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BiggerCity Review

BiggerCity Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 26%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 675 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • Can be accessed from any app store
  • Credit card filing does not show the name of the original site Cons
  • The site looks not updated
  • Free membership does not allow access to all the features. You have to upgrade to a premium account to access all the features.

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BiggerCity is a community dating app for daddy bear and their chasers. It’s a gay dating site where heavyweight gay guys are available to chat, casual relations, hookups, and so on and waiting to make all your naughty dreams come true. This site is mostly used by gays who love heavy bears.

You can join BiggerCity if you are into casual dates, hookups, or just pure friendship. Don’t go for this site if you’re trying to find true love. This is an overall good app for beer lovers. Well, you have to tag yourself as Chub/Chaser/Chub4Chub/Bear when registering to this site! It makes it more accessible.

How many languages does BiggerCity support?

English is the primary language, and other languages are not known. You may reach customer service for more details.

Who owns BiggerCity?

BCPI, a software solutions company based in Portland, Maine, is the owner. BiggerCity is a subsidiary of BCPI.

So where is BiggerCity based now?

Although BiggerCity is available throughout the world, specific countries are not mentioned.

When was BiggerCity founded?

When was BiggerCity founded?

It was found in August 2015.

Is BiggerCity available worldwide?

Yes, it is a worldwide platform for Gays.

How old should you be to register on BiggerCity?

You have to reach your legal age to register with BiggerCity because they have sexual and explicit content.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Yes, BiggerCity has a website version, can be operated using computers.

How many members does BiggerCity have worldwide?

Millions of users are using BiggerCity in over 160 countries.

Website Design & Usability

The website is straightforward and sorted with features well designed and fitted rightly on the sides. The usability is effortless, and everything is visible with bold colors and has clear fonts.

Which browsers support BiggerCity?

Any browser will support BiggerCity like Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

How do I use the camera on BiggerCity?

The camera is allowed for the premium members; they can create and use chat rooms for initiating discussions. You can broadcast your video using the webcam.

Special Features

Special Features

BiggerCity is known for its outstanding features and a large number of members. The special features are as follows:

  • Blog and site directory

It allows you to post blogs and stories written by you, and other members can read them on the platform. You can post your blogs or websites in their directory for entertainment purposes. The variety of websites and blogs ranges from cookbooks to erotic stories. They have strong sexual content; therefore, the registration age is limited to 18 years or above.

  • Check who viewed your profile.

You will enjoy the facility to know about the persons who viewed your profile. This particular feature allows you to know who’s been stalking you.

  • Gallery

Upload your sexual content in your galleries; you can even make them public if you wish to; you can also keep it private and expose it on demand. You can access the galley completely when you subscribe to a premium account. You can browse the thumbnails with your free account. You can upload your drawings and handmade pictures too.

  • Chat room

Open your chat room or join other available chat rooms. Start broadcasting using the webcam for members who are joining. Every chatroom has sorted topics to discuss. You can even create your chat rooms on specific topics.

  • Events

You can see events organized by any member for a social gathering or party happening in your locality.

BiggerCity is continuously trying to incorporate features that encourage gatherings because this is their primary motto. They want people from the LGBTQ community to get their deserved exposure and respect.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

You can either install the app from the app store for Android or iOS, or you can simply use the website to create your account on BiggerCity. You will see the login page, fill in all the required details, verify your email account, and you are good to go. You can now start searching for matches using the filters and categories like age and body types, including eyes, hair, etc. Find a match, send interest, let him accept, and start messaging. If you have a free membership, limited access will be allowed, while users with a premium membership can have unlimited access to everything.

How can I message someone?

When you find a match, you can send a message to someone. After your profile matches, you will activate access to messaging. Click on the profile; you will see a message box appears, and you can start texting now.

Is sending messages free?

Yes, it’s free. You can send a limited number of messages with a free membership, but you can have access to unlimited messages with premium.

How can you start messaging with someone on BiggerCity?

Messaging someone can be tricky. You need to follow one regular guideline that online dating sites follow for messaging your love interest.

Firstly, you should have an approach that’s not too vulgar neither asexual. BiggerCity is a site that declares itself a platform for gay guys to find partners for sex. Therefore your approach needs to be very clear. You should not send any mixed signals. Make your conversation spicy by adding some specific topics and then directly jump into the main concern. Exchange photos to make a starter, and then you can go for the main course!

Why can’t I access BiggerCity?

There are times when BiggerCity becomes unacceptable due to internet bandwidth issues. You can wait for internet service to return or keep trying. Also, you can have issues entering the site if your password is wrong. Therefore don’t forget to check it.

How long are BiggerCity bans?

BiggerCity bans profiles when they get reported for harassment, misbehavior, or a fake account. These accounts can be banned for minutes, hours, days, or some are banned permanently on the site. This depends on the terms and conditions. There’s no specific written statement about it.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You have to look into your inbox for any reactivation mail sent by BiggerCity. If you get the mail, open it, and follow the links, you will be able to reactivate your profile.

Is there an option to delete your BiggerCity profile?

Yes, you can delete your account from Settings. Go to Settings and select the Delete account.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on BiggerCity” option?

You will be invisible to every member and can use BiggerCity anonymously.

Where do I see my matches?

You will get notifications about matches when someone likes you and shows interest.

How do I see who messaged me on BiggerCity?

You will get notifications about the members messaging you. Also, you can check the inbox and see the waiting list.

Is it possible to see the BiggerCity members who I liked?

Yes, you can see it on your friend’s list or favorites list.

What is BiggerCity’s spy mode?

This invisible mode, as called in BiggerCity, will help you stay anonymous. In spy mode, your information is safe, as none can track you ever.

How do I edit my username in BiggerCity?

Go to Settings and hit on Edit Username. Once you’re done, save and exit.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

There might be several issues that sum up to cause this particular issue. You can be banned from the website, or you might have no proper internet connection. There can be issues with your password, or you might have changed it and forget the new one. The least possible can be, your profile has been hacked!

The search function on BiggerCity lets you find members easily, based on:

  • location
  • active status
  • community tag
  • other several filters like the color of eyes and hair, facial hair, height and weight
  • also, you may find people through different keywords.

Sign up Process

Sign up Process

The signup process is the shortest. Registration may take up to 5 minutes. You have to mention your name and your email for verification. The email verification also takes a few minutes. Once your email is verified, you can shift to filling up your personal information like age, DOB, physical features, height, weight, body type you desire, etc. Your age is said to be 18 years or above when registering for BiggerCity. The safety measure can be compromised because it only asks for a captcha and has email verification as security. Therefore, be aware when interacting with members.

How do I verify my email?

Verifying mail is an easy task for you to go to your mail inbox when registering for BiggerCity. Reach the inbox and search for emails from the concerned site. Open it and follow the process as mentioned. At last, you will be redirected to the site, and that’s it; your mail verification is completed.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

They don’t have a facility that helps register to BiggerCity using Facebook. You have to provide your email.

How do I join BiggerCity?

You can install the mobile app from the stores of Android or iOS. Also, they have a website version that can be accessed from any popular browser, and when the login page appears, you fill out the details required and join BiggerCity quickly.

Can I use the site without signing up?

No, you can’t do that. You have to provide your proper details and your mail ID if you wish to register for BiggerCity.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles are pretty attractive, and when a photo is uploaded, it is checked and passed after reviewing by site managers.

  • Profiles are visible to even free members.
  • They have a bio section to describe what you desire to form your match. You can make this portion spicy.
  • They have no verification batch or mark that can distinguish fake accounts from real ones.
  • You can see everyone’s profile pictures because it’s a free feature.
  • You can change/edit your information later if you wish to.
  • Selected profile pictures can be added later.
  • The photos might have sexual or explicit content.
  • The authorities take up to a week to verify the gallery because of the volume of photos and videos uploaded every single day.
  • You can set your explicit photos in an invisible mode; premium account holders can access them only. It is not accessible to free members.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The Mobile application is available for BiggerCity. You can install the app from the Android store or iOS store for free. Creating an account on this website is also free. You can continue using the free membership while enjoying limited features, but if you want to explore more features and unlimited access to messaging, upgrade your membership to premium.

The colors used for the layout of the website are pleasing. The features are very well organized and sorted. You can access everything from the settings. The mobile application is easier to use than the website version.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method


Costs Duration Total
7.99 USD per Month 7.99 USD
6.66 USD per Month 3 Months 19.98 USD
5.00 USD per Month 6 Months 30.00 USD
4.17 USD per Month 12 Months 50.04 USD

Payment Methods

You can pay using your credit card and cheque.

Note: The payment made for BiggerCity will be deposited on account of its owner company; your credit card bill will be generated as payment for software services.

Free Membership Features

BiggerCity has a huge member base, and many of the exciting features are for free.

  • You will be able to register for free.
  • Participate in Monthly raffle competition.
  • You will be able to earn credits and use them on their platforms.
  • You can post on forums, read blogs, post blogs, read erotic stories in columns, etc.
  • You can view all the events, manage the forum, and post there as well.
  • Take part in chat rooms.
  • Send a flirt and show your interest in someone.
  • Messaging and chatting are unlimited.
  • You can block and add favorites, but a limit is set.

Mostly, all the good features available in the free version. You can enjoy unlimited services when you upgrade your account to the premium service.

Is BiggerCity free?

It is free to install and create an account. Also, they have all the amazing features for free membership users. Well, three is an opportunity for its members to upgrade to premium and enjoy all the features uninterrupted.

Can you see if someone likes you on BiggerCity if you are a free member?

Yes, you can do that. You will be notified if someone likes you. There is a notification icon on the right side of the app on its home screen.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership features are as follows:

  • Anonymous mode
  • More photo upload options
  • Have access to the full gallery
  • You can send unlimited messages
  • You can post blogs in forums and website
  • You can view photos that have premium members access only.

Does BiggerCity offer premium membership?

Yes, they have a premium membership subscription, and the prices are mentioned below.


Costs Duration Total
7.99 USD per Month 7.99 USD
6.66 USD per Month 3 Months 19.98 USD
5.00 USD per Month 6 Months 30.00 USD
4.17 USD per Month 12 Months 50.04 USD

How do I cancel my BiggerCity membership?

Follow these steps,

  • Login to your account>click Cancel Subscription and Exit.

Is BiggerCity membership auto-renewed?

Yes, it is auto-renewed. It can be stopped only when you do it manually.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

All transactions are non-refundable.

Is my “support” to BiggerCity automatically renewed every month?

Yes, your account is set to auto-renewal from the beginning. If you don’t stop it manually, it will continue deducting money from your account.

I am not satisfied with the BiggerCity. Can I get my money back?

All the transactions made through BiggerCity are non-refundable.

How will my BiggerCity support appear on my credit card bill?

The payment made for BiggerCity will be deposited on account of its parent company, and your credit card bill will come up as payment for software services.

Can I give support to other BiggerCity members?

BiggerCity has no provision for that; hence it’s a no.

Can I send support for just a month?

No, you can’t. BiggerCity does not allow this.

Is BiggerCity Really Safe?

Is BiggerCity Really Safe?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of any member joining an online dating site. BiggerCity must take steps to make accounts more secure for its members. They only have captcha and email verification, which is not a security measure.

Are BiggerCity Forums threads moderated?

When needed, the threads are moderated by moderators.

How can I filter who can message me on BiggerCity?

If you have a premium account, you can have access to this feature.

What security features does BiggerCity have?

You can block profiles or report profiles; otherwise, they don’t have much protection and security.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can block and report profiles using the buttons present on the member profile. Hit them and do the necessary. Also, send an email to the authorities asking them to look into the matter as early as possible.

What will happen to a member who uses a BiggerCity Account to solicit money?

If any members are found soliciting money from BiggerCity, they will be banned from the site, and legal actions might be taken against them.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your BiggerCity Account?

Any personal information should not be shared with any member; neither should be posted. Nudity is strictly forbidden. If it’s public, you are likely to lose your account. Maintain privacy with explicit content.

Are BiggerCity chats encrypted?

Yes, they are encrypted. BiggerCity is a dating site, which is why they have taken this measure to ensure members’ safety.

Can BiggerCity track you down?

With all the details you provided about yourself, you can be easily traced by BiggerCity with legal help.

Can BiggerCity be traced by the police?

Yes, police can trace anything and everything. You shouldn’t worry about tracing unless you set up a fake profile or get involved in a scam or any illegal connections.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in BiggerCity?

All the answers are provided in the privacy policy section; read that part. If you still have any issues regarding it, you can contact customer care for further assistance.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to BiggerCity?

Can I delete the information that I've already submitted to BiggerCity?

Yes, you surely can edit the details you have previously provided on BiggerCity.

Are there fake or scam members on BiggerCity?

Scammers and fake account holders cannot be kept away from these particular sites. They will enter the platform either way. Therefore, it is important to stay alert and maintain privacy even though you have a hookup from here. BiggerCity has all the security policies sorted, but they manage to enter.

Contact Information

Helpline: https://bcpi.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/3?q=

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/biggercity?lang=en


BiggerCity is all one in itself. You don’t need any other alternative. But if you strongly want to expand your options, you might like these alternatives/similar sites.

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This is a very famous gay dating site with millions of members searching for chasers and daddy bears.

  • Grindr

One of the most popular gay dating sites in recent times is this. This site is mainly used for hookups and casual sex. If you are into it, go for Grindr.

  • Grizzly

Do you love bears? This is your soul site if you’re trying to find a suitable bear who can make you scream and roar at the same time.

  • GayCupid

This site is a product of the cupid media and is a reliable gay dating site in terms of security. Join GayCupid to find yourself a chaser or a bear.

Real life review

Real life review

Before joining BiggerCity, I had no idea that I had an ideal figure for someone. I was not invited to any programs for me being big. Nobody thought about my sexual needs. People laughed at me while I narrated them my misery in finding the right guy for me. Slowly I was going into depression, and one day I came to know about BiggerCity on Twitter. I joined this particular life-changing platform, and since then, I never have to sleep a single night alone. I had emotional needs and sexual needs, which are being catered by BiggerCity. I can never thank BiggerCity enough and my current boyfriend for loving me despite every odds!

My name is Parvez. When I was 15, I realized big guys turn me on. I never understood what it all about back then, but slowly I realized I was gay. I told my parents about it and tried to do everything to support my decision. I got married to the love of my life Chris. But he passed away five years back, since then I haven’t dated anyone. But recently, my body wanted some physical touch. I needed love, and hence, I joined BiggerCity. I am dating a guy from here and have had many hookups, but this guy seems like a lifetime. I hope we end up somewhere good. I would like to thank BiggerCity for this platform.

Is BiggerCity the best dating site/app?

The features, the privacy policies and security, the reasonable membership price, and lastly, the members are praiseworthy and praiseworthy makes BiggerCity the best dating site.

Can I unmatch a BiggerCity member?

Yes, you can. Simply don’t reply to their message or accept the chat. It will expire automatically.

Is BiggerCity a hook-up app?

BiggerCity is a gay dating app that is generally used for hookups and casual dating.


BiggerCity is a gay dating site that is a community platform that facilitates all members to interact, make friends, and join events together. They can post, share, and read blogs posted by others; they can also post their blogs. Upload unlimited pictures, send unlimited text messages, attend events local and international, and many more. This is not just a dating site, but all in one!

If you are trying to get hold of someone you can talk to, BiggerCity is your perfect option because you can create a chatroom about your favorite topic and engage people. Create chat rooms that talk about social issues, organize events about social problems, and invite local and international friends to participate. BiggerCity uses the GPS location to help to find matches near you. Therefore, even if you are traveling, you won’t have to worry about sleeping alone!

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