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Eris Review

Eris Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 975 600
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free access to all the website's members.
  • Eris provides an automated translation feature.
  • The travel and meeting request enables you to find a member based in the city you wish to travel to.
  • Scammers' activity is minimized on this dating site because of Eris's photo and email verification feature.
  • The connection can be made with people based far away, which means that having a real date may not always be feasible at times.

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Eris is an international dating platform and can be accessed from any part of the world. The matches here are based on an algorithm, and Eris also offers tips on building relationships with the members on the website. The main idea of creating Eris was to make international dating feasible and exciting. It also lets the members be able to make long and committed relationships without fearing long-distance relationship pressure. The easy accessibility of the site and the travel feature helps members feel comfortable and locate their soulmate with just a few clicks. Eris dating platform is a blend of social media and online dating sites.

What Are the Languages Supported on Eris?

Eris supports all international languages. The dating platform automatically translates the language. This lets you chat with a member who is located anywhere globally and regardless of which language he or she speaks.

Who Is the Owner of Eris?

Eris is owned by Mehmet Ali Kara.

Where Is Eris Currently Located?

Eris is based in Ukraine.

What Was Eris’s Year of Foundation?

What Was Eris's Year of Foundation?

Eris was launched in the year 2018.

In What Countries Is Eris Available?

Eris is based worldwide. The website is popular in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany, and there are also members from across the world.

In What Countries Is Eris Available?

Eris is based worldwide. The website is popular in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany, and there are also members from across the world.

What Is the Minimum Age to Become Registered on Eris?

You should be over 18 years of age to use Eris.

Is It Possible to Use the App via a Personal Computer?

Yes, you can use Eris dating using an app or via your computer. The computer version is basically for those who are old-school and like to use a bigger screen. The web and the app version of Eris dating have similar features.

How Many People Are Registered on Eris Globally?

Eris dating is available worldwide, and this means that its member base is vast. The platform sees around 165 unique visitors each day and gets almost 500 views on each page.

Website Design and Usability

Eris dating has a website as well as a mobile app. The website design is modern, and the interface is user-friendly.

The dating site is neat and gives you all the information that you want about using the site. Whether it is their contact details, terms and conditions, about them or any other information about the site, you can access it from the homepage. On the Eris dating site, all you need to do is choose the navigation tab and read all the details. The platform gives a mix of a social dating site and an online site. The technology of the website is robust, and it lets members filter other users with ease. Navigation on the site is also seamless.

Which Browsers Can You Use to Access Eris?

Eris is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other reputed browsers.

Is it Possible to Use the Camera on Eris?

You do not need any special settings to use your camera on Eris. Just start your webcam if you are using Eric on your computer. Use your mobile phone camera to video chat with other members on Eris.

Special Features

Eris dating stands out for the special features that it offers:

  • Live streaming — This allows broadcasting for several users who can all join the chat and then have a good time with each other.
  • Travel and Meeting Requests — Wherever you wish to go, make sure that someone is already waiting for you. The travel and meeting request feature can help to arrange for a meeting before you visit the place.
  • Recording and Sending Webcam Messages — You can record and send your webcam messages online to other members. There is no limit on the number of messages or recordings that you can post.
  • Gifts — This makes communication even unique. You are free to send out gifts to someone you find unique on the Eris dating site, which will get you noticed.
  • Absolutely No Charges — The services on Eris come absolutely for free. You can use its features without paying anything. There are no secret or any hidden charges on Eris dating.
  • Functioning Map — This is a function that lets you show your location on Google Maps. It also enables you to track down the position of other users.
  • Recommendations Set — The set gives you ideas on what you should do to end up in a strong relationship with the members you meet on Eris. It also highlights why you failed in the previous attempts.

Eris lets you display pictures without you sharing your screen with the other users. This is a fantastic feature that makes Eris stand apart from the rest. It makes it a secure platform to use that does not let the members show their photos to other people they have not met.

How Does the Service Operate?

How Does the Service Operate?

Eris dating is based on a straightforward idea. It helps to connect two people who are looking for a long-term and committed relationship. After a user signs up on Eris, he gets a feeling of entering a social media platform. You can see the profiles and a lot of advice right on the front page. All you have to do is choose the best means of communication and get started with online dating on Eris.

Eric dating website searches for options for you. There are two options available. You can choose to go with the picks based on Eris dating automatic algorithm. Alternatively, you may select one of the criteria for sorting to select a partner. This will be based on what the partner attracts you the most. Random Peer Webcam Search is one more option that lets you start communicating using the webcam with people who are online and ready to chat.

How Can One Message Other Users?

There are various ways to message or communicate with other members on the Eris dating app. You can send them unlimited text messages. You can do live streaming, send video chats, send gifts, express your interest in travel, or meet requests and post on the forums. These options clearly show that messaging and other ways of communication on Eris are possible through various means.

Does Sending Messages Involve Paying Anything?

No, it is free to send unlimited messages to other users on the Eris dating site.

How Can One Start Communication on Eris?

To message someone, all you need to do is to visit the person’s profile. If the person is online and ready for a chat, start messaging with him or her.

Why Is It Not Possible to Access Eris?

If you have breached any part of the agreement as stated by the Eris website, chances are that your account has been banned. This could be the reason why you are unable to access your Eris account. You might also have an Internet connectivity issue, make sure to check it. An inability to enter the website can also be due to an incorrect username and password. Check your credentials before proceeding further.

What Is the Duration of Eris Bans?

Eris’s bans can last for an indefinite period depending on the severity of your crime committed on the site.

How Can One Reactivate Personal Banned Account?

To reactivate your account, get in touch with the support team on [email protected].

Is It Possible to Delete Personal Eris Profile?

Once you have started using the dating site and have found a relationship online, you can delete your profile on Eris. To deactivate your Eris profile, all you need to do is navigate to the account settings page. This page can be found on the top left-hand side menu. There you can see a deactivation button, and you get a checkbox. You should click on it if you wish to disable your account. Your profile will be hidden from other user and be removed from all searches and filters. The best part about Eris is that if you wish to reactivate your account in the future, you can do so again. Just make sure that you remember all your credentials.

What Happens if One Disables the “Show Me on Eris” Option?

If you deactivate your account on Eris, you will not be seen on the search or through any filters.

Where Can One See Their Matches?

You can see all you matches when you log into your account on the Eris dating platform and click on the “Find People” tab.

Is It Possible to See Who Messaged a User on Eris?

Is It Possible to See Who Messaged a User on Eris?

All the messages that you get from other members on Eris will be integrated into the chat window. Even if you were not online and someone sent you a message, you can get the message and be notified when you log in. You can also click on the messages link on the top menu. You can see all the messages you have sent to other members or received from other members.

Is It Possible to See the Eris Members Who One Liked?

You can see all the members that you have liked on Eris.

What Is Eris’s Incognito Mode?

The spy mode lets you stay anonymous until you are comfortable enough sharing your details with other members.

How Can One Edit Personal Username on Eris?

To edit your username, all that you need to do is click on the Profile tab. Click on the option “Edit My Profile” that can be seen in the top right-hand corner. There you will see an option to edit your username.

Why Are There Any Difficulties Entering the Site?

It could be that the website is having a downtime. Your Internet may be slow, or it could be that your account has been temporarily banned.

What Are the Search Options on Eris?

The search options on Eris are robust and practical. You can find Eris’s right person simply by letting the algorithm search for random matches for you based on your profile. Alternatively, you can search for the right person based on location, interest, gender, or age.

Registration Process

Signing up on Eris dating is absolutely for free. The sign-up process on the site is simple, and you have two options there. You can use your Facebook account to register or create an account using a valid email ID and a password. The entire process from the start to the end takes only 15 minutes or even less. To register, visit the sign-up page and enter some details about yourself. You will also have to make an identification of your gender. You will then have to enter an email address and password and choose a username. You have to keep the username expressive and fun. The other things to enter are your age and location. You are now free to start using Eris. If you sign up using Facebook, all your details get imported automatically.

How Can One Verify Personal Email?

Eris dating does an email verification of all its members who wish to register without linking their accounts with Facebook. The email verification is a crucial step, as it ensures safety on the dating site. If you have registered with a fake email ID, you will not be able to continue with registration.

Is It Possible to Register Using a Personal Facebook Account?

You are free to register on Eris with your Facebook account. This will allow you to import some of your details from Facebook automatically. Rest assured that none of your activities on Eris will be posted on your Facebook feed.

How Can One Join Eris?

Joining Eris is simple. You can join the dating site with your email ID or using your Facebook account. The process is straightforward, and once your email ID and your photos are verified, you are all set to use this dating site.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

You must sign up on Eris dating before you start to use its features. This is because the dating site wants to keep away any fake accounts and scammers, thus, signing up is compulsory.

Users’ Profile Quality

Users' Profile Quality

The Eris dating site has members from across the globe, which means that you can meet your partner of choice here. The profiles are detailed, and the dating site specifically encourages members to upload as many photos as possible. This lets you have a good look at the service’s members and then decide whether to approach them.

The major part of your profile is questions provided by Eris. The questions should be answered carefully because the Eris algorithm will be able to match you with partners online through your answers. The more detailed they are, the better Eris will be able to match you. It also increases your chances of getting more messages, clicks, and likes. Most of the profiles are created with a lot of effort because Eris’s detailed profiles do pay off.

Mobile Applications

Originally Eris started as a mobile app. This makes it a flexible and an all-time dating facility which is available through the Eris dating mobile app. You can carry out many functions like video conferences, live chat, messaging, etc. using your mobile. The Android operating system supports Eris dating, but it is soon going to welcome iOS as well. Speaking about navigation, it is easy to browse through the mobile app and use its features list with the click of a few buttons.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Eris is not one of those dating sites that first advertise themselves as free and then start to charge their clients. It lets its users access all the site features absolutely for free. Eris does not ask for any credit card details. There are no hidden fees on this service. You are free to access any of its features and communicate with the other Eris members once both of you are ready to take your relationship offline.

Free Membership Features

Eris provides you with many features. The thing about Eris dating is that all its features can be used for free. The entire dating experience starts from downloading the app, signing up on the site, video and text chats, live streaming, and using all the special features free of charge. That is right, you get to use all the above features as much as you want without paying anything! All members on this dating site are privileged, and each has an equal opportunity to find true love on the Eris dating.

Does Eris Charge Anything?

Eris is a completely free service. Keep away your credit card and start looking for love here.

Can One See if Somebody Likes Them Being an Eris Free Member?

Yes, you can see who liked you on Eris if you are a free member.

Premium Membership Features

Eris offers all its features for free, so you do not need to be a premium member to use them.

Does Eris Have Premium Membership?

There is no premium membership on Eris online dating site or app.

Is It Possible to Cancel Own Eris Membership?

Eris does not have a paid membership option, nor does it offer any subscription plans. You do not have to enter your credit card details at any stage here. Thus, you do not have to worry about deactivating your membership account on Eris.

Is There an Auto-Renew Option for Eris Membership?

Eris does not charge you any money to use the site, so there is no auto-renewal option. You can use the dating app for free as much as you want.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Since Eris does not charge anything to use its services, it is not possible to receive a refund.

Is a Membership on Eris Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Eris does not ask for any support to use the dating site to gain access to its features.

In Case of Dissatisfaction With Eris, Is It Possible to Get the Money Back?

In Case of Dissatisfaction With Eris, Is It Possible to Get the Money Back?

Eris does not charge you anything to use the site. However, if there are any features that you do not like or want to give feedback, make sure to drop an email to the help desk at [email protected].

How Will a Subscription to Eris Appear on One’s Credit Card Bill?

Eris does not ask, nor does it charge your credit card to use any of its features.

Can One Pay for Other Eris Members?

Eris is completely free, so you do not need to worry about supporting any member here.

Is It Possible to Support the Service Monthly?

Eris does not ask for any support to use its features or the site itself.

Is Eris a Safe Service?

Eris is a completely safe dating site, and you can sign up and use it without any doubts in mind. From email verification to photo verification, they have strict policies in place. This ensures that you do not face any security threats when using the site.

Who Moderates Eris Forum Threads?

The threads are mostly monitored on Eris by the moderators. There is strict action taken against any suspicious activities on the site.

How Can One Filter Who Can Message Them on Eris?

You are free to ignore any member whom you do not wish to chat with on Eris. Just go to their profile and block the member. If you want ever to unblock that member, you can go to their profile and select “Unblock”. The user will not know that you have ignored them.

What Security Measures Does does Eris Utilize?

Eris has a strong reputation for being a secure and reliable company. Users do not have to worry about anything here. There is no threat of scammers. There will be no leak of your information to a third party when you are using this dating site.

To maintain its position as one of the safest dating sites, Eris has a rigorous email verification policy. In case you try to register with a fake ID, you will be automatically caught and will not be able to proceed with account creation.

The site also makes its users verify their photographs. Doing so works by taking their user’s photos in real-time from the smartphone. It helps the website detect any suspicious activities in your profile.

How Can One Block and Report a Potential Scammer?

If you find someone who is a scammer and wish to block them, you can get rid of them by visiting their profile and blocking them.

What Will Happen to a User Who Uses an Eris Account to Ask for Money?

If a member tries to solicit money from a member on Eris, they will be banned permanently.

Which Information Is Not to Be Posted in One’s Eris Account?

Do not post any personal information on your Eris account. This includes your address, credit card details, etc.

Is There Any Sort of Encryption for Eris Chats?

While there is no information about data encryption, the website team does their best to make sure that the chats on Eris are moderated.

Can Eris Track Its Users Down?

It is not possible to track you down just with your Eric account details.

Can the Police Trace Eris?

Are There Any Fake or Scam Users on Eris?

The police will not be able to trace you down through your Eris ID and password, as no information is shared with third parties.

Who Should One Contact in Case of Any Questions Regarding One’s Privacy on Eris?

If you face any issues with your privacy, get in touch with the team at [email protected]. They will resolve all your queries in no time.

Can One Delete the Information That Has Already Been Submitted to Eris?

You are free to edit any information that you have provided on Eris. Just visit your profile section and choose the “Edit” option. It lets you edit or delete any of the information that you have submitted on Eris.

Are There Any Fake or Scam Users on Eris?

Eris has a strict verification policy which is used to make sure that there are no scammers and fake accounts. However, there could be scammers that may have crept in. It is always best that you stay vigilant and report to the admin if you notice any fake accounts on Eris.

Contact Information


Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, Building 3

01133, Kiev, Ukraine

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Websites similar to Eris include:

  • Match.com,
  • EliteSingles,
  • Eharmony,
  • Zoosk.

User review

“I tried out Eris for dating, and it is one of the best online dating sites that I have used to date! It gave me an international dating experience with no language barriers. The app and the website are straightforward to use, and there is no lack of choices. And the best part about Eris is that it offers many unique features for free!” — Carol, 27

Can Eris Be Considered as the Best Dating Service?

Eris undoubtedly is one of the best online dating sites.

Is It Possible to Unmatch an Eris Member?

You are free to block any member that you do not wish to chat with.

Is Eris a Hook-up Application?

Eris is more about making long-term and committed relationships online rather than casual encounters.



Eris dating is a relatively new but ambitious dating website. It has some great features, and the best part is that the dating site offers all its features for free. This does give Eris dating a leading position among other online dating platforms. And the best part about this site is that it is completely free. Eris is one of the best sites meant for those looking for a serious relationship and marriage. Singles who are in for a long-term relationship can meet and connect with like-minded partners. The site lets people discover and make meaningful connections with compatible matches.

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