly believe that you were not liable for any misconduct. However, this will take a lot of time due to the multiple reviewing. So if you want to get back to the site fast, you better open up a new account altogether.

Is There an Option to Delete Your FirstMet Profile?

Many online dating sites don’t offer this feature, but if you are tired of FirstMet, you can enjoy the luxury of going out without leaving traces. The process is all in your profile. All you need to do is go to the settings section, specifically at the account settings. Choose the option that indicates deactivating your account, clicks on it, and finalizes the process. Whatever your reason for doing so, keep in mind that there is no undoing this procedure.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me on FirstMet” Option?

The show me on FirstMet is a feature accessible through social media platforms. This is a feature that comes up whenever you sign up using an external social media account. For example, in this case, it is possible to sign in using Facebook. So to disable the show me on FirstMet settings, all you need to do is go to the account. Go to the settings option and change the privacy terms by disabling the public’s visibility of linked accounts.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Matches are seen mostly in your inbox section. There is no specific area on the website where all of them are put together to access them easily. The inbox section enables you to see the people you communicate with, and most of them are usually a match.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on FirstMet?

It is as easy as logging in to your account and going to the notification section. All the new activities that have happened while you were away will appear there, including any new messages from users.

Is It Possible to See the FirstMet Members Who I Liked?

It is not possible throughout the site, regardless of whether you paid for a premium membership or not. The only way you can know is by cramming the names of individuals you ticked while surveying different profiles.

What is FirstMet’s Spy Mode?

Unfortunately, stalkers got to know that there is no room for them to get unnoticed. All the activities done have been traced, and that includes viewing profiles. One can know which member viewed their profile once they paid for the premium membership.

How Do I Edit My Username in FirstMet?

No FirstMet review mentions anything to do with editing your username. This is one of the things that all dating sites keep intact. To avoid such cases of wanting to make changes, you better pick your favorite name during registration. If you’re way past that, then the only choice you have is to open up a new account with the name you desire, but that will cost you a lot. Especially the members you bonded with, so if you plan to make such a move, brief them to avoid inconveniences.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

This comes along when you try multiple times but still locked out. The main issue here, according to the FirstMet reviews, is the issue of forgetting passwords. It is encouraged to make them simple, or if you prefer complex ones, then you better make sure it is somewhere you can get it from if you forget it.

Searching is made simpler since you are able to make use of the filters to get to a member with those descriptions. These filters include a location and the age bracket. However, you can enjoy advanced search by paying for a premium membership.

Sign-Up Process

The registration process won’t take much of your time. The options include the normal approach or sign up via Facebook. As for the email approach, you will need to fill in your name, email address, location, and birth date. After completing this process, you will directly get into your profile. For your profile, a couple of personality questions will come through for you to share with members who you are. These questions in that section include issues to do with: your ethnicity, religion, your view of politics, your marital status, education level, your career and occupation, how much you earn, your smoking and drinking habits, diet preference, your take on exercises, and physical appearance. As for the interest questions, the things asked of you include your areas of interest, your music type, kind of movies you watch, television programs you follow, books you read, activities you take part in, and other likes/dislikes. You are also given a limit of 10 photos to add to your profile.

Sign-Up Process

How Do I Verify My Email?

There is no feature of verifying your email, and it is a disappointment since it puts your security at risk.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

If Facebook is your way in, then there are several aspects which you’ll pass. The most important part is that similar questions are also asked on Facebook. With this in mind, FirstMet will take the information on Facebook, and it’ll reflect on your profile. This saves you the hassle of filling in all that information that happens when you choose the email way.

How Do I Join FirstMet?

Joining requires getting the app or via the desktop version. After getting that, you’ll now give out the required details to set up an account and get access to the site. Filing in the details required to finish up your profile registry is also necessary for you to fully join the FirstMet website.

Can I Use the Site Without Signing Up?

No, it is not possible. Many individuals seek to explore the site and see what it has to offer. But why do you want to go through the pain of denied access when you can find out through the FirstMet review like this?

Users Profile Quality

The profile is one that can sell you out if filled. It presents a lot of information about an individual that can help you rate them if only the information is not exaggerated or false. You have the option of picking someone from your zodiac sign or many interests that people share – little things go a long way. The presentation of the information is also well arranged and presented.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

A mobile app is available that is accessible on Android devices and iOS too. So, no matter what your device is, you’ll get this app for free. It records over 1,000,000 downloads, plus the design resembles that of the desktop version. In this mobile app, the platform will automatically detect your location. A similar design makes the app simple to use. The standing out factor is that it is portable and makes you able to keep in touch with other users anytime, anywhere, so long as you have a good internet connection.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

If you are not satisfied with your free package, you can choose to chip in and get a premium membership. The charges are relatively high compared to their fellow counterparts. The costs are as follows:

  • $36.99 for a month
  • $49.99 for 3 months
  • $74.99 for 6 months.

Unless there is a bonus or an offer that comes by once in a while the charges do not change. The payments are made through PayPal or with your credit card. Other charges include the one time paid profit boost that goes for $0.5 and $1 for premium membership activation (which is a weird thing to charge).

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Free Membership Features

So with the basic package, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Registering for an account
  • Creating a profile
  • Searching for matches
  • Video chatting via PalTalk.

Is FirstMet Free?

Yes, for joining and building up your profile. You can also video chat for free, which is so good.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on FirstMet If You are a Free Member?

Whether on premium or free, there is no way you can easily check those people you’ve liked or have liked you.

Premium Membership Features

As for the paid-for subscription, the following features will be included in your experience;

  • Boosting your profile
  • Giving any member the ability to read your packages regardless of their membership
  • Sending and receiving messages will be made easy
  • See who has viewed your profile.

Does FirstMet Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, it does; you can get extra features at a cost by subscribing to a premium membership.

How Do I Cancel My FirstMet Membership?

You can only do this manually. You can go to the premium account section in your profile and cancel your premium account subscription or renewal.

Is FirstMet Membership Auto-Renewed?

Your subscription automatically updates upon the expiry of your package.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

No refunds can be made for any payments done on the FirstMet website.

Is My “Support” to FirstMet Automatically Renewed Every Month?

None of the FirstMet reviews have made claims that the site makes donations.

I Am Not Satisfied with FirstMet. Can I Get My Money Back?

Once paid, no money can be taken back, even if you were not satisfied with what you got.

How Will My FirstMet Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The company’s name indicates any payments made on the credit card bill, and that is PeerSteam Inc.

Can I Give Support to Other FirstMet Members?

This is not clear because the FirstMet website doesn’t mention that.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

No supports can be made unless upon request.

Is FirstMet Really Safe?

Not from the profile verification point of view but in terms of scandals, no cases have been reported yet, so yes, it is. A user has the responsibility of protecting themselves by avoiding to share sensitive info.

Is FirstMet Really Safe

Are FirstMet Forums Threads Moderated?

The chat rooms are moderated and under specific instructions depending on the purpose of the chat room.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on FirstMet?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

What Security Features Does FirstMet Have?

Blocking and reporting features and customer care if you need any help.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Blocking is done through their profile or by in your conversation with the member.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a FirstMet Account to Solicit Money?

They will face legal issues upon realization.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your FirstMet Account?

Any information that violates the terms and conditions of the FirstMet website is not to be shared.

Are FirstMet Chats Encrypted?

The information available in profiles are all encrypted using a selective algorithm.

Can FirstMet Track You Down?

If there is a valid reason to do so, the site won’t hesitate.

Can FirstMet be Traced by The Police?

Not really unless for the offices but not contained in the server if not provided access to.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in FirstMet?

You can contact the support group for any issues.

Can I Delete the Information that I’ve Already Submitted to FirstMet?

Editing of profiles is allowed.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on FirstMet?

Yes, since email verification isn’t present.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


Ashley Madison, eHarmony, and Instabang.

Real Life Review

I spent some time on this cool site. Not sure that I will find someone serious here, but I’ve already found some fun friends here. The site’s design is neat and intuitive, it works fast and good. Probably the best site I tried for the last year. – Guissella, 27

Is FirstMet the Best Dating Site/App?

It is quite good but certainly not the best.

Can I Un-Match a FirstMet Member?

Yes, by simply ignoring their ice breaker.

Is FirstMet a Hook-Up App?

Not really; the audience focus on a long-distance relationship.


If you’re looking for a partner to settle with, FirstMet can be a good place to be in. The audience is chilled, and they want a more serious relationship. Furthermore, the FirstMet website is easy to use. Have you tried the site before? What are your views about it? Leave a comment!

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