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Xmeets Review

Xmeets Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 26-36
Profiles 2 700 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and easy registration
  • Many contact options
  • Many members
  • Easy to navigate
  • Multiple adult movies for free when you upgrade your membership
  • “Quickie” an interactive game
  • Cost-effective
  • Live webcam
  • Texting via Smartphones
  • Get laid guarantee
  • Private picture gallery
  • Advanced matchmaking
  • Payment is done discreetly
  • Dating advice for women and men
  • Interactive status bar.
  • Free members have limited access to features
  • Lacks a features preview
  • No mobile app
  • NSFW pictures throughout the site
  • Search options are limited
  • Fake profiles.

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Xmeets is an online adult dating site for individuals looking to meet other members for casual sex. The Xmeets website allows you to browse through countless profiles to find your match in your town or city.

Xmeets is a large dating site with many members. This is the ideal place to meet attractive individuals looking for hookups, casual sex, and no-strings-attached types of relationships. However, this is not the place for people looking for serious or long-term relationships.

Language Support

This website supports the English language for now.

Xmeets Owners

This website is owned by the GoDaddy.com, LLC which is a branch of the Domains By Proxy, LLC.


Xmeets is currently located in 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, 85260 Arizona, USA.

Founding and Launching

Xmeets was launched in 2015.

Worldwide Availability

The Xmeets website is accessible in the USA, the UK, and European Union countries.

Age Eligibility

You should be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.

Using the App on Your Computer

Although there is no app at the moment, you can use the desktop version on your computer. The site is trendy and easy to navigate.

Global Members

According to the site, the number of registered members reflects the overall number of users over the existence of the site. It does not show the real number of current members.

Global Members

Website Design and Usability

The home screen is an attractive blue color and it features an attractive couple. This gives you a glimpse of what to expect after joining this site. There are all kinds of people looking for different sexual encounters.

The registration process is quite simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You only need a few details like your username, password, and email address. These details are crucial when signing up because they help to identify your account and the email address is used to verify your profile.

Xmeets features are displayed on the top navigation bar. This helps you to quickly access most services on this site. Free members have limited access to features and services. You can search for your match by using various criteria.

You can write or update your status and start conversations with other members. Although filling in your profile does not require so much information, giving enough details and filling all the options gives you a chance to get many more compatible matches.

Browsers that Support Xmeets

Various browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge support the Xmeets website.

How to Use the Camera

If you have a Smartphone or computer, you already know how to take pictures and videos. This is the same way you use the camera on this site. Click the camera icon and follow the simple instructions.

Special Features

There are various special features although according to many Xmeets reviews they are not very amusing. They include:

  • “Quickie” – this is a virtual game
  • Voting on women’s photos
  • Different search options
  • Dating advice.
Special Features

How it Works

The Xmeets website works by bringing together individuals looking for casual sex and quick hookups. You can be a free member and enjoy a few features or upgrade to premium membership and enjoy everything on the site.

The homepage gives little information; there are no members’ testimonials, reviews, or any other useful information. However, the background image is an indication of what to expect when you join this site.

You should remember that this website is NSFW. This is because many profiles on this website display genitalia or nudity. This means you cannot browse this site at work or in public places without embarrassing yourself. The website’s functionality is somewhat limited and you will come across a member’s negative Xmeets review of meeting fake users.

How to Message Someone

Like other interactive sites, Xmeets has communication features to enable you to interact with other members. Modern sites like this one also allow you to take things a notch higher by using video and voice chat. Xmeets is also unique because you can send SMS to other members.

Sending Messages for Free

Although registration is free, sending messages is not.

How to Start Messaging Someone

If you want to start messaging someone, you need to use the search function. This allows you to see members who fit your preferences. If you see someone who captivates you, send a message and wait for a reply.

Why You Can’t Access the Xmeets Website

If you can’t access this website, it might be because your profile has been removed. The site removes profiles, images, and content that violates the terms of use or which might be harmful, offensive, or infringing on the rights of others.

Ban Lengths

Bans on this site are permanent.

How to Reactivate Your Banned Account

Once you violate the terms of use, your profile is removed from the website. This means there is no way to reactivate it.

How to Delete Your Profile

The website allows you to delete your profile whenever you want. If you no longer wish to be a member of Xmeets, you can delete your profile by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account using your password and username.
  • Click the “Account Setting” button; this is at the left upper corner.
  • Select “Remove My Profile and Delete My Account” option. This action is permanent and cannot be undone. You will not be able to use this account anymore and members won’t see your profile or send you messages.

Disabling the “Show Me” Button

The “Show Me” button on this site works by editing your profile to “Not Viewable by All Members”. Once you make these changes members won’t see your profile or interact with you.

Disabling the “Show Me” Button

Where to See Your Matches

You can easily see your matches by searching for them using various preferences like age and location.

How to See Who Messaged You

When another member sends you a message, you will receive a notification. When you open this message, the member’s username appears together with the contents he sent.

How to See Members You Like

The only way to see the members you like is by searching for them using different search filters.

Xmeets Spy Mode

Xmeets does not spy on its members. However, it uses cookies to give you better user experience. These cookies contain a string of numbers and letters transmitted by a web server to your web browser. These cookies are also stored on your browser. These numbers and letters are then sent back to the server every time your browser requests a page from this server.

Cookies might be sessional or persistent. Sessional cookies expire at the end of your browsing session. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored by your web browser and stay active until their expiry period or if you delete them. You don’t have to worry about cookies because they do not contain any information that identifies you.

How to Edit Your Username

Unfortunately, this site does not allow you to change your username; however, you can change your password any time.

Why You are Having a Hard Time Entering Xmeets?

You might experience difficulties entering this site if your account has been terminated, you are entering the wrong username or password to log in, or you have a weak internet connection.

Different Search Options

This site allows you to search using various criteria or you can even decide to browse through the profiles that appear on the first page; this contains new members. One interesting feature is the bar that includes all featured members. This bar contains the profiles of members who have requested to be included in this special category to increase their chances of getting hookups. If your profile is visible on the first page, your chances of being seen by more members increase. If you want your profile to be included in the “Featured Section”, you need to be a premium member with an extensive subscription.

Signing Up

This is a hookup site; this means that you are not required to enter numerous details during registration. This process is quick and straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes. To sign up, visit the Xmeets homepage and fill the signup form. You will register for free by filling in your gender, username, and password. Remember to use a genuine and active email address. Also, choose a strong password to protect your account from hackers.

How to Verify Your Email?

After signing up to become a member, the site sends a link via your email address. Click this link to verify your email and start using your Xmeets account.

Registering Using Your Facebook Account

You can only sing up through the website. There is no option to register using your Facebook or Google accounts.

How to Join Xmeets?

The only way to join this site is by registering and becoming a member. This way you can interact and meet up for casual encounters with other users.

Using this Site without Signing Up

The Xmeets website allows you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to have an insight of what the site offers and how it operates before becoming a member. However, there is no way to use the site’s services and features without signing up.

Using this Site without Signing Up

Users Profile Quality

After registration, you are ready to meet fun and exciting members for steamy hookups but before that, you need to complete your profile. Although this site is solely for casual sex, you should make your profile attractive to get more matches.

Like most hookup websites, Xmeets will ask you a few questions; this helps to provide you with more compatible matches. The questions are simple so answering them is easy and not tiresome. Answer all of them; this is necessary to enable other users to understand you and what you’re looking for. Sharing sufficient details sets you up for more compatible members. These profile questions might be boring but they have long-term benefits.

Don’t forget to include several photos on your profile. This makes you more trustworthy and shows that you are not a scammer. Nobody wants to communicate with a member who does not reveal his face.

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, there is currently no mobile app for Xmeets, but you can still visit the site via your Smartphone. The mobile version is easy to navigate and contains the same features and services as the desktop version. Although it does not work as an app, you can still use it to interact with other members on the go.

Membership Price and other Payment Methods

Xmeets has affordable membership and you can pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank transfers. This site offers the following membership options;

  • 3-days trial membership at $2.97 for each day
  • Gold membership 6 months at $11.65 per month (Best deal)
  • Silver membership 3 months at $16.65 per month
  • Monthly VIP membership at $29.95.

Free Membership Features

Xmeets allows its members to enjoy limited features;

  • View limited profiles
  • Search members who are online
  • Tour premium services (limited).

The Cost of Using Xmeets

Signing up to this site is free and free members can enjoy limited features.

How to See If Somebody Likes You as A Free Member?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see who likes you if you are a free member.

The Cost of Using Xmeets

Premium Membership

Premium members enjoy all the free features as well as the following services:

  • Filtered searching
  • “Quickie” matching option
  • View members’ profiles
  • Send and receive emails
  • View webcams and pictures
  • Send and receive text messages
  • View new members.

Premium Membership

Xmeets provides premium membership that allows paying members to enjoy all the features and services on the site.

How to Cancel Your Membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, the site provides various ways. You can use the “Live Chat” feature for a faster process or you can contact the site through email at [email protected] or phone its customer service at 800-564-9432 or +1-727-755-7249 outside the USA.

After the cancellation of your membership, the site sends you an email notification to the account you provided during registration. If this notification does not appear in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Monthly subscription is automatically renewed, depending on the rate you choose. Your credit card will be charged at the agreed subscription rate unless you notify Xmeets that you wish to cancel your membership before the end of the subscription term.

Getting Refund for Unused Time

According to the site, you can only be refunded for a good cause.

Getting Refund for Unused Time

Automatic Support Renewal

Support is automatically renewed every month.

How to Get Your Money Back If You’re Not Satisfied with the Services?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get your money back if the site’s services do not satisfy you. However, you can cancel your membership. If you subscribe to Gold Membership and fail to achieve your objectives during this membership you can contact [email protected] and the site will allow you to enjoy your membership for another month free of charge.

How Xmeets Support Will Appear on Your Credit Card Bill?

This site offers discreet billing for its members. This means that the report in your bill will not have your Xmeets username. The name of the site’s billing company will appear in the place of your username. When you sign up to this site, you receive a welcome email message containing your membership information and the name of the site’s billing company.

Giving Support to Other Members

The site does not provide an option to transfer support to other members.

Sending Support for Just a Month

You can send support for just a month.

Sending Support for Just a Month

Xmeets Safety

This site values its customers and that is why it uses chat encryption to keep away third parties and unauthorized individuals from reading your private messages. This site also takes the necessary precautions to protect your information and to prevent misuse, loss, and alteration of your personal data.

Xmeets also keeps your personal information in line with the generally accepted commercial standards like using encryption software and secure servers. The transmission of partially encrypted or any unencrypted information on the internet is not always secure and the site cannot always guarantee the security of such information.

As a security measure, the site encourages its members to use a strong password that hackers cannot easily guess. You are also reminded that it is your responsibility to protect your password.

Forum Thread Moderation

Forum threads on this site are moderated. You cannot just post whatever you feel like.

How to Filter Who Messages You?

Although there is no way to filter who messages you, you can hide your profile from other members.

Xmeets Security Features

The Xmeets has several security features like chat encryption, secure servers, encryption software, email verification, and it also keeps track of all profiles to monitor suspicious accounts.

How to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

If you suspect that an account belongs to a scammer, you can contact the site at [email protected] to report the individual.

Consequences for Members Who Try to Solicit Money

This site does not allow members to solicit funds. Any member caught doing this is suspected or the account is deactivated. All the information on such accounts is also deleted and these members cannot access the site’s services anymore.

Information You should not Post on Your Account

When you agree to be a member of this site, you also agree that you will not post the following information:

  • Sexual images of other people
  • Photos of minors
  • Pirated material
  • Images that show fellatio or insertion of objects in sexual organs or any other sexually explicit images
  • Content that includes necrophilia, masochism, non-consensual sexual touching, bestiality, crushing, or incest. This does not only include visual content, but also written statements, calls to action, intent, or threats to post such materials
  • Threatening to exploit, coercing, or exploiting other people by threatening to post or posting images of a nude or semi-nude individual or the individual engaging in any sexual act.
  • Conducting commercial sex activities, prostitution, or escort services
  • Advertises and self-promotion.

Chat Encryption

Chats on this site are encrypted; this means that all the messages you send are secure. Chat encryption ensures that your message is sent to the intended recipient and no one else. Modern-day encryption utilizes an algorithm (cipher) to change information into random symbols or characters. The encrypted messages are difficult to read for anybody else apart from you and your recipient.

Xmeets Tracking its Members

Although the site asks for your information and uses cookies, it does not track you down.

Tracing by the Police

The police can trace this site through its internet activities.

Who to Contact if You have Questions Concerning Your Privacy?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy you can contact the site’s Data Protection Agency through their email at [email protected].

Deleting the Information You’ve Already Submitted

If you want to update or change any information you have already submitted to the Xmeets website, you can contact them and request them to update your details.

Fake and Scam Members

Like all other dating sites, you will meet several fake members and scammers on this website. Many users have complained about meeting a scammer or two.

Fake and Scam Members

Contact Information

You can contact Xmeets through:

  • Email at [email protected]
  • Phone 800-564-9432 and for those outside the USA +1-727-755-7249
  • Address 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, 85260 Arizona, USA.


Similar sites to Xmeets include:

  1. Free Hookup Search – This site is designed to connect individuals looking for casual encounters. There is a mobile and desktop web version as well as a mobile app.
  2. Fuckbook – This is an interesting site with group and private messaging. It also contains in-app ratings, badges, and gifts.
  3. Xpress.com – There is a 2-step registration procedure. This site claims an 85% hookup rate and it offers basic, silver, and gold memberships. There is also a cougar dating club.
  4. Ashley Madison – This app was designed for single, married, or people in relationships looking to have an affair or casual sexual encounters.
  5. WellHello – This site was developed for swingers and singles. The site is easy to use and registration is free.

Real-Life Review

I am very disappointed with Xmeets site. I have no positive outcomes and I paid for a month subscription and now I cannot even access the site. Poor customer survice. I would like to be compensated for my monthly charge and 3 token replenishments. Xmeets site is unreal and not very professional. I have close relations with people that may be interested in Xmeets poor activities. I pleased to reimburse my payments, and I am going to force to take action on all means possible. – David Doty

Xmeets Ranking

Xmeets is an average hookup website. Although it has nice features, it is not as popular as other sites because there are many fake members.

How to Unmatch a Member?

Unfortunately, the site does not provide an option to unmatch other members.

Using Xmeets for Hookups

Xmeets was designed for hookups and casual sex.

Using Xmeets for Hookups


Xmeets is an online app for casual sex and hookups. It offers free and paid membership. Free members enjoy limited features while paying members enjoy all the services. Although there is no mobile app, the site is easy to navigate on your computer or Smartphone. This site is good but fake members bring it down.

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