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Alt.com Review

Alt.com Review
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 968 500
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A considerable number of the member base.
  • Reputed website.
  • Free membership benefits.
  • Access to alternative websites.
  • Friendly people to communicate with.
  • Complicated interface.
  • Lengthy questionnaires during registration.
  • Less information in profile pages.

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Alt.com is a famous dating site for adults that notoriously promotes eroticism, fetish, and BDSM for their members. The site caters to all these niches and provides a safe platform for people who have not had the opportunity to explore this genre but have been curious. If you are one of them, the site is tailor-made to awaken your sexual curiosity and find similar-minded people who are into all these niches. It is not for people who have a closed mind and are not open to sexually explore the various adventures that BDSM and kinks provide.

After joining the site for free, you can explore some of the free features that briefly explain this site. However, if you wish to enjoy the site’s contents thoroughly, you should consider changing your membership to premium.

By going through the thorough profile information, you will understand the kind of members on the site. You will see that basic and personal information like sexual preferences and kink experiences would be shown on the profile. You can create or take bling from fellow members to add color to your profile and make it more appealing.

What Are the Languages Supported on Alt.com?

The site supports many languages such as Italian, English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

Who Is the Owner of Alt.com?

A famous businessman in the USA owns Alt.com.

Where Is Alt.com Currently Located?

The site is based out in the USA.

What Was Alt.com’s Year of Foundation?

The site was founded in 2007.

In What Countries Is Alt.com Available?

Alt.com is made available in most countries except in nations that have automatically banned all the adult dating sites.

What Is the Minimum Age to Become Registered on Alt.com?

You should be over 18 years of age to register on Alt.com.

Is It Possible to Use the App via a Personal Computer?

You can use the site version on the computer to see that you get the app’s functionality and features.

How Many People Are Registered on Alt.com Globally?

Alt.com has over a million members worldwide, with members hailing from many countries around the globe.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The site uses three attractive colors, and the site’s design is quite simple and sweet. There is a black background with yellow and white colors used to denote the fonts. You do not generally see black color as a background, but the site moderator has taken a bold call.

Additionally, you will see that all the page details are well-outlined and do not complicate the user experience. The functionality and features of the site are self-explanatory. Even if you are a user who is new to the dating scene, you will still find it easy to find whatever you are here for.

The font size is apt, not too short, and not too big that allows easy reading possibilities for the site. Plus, the contrast of bright fonts to a dark-colored background adds to the charm of the website. You will see that the site has a lot of scope for embedded videos.

Which Browsers Can You Use to Access Alt.com?

Alt.com is supported by most of the browsers that are commonly used in the market. Unless the browser is blocked in the country, you can always find access to the site.

Is it Possible to Use the Camera on Alt.com?

To avail of this feature, you can contact the customer support team to help you out.

Special Features

The site has all the unique features that you will need to make your profile more attractive. Additionally, it gives you many communication skills to get in touch with fellow members.

The features will be handy in making your experience memorable, fun, and eventually, you may even find a perfect match.

  • Hot or Not:

This is a fun feature that lets the site give you photos one at a time. While you go through the pictures, you can pick whether it is hot or not. It is a feature that is built on the Tinder swipe functionality.

  • Astrological Compatibility:

This is a nostalgic and orthodox feature with the modern twist of a new site. This section will provide you with the zodiac signs that you may be compatible with. There is also a sexual biorhythm chart that you may be interested in using and finding new members.

  • Testimonials:

This section will show you descriptions of all the qualities that you have. There is also the reverse option of writing testimonials about others and telling the people how you feel about them. This can be a good conversation breaker if you are not into social communication early on.

  • Blings:

Blings are little icons that are interesting to use. You can either take them from their original creators, or you can make use of their profile. Doing this allows you to be a bit naughtier and enables other members to see the person you are.

  • My Kinks:

This exciting feature allows you to customize your favorite kinks and find similar-minded people who are into kinks like you.

How Does the Service Operate?

The site is specifically made for people who are into BDSM, kinks, and all those sexual adventures considered taboo in society. If you are a member of this adult dating site, you can also have a live chat with the live models free of charge. Additionally, you are given options to add certain members who you think are interesting. You can either add them as a friend or to your list of Hots. There is also another option of searching for members who are currently online and can also look for people who are nearby. The location-based and online-based features allow you to pick the best hot people near you for some action.

If you only have a basic membership, you may find some restrictions on your messaging. If you are a free member, you cannot read or send messages and cannot send flirts to people you may find interesting. In order to get the site’s full benefits, it is recommended that you go for the premium membership, which gives you access to most of the site’s services.

How Can One Message Other Users?

How Can One Message Other Users?

If you wish to message someone, you firstly need to update it to a premium account. After upgrading, you can then start messaging anyone you feel like.

Does Sending Messages Involve Paying Anything?

The site does not allow sending messages for free as it requires a premium membership to either send or receive them.

How Can One Start Communication on Alt.com?

If you wish to start messaging anyone, you will first need to take a paid membership. From there on, you can talk to the members by directly contacting them.

Why Is It Not Possible to Access Alt.com?

You will not be able to access Alt.com only if you face some issues with the browser, if there is an Internet issue from your end or if your country has banned the site’s usage from your location.

What Is the Duration of Alt.com Bans?

You should avoid posting any controversial content on this site. If the site moderators feel that the content is inappropriate, they may remove your profile from the site or even ban you forever. Thus, you have to be mindful of the content you provide to the site to avoid any complications.

How Can One Reactivate Personal Banned Account?

If you wish to reactivate your banned account, you may have to contact the customer support team. They will help you restore your banned account.

Is It Possible to Delete Personal Alt.com Profile?

There is an option to delete your Alt.com profile by either going to your account settings or directly talking to the customer support team who will help you with that.

What Happens if One Disables the “Show Me on Alt.com” Option?

If you happen to disable the “Show me on the Alt.com” option, you will see that other members will not be able to view your profile.

Where Can One See Their Matches?

If you wish to see your matches, you will view them on your profile grid format.

Is It Possible to See Who Messaged a User on Alt.com?

This option will appear on your messaging board after buying a premium membership.

How Can One See the Alt.com Members Who They Liked?

You will see the members you have liked by opting for a premium membership and then checking your messaging board.

What Is Alt.com’s Incognito Mode?

Although the site does not allow any spy modes, you can opt to go for the incognito mode if you wish to.

How Can One Edit Personal Username on Alt.com?

If you wish to edit your username, you can choose to do it at the account settings.

Why Are There Any Difficulties Entering the Site?

You will have a hard time entering the site if your country does not allow dating sites, if your Internet has local server issues or if your browser does not support the site. From our experience, the site functions on all browsers seamlessly.

What Are the Search Options on Alt.com?

If you wish to search for different options on the search button, you can opt for basic filters like age, gender, and ethnicity. This will give you basic information about the member profile. However, an advanced filter allows more fancy filters such as sexual preferences, kink options, etc.

Registration process

The sign-up process has been made extremely simple and does not take more than 5 minutes to complete. The procedure comprises five easy steps, which are essential to creating an Alt.com profile successfully. There is no fee for joining the site, and upon registration, you can sign up as either a male, woman, couple or a group. That means that just singles are welcome to join the site and the couples who have similar interests. If you wish to, you can additionally provide personal details such as body, marital status, etc. During registration, you will be asked to put in somebody’s attribute information such as body type, height, weight, etc. Doing this helps you build up your profile in the long run and allows your profile to be more enjoyable when other members view it.

There is a strict protocol implemented by the site moderators when it comes to verifying the account. Before being redirected to your page, you will be requested to confirm your email. Only after the completion of this step can you proceed to use your profile.

How Can One Verify Personal Email?

You can verify your email ID once you have completed your email procedure. You will then receive an email from the support team. After you click on that, it is now ready for use.

Is It Possible to Register Using a Personal Facebook Account?

Is It Possible to Register Using a Personal Facebook Account?

Yes, you can use your Facebook account to sign up, and general information will be taken from it.

How Can One Join Alt.com?

Joining Alt.com is a straightforward process. You can even join the site free of charge and explore all the features that come under the free category. If you like it, you can then buy the premium membership, allowing you to access all the site’s key functionalities.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, the site does not give you the option to use it without signing up. Therefore, to access the entire website, you will have to become its member.

Users’ Profile Quality

The site’s generic profile quality is pretty good, and the information of each member is well-detailed. You will also see that the profiles are not clustered with information and give you the right type of content to help you understand the member you are interested in. If you are a registered member of the Alt.com dating site, you can enter your details at your convenience. It is entirely up to you to decide if you wish to put in more or fewer details, depending on how you want the other members to perceive your personality.

You will see that there is the possibility to know the even deepest of personal information such as the length of a man’s endowment and circumcision details. Additionally, there is a role of BDSM and experience levels that you can see. The information is put out in a way where you can gauge the kind of naughtiness a member has. Apart from that, additional information such as the network of friends, kinks, BDSM information will let you understand the personality in detail. To view such information, you will need to be either a Silver or a Gold member. Hence, we strongly suggest opting for a premium membership after the completion of your free profile period.

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, we could not come across any apps under this name. However, you’ll notice that the site version works similarly to an app with the same functionalities and features.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Silver Membership

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 29.94 AUD 29.94 AUD
3 Months 17.95 AUD 53.85 AUD
12 Months 12.95 AUD 155.41 AUD

Gold Membership

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 44.96 AUD 44.96 AUD
4 Months 22.95 AUD 91.80 AUD
18 Months/td> 12.95 AUD 233.10 AUD

There are primarily two types of memberships that you can choose from — the Silver and Gold memberships. You will see that both memberships will be beneficial over the free one as you get sizeable additional features. However, Gold should be your ideal choice as it gives more access; however, it’s also slightly pricier, so pick your own choice accordingly.

Free Membership Features

Being a free member allows you many benefits. One of those is signing up. In order to explore the site’s real beauty, it is recommended to opt for a premium membership.

Does Alt.com Charge Anything?

Alt.com starts as a free site that allows many options to pick as a free member. However, to utilize the site’s complete functionality, it’s recommended to opt for a premium package.

Can One See if Somebody Likes Them Being an Alt.com’s Free Member?

Can One See if Somebody Likes Them Being an Alt.com's Free Member?

It is not possible to check if someone likes you unless you have a premium membership.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership features give you the best access to the sites. It allows you to completely utilize all the essential features that this site has to provide.

Does Alt.com Have Premium Membership?

Yes, Alt.com does provide premium memberships, which are of two types, Gold and Silver.

Is It Possible to Cancel Own Alt.com Membership?

You can choose to cancel the Alt.com membership by two methods. You can either go to your account settings and do it yourself or talk to the customer service team that can help you.

Is There an Auto-Renew Option for Alt.com Membership?

Yes, there is an option for auto-renewal on the site that automatically makes the payment according to the type of plan you choose.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Unfortunately, there is no scope for a refund on this site as they do not have a refund policy.

Is a Membership on Alt.com Automatically Renewed Every Month?

You are welcome to talk to the customer support team to get details about this information.

In Case of Dissatisfaction With Alt.com, Is It Possible to Get the Money Back?

Unfortunately, there’s no scope for such provision because they do not have a money back policy.

How Will a Subscription to Alt.com Appear on One’s Credit Card Bill?

The support will appear as a discreet option on your credit card bill.

Can One Pay for Other Alt.com Members?

You can check with the support team to know if you can avail yourself of this option.

Is It Possible to Support the Service Monthly?

Yes, it is possible to pay for monthly services, namely, Silver or Gold membership.

Is Alt.com a Safe Service?

Yes, the site is pretty safe and offers all the standard protocols to keep your information and details safe. It is a site that primarily works on security since the niche is quite complicated and not used occasionally. It is fitted with 256-bit standard encryption that allows a member to relax as their chats and information are secured.

Who Moderates Alt.com’s Forum Threads?

The website moderators do an excellent job of moderating the site due to the nature of the site’s content. Since the topic is hotly debated, the moderators ensure that those who post inappropriate content will be dealt with harsh punishment and not be allowed to revisit the site.

How Can One Filter Who Can Message Them on Alt.com?

Once you have the paid membership, you can filter according to the type of personality or the time of messaging you in your inbox.

What Security Measures Does Alt.com Utilize?

The site has a wonderful in-built system that allows the security of all the members that log on to it. You will see less inappropriate or harmful content on the site since the moderators do an excellent job of eradicating such content daily.

How Can One Block and Report a Potential Scammer?

Can Alt.com Track Its Users Down?

You can block and report a suspected scammer by either blocking them directly or talking to the customer support team that can help you with that.

What Will Happen to a User Who Uses an Alt.com Account to Ask for Money?

The site moderators will ensure that such users are dealt with accordingly by deleting their profile and never allowing them to join the website.

Which Information Is Not to Be Posted in One’s Alt.com Account?

You should avoid posting any inappropriate content that may cause harm or discomfort to anyone on the site. The moderators will take action against you if you are found guilty of it.

Is There Any Sort of Encryption for Alt.com Chats?

Yes, the chats are protected by 256-bit encryption that protects all members’ data and financial information.

Can Alt.com Track Its Users Down?

If your ISP is visible, Alt.com can track you down if there is a situation that strongly demands it.

Can the Police Trace Alt.com?

If your ISP allows it, yes, you may be tracked by the police. However, you need not worry since these sorts of checks only happen in case of an emergency.

Who Should One Contact in Case of Any Questions Regarding One’s Privacy on Alt.com?

If you have any questions related to the privacy of Alt.com, you may get in touch with the support team that can help you with that.

Can One Delete the Information That Has Already Been Submitted to Alt.com?

You may delete the information you have already submitted, but be careful since you may not be allowed to do it many times.

Are There Any Fake or Scam Users on Alt.com?

You will likely not come across any scammers on the site since we could only find real members while using the service.

Contact Information

If in the US:

Magnolia Blossom, Inc.

910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor

Campbell, CA 95008

If outside the US:

Athelstan Enterprise B.V.,

hoogoorddreef 15, 1101 BA,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Toll-Free Support: 1-855-776-8436 / 1-855-794-2242 / 1-855-820-6213 / 1-866-266-0961


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User Feedback

“I used to find BDSM very interesting after watching it in movies, but I never had the guts to try it out. After researching on the net, I came across the site called Alt.com, and from there on, I have been hooked on to it! It is the best site for finding people who are into it and understanding the concept more deeply”. — Laura, 32

Can Alt.com Be Considered as the Best Dating Service?

Yes, if you are into kinks, BDSM, and all those things, this site is perfect for you.

Is It Possible to Unmatch an Alt.com Member?

If you wish to, you are allowed to unmatch an Alt.com member.

Is Alt.com a Hook-up Service?

Is Alt.com a Hook-up Service?

It is not technically a hookup website, but you can find people to hook up there.


Alt.com is one of the best dating sites for adults if BDSM, kinks, and bondages are the types of sexual fun that you have always been into but never found the platform to do it. You will realize that there many people like you out there on the site. There are many features that you can do on the site. Some are free of charge, but if you wish to explore the true beauty of all the fun activities on the site, it is strongly suggested to go for a premium membership to try it out. Dive into a never-seen-before roller coaster of a sexual ride with Alt.com!

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