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Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • High ratio of women to men
  • Simple interface
  • Sign up is easy
  • Most features are for paid members
  • Expensive membership
  • Income verification is time-consuming

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Seeking Arrangement is an online dating site for sugar dating that was created in 2006 by Brandon Wade. This is a site where young men and young women get to meet the sugar daddies and sugar mummies who can offer them financial support and mentor. In turn, the sugar babies offer long term or short term companionship to them.

Seeking Arrangement does a fabulous job of providing a safe platform for the kind of relationship this dating site encourages. The concept is very specific still, it is popular with many members worldwide. You can make relationships here on your honest terms as well as upfront. This site is for you if you are successful and want someone young or, on the other hand, young and want to be cared for.

How many languages are there on Seeking Arrangement?

The Seeking Arrangement site and app supports seven languages. They are French, Simplified Chinese, English, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish

Who is the owner of Seeking Arrangement?

Brandon Wade owns Seeking Arrangement, who is its founder. He is an MIT graduate.

Where’s Seeking Arrangement based?

Seeking Arrangement is based out of San Francisco, California.

Seeking Arrangement: When was it founded?

Seeing Arrangement was founded in the year 2006.

Is Seeking Arrangement available globally?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is available for users from across the world.

Minimum age to register on Seeking Arrangement?

You need to be a minimum of 18 years old to create an account on Seeking Arrangement.

Can I use the app on a desktop?

Yes, the Seeking Arrangement app works well on your desktop as well. The functions are almost the same on the computer and the app.

How many users does Seeking Arrangement boast globally?

There are close to 10 million members on this dating site, of which 5.4 lakh members are from the USA.

How many users does Seeking Arrangement boast globally?

Website Usability & Design

The Seeking Arrangement website has a very minimalistic design. The website takes into consideration that sugar daddies and sugar mommies are old, so the website is designed to keep that in mind. It is easy to access all the important features of the website easily. The fonts and icons are large and visible, and the instructions are straightforward. This is why anyone who is not very tech-savvy can also grasp how to use the website in a few minutes.

The website loads at a minimum speed as compared to the app.

Which browsers work with Seeking Arrangement?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer support Seeking Arrangement website.

Is the camera usable on Seeking Arrangement?

You need to use your camera when you do a video chat on Seeking Arrangement. There are no special features of the camera that you need. Only a good webcam or smartphone camera will do.

Special Features Available

Here are some of the unique features of Seeking Arrangement.

  • Let’s Talk Sugar Blog – This blog is owned by the company that discusses various topics on sugar dating.
  • Diamond Membership for Sugar Daddies and Mommas – This is a separate VIP membership for those members who have met some particular criteria. They should have been a premium member for at least two months and passed the background checks.
  • Video Chat allows members who are already in contact with each other to upgrade to a video chat experience.
Special Features Available

How Does It Actually Work?

Seeking Arrangement has extensive features, and its filters let you take control of who you wish to date. It lets the users find one who is of interest. You can search for a match based on his or her location or distance. You can also search for one based on his or her age, hair color, height, drinking habits, smoking, number of children, educational background, and language.

The premium members can scan through profiles based on the net worth, income, ethnicity, relationship, membership status, and body type.

How can I send messages to someone?

You can message someone directly from the results that you get on your search or even add the members to the list of your favorites and show them that you are interested in.

Can a user send messages for free?

Sending messages is free for members who have a verified picture. However, that is limited only to 10 free messages.

How can you start chatting with other users on Seeking Arrangement?

All you need to do is to filter through the profiles and find the person you wish to chat with. You can send them a message directly from the search.

Why can’t I enter Seeking Arrangement?

You may not be able to access your Seeking Arrangement account because:

  • You are wrongly entering your log in details
  • There is some issue with your keyboard
  • You have lost your password
  • There is a repetition of some kind of unauthorized activity from your id
  • There are some technical account issues.

Seeking Arrangement bans: How long are they for?

The ban on Seeking Arrangement is determined based on the severity of the issue. It can also be for a lifetime.

How can I reactivate a banned account?

You need to get in touch with the team at [email protected] and mention your issue and to request to reactivate your account.

Can I delete my Seeking Arrangement profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile on Seeking Arrangement. Just log into your account and click on your username that you can see on the top right-hand corner. Select the settings from the drop-down menu, and towards the bottom of the page, click on delete or deactivate the account link.

What happens if I modify the “Show me on Seeking Arrangement” feature?

You can stay anonymous on Seeking Arrangement. However, you have to upgrade to the premium membership to send messages to other members without your picture.

Where can I see my matches?

The matches can be seen directly when you log into your profile. Alternatively, you can also look for matches yourself by applying various filters for the search.

Is it possible to check who messaged me on Seeking Arrangement?

The details of the member who messaged you would be seen in the chatbox. However, this is only if they have not sent you the message anonymously.

Can I see the Seeking Arrangement users who I liked?

The members can add those whom they liked on their favorite list. This lets them see who all that had liked.

What is the Seeking Arrangement spy mode, really?

The spy mode is where the members can chat with others anonymously. The facility is only available if you are a premium member on Seeking Arrangement.

How can I edit my username on Seeking Arrangement?

You need to click on your profile photo on the top right-hand corner to display the drop-down with your profile’s option. This lets you edit your personal information like your username. Make the changes and then save it.

Why do I find it diffcult to enter the platform?

You may be facing trouble to enter your account on Seeking Arrangement because your account may be suspended. This will not let you use your account, and the other members will not be able to see your profile. Your phots and profile will be saved, and the messages that you receive will be there, but you will not gain access to them till your suspension is reviewed, and you are granted permission to access your account.

How does the Seeking Arrangement Search work?

You can search for members by filtering the criteria based on age, height, etc. However, Seeking Arrangement still does not let you search for members based on their username.

How does the Seeking Arrangement Search work?

Registration Process

You need to input only a few information to be a member of Seeking Arrangement. You have to include your gender, your account type, whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy or mummy. You also have to input your interest in whether you want to connect with men or women.

Once you register, you will be asked how much you would want the sugar daddy or the sugar mummy to spend on you. You will have to input the details of how much your budget is on the sugar baby if you are the sugar daddy or the sugar mummy.

You will have to provide your email address to complete the registration process. There is also an option to create an account with your Facebook id. The college students can use the university email id to sign up, which lets them upgrade their membership to a premium account.

Seeking Arrangement is more of a face to face dating site feature and not an online chatting platform. If you sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram account, then this lets your profile stand out, and you will be rewarded a badge that shows that your account is legitimate. You will also have to upload a photo, and this will be approved first.

How can I verify my email?

Your photos and profile will be verified on Seeking Arrangement. This takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. You need an email id to register, but there is no email verification done.

Does something happen if I register with my Facebook Account?

If you connect your Seeking Arrangement account with your Facebook account, then this lets your profile stand out, and you will get a badge that shall prove your account’s legitimacy.

How can I enter Seeking Arrangement?

To join Seeking Arrangement, you need to create a profile with some basic details. You can also join with your social media account, and college students can use their college email id, which gives them a privilege.

Can I use the platform without registering?

You will need to create a basic account to use the features of Seeking Arrangement, which is compulsory for security reasons.

Users Profile Quality

There is some information that you need to provide to complete your sign up process on Seeking Arrangement. Apart from that, there are other profile fields and text boxes you should fill up to help you stand out from the other website users. These profile fields are optional, and it is not necessary to fill them up, but you should fill them because it helps to increase your site coverage and also gives a boost to your profile.

It is free to upload your pictures on the site, but these are subject to approval. Once your photos get the approval, you are free to hide the album or make your album visible to all. Users are also free to keep only some parts of their profile private. The same can be done about their profile pictures as well. The members on Seeking Arrangement have a public and a private gallery. Also, to gain access to the private gallery of the other users or the private profile, you will have to ask permission to the owner of the profile first.

All your recent activity will be seen on your profile. If you are a premium member, then you can hide this from others.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

Seeking Arrangement has a mobile app that is almost similar to its desktop website. However, it is in demand because it lets you connect with people on the go. The app is designed well, which makes navigation easy. The app has taken all care to understand that there are older people who will be using the app and those who are not very tech-savvy. The images and the fonts are visible, and the layout of the mobile app is very simple. All the other features of the app can be accessed easily from the navigation bar that is present at the bottom.

The app makes use of the GPS to search and to match your profile. The profile does not show the exact location but only matches you to people in your city and country. The app, however, is not available for Apple phone users. You can only download it from Google Play if you have an android phone.

Membership Costs and Payment Methods

  • For premium subscription for successful members – 89.95USD/month
  • For premium subscription for successful members- 3 month is 239.85USD which is 79.95USD/month
  • For diamond membership for successful members – 249.95USD/month
  • For premium subscription for attractive members 19.95 USD/month
  • For premium subscription or attractive members for 3 months, it is 44.85 USD which is 14.95 USD/month

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal account, or through the mobile phone.

Free Membership Features

  • Registration of account
  • Creating profile
  • Searching for matches
  • Using chat services

Is Seeking Arrangement free?

You can become a member of the site and use its basic features without making any payment. However, this is for sugar babies. The sugar daddies and sugar mommies need to be a premium member to use the site’s features.

Can you check if other users like you on Seeking Arrangement, as a free member?

Yes, you can see if someone liked you with a free membership.

Premium Features

  • More options for privacy
  • Can read the receipt message
  • Filter the inbox
  • No ads
  • Using the advanced search filters
  • Inbox filters

Does Seeking Arrangement provide some kind of premium membership?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement does offer a premium membership.

Can I terminate my Seeking Arrangement membership?

Go to the Setting page and click on your username, which can be seen on the top right-hand corner. Click on the payments section on the bottom of the Setting list, and here you will get the Cancel option. You cannot cancel an ongoing subscription but cancel the auto-renewal, which will not let you subscribe once your membership period is over.

Can I terminate my Seeking Arrangement membership?

Is the Seeking Arrangement membership auto-renewed?

The Seeking Arrangement membership gets renewed automatically for the next period of billing unless you cancel the auto-renewal.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

To know anything about refunds, get in touch with the customer help desk at [email protected].

Is my “support” to Seeking Arrangement automatically renewed monthly?

Yes, your support on Seeking Arrangement gets renewed automatically every month if you do not cancel auto-renewal.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the Seeking Arrangement?

For any refunds, get in touch with the customer help desk.

How will my Seeking Arrangement support show up on my credit card statement?

The transaction on Seeking Arrangement appears as W8TECH or 2BUYSAFE on their credit card statement to protect the members’ privacy.

Can I actually send support to other Seeking Arrangement users?

Yes, the sugar daddies and sugar mommies can offer support to the sugar babies.

Can I send support for only one month?

Yes, the sugar daddies and mummies can support the sugar babies for one month.

Can I send support for only one month?

Is Seeking Arrangement Actually Safe?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is safe. It verifies your email id and also does a background check through a third party.

Are Seeking Arrangement Forum threads moderated by someone?

Yes, the threads on Seeking Arrangement are moderated.

Can I filter who can send me messages on Seeking Arrangement?

To block a member from messaging you, you will have to click on the ellipsis or the three dots on the profile of the user. It is next to the favorite button. Then click on the blocked username. Blocking will not allow the members to communicate with you and to see your profile permanently.

What kind of security options does Seeking Arrangement have?

Seeking arrangement is more of a face to face dating site and not for those looking for online dating. You will have to provide your email id for verification and to complete the registration process.

It is better if you use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to create a profile that lets you earn a badge, which shows that you are legitimate.

The photo that you upload has to be yours, and else it does not get approved. Seeking Arrangement has a tie-up with a third-party company called Optimum Screening that does a background check of its members. Seeking Arrangement does not get access to any of the members’ information submitted to the third party for the background checks. However, if the member does not pass the background check, the site will not give you a badge, and if you made any payments to the website, it would not be refunded.

How can I actually block or report a scammer?

If you want to block a member, then this is possible on Seeking Arrangement. Once you block the person, the member will not be able to see your Seeking Arrangement profile, and he or she cannot send you any messages, nor will you contact you on the site.

What happens to a user who uses a Seeking Arrangement Account to request money randomly?

The person who solicits money from Seeking Arrangement will be banned permanently.

What kind of data shouldn’t be posted in your Seeking Arrangement Account?

You should never disclose your contact information and should use a google voice number to maintain privacy. Never share your phone number, email id, or any other personal information on your profile.

Are Seeking Arrangement chats actually encrypted?

The chats are encrypted using SSL technology.

Can Seeking Arrangement really track you down?

It is possible to track you down on Seeking Arrangement, similar to any activity that you do on the internet.

Can Seeking Arrangement be traced by the police?

The police may be able to trace you with your IP details.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Seeking Arrangement?

For any issues regarding your privacy just get in touch with the team on their email id: [email protected]

Can I remove the data that I’ve already submitted to Seeking Arrangement?

Click on the icon of your profile photo. This is on the top right-hand corner. Here you get a drop-down menu. Select on profile and get the drop-down menu. Choose to delete any information that you have already submitted on Seeking Arrangement here.

Are there fake and scam members on Seeking Arrangement?

You are always free to block anyone whom you do not wish to gain access to your profile. If you notice any scammers, then highlight it to the customer help desk team to take the necessary action.

Contact Information

Company – InfoStream Group, Inc

E-Mail – [email protected]

Address – 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89120

Contact Information

Other alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives to Seeking Arrangement:

  • WhatsYourPrice.com.
  • MissTravel.com.
  • SugarDaddy.com.
  • SugarDaddie.com.

Real life review

Even though I was a bit hesitant to meet an older man trying this dating site, it proved to be genuine. The best part about the site was that it lets me be spoiled by an older man and give them my company in return and all this by my own rules. I met a 51-year-old man, and the sugar daddies on Seeking Arrangement are not the dirty older men that you usually hear of. I got to know some really attractive men here who never made me feel uncomfortable. Instead, they also helped me financially to complete my studies.

Is Seeking Arrangement the best dating site or app?

Seeking Arrangement is a dating website for sugar babies and sugar daddies and mommies. The site is a great dating site for those looking out for a casual relationship, and this site operates under the law’s arms.

Is it possible to unmatch a Seeking Arrangement member?

Yes, you are free to block the members on Seeking Arrangement whom you do not want to chat with.

Is Seeking Arrangement a hook-up app?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is a hookup app for sugar babies and sugar mommies and daddies.

Final thoughts

Seeking Arrangement is a safe platform that lets the older men and women meet sugar babies. The site is easy to navigate and has a huge database of members from across the world. Sign up and create an account on seeking Arrangement and try out this site.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site for sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies looking for each other’s company. This is one of the safest sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommies, but make sure to understand before using this website that it is not an escort service site. The platform does strict profile verification; thus, you know that the members are all genuine.

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