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Hookup Review

Hookup Review
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 78 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Lets people explore sex in many different ways
  • Testing out different kinds of relationships
  • Traditional Relationship is harder to explore here
  • For amateurs, hookup culture can be destructive
  • Personal barriers might be crossed

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If the devil is in the details, then “Hookup” is the app you should be downloading. The good news is that it won’t get you terminated if your supervisor sees it. You’re welcomed with a vague image of a great couple. What makes the Hookup website particularly incredible for discovering random flings with strangers is the well-designed search options. If you lack the persistence to get rid of matches that are not your type and are too committed, a fast hunt on the app will make you the happiest person.

Languages Supported

The Hookup website has its terms, privacy policies, and interactive interface written in English. There is, however, no limitation to the users who still appreciate its admission of people of all types and cultures.

Hookup Owner

Roman Vit is the owner and founder, designing the app after years of developing other android apps and taking courses in the social sciences. It was an ingenious plan that even now works for most of the users.

Hookup Owner

Hookup Offices

The offices are located in Ukraine, Lviv. The company owns servers across the globe and transmits too many deserving clients.

Founding Year

The site was created in 2015 with a great reception by both android and iPhone users for its amazing features. The hookup culture was awakened and had found another place that catered to their needs. Hookup reviews were positive, and its future was worth looking forward to.

Availability Worldwide

Many Hookup reviews noted many other single clients come from Asia, Europe, and South Africa. Its expansiveness is by far its most excellent resource, adding to the number of members.

Explicit pictures, recordings, information, or sounds could be mentally damaging to minors. Those falling under the age of 18 are not allowed on the site.

Computer Usability

It is convenient how the dating site exists in both smartphones and desktop versions. It’s so easy to sign up on the desktop app. Navigation through the desktop version is by far more relaxed than the app itself.

Number of Members Worldwide

Each month, Hookup sees around 250,000 individuals gather to get their fair share of meet-ups and encounters. It has boasted a 56% expansion in rush hour guests in recent years.

But with hookup apps, there’s always a catch. Especially knowing that a restricted client base implies that the odds of meeting somebody are slim. It is harder if you’re looking for genuine encounters from people within your vicinity, unlike most other apps. The good thing is that no judgments come upon the Hookup website zone. Proudly do what you want to do with whoever you want to do it. And especially in whatever way you want to do it. Be kinky!

The site keeps on developing its traffic monthly and has significant potential if it invests in getting some genuine clients. But until that responsibility kicks into the creators, Hookup continues to be a pitiful mix of dormant and contaminated.

Website Design & Usability

Dating websites with cheap tricks get you signing up by tossing links in your face. The Hookup reviews are good on this part. They do have a few ads to keep them afloat, but it’s only because of the absence of highlights. They promise not to let you walk down a path of advertisements that will be difficult to get rid of.

To be honest, the Hookup website has around two main features, and instant messaging isn’t even including. If you’re a chatty person, this site will be exhausting to use.

Website Design & Usability

Browsers Supporting Hookup

A Hookup Review led us to the discovery that most internet browsers can work through the site effortlessly.

Camera Functionality

The camera option can access your pictures and videos and helps you create a beautiful profile.

The most exceptional advice you can take is to attract your potential mates with a sexy profile picture. That’s usually the biggest boss move you can make here.

Special Features

The “Hookups” Bar – Here, it gives you somebody’s profile picture and asks if you would like to connect with them. More than that, it discloses the potential date’s physical and emotional inclinations. Afterward, it requests that you decide whether yes, no, or skip.

Hookup Guarantee Offer – A free 3-month expansion to a current 3-month or yearly participation in your subscription. The catch is that it’s only available to first-time individuals from Hookup who:

  • Join and pay for (3) back to back months, either in a 3-month or year plan;
  • Consistently adhere with Hookup’s Terms and Conditions; and
  • Fill up their profile with any pleasant and verified photo
  • Sign in anytime.

Video Chat – Just displays who you like, you’ll be given a catalog of individuals who are currently online and prepared to video talk or have some digital sex. These photos and profiles are essentially more naughty than those seen at first on registration.

Profile Similarity Rankings – Matches are shown in a rated list of those most compatible with those who are the least deserving of your precious time.

Special Features

How Hookup Works

The algorithm that sets up people on the Hookup website depends on your responses to inquiries regarding your sexual experiences, including obsessions. It’s sometimes not hard for individuals to lie about how “sensual” they are or misrepresent how kinky they are. But we don’t imagine that Hookup is successfully encouraging a truly emotional relationship.


When you tap on a match, their profile will give you a huge amount of data about them. Of all our Hookup reviews, this is the most beautiful feature it has for a hookup site. Answers to questions like what arouses that person, how their closest pals would depict the person in question, what the person is searching for in a partner, and more information is shown.

Free Messaging

You will have the option to interact with your match. The chatting option is found at the top of the website and is easy to use. Be as honest as possible on the app, and you’ll be hooking up quicker than rabbits on vacation.

Chatting with Members

In case you’re too anxious even to consider messaging, first, you can send an inbuilt teasing text to start the conversation.

Hookup will even give you a similarity rating for both sex and relationship compatibility in light of how both of you responded to surveys concerning your preferences, red flags, and turn-ons. They additionally gauge how well both of you would get along as a couple. It was quite a difficult task pinning down how the calculation functions, but still, it’s a pleasant opinion.

Accessing Hookup

By registering for their service, you agree that they may end the privilege of your access to the service. Hookup reviews profiles and may promptly deactivate or erase your record, as well as bar any further access to the service if you do not adhere to their terms.

Length of Bans

To serve the whole group of Hookup clients and to maintain community security, the Hookup website has a couple of required rules for its users. It would be ideal if you understood that Hookup maintains whatever authority needed to change or stop your entrance to the Service for all time because of any participation in abusing these terms

Reactivating Your Banned Account

You agree that Hookup will not be obligated to you or any outsider for any end of your subscription to the Service. However, you may try reaching out to them via their support page.

Deleting Your Profile

As you press the ‘delete account’ button on the settings page, your information is scrubbed from their servers. You may choose to request this information downloaded back to your email before deleting everything.

Disabling The “Show Me on Hookup” Option

This feature removes you from the user card stack as the other profiles swipe away. This might be bad for you if you’re searching for a good match, but you will still be able to message your existing matches.

Seeing Your Matches

The Hookup website displays the matches as a notification in the chatting section when a new hookup partner is found. It will be your chance to holler at them or ignore them if they just aren’t doing it for you sensually.

Seeing Your Messages

The app has a 72% reply rate, and that’s quite convenient when you’re feeling lonely and in need of a hookup option. The messages are available for free, and seeing them is effortless.

Ability to See Who You Like

The app gets away with a lot because it works well for hooking up, and it lets you see whoever is genuinely interested in you.

Spy Mode

Hookup reviews describe the spy mode as an element that’s just accessible for Premium profiles. Spy Mode implies going private. The ‘Private Mode’ conceals you from being found by profiles you might never want to hook up with. You will stay noticeable to those you have much in common with. Plus, the individuals who have chosen to interact with you.

Editing Your Username

On the left side of the screen is a profile page where you can press on the ‘pen’ button under username to change your username. There is no restriction as to the number of times you can do this.

Difficulty Entering the Site

The most annoying thing that usually happens is that, after you join, they send you directly to the subscription choices page. They aren’t shy about serving you pop-ups and diversions to make it hard to explore other options.

Search Options

No matter how you want to access the site, there are filtering options available to you. You can ‘hunt’ the particular people with certain attributes you want to meet by using the search highlight. All the same, because the matches are built around an algorithm based on the profile, you might end up being recommended the same type of partners.

Sign up Process

Like any other Hookup website, making an impressive profile requires information like your sexual orientation and which sex you’re keen on interacting with, your age, your postal district, and what you’re searching for on the site.

Your choices might be around the realm of friends with benefits, easygoing experiences, random flirtations, dating, online fun, or finding friends to party with. Most of these choices are vague, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Sign up Process

Verifying Your Email

A verification link will be sent to your email address for confirmation. Hookup reviews these codes to ensure bots are kept off the site. We guarantee that it is simple and flawless to follow the link and verify it.

Registering Using Facebook Account

This is the most smooth way of signing up. The Hookup website will no longer send you a confirmation code, and you can pick pictures from your Facebook account. And it doesn’t post on your behalf, which would be an infringement of privacy.

Joining Hookup

You can visit the Hookup website and start on the sign-in page. You may also download the app on google play or the Appstore to get started.

Using the Site without Signing Up

You might find it hard to use the site without signing up. This is to protect the community from unverified bots and potential spammers.

Users Profile Quality

Profiles in Hookup review your “About me” segment. Knowing this, you can take advantage of the algorithm. Express your physical highlights, occupation, zodiac sign, pet love, and hobbies. The sky’s the limit. Give the other profiles just a taste of who you are, deeper insights concerning yourself, and what you’re searching for in a partner. Let your answers be lengthier for a chance at getting the best Hookup matches with whom you share more in common.

Having a profile spot devoted to what you’re searching for is incredible — you’ll promptly get the chance to perceive how far every client is eager to go, and goals will no longer get stirred up.

Mobile Applications

Get moving with a Hookup website that’s in the palm of your hands. Search, talk, and check your messages in a flash. From iPhone to Android, Hookup have you secured. Connecting is a swipe and a tap away. The dating site requires an Android 5.0 version and up.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Honestly, like some dating sites out there, Hookup uses ads for revenue if you are a basic subscriber. Trust me, the “hot MILFs in your general vicinity” vibes will be popping up more than often. You’ll need to surrender some coin if you need to do anything — including seeing messages.

A year-long gold enrollment (to see everything the site brings to the table) is $9.99/month, a quarter of a year is $22.99/month, and one month is $34.99.

Free Membership Features

Perhaps there’s an advantage to Hookup’s absence of useful features: It gest most individuals to really put energy into their profiles, answer questions mindfully, and put their face as their profile picture. It nearly makes you believe that Hookup profiles pay attention to things better than other excessively tasteless sites. The calmer methodology of Hookup may be speaking to specific clients who prefer less mind-numbing highlights.

Free Hookup

Before you register, just know that you might be bombarded with vulgar ads. The website is free to use, so they have to use many ads to keep the place up and run.

Seeing Likes as a Free Member

With its simplified portfolio, Hookup reviews profiles and matches them up, and yes, members have the privilege of knowing who liked them.

Premium Membership Features

The premium package comes without advertisement, gives you a broader field of potential hookups, and permits you to message anybody. You also get the opportunity to customize your preferences and see who liked you.

Premium Membership

Upgrading your status to premium gives you faster replies and a bigger success rate in the hookup scene. As noticed by many Hookup reviews, it elevates your dating experience with a package that includes more services and less explicit advertisements.

Canceling Membership

You are allowed to stop your membership whenever you want. When termination is demanded, your payment will not be automatically renewed, and access will be discontinued on the expiration date.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Subscribers will be automatically renewed for a term equal to the original term upon expiration of the present term unless they terminate the membership online before the renewal date.

Refund for Unused Time

Refunds will be given only under certain conditions and only after their clientele services have done an in-depth investigation using all data at its disposal.

Support Auto-Renewal

The profile owner gets to choose how their finances are spent, and their support isn’t auto-renewed.

Refunds with Unsatisfaction

Some scenarios may lead to you being refunded

  • Persisting technical problems originating with the Hookup service that have been reported but not yet solved.
  • Arising issues with interactions with other users of the service.
Support Auto-Renewal

Credit Card Bill

Payment must be made by a major credit card, checking account, or phone charge accepted by Hookup’s payment process. If Hookup does not receive payment from the credit card issuer or its agent, you agree to pay all due upon Hookup’s demand.

Supporting Other Hookup Members

Supporting other Hookup members is off the table for now. Since it is continually being updated, we see no reason it won’t be included in the future.

Sending Monthly Support

That’s not possible under any circumstances.

Hookup Safety

By registering with the Hookup website, you agree not to use it to send “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” or unsolicited mass distribution of files or images.

Forum Thread Moderation

Hookup is not the slightest bit answerable for any unapproved access or utilization of the site or administration by rowdy members.

Filtering Messages

People dread using a dating site that has tricksters lurking within despite many good hookup reviews. They could trick you into sending an excessive amount of money to them. Make sure to read the security terms before continuing

Security Features

Reporting suspicious profiles is available for all. For explicit Hookup security tips, you can generally check the site’s safety page. Ensure to use a VPN while browsing to protect your data.

Blocking and Reporting a Suspected Scammer

Many people’s biggest fear of using a dating site is being scammed. It could be the type of scam where you send too much cash to your match or the kind of fraud from within the website that puts your computer’s security or your credit card info at risk.

Financial Solicitors

Hookup website is allowed to disclose that individual’s information to the law. This is especially so when they believe disclosure is fitting in efforts to investigate and prevent criminal behavior, suspected extortion, or other bad behavior.

Information not to Post

Any data content that is unlawful, derogatory, oppressive, or compromising that attacks the privileges of protection or exposure of any individual.

Chat Encryption

Spying on information streaming on any non-HTTPS association is just about as simple as listening in on your friend’s call.

Using A VPN can help hide your IP address, making it impossible for somebody on the opposite end to know who’s truly on the webpage.

Hookup and Client Tracking

Deeper Hookup reviews reveal that this site tracks site activity data such as login times. They use the data to differentiate fake profiles or deceitful actions on the site.

Hookup and The Police?

In instances of improper, deceitful, or illicit use of the Service, Hookup reviews your profile and may report you to law administrators for action.

Privacy Inquiries

If it’s not too much trouble, inform Hookup quickly of any unapproved utilization of your password or account. Hookup representatives will never request your secret phrase anytime.

Privacy Inquiries

Deleting Submitted Information

Avoid any communication, including, in whole or in part, any personally identifiable information such as email addresses, bank account information, phone numbers, physical addresses, or real names) on public areas of the website.

Fakers and Scammers

Scammers are all over, and the app most definitely creates their phony records to entice desperate users. They usually look like the most sizzling individual on the Hookup website, but they don’t exist, and you won’t meet them face to face.

Contact Information

For any support, you may contact:

  • romanvit13@gmail.com
  • Ukraine, Lviv, 27000


  • FreeSnapMilfs.com,
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Beyondages.

Real Life Review

“The Hookup app is pretty useful if you just want to have some fun, like I did. But if you’re looking for something more, then you need to try something else” – Rosa.

Dating App Ranking

It only does not have the highlights that would make clients need to invest a great deal of energy on the site. Hookup sort of just gives you a catalog of pictures and leaves people hanging, searching on their own.


It is possible to unmatch with someone else if you find them not to be of your preference. This helps keep your algorithm in check and provides better matches.

The Hookup App

The makers unquestionably weren’t trying to play around with a name like Hookup. Feeling like being naughty, bravo for not even trying to hide it. Like hell yeah, get some.


The hookup website is for you whether you’re newly out of a relationship and need to go wild or be spontaneous. There’s no space for judgment here. Sign up, and explore all they have to offer.

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