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Sudy Review

Sudy Review
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 2 740 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Accounts a verified, giving peace of mind that the profiles are real
  • Paid members can send countless messages
  • The number of Sugar Babies out number the Sugar Daddies, which is an opportunity for healthy competition
  • The site is safe to use given the verification steps a member has to go through
  • The verification process may take up to 48 hours to be approved
  • There are two many verification steps which may be up to 20

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Sudy is a dating site for sugar babies looking for sugar daddies. It is mainly young women who may still be in college trying to pay off their tuitions while taking up a part time job. We all know how hard a life of a student can be. It is with this app that the sugar babies can make a match and meet with a sugar daddy for all types of favors that they desire. Sugar babies can ask for money in exchange for intimacy or a friendship. Some have asked for money in exchange for pictures. Sugar daddies on this app are usually verified to be professionals, majority being in their 40’s. These types of transactions are usually of mutual benefit. The ratio is usually 4/5 making sugar daddies less than the sugar babies. This increases competition to get the best daddy to support your lifestyle. This usually means that you have to be on top of your game and be willing to make the sugar daddy happy. Most of the matches on this site end up meeting face to face.

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Number Of Languages Supported By Sudy

Sudy is currently in English, however, the matches can use any language they prefer.

Site Ownership

Sudy.com is owned by Kurt Hou, founder of Sudy Limited.

Sudy Base Area

Sudy is very popular amongst its genre of sugar daddy dating. They have more than 100 countries that are affiliated with the app located mostly in the USA, Australia, UK, Europe and Canada.

Year Founded

It was founded in 2015.

Sudy World Presence

The site claims to have over 3 million users all over the world but majority seem to be based in America. It has a worldwide presence. The site has 685 647 Sugar Daddies and 2 487 516 Sugar Babies at the time of writing.

Age Of Registration For Members

You need to be over 18 to register to the app/site. Members are required to be verified to make sure they are who they say they are.

Computer Usage To Access Sudy App

Because Sudy is an app mostly designed for your people who are on the move, it is mainly available as a mobile app. Sudy.com on your computer is available for support.

Worldwide Membership

Sudy enjoys over 4 million memberships and is available in 100 countries. They are mainly present in the United States, Europe, Australia, among others.

Ease Of Use And Design

Designed for the young modern men and women, it has a simple design and easy features that you can use. The app has few colors that do not cloud it. It is rather modern and suits its users. It is light on bandwidth using compressed technology. It gives a clear guide on how to navigate the app.

Browser Support Of Sudy

Sudy.com requires the latest version of your iOS or Android to be able to function at its optimum.

Camera Support

You are able to upload your photos on your profile. You can also send your photos to other users while messaging. The site also has a webcam function that you can use to have live chats.

Special Features of Sudy

Sudy’s functionality allows your experiments to be personalized. It has many features that you can use to optimize its use and increase your chances of a quality interaction.

Verification Steps

In an app that usually require an exchange on money, should you wish, there are verification steps that you and other users will have to complete. If you go on any member’s profile, you can see the steps they have taken to authenticate themselves. This may include identification documents or bank account verification. This will put your mind at ease as you can know who is legit and who is not.

Sudy Blog

The blog is great in that it gives you advice on how to navigate the world of Daddies and Babies. You may find yourself wondering how the experience is for other users and with this feature, you can see article that will assist you in understanding how the site works. People share their experiences and give advice to others so that they don’t fall victim of scams or heartbreak.


Your profile will show daily visitors your daily updated photos to show them what your day was like.

Sugars & Ranking

There is excitement in how you would fight your way through others to be on a higher rank. You can buy yourself “sugar” or other members can gift that to you. The more sugar you have the higher your ranking will be. This feature makes sure that you can be seen more. This is for both the babies and the daddies.

Sugars & Ranking

Site Usage

There are options available for you to use the site. You can use the Nearby filter that will allow you to find members near you. On the Pulse option, you can check out high quality members that you may like. You can see active members that are online and well as those that are new. You can then swipe left to move the pictures along or right to like the person. That is on the Tapit function. You will be matched if that person you liked likes you back. In Moments, you can post flattering pictures of yourself.

Start Messaging Someone On Sudy

Once you have been verified as genuine and not a bot, you can start sending messages to anyone you wish. Sugar Babies can use this functionality for free once they pass the “beauty test”. Sugar Daddies have to pay to start messaging the babies.

Reasons You May Struggle To Access The Site

If you are struggling to access the app or the site, it may be due to your network being down. First check your network and after that, make sure that your subscriptions are still active. It may be that you didn’t do the Beauty Verification and therefore cannot send messages. All females need to go through that verification process. Should you still encounter problems after you have followed all the steps, you will need to contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Been Bad, You Get Banned On Sudy

You need to follow the rules and adhere to the term and conditions of the site. It encouraged for members to express themselves but also be nice to other users. If you are reported to being rude or threatening to others, your account will be banned. Offensive material, violence and posting of pornographic material are among the reasons you may get banned. Failure to authenticate yourself as per the requirements will be a cause for having your account banned.

Reactivate A Banned Account

If you haven’t been found of any wrongdoing based on the screenshot submitted to Sudy support for investigation, your account will be unbanned but you will need to create a new account buy downloading the app again.

Option To Delete Profile On Sudy

If you are not happy with the app or have found your “lived happily ever after”, and no longer wish to keep looking, you have an option to delete the app by going to Me > Settings > My Account > Deactivate Account. This can only be done on the Sudy app. Once it is cancelled, make sure that you cancel your subscription on the Apple Store or Google Play to avoid your credit card being charged further.

Disabling “Show Me On Sudy ” Option

There is no option to disable “Show me” for free users but you can always block someone in the event that you don’t want to be seen by them. Because Sudy can be a rewarding app for staying visible and on a high rank, no one would wish to disable the “show me” option. Only paid members have an option to choose to be incognito through the “Traceless visit” option.

Finding My Matches

To find your matches, your profile will be visible on a ranking level. The higher you are the better your visibility will be. You will then swipe right to like someone and if they like you back, you will then be matched. Your matches will remain in your profile until you decide to unmatch them.

Who Messaged Me?

It is easy to see who messaged you through the app by going to your profile and you will see all the messages displayed in your inbox. You can choose to ignore the messages or reply to them.

See Who You Liked On Sudy

Members who have liked you will appear in the “I like” folder on your profile. They would have had to swipe right to like you. If you have passed someone by swiping left, they will not be notified of your action.

Sudy Spy Mode

The site is made for the comfort and ease of their clients. The messages are encrypted from end to end. Therefore, there is no reason to fear spying.

Edit Your Username On The Site

There is an option to edit your profile by tapping on Me > your avatar, when you see your profile, you can click on the top right corner to open the “Edit Profile” page.

Edit Your Username On The Site

Difficulty Entering The Site?

If you are having difficulty entering the site, it may be due to your network not working properly. You will need to check your network or change your network. Reboot your app and try again. It may also be due to your subscriptions not working. Go to your App store and check your settings.

You can search Sudy on your desktop, mobile app, Facebook and Twitter.

Sign Up Process

When signing up, you will be asked to create an account where your email and password will be requested. You can also use your Facebook to sign in but the process of approval may take 60 minutes. Once in, you will be asked a few questions about yourself in a style of a conversation. You have to upload a picture immediately otherwise the system may refuse to accept your registration. As a Sugar Baby, once registered, you will need to do a “beauty verification” test but showing a gesture that is required of you to prove that you are real. For Sugar Daddies, you will need to send proof of identification, which may include your bank account. Once all the steps are approved, you may now start browsing.

Verify Your Email On Sudy

To verify your account, you will need to do a verification in that you upload a photo of yourself giving a particular signal to make sure you are a real person. That is what is expected for sugar babies. Sugar daddies have to upload any legal document to make sure they are who they say they are and are earning what they say they do.

Register Using A Facebook Account

You can use your Facebook account to register an account or log in with your details. However, this method of signing in can take up to an hour for new accounts to be processed. Your information will not appear on Facebook and show you as logged in.

Join Sudy The Easy Way

You can easily join Sudy by downloading the app via the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. You will then need to register or sign in with your Facebook account. You will go through a few verification steps and then you are good to go.

Log In Without Signing Up

Because the site proclaims to be a safe and secure site to use, the users need to be verified, therefore, logging in without signing up is not possible. All members need to be verified. There are steps that you need to go through to be able to be verified on the site.

Profile Quality For Users

Profile quality of users is based on how you set it up as it doesn’t have a set structure. You are able to use videos in your profile along with photos and voice recordings of yourself. You can describe yourself in any way you wish. You can upload moments which will remain in your profile for others to view. Any photos uploaded will be verified first before they can be viewed. Other photos of yourself can be made only available to premium subscribers.

Mobile Applications

Sudy works better on mobile as it attracts your people who are always on the go. They are out and about and have no time to be sitting on their desktops or laptops looking for a match. Its easy style of just swiping left or right allows for a much faster connection and it doesn’t have to occupy your whole day. You can date anywhere at any time. The GPS functionality allows you to meet people who are closer to you at any given time.

Mobile Applications

Membership Fee And How To Pay

Membership is as follows:

Sugar Daddies

1 month – $69.99

3 months – $169.99

6 months – $249.99

Sugar Babies

1 month – $14.99

3 months – $34.99

6 months – $49.99

Coins Cost

50 coins – $2.99

700 coins – $27.99

2000 – $69.99

8000 – $239.99

16000 – $399.99

Sugar daddies exclusive

Donuts Dream/10 sugars – 29 coins

Rosy Cupcake/99 sugars – 99 coins

Tiramisu Kiss/999 sugars – 999 coins

Chocolate Love/5999 – 5999 coins

You can use the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • WeChat
  • Methods that are used in your country for easier payment

Free Membership Features Of Sudy

Free Membership is available for Sugar Babies but they will need to pass the Beauty Verification first to be able to use the app for free. Sugar Daddies have to pay for membership to be able to start using the app. They also have to provide proof of identification.

Free Membership Features Of Sudy

Sudy Free To Use Site

Sudy is free to use however, to get more benefits out of it, it would be best if you are a paid member. For instance, as a free member you will not be able to use most features that are only available to premium members who have been verified. This may decrease your chances of finding a match as you will be low ranked.

See Who Likes You On Sudy

You can easily see who likes you by going to your profile and there will be pictures of your that have been swiped right to indicate that you have been like. You can like someone back or choose to ignore them.

Premium Membership Features Of Sudy

Sudy has premium membership that gives you advantage over other daddies. Ladies know that to be worth chatting to, you need to be able to pay a simple subscription. You will then have access to all the features that are available to Premium members, giving your profile a better chance of being liked.

Offer Of Premium Membership

Premium Membership offers the Daddies to be on top of their ranks and also allows them to:

  • Send unlimited messages
  • Have access to private photos
  • Can view personal information of the Sugar Babies
  • They can use the incognito mode
  • Can see who visited their profile

Membership Cancelation

To cancel your membership, you will need to manage that option on your app store.

App Store:

1.Tap Settings on the Home Page.

2.Tap iTunes & App Store.

3.Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

If you want to reinstall the app again, your messages will be deleted.

Membership Auto-Renewal On Sudy

Membership has an option to auto-renew but you have the choice to turn off auto-renew 24 hours before your next subscription begins. You need to go to your App store and turn off the auto-renewal.

No Refund For Unused Time

There is no refund for unused time as the app is free to use and you can use the coins you bought to buy others gifts. The app itself does not give money back.

Support Renewed Monthly

Support is renewed every month as long as your profile and membership are still active. You can contact support at anytime and they should be able to assist you within a few hours.

Not Satisfied? No Money Back Guaranteed

Should you not be satisfied with your time on the app, you can delete your account but because it is a free to use app, there will not be any money back guaranteed.

Appearance Of Credit Card Bill For Sudy Support

The exact format of the billing name appearing on your credit card statement is dependent on your credit card provider, however in most cases it will appear as “Sudy.com.

Support From You To Other Members

There is support in the form of a forum called Sudy Talks. Here, you can chat to other members who can assist you with questions or you can advise them in return.

Sending Support For A Month

You can send support to others should you feel comfortable to do so. You can assist by buying them “sugar” using your coins. This will help them be elevated to a different rank on a weekly basis.

Sending Support For A Month

Sudy’s Safety

Sudy has taken all precautions to make sure that your supplied details are safe, however, the interaction between members is up to them to use common sense to stay safe.

They take safety seriously and will not allow you to use the site if:

  • They cannot detect your face
  • If you have posted offensive material
  • Or using celebrity photos of photos you have no copyright of
  • If you share other’s information in public places.

Forums Threads Moderation On Sudy

The Forums in the threads are moderated to make sure that there isn’t inappropriate content posted on the forums. Forums in the case of Sudy app would be in Sudy Talks where members can give each other advise.

Filtering Messages

The filtering of messages is in the form of swiping left or right. If you don’t like a profile, you will swipe left and if you like it, you will swipe right. You will get access to a profile of a potential Sugar Baby. You can then swipe left or right. You have only 10 profiles to swipe through per 30 seconds. The matches are met through what you want and demand.

Available Security Features

Sudy has a strict verification process. The Sugar Babies have to go through a Beauty Verification while the Sugar Daddies have to go through a few more steps to be able to use the app. You can also synch your account to Twitter or Facebook to make sure that you will always have back up should you need it.

Block And Report A Suspected Scammer On Sudy

Before you block a scammer, it is advised that you take a screenshot of your chat with them and send it to support for them to investigate. You can then go to Sudy > Filters > Settings > Block Messages. Once the suspected scammer is blocked and reported, you will not be able to see them again. They will not receive a notification that it was you who reported them.

Money Solicitors Within The Site

Sudy money soliciting is usually of mutual benefit between a Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy. However, if it is people that you are not comfortable with soliciting money from you, you have the right to report and block them. This site has many verification steps and there aren’t likely many scammers on the site. It’s usually best to use vigilance and common sense on any site you may visit.

Account Information Protection

Sudy discourages its user to share their personal information such as bank account, passwords or their account name. They may claim that they want your account to be able to send you money. If those people have not been vetted, then you may find yourself a victim of a scam. You can protect your information by not giving away too much about yourself. Avoid uploading pictures of yourself that may easily reveal your location or other information that may be compromising to you.

Chats Safety And Encryption

The chats are encrypted between user to user. Although Sudy takes all precautions to keep the data safe, it is up to the users to not disclose information that may compromise them. You should not send photos to your match that you may not want to see in a public space.

Sudy Track And Trace

Sudy does stringent verification and a user is to be reported, they may track and trace your account to determine if your account should be banned or not. That is part of the investigation.

Police Tracing On Sudy

In their terms and conditions, Sudy says that they are bound by law to protect anyone who might be a victim of crime or abuse. Although it is not clear whether police can trace your account, it may be required by law to supply them with information should they have reasonable suspicion to do so. All this will depend on the laws in your country.

Privacy Contact Information

Should you need to contact Sudy regarding questions about your privacy, you can go to Sudy.com or email.

Privacy Contact Information

Deleting Information Already Supplied On Sudy

You are able to delete information you have already supplied but you cannot change your gender as it would mean that your profile isn’t real.

Fake Or Scam Members On Sudy

Sudy takes its member’s safety seriously and therefore takes measures to make sure their users do not become victims of scams. When you suspect or believe that a profile is fake or that of a scammer, you should that a screenshot of their profile and what they have said to you to make you suspicious. You will then need to send the screenshots to [email protected] and they will investigate. It is important that you take that action before you block them.

Contact Information

If you have any comments or need any help, feedback with Sudy, contact:

[email protected].


If you are looking for alternatives to make a match with, below are the sites that would offer you match making possibilities.

  • SDM
  • SeekingArrangement
  • SugarD: The last sugar daddy app worth a try.

Real Life Review

“The best sugar daddy dating app for me!”

Gavin l.


The latest version of Sudy is really easy to use, and the sugar talk section is something that other sugar daddy dating apps do not have. I really like this section, which can know what other babies and daddies think of sugar dating, and you can also know yourself better.

Sudy Is The Best Dating Site

You may wonder if Sudy is the best dating app? Well, it was ranked number 3 in 2015 for apps similar to it. It is of high quality and the members are verified thoroughly. Although that may be the case, it is always best to be cautious when you enter any dating site. The site attracts wealthy millionaire and attractive young women.

Unmatching A Member

You can simply unmatch a member by going to your profile and clicking on unmatch or delete. That member will no longer be able to see your photos or any information you have provided.

Sudy Not A Hook-Up App

Sudy can be seen as a hook-up app but it all depends on what the members which to gain out of it. As sugar babies, they often need someone to reimburse their time, favor of their choosing or photos for money. The Sugar babies are not shy to ask for what they want in exchange for money. It is typically a Sugar baby and Sugar daddy relationship.

Sudy Not A Hook-up App


Sudy.com is an app with over 3 million users. It has ranked top 3 when compared to similar sites. It is of high quality and offers users safety in knowing that their information is protected. What is impressive is impressive is that the verification system is of very high standard. The sugar daddies are required to send some form of identification to verify that they are as wealthy as they claim. The sugar babies are required to do a beauty identification to make sure that they are not bot or scammers.

Sudy app is for those young attractive females who feel that they need a little help financially and who better to offer that than the males who are healthy and want someone young by their side? The sugar babies are usually willing to exchange photos for money. As to what kind of photos, it wasn’t always specified. The young sugar baby can be a college student who is struggling to make ends meet or is unable to pay for college tuition. This app is a no shame transactional space where everyone has the bravery to seek what they want.

To be high up in the ranks, you need to buy sugar with your coins, which can be bought with real money or you can have other members buy them for you. You will then be ranked higher on a weekly basis. This status lasts for as long as your wealth status is higher. This increases your chances of being liked more. The system of swiping right for like and left for pass is fantastic in that you can browse people before you make an attempt to speak to them. They will not know that you have passed their photo, which is a great advantage.

The app is easy to use and quite secure. It is fun to use as you can upload your day to day goings on or just have a chat with other members in the chat room. It is a great app in that it allows you to meet like minded people who know what they want and will do anything to get it.

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Frank is a very intuitive person who has compassion and understanding when it comes to advising about forming relationships with solid foundations. He uses his BS-Psychology degree to help those who are having a hard time coping with the unpredictable behavior of the people around them. He listens to everything before thinking of what advice to give to make sure that he is not making a mistake.
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