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JDate Review

JDate Review
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 691 250
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Very user-friendly website and application
  • You can view the photos of the members for free with the approval of the administrators
  • The price of the premium features is affordable
  • The design is clean and intuitive
  • Can't contact other members on a free membership feature
  • No guarantee of finding an ideal match
  • No Matching feature available concerning profile details

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JDate is established to be probably the largest and best online dating sites designed exclusively for Jewish singles. In 2011, a survey showed that JDate is responsible for 52 percent of successful Jewish marriages found online. You don’t need to be Jewish to join, but it is ideal for those looking for Jewish matches. Non-Jewish members join the website because they tend to get interested in finding a Jewish partner. You can use Jdate for friendship, casual dating, or long term relationships.

How many languages are there on JDate?

JDate has members worldwide, and the user base is mostly from the USA and Israel.

The application supports English, German, Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

Who owns JDate?

JDate is one of the oldest dating applications that appeared in 1997, and Spark networks developed the application in Los Angeles.

So where is JDate based now?

The JDate application headquarters is in Los Angeles now, and its operations are widespread to all the other countries, and the users are mostly based in the USA and Israel.

When was JDate founded?

JDate came into the market in 1997 in Los Angeles, found by Spark Networks. The application is available all over the world with widespread members in five major languages.

Is JDate available worldwide?

JDate is available across all over the globe to all Jewish and Non-Jewish members. The app is majorly used by the USA and Israel members, and it is available in five major languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew.

What’s the minimum age to register on JDate?

The necessary age requirement for registration with JDate is eighteen years. This ensures the members’ safety and security joining their network

Is it possible to use my desktop application?

JDate is available both on desktop and mobile. You can access their official website or download the application for free from the app stores.

How many users does JDate have worldwide?

The services are available for both men and women equally; there is a significantly higher number of women members than male members. There are around 240,000 members from the US. The site visit is estimated to have around 180,000 people every month. There are roughly 50,000 active users weekly, among which 43 % of the users are male members, and the rest 57% are male individuals.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

JDate has a unique, well designed, and stylish interface that is very easy for the members to use. Its cool and appealing interface makes browsing for dates very pleasant. The color code of the website or the application seems attractive and pleasing. This makes the users stay on their platform for a long time. The profile section has highlighted, targeting every member’s viewing pleasure on their network. Though there are limited free features available for the members, other features like matchmaking do their job successfully and make it convenient for them to search for potential partners.

What kind of browsers support JDate?

Almost all the browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc., support the website version of JDate.

How can I use the video camera on JDate?

JDate is an exclusive Jewish dating website that connects Jewish and Non-Jewish people all over the world. You can share text messages, photos, and videos with the other members on the platform. But there is no option of making any video calls on the application. Hence JDate doesn’t support any camera feature.

Special Features

Below are some of the special features of JDate

  • Secret Admiration – The Secret Admirer section in JDate list down the profiles, and you can mark a heart if you like them. JDate will then find out if the other person feels the same way as you. This feature is available for premium members.
  • Kibitz Corner – This feature lets the users answer daily questions and see what others have also answered. In this way, you can find the potential matched based on the answers.
  • JDate Events – This allows the users to meet in person for a date in a relaxed group setting.
How Does JDate Work?

How Does JDate Work?

After signing up with JDate, you might need to answer a few basic questions like all the other dating websites to complete your profile. You can see thousands of profiles over JDate and search for the potential match depending on the interests. There are numerous chat rooms, forums, and My Matches feature that suggests a wide variety of potential dates who stays close to you. You can search through the profiles based on age preference, location, height, interests, etc. Secret Admirer and Kibitoz Corner let you identify the potential matches easily.

How am I able to message someone?

Sending messages to other members on JDate is a premium feature. To message someone on JDate, select the person you want to have a conversation with, click on send a message and start enjoying a chat with them. You can also invite them to a private chat room to discuss common interests topics.

Can I send messages for free?

JDate allows users to send messages and exchange chats and photos. Messaging is a premium feature, and it is available only for those who opt for a paid membership.

How can you chat with someone on JDate?

To start messaging on JDate, Select the person with whom you want to have a conversation. Click on send a message and start enjoying a chat with them. You can invite the users to the private chat room and discuss any common topics of interest.

Why can’t I access JDate?

JDate is available as a website version and application across all over the world. It might not be accessible in a few countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, India, etc., due to the countries’ law and privacy acts.

How lengthy are JDate bans?

JDate security policies are very stringent, and if you misuse the platform and are very offensive to other members, then your account gets banned from the application forever.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

You cannot reactivate the account that gets banned from the JDate platform. This is to ensure that they give utmost importance to the member’s safety and security.

Is there an option to delete your JDate profile?

Simply follow the below steps to remove the profile permanently from the JDate platform.

  • On the upper right corner of the profile page, click the profile photo’s thumbnail.
  • Click on the Account Settings.
  • Choose Profile Display Settings.
  • Select the Permanently Delete Profile button.

For the application version, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the three dots in the corner of the page.
  • Tap Profile Display Settings.
  • Click on the Permanently Delete Profile option.

What will happen if I disable the “Show me on JDate” option?

To browse anonymously across JDate comes for paid subscriptions. If this setting gets activated, other users will not know who visited the profile. Follow the steps below to hide the profile.

  • You can access this option by clicking on the Photo Thumbnail.
  • Select the Profile Display Settings and choose the respective box to hide or un-hide the profile.

On the JDate application, follow these steps to hide others’ profiles.

  • Click on the horizontal lines icon from one of the page’s corners.
  • Select Profile Display Settings and move the toggle switch to hide/unhide your profile from the other members.

Where can I check my matches?

JDate doesn’t involve the traditional way of searching the matches through My Matches. Instead, users can opt for Secret Admirer to either give Thumbs up or Thumbs down if you like the profile or the other way around. You will get a notification if someone likes your profile, and it tends to be a mutual like. Then you can start communicating with them through text chat.

How can I check who sent me messages on JDate?

There is an inbox at the top of the page. The inbox holds all the incoming messages sent by anyone across the JDate platform. You must subscribe to premium membership for reading the messages in your inbox.

Can I see the JDate members whom I liked?

JDate offers a look book where you can see the list of users you liked on their platform. On the Activity page, select the My Likes section to see the list. This will display all the profiles that you have liked over time.

What is JDate’s spy mode?

There is no spy mode feature on JDate. However, you can anonymously browse through the profiles and choose the ideal partners based on your interests.

How can I edit my username in JDate?

To change the username on the JDate platform, follow the below steps.

  • Tap the horizontal menu icon on the top and then click on Display Name/Profile photo.
  • Tap on Edit Profile.
  • Under the Display Name column, Change the name that you want to show on your profile.

Why can’t I access the site?

JDate is accessible to everyone across the globe. You should be able to utilize their services without any issues. If you cannot access it, then there might be any internet connectivity from your end, or the government could have blocked it due to any privacy laws in your country.

Searching for someone on the JDate platform is simple and straightforward. Though the application doesn’t give any fancy filters for finding out the ideal matches, you can search using the basic filters like age, gender, religion, etc.

Sign up Process

Sign up Process

Registration with JDate is simple and easy. It takes less than a minute to register with them – you will just need to fill up the basic details such as user name and password information for signing up. You might also need to fill in the highlights like height, education, and profession. You might have to verify your email id then, which you will receive in seconds. After registering, you can start searching for your ideal match over the network.

How can I verify my email?

After you register with your email id, you will get a verification mail for the account activation. You need to click on the link and get your account activated.

What happens if I actually sign up using my Facebook Account?

JDate doesn’t have the option of registering through the Facebook account. But you can sign up through the mail. This is to ensure that all the personal details are intact and are not pulled into JDate automatically.

How can I join JDate?

You can either join JDate through their website or the Android and iOS applications available on the application stores. You need to be eighteen years old to get registered on their platform.

Can I use the website without registering?

You can’t use JDate without registering with them. This is because the JDate team is very keen on its members’ security. To ensure fewer to no fake profiles in their network, they encourage every member to sign up with them.

Members’ Profile Quality

You can search for the other member’s profile for free through a search filter that indicates the name, age, gender, and location. If the site administrator approves, you can view the members’ photos for free. The site has strict guidelines such that no one can create a fake profile. If any fake profiles are identified, the user accounts automatically get suspended. Your profile gets notified more if you have more photos and information on your profile. You can also change the information on your profile later when needed. The profile pictures are visible to everyone over the network.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The mobile application design is very stylish and very easy to use for its members. It makes browsing of dates very pleasant. The interface is cool and catchy. Though the features are limited for free members, JDate does the job that it guarantees to do so. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Below is the membership price for the JDate application.

VIP Membership

  • 1 Month 59.99 USD
  • 3 Months 134.97 USD
  • 6 Months 179.94 USD

Free Membership Functionalities

Below are some of the free membership features of JDate

  • Registering with JDate.
  • Profile creation.
  • Browsing and searching for members.

Is JDate free?

The application is free to download from the Android and iOS application stores. There are a few basic features that come for free. However, users can buy premium features at a great price.

Can you actually see if anyone likes you on JDate if you don’t pay?

To see whether someone likes you on JDate, you should buy a premium membership.

However, you can choose any one of the membership plans that is available at a fantastic price.

Premium Features

Below are the premium features available in JDate

  • Unlimited messaging with other members.
  • Highlighting the profile.
  • Getting notified if the message has been read.

Does JDate provide premium membership?

JDate offers premium features at a fantastic price. It has lots of features that lets users identify their ideal partners.

How can I cancel my JDate membership?

On the JDate application, follow the below steps to cancel the membership.

  • Click the three dash on the top right corner of the application.
  • Select Account Settings and choose Manage Subscription.
  • Choose Stop subscription that will stop future billing.
  • Select the reason for ending the subscription and click continue and then tap Stop subscription to cancel the membership.

Is JDate membership auto-renewed?

The auto-renewal feature is turned during the subscription purchase of the application. You can turn off the auto-renewal feature anytime before the renewal date. You can turn this off under the Manage Subscription section of Account Settings.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Usually, a refund for the unused time will not occur. You must have a very good reason that needs to be explained thoroughly to the customer support team in order to grant an exception – which rarely happens.

Is my “support” to JDate automatically renewed every month?

Unless and until it is specified explicitly by you, the support to Clover will not involve automatic renewal every month.

I’m actually not satisfied with the JDate. Is it possible to receive my money back?

Although this feature is not available to them, on the positive side, the JDate group wants everyone to have an exceptional experience on the website. Therefore, you are free to tell the customer support representatives what you would like to enjoy, and they will give their best to accommodate you.

How will my JDate support show up on my bill?

The bank documents and the credit or debit card bill will have the JDate account’s details on them.

Can I send support to other JDate members?

Yes, you can send support to other JDate members as well.

Can I actually send support for just a month?

It is entirely your wish to choose the stipulated time for extending time to the other members. You do it just for a month or extend till the time you want it to be. You can also contact the support team regarding the support queries.

Is JDate Really Safe?

Is JDate Really Safe?

JDate uses several security features such as Firewall and Secured Socket Layer and the most updated certificates to ensure that the website’s data is safe without being intruded on by other members outside the network.

Are JDate Forums threads moderated?

JDate has an entire team of moderators who work day and night to ensure that no sensitive information is posted in the forums. In addition to this, discrimination is not allowed.

How do I filter who can send me a message on JDate?

There’s no specific feature to actually filter out who can send you a message on JDate. However, you can ignore your profile from specific members so that they won’t be able to identify and message you.

What kind of security features does JDate have?

Like many other applications, JDate also boasts a “Report” option. JDate also offers the renowned “Block” option to restrict the members from messaging you. They employ SSL & TLS protocols for everything related to the data and the server.

How do I block or report a scammer?

Just go to their profile and click on the “Block” or “Report” button there. This will ensure you don’t receive messages from them anymore.

What happens to a user who uses a JDate Account to ask for money?

Since this is against the Terms and Conditions of JDate, their account will be suspended permanently.

What kind of information shouldn’t be posted in your JDate Account?

Although JDate is extremely secure and safe, you never know what kind of people see your profile. It’s better not to post anything related to your home address, passwords, bank accounts, or even your real phone number.

Are JDate chats encrypted?

JDate uses all the latest technologies like SSL, the chats over the network are encrypted for the application’s security

Can JDate track you down?

Clover can actually find you if you activate the location to search for the people over their network.

Can JDate be traced by the authorities?

For any kind of investigation, police might actually track the profiles down on any special circumstances.

Who can I talk to for questions regarding my JDate privacy?

Just send a message to the customer support team. They will help you with everything you need.

Can I actually delete the info that I’ve submitted to JDate?

You can easily delete the data submitted to JDate using the “Delete” option available under “My Settings.”

Are there scam or fake members on JDate?

Due to the wide range of users worldwide, JDate has some fake profiles, but the customer support team makes sure to eradicate them now and then.

Contact Info

Company: Spark Network

Email: [email protected]

Phone-Hotline: 1-877-453-3861

Address: 11150 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 600 | Los Angeles, CA 90025


Several other applications follow that have the same features as JDate. Some of them are Jswipe and Elite Singles.

Real life review

Real life review

I have been looking for a Jewish partner for a long time through several dating applications. I either ended up on the wrong platform or fail to find the right one of my choice. But JDate turned my life completely in the other way. I met Howard on JDate, and we started dating after having many common interests. We started liking each other, and now we are getting married soon. JDate is a wonderful site for people like me looking for some serious and long term relationships. – Jade,26

Is JDate the best dating site/app?

JDate is one of the best websites for casual dating, friendship, or long-term relationships.

Can I unmatch an JDate member?

You cannot unmatch anyone in JDate, but you can use the swipe left feature to ignore the suggestions.

Is JDate a hook-up app?

JDate is not a hook-up site but for those who are looking for casual dating, friendship, or a long term relationship. JDate is one of the best platforms for some serious and long term relationships.


JDate is one of the best platforms for some serious relationships. It is an exclusive platform for the Jewish and non-Jewish as well. A survey states that around 55 percent of the total population in JDate got benefitted. Most of them are in a relationship for a long time, and some people got hitched. JDate has got a vast population with a decent and genuine group of people. There are various features available in JDate that no one could have ever imagined on any dating platform. Their features are exclusive and always stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking about a long term relationship, then JDate is the right destination for you.

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