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Transgenderdate Review

Transgenderdate Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-38
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is entirely free for the members who have been verified.
  • The user is allowed complete control of who can contact them and how they can be contacted.
  • It's more than a dating site, offering dedicated services to the transgender community where the members can let out frustrations, celebrate wins, ask questions, and get support.
  • The profiles on Transgenderdate are verified and sufficiently detailed.
  • The site offers extensive communication options such as message boards, chats, blogs, chat rooms, and much more.
  • A member is allowed to create their blogs.
  • The site offers live chats, either video or audio.
  • The customer service is not that efficient, and they can only be contacted via email.
  • The interface is outdated- it lacks an alluring design.
  • The site does not have an app, and users have to log in to websites every time.
  • Users who are not verified get limited access to the site.
  • It takes a long time to be verified, up to 24 hours.
  • It will cost you to remove the ads on the site.

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For over a decade, Transgenderdate continues to provide a reliable platform where transgender people can find love, a date, or even friends. Compared to most sites, Transgenderdate has resulted in thousands of real relationships and marriages. Furthermore, the site understands the risks associated with transgender individuals asking for dates, and Transgenderdate effectively caters to these needs. Here is our in-depth Transgenderdate review!

How Many Languages Does Transgenderdate Support?

The site operates in English, but you can use your browser’s feature to translate to your preferred language.

Who Owns Transgenderdate?

Transgenderdate is a privately owned entity that was founded by James Sky.

So Where is Transgenderdate Based Now?

Currently, Transgenderdate is based in Las Vegas, United States, and this is the same site where operations are run.

When was Transgenderdate Founded?

Transgenderdate was founded in 2007, and it has been in operation since.

Is Transgenderdate Available Worldwide?

Transgenderdate is operational in over 80 countries all around the world, with over 400,000 members.

How Old Should You Be to Register on Transgenderdate?

An individual must be eighteen years and above to sign up on Transgenderdate

Can I Use The App on My Computer?

Unfortunately, Transgender does not have a mobile app, so you cannot use it outside of it. However, you can use your mobile devices to access Transgenderdate.

How Many Members Does Transgenderdate Have Worldwide?

Currently, the site has a worldwide membership of four hundred thousand (400,000) individuals.

Website Design & Usability

The site offers a unique concept coupled with spectacular features. Nonetheless, the website’s interface and design are plain and regular, and it can even be described as boring. Even though it is not alluring, the interface is user-friendly, with neatly arranged information sections. This allows for easier navigation by the users. Many Transgenderdate reviews praise the site for this!

The website adopted the characteristic colors of the transgender communal, pink and blue, and also in the emblem and several controls. Otherwise, the whole thing else remains white color. The fonts on Transgenderdate are small, but they can be customized to fit the members’ requirements.

Which Browsers Support Transgenderdate?

You can easily use the Transgenderdate site from Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

How Do I Use the Camera on Transgenderdate?

Since Transgenderdate is a website, there is no camera feature; instead, you use the one on your device. If a user needs to upload photos onto the site, tap the Manage Photos, and select the Upload Photos option.

Transgenderdate Review

Special Features

According to various Transgenderdate reviews, the site provides a lot of special features for its users, such as advertising, blogs, forums, and mailing. For individuals looking for the best advertising, this size is a remarkable platform. Advertisers can pay a fee to place their ads on search, the home page, mailbox, profiles, and blogs. Furthermore, they offer differently sized banners for ads to suit different advertisement needs.

Unlike most dating sites, users on Transgenderdate get to share their opinions on different matters, given they do not disrupt the Transgenderdate rules. By writing and remark on blogs, users on the platform are allowed more honest interactions while strengthening the community through shared experiences.

The Transgenderdate kind of chatrooms is called Forums, where different people discuss varying topics. A user can link any forum and participate in several as well.

The mailbox feature allows you to send emails on the Transgenderdate website. Furthermore, you can assign pictures to your mails, and easily see whether your mail has been delivered and at what time.


How Does It Work?

To make contact with other people, you can send them friend requests. You can easily start chats on the various platforms offered by the site by answering a question that is on a user’s profile. This Transgenderdate review would like to point put that this is an excellent icebreaker for most users. Also, you can comment on their profiles or blogs directly in their inboxes.

How Can I Message Someone?

You can use several options to contact other people, for instance, chatrooms, instant messenger, forums, or the mailbox.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending messages on Transgenderdate to other uses is entirely free for everyone.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Transgenderdate?

If you are interested in making contact with another user on the platform, you can use the Quick Match feature. Furthermore, you can initiate a conversation by answering a question that is on a user’s profile through the different messaging options offered on the site.

Why Can’t I Access Transgenderdate?

There are several reasons why you might be unable to log into your Transgenderdate account. Judging from many Transgenderdate reviews tackling this question, we can tell that many users (and would-be users) are curious about this. For starters, if the staff deems your profile to be inappropriate, it may be removed. If other members complain about you and you are often reported, your account is removed as well. In addition, your account may be removed if it is not adequately filled out.

How Long are Transgenderdate Bans?

Once a user has been banned from the site, they cannot have access until the admin has checked their account. However, repetitive offenders are permanently banned.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

A user does not have access to their banned account until the moderators have checked it. If it is deemed fit for use, the user receives a verification link.

Is there an Option to Delete Your Transgenderdate Profile?

If you wish to remove your Transgenderdate site profile, there are two ways you can go about it. For one, you can deactivate the profile, hide it from other members, and not be viewed by anyone. This option is convenient for people who need a break from online connection platforms, or they may change their mind later since they can easily log in and reactivate the profile and the account.

Alternatively, closing the account means it will be obliterated, and if the user wants to utilize the Transgenderdate site again, they will be required to generate a new profile.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on Transgenderdate” Option?

The website does not provide that feature, but you can inactivate a profile if you no longer wish people to view it.

Where Do I See My Matches?

To see their matches, users can tap on the notifications icon or the quick match icon to see your sent and mutual matches.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on Transgenderdate?

To see people who have messaged you, click on the inbox icon to display the messages you have received.

Is It Possible to See the Transgenderdate Members Who I Liked?

Any member can see every user that they like as long as they are verified.

What is Transgenderdate’s Spy Mode?

This site does not offer a spy mode, and every user can see who clicked on their profile.

How Do I Edit My Username on Transgenderdate?

This Transgenderdate review has to determine that, unlike most sites, Transgenderdate will not allow an individual to change their usernames. It is only possible if the cause is due to technical malfunctions on the Transgenderdate system. Then, only one solution remains: to generate a different profile through a different email address.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

If the internet connectivity is fine, then it is possible the management erased a profile.

On the Transgenderdate website, you can search for profiles based on age, gender, image only, or the online now options. For more extensive searches, you can apply regional searches if you only want to interact with people within your locality.

Transgenderdate How Does It Work

Sign up Process

The procedure of signing up on Transgenderdate is straight forward, effortless, and fast, and it takes less than a minute. During the registration, the user will be required to fill in their gender, and the options are trans man, trans woman, genetic man, genetic woman, crossdresser/transvestite/androgynous/intersex female, or intersex male.

The next box requires you to fill in what an individual is looking for, and the options are much the same as the ones above. You must type in a username to use on the platform, but ensure you are sure about it as you will be unable to change it once it is setup. Type your preferred email address and the zip code.

Once you have completed filling out these boxes, tap on the register button to create your account. There will be no verification process of any kind at this stage.

How Do I Verify My Email?

When signing up on Transgenderdate, you will not be required to verify your email address.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Unluckily, Transgenderdate does not permit users to create accounts using their Facebook or Google accounts.

How Do I Join Transgenderdate?

The process of joining Transgenderdate is easy and without any hassle, and it will require no kind of verification before a user gains admission to the site. An individual is required to enter their gender, what they are searching for, select a username, type in an email, and zip code, then hit the register button. Successful registrations are redirected to the website immediately.

Can I Use the Site without Signing Up?

Any individual who has not registered on Transgenderdate will not have access to the services that the website provides. In addition, non-registered users are not allowed to view any profiles on the app. To connect or participate in any activity on the app, it’s a necessity for one to be a certified member.

Transgenderdate Sign up Process

Users Profile Quality

It’s not compulsory to thoroughly fill in profile data on Transgenderdate. To get the best perks from the website, a profile must have a photo that’s certified. Else, the user will have limited interaction access with other profiles as they can’t remark on profiles or blogs.

To craft an exclusive touch to your profile, try to insert music. Even though the site does not prompt users to fill out their profiles, most users have detailed profiles. Fill your profile with information regarding relationship status, birth dates, sexuality, religion, body art, living situation, and physical traits.

Anyone can see the profile picture, and the user can easily put questions that will be shown on their profile. This information on your profile can be altered depending on your preference. Picture approval can take as much as twelve hours.

Mobile Applications

Transgenderdate doesn’t offer its services through a mobile application, and all services are rendered from the website. A user has to log into the website to access their Transgenderdate account.

Transgenderdate Users Profile Quality

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

For $25 a month, users can get rid of the ads. Transgenderdate site accepts payment modes such as PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. The website does not offer trial plans, and Coin Plans are not permitted on the website. Even with paid add-ons, users are not mandated to pay anything since the services are cost-free, including messaging.

Free Membership Features

The users can log into the website and use services on Transgenderdate without making any payments. Free services on the plan include no profiles on your ad. An individual can tell when emails have been delivered, access other users’ blogs, and add imagery to their emails.

Is Transgenderdate Free?

Members with certified profiles have completely cost-free VIP connections. Any individual that wishes to join the website can do so without paying. Transgenderdate is a freemium model that offers upgrades for users who want to better the probabilities of getting a match.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Transgenderdate If You’re a Free Member?

Since every feature is free on Transgenderdate, users can see who likes them even if they are using the free model.

Premium Membership Features

It is ad-free, and therefore the members who choose to use the premium model do not have to deal with ads.

Does Transgenderdate Offer Premium Membership?

Transgenderdate offers premium membership to willing users, and it is not mandatory. However, certain features can only be accessed through the VIP membership.

How Do I Cancel My Transgenderdate Membership?

If a user wants to deactivate a premium profile or call off a subscription, all they require to do is tap on their profile section on the main menu and select the account link. If a user activates their subscription via PayPal, they should not forget to cancel on PayPal too.

Is Transgenderdate Membership Auto-Renewed?

All payment subscriptions to the website are recurring; therefore, they auto-renew on a specific day. To stop payments, a user should cancel subscriptions on their profiles.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Once payment has been completed, it cannot be refunded based on unused time.

Is My “Support” to Transgenderdate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes. The subscription is renewed at a certain date of every month unless the user cancels it beforehand.

I’m Not Satisfied with Transgenderdate. Can I Get My Money Back?

The services offered on the website are entirely free, so if users are not happy with the services or experience at Transgenderdate, they can easily deactivate or close their accounts. Subscriptions made to the site are not reversible.

How Will My Transgenderdate Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The card that you indicate to make payments with, either a credit or debit card, is charged from iSky, LLC, and premiumcs.com

Can I Give Support to Other Transgenderdate Members?

Users can do this using prepaid gift cards.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

The website allows monthly support, and a user can annul a subscription at any time.

Transgenderdate Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Is Transgenderdate Really Safe?

To protect the individuals that use the Transgenderdate website, members are required to be verified to confirm their identities. This prevents bullying or abusive behavior.

To authenticate an account, tap on the profile and choose to verify it. The website will issue you with a distinctive code. Please take a picture holding the sign and upload it. However, the picture is not uploaded to your user profile; instead, it is instantaneously erased after the account has been confirmed.

Are Transgenderdate Forums Threads Moderated?

The threads are not moderated, but the username moderate keeps track of people who violate the policies of Transgenderdate. If a user is abusive, hostile, or has bullying tendencies, their account is deleted from the site.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on Transgenderdate?

If users are picky about who they wish to make connections with, they can filter it down to your friends’ list. Tap on the navigation menu, select the mail option, and select on mail configurations. Here, you can modify the emails you receive based on gender, age, what they seek, and the photo.

What Security Features Does Transgenderdate Have?

To discourage fake or dishonest accounts, Transgenderdate verifies accounts based on the pictures uploaded by an individual. A member can upload a maximum of 500 photos on Transgenderdate and can put up five photos at a go. If a user prefers to send their photos privately, they can protect them with an encryption key and send them selectively.

Furthermore, a user cannot upload graphics, photos, or imageries of superstars, which is severely forbidden. Also, one cannot use pet pictures, cartoons, or celebrities on their profile photographs.

Users can only upload and share naked photos if they have been discerned only for friends or confidential. All photos uploaded on the site are subject to consent, which may take as much as twelve hours.

Members with unverified profiles aren’t permitted to remark on profiles and blogs, and they don’t have the right to use messaging platforms.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

The policy on Transgenderdate on abuse is very strict, and all members are advised to report anyone who spams the website or generates an unreceptive atmosphere for the members. To report such a user, you can reach out to the management crew directly or write an email to [email protected]. Users can also reach out to the website’s username referee.

To block a user suspected to be a fraudster is abusive or hostile, go to your Mail configurations on the left sidebar. Scroll until you locate the section where you enter the username you wish to block.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Transgenderdate Account to Solicit Money?

Such accounts are blocked immediately.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your Transgenderdate Account?

Sensitive information should not be posted on your profile, such as your financial details, social security number, place of work, or your home address. A lot of people have access to your profile, including scammers and identity thieves.

Are Transgenderdate Chats Encrypted?

All the information shared via the Transgenderdate website is sent through an SSL connection, and this ensures that it impossible for that individual can intercept messages sent on this platform.

Can Transgenderdate Track You Down?

With an IP address, the website can narrow down a rough estimate of your geographical location, but it lacks the accuracy of street names or blocks.

Can Transgenderdate Be Traced by the Police?

Like most online platforms, users can be traced down using their IP addresses.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on Transgenderdate?

Every query regarding the Transgender website should be forwarded to the usernames representative or reach out to the customer care via [email protected].

Can I Delete the Information that I’ve Already Submitted to Transgenderdate?

Although you cannot change your username on Transgenderdate, users can modify all information they post on their profile.

Are there Fake or Scam Members on Transgenderdate?

As the website is free for everyone, it’s natural, and it attracts fake users or people looking to scam users.

Is Transgenderdate Really Safe?

Contact Information

The company is based in the United States, and you can contact them via

[email protected]



  • Tsdates.com
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • MyTranssexualDate.

Real Life Review

This website is a revolution in the transgender group, and other than provides hookup platforms, members are also allowed to discuss extensive topics and share exposures and life stories. The strict policies against hostility and bullying construct a safe atmosphere for users. Whatever the website puts forward will compensate for how outdated and unattractive the website interface is. Since there are no charges, you can’t avoid the problem of internet fraudsters and trolls.

Is Transgenderdate the Best Dating Site/App?

The dating site has much to put forward, but it can’t be equated to most apps that demand a subscription. For starters, the costless feature makes Transgenderdate accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and thus it is prone to internet trolls and cheats. Nevertheless, Transgenderdate offers an extensive platform for making friends, topic discussions, marketing, and publicizing.

Can I Unmatch a Transgenderdate Member?

If an individual is not interested in a match, they may either unmatch them from your quick match profile or block them.

Is Transgenderdate a Hook-Up App?

In contrast to many dating apps on the internet, Transgenderdate doesn’t qualify as a hookup site. Other than the zero-nudity policy, the services are available to members with profile photos only. This site is meant to cater to the needs of the transgender group in general, foster healthy relationships, and form a platform where transgender people can safely contact and set up dates with other people. Furthermore, the platform has developed forums where members can discuss any topic, whether it is serious or not.


The website is open for every individual, but it might be a beneficial space for individuals curious about topics and aspects of the transgender community, questioning their identity, seeking advice, and looking for a friendly community that offers companions and perspectives.

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