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Polish Hearts Review

Polish Hearts Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 30-45
Profiles 570 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All profiles at Polish Hearts are verified
  • The site provides the highest level of security
  • The registration process is swift and easy
  • There are three types of Polish Hearts membership
  • There are no match-making mechanisms at Polish Hearts
  • The design of the site could have been better
  • There is no live chat feature at Polish Hearts

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Polish Hearts website is a premium european online dating site that is made for Polish people. The platform is widespread and popular among Polish descent people as it aims to unite them in many different ways. The site already has more than a thousand members to find their match.

While the site may be race-centric, it still opens to non-Polish members looking for a Polish match. While speaking in Polish is undoubtedly an advantage, it is not a necessity. The platform is available for English and Polish translations and provides you with the option from one language to another.

Polish Hearts consists of members worldwide; the members mostly look for friendship and long-term relationships. Thanks to the large membership pool, looking for a match is very easy. The site will live up to your expectations and give you what you are looking for.

How Many Languages Does Polish Hearts Support?

How Many Languages Does Polish Hearts Support?

The platform supports many languages, including Polish, English, French, Italian, Swedish, German, and Spanish.

Who Owns Polish Hearts?

Angela Brylska is the 36-year-old founder and CEO of Polish hearts. She is of Polish-American descent.

So Where Is Polish Hearts Based Now?

The company is based in San Francisco.

When Was Polish Hearts Founded?

The platform was founded in 2017.

Is Polish Hearts Available Worldwide?

Yes, the website is available worldwide.

How Old Should You Be To Register On Polish Hearts?

You need to be at least 18 to be a user of Polish Hearts.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

Of course, you cannot use the app on your computer. Yes, you do have the option to download the Polish Hearts .apk file to use on your computer. However, finding the authentic .apk file is not an easy task; most of the time, you will download the wrong file containing a virus or malware. This is quite risky for your computer in the long run. Hence, it is recommended that you download the app for your Android device/use the mobile web version for other mobile software like iOS. Or, simply visit the Polish Hearts website on your browser if you use your computer/laptop.

How Many Members Does Polish Hearts Have Worldwide?

Polish Hearts website is considered one of the best international and green dating sites today. It has more than 1.6 million members from around the world. Out of these, 380,000 members are from the UK alone. The site has more than 260,000 members that use the platform weekly, looking for serious relationships.

Most of the site’s users are between the ages of 35 and 44. The male to female ratio is 3:2, which is quite surprising since most online dating sites have more women than men. Additionally, the site’s security is so tight that most fakes, spams, and bots are immediately identified and removed.

Most of the site’s users hail from Poland (obviously!), Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The overall design of the Polish Hearts website creates a very outstanding balance between aesthetics and functionality. While the layout and the color scheme of the platform may seem outdated, it looks great. It also works as great as it looks. Most dating sites cannot create a good layout, thereby leaving out a lot of useful features. Others take the opposite approach and over-clutter their sites with unwanted functionalities and features, thereby making them quite hard to use.

Polish Hearts has managed to find the sweet spot and the perfect balance between the two. Once you visit the dating platform, you will see that all the functions, menus, and buttons are available for use immediately. At the same time, the site looks clean and light. This enhances the user’s overall experience so that while you can find the tools, you do not get overwhelmed by a lot of links and buttons.

You can also use the tools and menus just as easily. One great example of this is the site’s approach to the search by location option. When you navigate to the top-left corner of the search bar, you will see flags of the world’s corresponding countries. When you tap on a particular flag, you will set the filter for that country. With these flags, three purposes are served – unwanted clutter on the search bar is reduced, the Polish Hearts website layout looks more appealing, and makes the overall site easier to use.

Similar details can be found all over the platform’s interface, which makes Polish Hearts a great site. The site’s overall design and usability make the user experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and better.

Which Browsers Support Polish Hearts?

Similar to other online dating sites, the Polish Hearts website can be accessed via any website. This means that you can use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer to use Polish Hearts and match with its other members.

How do I use the camera on Polish Hearts?

Just click the camera button and allow browser access to your camera functionality.

Special Features

Let us have a small look at some of the Polish Hearts’ handiest features. With a user-interface so simply, you will love Polish Hearts. While the overall site’s design might seem simple, it is actually quite eye-pleasing. You will face no problems using the available features and functions, which are visible and easy to access. Apart from the logically-structured and well-organized design, the site does offer some useful features like:

Remembers The Profiles Of Users

Once you become a Polish Hearts website member, you will be allowed to create a ‘My Friends’ list. You first need to tap on the ‘Remember this profile’ option that you will see on the member’s page that you find interesting. This function is quite cool and can be accessed even by free members. You can save the matching and most ‘eye-catching’ profiles so that you can communicate with them later when you upgrade your subscription plan.

Who Visited Me/Who Remembered Me?

This is a feature that is available to Polish Hearts premium members. This feature will help you look through members that have viewed your profiles or added you to their ‘Friend List.’

Vip Lists

Vip Lists

This is another feature of the Polish Hearts website that is available to only premium and premium + VIP members. Once you add a member to your VIP list, you will be able to send them private messages without any limitations. You can even add basic members with this feature.

Blacklist Members

If a certain member sends you an offensive message, you can stop further communication with this feature’s help. It is advised that you use the ‘Blacklist members’ feature when you face conflict on the platform, instead of getting into the arguing and hate. Once a member has been blacklisted, that profile will come under the radar; if that member continues this behavior, he/she will permanently get banned from the site.

Send Cute Emojis And Virtual Gifts

This is a fun and useful feature if you want to express your flirting and interest in people that you like. You can share car rides, kisses, hugs, drinks, and virtual smiles to make your online communication much more interesting. This feature is particularly useful for shy people and does not dare to speak to others upright.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The Polish Hearts website has several unique advantages over other similar dating sites. Most of these advantages are mainly because the site was made with a specific demographic in mind. The platform was made for Polish people or those who are interested in meeting them. Hence the site has been well-optimized for this goal and works quite well.

Polish Hearts has thousands of users that log in daily and use this platform; additionally, it also sees many new profiles being created each day. The site offers you many options to pick from; for instance, you can use the search options that allow you to be extremely specific about what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for friendship, love, or just someone to teach you Polish, you can search for like-minded people. The search features are incredibly advanced, and you can add parameters for the type of person you are looking for. You can filter the person’s interests, appearances, and sex.

Once the parameters have been set up, the Polish Hearts website system will show you all the members that fit the search criteria. From there on, you can start getting in touch with them and building relationships. In short, this is how the platform works. Additionally, there are also many other features like the matching process, the messaging, etc. Polish Hearts offers many options and functionalities to its users to help them successfully find what they are looking for.

How Can I Message Someone?

Many people tend to use Polish Hearts under the impression that the site is free to use. However, as basic members, you do not have permission to send private messages. This means that you cannot communicate with other members if you are a free member. The only tools that you can use are emojis like hugs, kisses, smiles, etc.

However, free members can reply to messages if premium members decide to add them to their VIP list. This way, you will be able to send messages without having to pay for a premium plan. Also, Polish Hearts does not have a live chat feature; you will have to get in touch with people in the old-fashioned messaging way only.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Is Sending Messages Free?

As mentioned above, you will have to become a premium member if you want to send free messages. Basic members cannot send free messages, only emojis like smiles, kisses, and hugs. However, if a premium user adds you to their VIP list and sends you a message, you will be able to chat without having to pay a premium membership fee.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Polish Hearts?

You need to either be a Premium user or wait for a Premium user to add you onto their VIP list if you are a basic member.

Why Can’t I Access Polish Hearts?

There might be several reasons why you are not able to enter the Polish Hearts website. For example, it is a possibility that your internet connection might not be working. Hence, you should ensure that your Internet connection is working; try to restart your Wi-Fi device and then try to access the site.

Alternatively, the site’s server may also crash unexpectedly; however, the chances of this happening are next to nil.

Lastly, you are unable to access the Polish Hearts website because the country where you reside has restricted Polish Hearts’ usage. This is a possibility where countries ban the use of dating sites.

How Long Are Polish Hearts Bans?

Bans are permanent on this platform.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You cannot reactivate your banned account.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Polish Hearts Profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile by sending a message to Customer Support.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On Polish Hearts” Option?

There is no such option on this platform.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Where Do I See My Matches?

On your main profile page.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On?

You will receive a notification.

Is It Possible To See The Polish Hearts Members Who I Liked?

Yes, look in the history.

What Is Polish Hearts’ Spy Mode?

There is no such mode on this platform.

How Do I Edit My Username In Polish Hearts?

Every profile at Polish Hearts can be edited. You have the option to modify everything you want. However, the only detail that you cannot edit or change is your username. This is the reason why you need to choose the username very carefully. It has to be something that you relate to or like.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

Check your internet connection or contact customer support if you believe you’ve been banned.

Parameters include education, sexual orientation, hobbies, religion, appearance, gender, age, and much more.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

The procedure of creating a Polish Hearts account is very easy. You can choose to register via your Facebook account or choose the manual option. Of course, the latter would require you to type down details like your username, password, or any other required. Once the information has been submitted, it will be sent to the Polish Hearts moderators for review. The administrators will then approve the account if the information is accurate. If you choose to use your email address, you may also need to state your age and gender.

Polish Hearts do not request your full name when you create an account, regardless of which registration method you are using. Username is vital for the identification process. Additionally, the username also cannot be changed in the future.

The process of creating an account is straightforward and fast. All you need to do is tap on the ‘Register’ button on the main page. Once done, you should see a floating window where you have to input your email address, your username and password, and your date of birth and sex.

After this is the verification process, which has been discussed in the next section. After the Polish Hearts website verification process, you will be taken to the personalization page. Here, you need to add all the information about yourself and let other members know what you are looking for. This step is quite essential because the system will suggest you matches based on this information. Being truthful and adding a lot of information will help you meet the right members.

As mentioned above, the approval team will first check your profile and then give you the green light. Hence, you may not be able to contact people right away. All you need to do is give it a couple of hours. Once your profile has been checked, it will be activated, and then you can start using it.

How Do I Verify My Email?

How Do I Verify My Email?

For the verification process, you will be given a PIN code in your email inbox. All you need to do is copy and paste the PIN in the floating window. Alternatively, you can also click on the link in the same message sent by Polish Hearts. Once you do either of these actions, your account will get verified, and your profile will get created.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Yes, you can use your Facebook account to create a Polish Hearts website profile. When you are signing up for a new account, you have the choice of either using your email or your Facebook account for the signup process.

How Do I Join Polish Hearts?

As mentioned above, the process of creating a Polish Hearts account is very fast and easy. All you need to do is tap on the ‘Register’ button on the main webpage. This will open up a new floating window where you need to type in:

  • Email address
  • Username and password
  • Date of birth and gender

Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook account to create your profile. Once the details have been filled up, the account will be handed over to the review and approval moderators. If the information that you provided is accurate, they will approve your profile. Your Polish Hearts profile will become visible, and you can start connecting with other members.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, you cannot join the Polish Hearts website without creating an account. You need to create an account to match with members.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of profiles you will see here at Polish Hearts is a very high standard. This has a lot of doing because of the audience of the platform. All around the world, you will find men and women that are interested in meeting Polish members. Likewise, Polish members here are looking to meet other like-minded members from different parts of the world.

Since the site does not rely entirely on the demographics, Polish Hearts is the first option. Hence, most people will start creating their accounts here. Add in the strict profile verification and authentication process, you will find many real profiles. Therefore, the overall quality of the user-database keeps improving.

As compared to other online dating sites, the profiles here at Polish Hearts might not seem so comprehensive. However, the profiles do contain basic details like name, birthday, location, gender, and other information like interests, hobbies, appearances, etc. You will also have to choose a unique username for identification.

Mobile Applications

The overall design and usability of the Polish Hearts website get carried over to the mobile app. The same basic menus, buttons, and the color are used to ensure that the transition from one page to another feels seamless. The mobile app of Polish Hearts is fitted with most of the functionalities of the main website. This means that you can take full advantage of Polish Hearts at any time, from any place.

The mobile app is only available for Android devices; it can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. While it might sound like a concern if you use other mobile software like iOS, Windows, or Blackberry, you can simply use Polish Hearts’ mobile version. The mobile site has been adapted to function as the main website. Hence, you will be able to derive the same excellent user experience on any smartphone.

According to several Polish Hearts reviews, you might find that the application works in a glitchy manner at times. This is quite normal because the mobile app is still comparatively new, and the technical team is still working out the bugs and other problems. However, Polish Hearts keeps updating the app continuously to ensure that the customers keep enjoying the mobile app or the mobile web version, whichever dispositive they prefer using.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Yes, Polish Hearts allows you to use Polish Hearts as a free member. Alternatively, you can also opt for the premium memberships if you want to use more features.

Free Membership Features

If you are a basic/free member of Polish Hearts, you will be provided with some limited features. You will only be able to access the messaging feature if you are put into someone’s VIP list, a premium/VIP feature.

Some features you can use as a free member include:

  • Check which members have visited your profile.
  • Send emojis like smiley, kiss, drink, champagne, and rose.
  • Make use of the standard and extensive search tool.
  • ‘Remember’ the profiles of others.
  • Add offensive members to your Blacklist.

Is Polish Hearts Free?

Yes, you can enjoy the platform as a free user; however, a free account means that there will be some limitations. For instance, extra listings and messaging are reserved for premium users only. Overall, you will still be able to chat, send GIFs, and check out premium users’ profiles if they add you to their list.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Polish Hearts If You Are A Free Member?

Even if you are a free member, you can check which member has added you to different lists like the VIP list, ‘Remembered Me’ list, etc.

Premium Membership Features

Yes, Polish Hearts provides you with the option of paid membership. You will see three different premium plans available for the members – premium membership, VIP membership, and the premium + VIP membership. Yes, the names might sound the same, and it often causes a lot of confusion between the premium and VIP membership; they tend to think that both memberships are the same. However, all three memberships are different, and you can understand the differences between them in the next sections.

Some features that a VIP and premium account will provide you are:

  • Upload five or more photographs on your profile.
  • Check which members have visited your profile.
  • Receiving and sending gifts.
  • Receiving and sending messages.

Does Polish Hearts Offer Premium Membership?

Polish Hearts offers three types of premium memberships:

Polish Hearts Premium Membership

The Polish Hearts premium membership will provide you access to the messaging feature. You can send or receive gifts, add up to five pictures, and check the report of the people that have viewed your profile. Once you are added to a ‘Friend list,’ you will be notified immediately.

Polish Hearts Vip Membership

The VIP premium is another type of membership that will allow you to compose a VIP list of selected members. Once you have added the people to your newly-created VIP list, there will be no restrictions in getting in contact with them; this feature will also allow you to talk with free members.

Polish Hearts Premium + Vip Membership

As the name suggests, this type of membership will offer you the best of both worlds. You will get a mix of both types of memberships mentioned above. However, this particular membership is quite expensive.

How Do I Cancel My Polish Hearts Membership?

Go to the membership section and click to cancel it.

Is Polish Hearts Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, you need to cancel it manually.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

There is no refund for unused time.

Is My “Support” To Polish Hearts Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Depending on the chosen option, yes.

I Am Not Satisfied With The Polish Hearts. Can I Get My Money Back?

The platform does not offer refunds.

How Will My Polish Hearts Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

There is no information available regarding this item.

Can I Give Support To Other Polish Hearts Members?

Yes, of course.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Yes. But you need to cancel the auto-renewal afterward.

Is Polish Hearts Really Safe?

One of the best aspects of Polish Hearts is that the site takes its security very seriously. While most other similar sites tend to get overwhelmed by the large number of new accounts created and become compromised, Polish Hearts takes a smarter approach. The administrators of the site ensure every new account is checked before getting activated. This extra security is not available in most dating sites – while the new members are indeed verified, but the accounts get activated before passing the authentication check.

This indeed becomes an issue because if a profile has been created with malicious intent, it can start acting before anyone gets a chance to check it. This particular problem is not present at Polish Hearts since every new profile is inspected before getting activated. Only after this inspection will you be allowed to use the Polish Hearts services.

Are Polish Hearts Forums Threads Moderated?

There are no forums on the platform.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Polish Hearts?

You can block specific people, but you can’t filter this.

What Security Features Does Polish Hearts Have?

The company employs strong cybersecurity via SSL technology and continually monitors the server.

How Can I Block and Report A Suspected Scammer?

Write to customer support, and they will most certainly assist you.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Polish Hearts Account To Solicit Money?

Nothing will happen unless you report him or her to the customer support representatives.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Polish Hearts Account?

Sensitive information, such as your exact address or credit card information.

Are Polish Hearts Chats Encrypted?

Yes, chats are encrypted.

Can Polish Hearts Track You Down?

Polish Hearts cannot track you down, but it can give police access to your IP if you engage in fraudulent activities.

Can Polish Hearts Be Traced By The Police?

We do not have exact information on this, but it can offer details about your ISP.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In Polish Hearts?

Always feel free to contact customer support regarding this.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Polish Hearts?

Yes, email them with your solicitation.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Polish Hearts?

It is almost impossible to find any online dating site where there are no fake and spam members. However, finding fake and spam accounts at Polish Hearts is extremely rare; the chances of finding a fake or spam profile here is almost one in a million. The administrators here work to verify an account before it is allowed to be uploaded on the site. However, this does not mean that you will not find one or two fake accounts here every once in a while. To minimize such accounts, you can also report the fake and spam profiles to the Polish Hearts administrators.

Contact Information

Company: Triginita LLC

Address: 30 N Gould St., Ste 3823, Sheridan, WY 82801, Wyoming, USA.

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]


The Polish Hearts website is an online dating site created with the intent of connecting singles of Polish descent and people interested in meeting someone from Poland. However, many other sites work similarly to Polish Hearts, which includes:


The Match is one of the oldest online dating sites; it was established in 1995 and has become one of the world’s largest and most popular dating sites. You will find a lot of Polish members to connect here. Additionally, you can also use search parameters like education, sexual orientation, hobbies, religion, appearance, gender, age, and a lot more!


PolishCupid is another great platform that caters to Polish singles to meet and connect. Additionally, the site also has members from countries like Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Holland, and the US. Similar to Polish Hearts, the moderators at PolishCupid verify each profile for authentication that is being created. Hence, you do not have to worry about scammers and bots here.


ePolishWife offers some great features like events, interest groups, and live chats that you can enjoy. The site has more than 15,000 registered users that interact more than 15,000 times in a day. Additionally, free membership allows you to use most of the essential tools that will help you find a match. On top of that, the VIP subscription provides you a lot more features like unlimited messaging.

Real Life Review

Mateusz Nowak, a user, says the following: “Polish Hearts is one of the best dating platforms on the internet. It helped me find someone who I can relate to better while living in California. I found my girlfriend on Polish Hearts last year, and it’s been amazing since then.”

Is Polish Hearts The Best Dating Site/App?

Polish Hearts is an online dating site that allows you to communicate with Polish members and vice versa. It has been hailed as one of the top online dating sites today. This is because the Polish Hearts website takes its stand against fake and spam accounts very seriously. This is one of the many reasons why Polish Hearts is one of the best dating sites/apps today.

Is Polish Hearts A Hook-Up App?

Polish Hearts is an online dating site, not a hookup site. Most members here are looking for serious relationships or only friendship. Therefore, Polish Hearts cannot be classified as an online hookup site.


According to this Polish Hearts review, we understand that the site is a safe space to meet Polish people for dating. It connects singles from Poland and people from all over the country. The site’s stand against fake and spam accounts and the excellent customer support department make it one of today’s best online dating platforms.

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