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Maiotaku Review in 2023

Maiotaku Review in 2023
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-28
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Enough anime lovers to interact with.
  • Premium features are excellent investments.
  • Suitable for making lifetime friends.
  • Not as successful as was intended at romance.
  • Might have a lot of weird characters.
  • A lot of fake profiles.

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Maiotaku is somewhat unique to the new internet dating websites. It has a place with an exceptional dating classification. When you make your enrollment on the site, you need to list your preferred anime. If you’re searching for wider pastures, this anime platform is the ideal decision for you. It employs an uncommon calculation to connect your essential details, such as date of birth, area, sexual preference, to discover individuals close to you with comparable interests. Talk with new people, plan face to face meetings, or participate in the fascinating discussions.

Languages Supported

Currently, English is the primary interface language on the app. However, it hasn’t stopped the site from owning the majority of the subscribers with positive reviews from most of the users.


The website designer Ryan Kopf actually has expressed pride in how many individuals have let him know about finding their sweethearts and sometimes friends on Maiotaku. Nearly everything is free, so nothing is stopping new members. Kopf likewise is the main proofreader of UpcomingCons.com, an anime/science fiction/gaming show site, and says he invests quite a bit of his free energy improving Maiotaku.

According to Kopf, everything is custom and extraordinary, which sets aside a great deal of effort to create.


Our effort to dig deeper and do a Maiotaku review didn’t pan out, but they have offices in New York where they operate some of their bases.

Founding Year

Maiotaku is a renowned anime dating platform founded in 2009. You can construct a profile posting your best anime shows. Rate the TV serials you like.

Worldwide Accessibility

The Maiotaku website is accessible worldwide for manga and anime lovers. It has servers in the USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, among other places,

Well branded as 18+, Maiotaku reviews have it as a positive app for promoting safety among its members. Predatory behavior is constantly put in check.

Computer Usability

While it’s more convenient to stay signed in using your app, our Maiotaku review revealed no app. If you open the site in your mobile browser, you’ll be able to access the Maiotaku desktop features using your phone. Whether you decide to download the app or not, the good news is that you’ve got a lot of options for how to interact with the site.

Numbers of Members Worldwide

Consistently, a more significant number of clients have joined the Maiotaku website scanning, hopefully for exciting geeks to talk with.

Website Design and Usability

This site has a completely responsive website design, so it usable on any PC or cell phone. The site is worked to highlight both public and individual client-to-client connections. Clients on the discussions may have a continuous chatroom on Tinychat, and others have even begun a wiki page.

Browsers Used

A good Maiotaku review led us to conclude that most web browsers can support the website without a hitch. These applications include the Phoenix browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, UC browser, Brave Privacy browser, DuckDuckGo, and the common web browser on any device.

Camera Functionality

The Maiotaku website requests your profile picture on joining. In any case, the inbuilt camera has excellent features that can filter your flaws or highlight your best qualities. In the setting button, go to profile and select profile picture, select ‘take a photo’ and continue to snap a real-life photograph of your face. Pick your best side to attract the best matches. Maiotaku Reviews have been positive about the picture quality.

Maiotaku review

Special Features

The fascinating thing about Maiotaku is the utilization of anime characters. It makes the way of discovering individuals to date all the more engaging and fun. You can barely find any better anime/manga website. Furthermore, you won’t get exhausted from filling in a long sign-up form.

How It Works

Add your favorite options from their database to your profile. They employ that information to discover the most splendid fans close to you. You get the opportunity to meet many more individuals by inviting new clients, discovering anime fans close to you.

Messaging Your Matches

Interacting and connecting with your new matches can be truly energizing. You can send instant messages to individuals you want to become more acquainted with through chat options. See an adorable manga lover? Use chat highlights to send some flirtatious messages on the Maiotaku website.

Free Messaging

You can interface with similar individuals and post on their pages or message them with much ease. Get chatting with people you have much in common.

Messaging Your Profiles

A few states lack a ton of registered members. Likewise, they don’t list clients that haven’t transferred an image in certain pieces of the site, so it appears as though there are fewer clients there.

Reasons You Can’t Access Maiotaku

Most Maiotaku reviews show that those error notifications don’t appear too often, but when it does, there can be some few interpretations;

  • Usually, it’s a central computer error, connectivity issues, or the app is serviced, which happens rarely.
  • It might be that you were going against Maiotaku community rules, which include not doing business on the app.
  • Many users might report bad behavior on your part, and your access may be restricted.

Length of Bans

Maiotaku has policies that protect its community from predators and other fraudulent people. Therefore, like most dating apps in this age of responsibility, the ban is irreversible and can only be reversed with a personal request on their support page. All the same, bans help the committed subscribers to have a smoother user experience.

Reactivating Your Banned Account

Reactivating banned accounts is a complicated affair. Unless you visit the support page or email them directly, all you can do is form a new account with different emails and login details and try staying within the app’s policies.

Deleting Your Profile

You can delete all your data from the site without anyone else’s help. You can erase every one of your photos, your name, and data, and afterward, you don’t need to worry about it!

Disabling The “Show Me on Maiotaku” Option

This feature will remove you from the most checked list as the users swipe, but you will still be able to message your existing matches. People with the same preferences won’t see you, which will lower your chances of being known.

Seeing Your Matches

Maiotaku reviews its matching framework and keeps it very exceptional and well improvised. They request that you list all your preferred anime. Then they connect you with other Maiotaku dependent on your profile.

Seeing Your Messages

The app has a 72% reply rate, and so you have the power to reply to most of your matches or choose the best options. The messages are available for free, and seeing them is effortless.

Seeing Who You Like

The well-designed website has a deep search system and filter highlights, which can help diminish the people who see your profile to be more appropriate for your inclinations. Likewise, you can upload an unlimited number of pictures to help draw individuals to your profile.this feature is often restricted on other dating platforms.

Spy Mode

Maiotaku is an open website. Any individual who visits this site can see your profile. If you need full invisibility, this isn’t the site for you! Since it is highly challenging to cover your pictures on Maiotaku, anyone can see you.

As a rule, you can transfer a progression of pictures to your profile. Be that as it may, all individuals can see your photos. Some dating platforms offer a signal for an emergency response telling clients to divert to another site quickly. This component isn’t accessible on Maiotaku.

Editing the Username

On the left side of the screen is a profile page where you can press on the ‘pen’ button under username to change your username. There is no restriction as to the number of times this can be changed.

Difficulty Signing In

On a useful Maiotaku review, we found that signing up is a really basic and smooth activity. You can finish the entire procedure in a short while. When it becomes challenging, then the contact line is always open for customer help. It’s usually server errors that keep popping up.

Search Options

The Maiotaku website has an entire database of all manga, anime shows, and comic cons. Clients are paired up dependent on profile compatibility. The site is refreshed at regular intervals, so any new people appear on your profile.

Maiotaku Special Features

Sign up Process

Registration is done using an email address or a Facebook account. Once you enter the address, you can input your username and specify your gender. You are also at liberty to key in the gender of your preferred matches. You can even fill in some necessary personal information, mainly your age and area.

Once this is complete, a confirmation code is sent to the phone number or email address you register to verify your details. The sign-up procedure is as simple as that.

Verifying Your Email

There isn’t an in-depth Maiotaku review of their email verification system. However, you may choose to verify your email when registering to show you are an authentic user.

Registering Using a Facebook Account

Our Maiotaku review has confirmed that this is still a viable way of signing up. Maiotaku doesn’t post anything to your Facebook details, but it makes it easier to log in the next time you do.

Joining Maiotaku

Situated on the main page’s highest point, you will find the link that directs you to ‘Open a new account.’

Fill out the simple questionnaire and transfer your profile photo. And just like that, you get the chance to see the fantastic manga website strangers’ profile pictures.

Complete a quick test that will help the application to know most of your anime priorities. It helps them offer you accurate matches with the other clients. You’ll additionally find the opportunity to do more in-depth searches to get better outcomes.

Using the Site without Signing Up

A record on Maiotaku can be used without confirming the email account. It offers no insurance against the making of phony accounts and results in many false profiles.

Maiotaku Sign up Process

Users Profile Quality

When you join the Maiotaku website, the primary activity is listing your preferred anime from a provided list and any shows you have joined. They use this list, blended in with your details (birthdate, orientation, area), to discover different fans with the same interests and tastes as you. Once you find someone you like, you can decide to chat with these individuals to arrange to meet up.

Mobile Applications

According to our Maiotaku review, a mobile application isn’t yet accessible. All the same, over 15% of clients presently get to the site on their cell phones.

Maiotaku Users Profile Quality

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are no Trial Plans. The plan available is the Premium Subscription.

  • 1 Month costs $3.73
  • 3 Months cost $10.14
  • You can pay for this arrangement with PayPal.

There are no Coin Plans.

Free Membership Features

While free clients can make profiles, connect with other users, and send remarks and messages, premium individuals get the chance to have some good times and more capacity.

Free Maiotaku

Most of everything you will need is free. You’ll contact other users via comments and messages, upload pictures, and examine your matches without paying anything. The Maiotaku website attempts to make money to keep costs, like advertising, by asking some users to pay but $4 a month to urge extra benefits.

Seeing Likes as a Free Member

You can see people who like you back no matter who you are. The forum is free to use, and access is very rarely denied. This makes it challenging to avoid bots and fake profiles.

Premium Membership Features

Get extra benefits for paying only $3.50 a month;

  1. Share more pictures
  2. See more matching details
  3. Matching Improvements – Premium users get to look at up to 5 reasons that they’re matched with other Otakus. The options range from similar character traits to like-minded anime interests. The more you’ll be able to see about them, the more you’ll know if they’ll be an exact match.
  4. Nearby Matches – Premium members can browse other otaku based on distance, helping you discover otaku near you. They are going to add even more searching options for their premium members eventually.
  5. Picture Sharing – Free members could eventually be limited to sharing fewer pictures, although Maiotaku reviews have not figured out what number. Premium users are going to be allowed to share unlimited photos.
  6. Recent Matches-Premium members can browse other otaku based on when they last logged in, helping find otaku that you simply like.

Premium Membership on Maiotaku

Premium members see more highlights in their matching lists and appear bold in matches. They also get to upload tons more pictures, and plenty more.

Cancelling Membership

If you choose to buy a premium membership on Maiotaku, then it’s essential to know how/when you can cancel. If you would like to terminate a recurring membership on Maiotaku, you’ll be able to cancel it online.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Subscription is auto-renewed, which means that once bought, it will be auto-recharged monthly until you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the present time frame. The installment will be charged to your credit card or PayPal account when you confirm your purchase.

Refund for Unused Time

Cancel your top-notch subscription whenever you want by going to their ‘Members Support’ link and choosing ”Cancel Paid Membership.’ To get a refund, you may contact them via their support page. You will get your refund in two weeks.

App Support Auto-Renewal

Support for the app can only be given by the user as intended. The user is in control of their finances in this area.

Refunds with Dissatisfaction

The Maiotaku website works with a fourteen-day refund strategy. If you’re not happy with the premium subscription for reasons known to you, you may get in touch with them to get a refund. It just applies to individuals updating for the first time.

Credit Card Bill

Your app support is charged to your credit card and appears on your monthly bill separated from the payment column under the support category.

Supporting Other Maiotaku Members

The option to support other Maiotaku members is not yet available. Since it is constantly being updated, this might just be possible.

Sending Support for Just a Month

The choice to send support for just a month is yours, so you can do whatever you please with your payments and cancel anytime within the month.

Maiotaku Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The Safety of Maiotaku

The site is as safe as they have tried to make it. The owners have the right to delete any harassing comments or messages that lead to dangerous behavior. You, however, must be sure to guard your information to the extent you see fit.

Forum Thread Moderation

Once you register, you’re matched with otaku (which suggests geek or obsessive about something) fans in your area. It’s an inclusive fun site with forums where you’ll be able to share interests and experiences.

Filtering Messages

The dating feature enables you to sort messages from other single anime fans online. It also allows you to get matched with other users based upon your features and shares your personality with interested buddies.

Maiotaku Security Features

You can report suspicious profiles or write an email to their support contacts. All the same, Maiotaku reviews the site for bogus profiles and fraudulent actions.

Blocking and Reporting a Suspected Scammer

Registration on Maiotaku.com does not require an email confirmation. That makes it easier for people to make fake emails and profiles. There’s nothing you’ll be able to do to forestall frauds. Therefore, be extremely careful when interacting with a brand new member. Also, take a profound look at their profile. If you see something suspicious, report them as soon as possible.

Soliciting Money

Guys online may ask for cash, either in good faith or for selfish personal reasons to them. To do some damage control for yourself, don’t give out cash to strangers and notify the support team by reporting their account.

Information that cannot be Posted

While websites like Facebook and MySpace make it already very likely that information like your city and state are available to the general public, it’s still essential to think about the knowledge you post publicly. If you wish to share private information with individual members of the website that you simply trust, Maiotaku has a personal messaging system.

Chat Encryption

Maiotaku processes any messages you send to any other users and encrypts them on their servers. They will temporarily be stored until they are automatically deleted after two weeks.

Maiotaku and Client Tracking

Deeper Maiotaku reviews reveal that the website follows activity data, including user-profiles and login times. They use the information to distinguish shared/fake accounts or deceptive activity on the website. They may expel these phony accounts that are found to be active.

Maiotaku and the Police

Maiotaku is liable to report any fraudulent activity to the law like any other organization. However, this can only be done after a subpoena, or a proper search warrant is issued. Private information is well secured.

Privacy Inquiries

You can use their contact form to contact the administrators – include your username. Remember that if you ask an issue already answered in their frequently asked questions, they will not be able to reply.

Deleting Submitted Personal Information

A Data Deletion Tool’ is provided on the security page. This instrument will send you an email to affirm your enrolled email address on the Maiotaku website. What’s more, upon your confirmation, the entirety of your data from Maiotaku will be forever erased.

Scammers and Fake Profiles

Maiotaku uses technology from the Project Honeypot blacklist to create a behavior-detecting software and disable registrations by 99% of spam accounts. Wrong IP addresses are prevented from signing up, and accounts that act suspiciously are quickly disabled.

The Safety of Maiotaku

Contact Information

Their support page can be found by looking up Maiotaku.com and heading down to the bottom of their home page. Submit your request forms for any type of help.

Maiotaku Contact Information

Alternative Dating Apps

  • Kosu.
  • Otaku Booty.
  • Otaku Singles.
  • SoulGeek.
  • Anime Dating Site.
  • Kwink.
Maiotaku Alternative Dating Apps

Real Life Review

On other dating sites like those, there are just about three guys for every one girl. Unless you are a handsome male with a six-pack and have an out-going personality or plenty of cash, your chances of finding someone on there are pretty slim since plenty of women on those sites have way more choice than the fellows. Sadly, it’s that superficial, but that’s just the way those sites work. I never had any progress elsewhere. Nobody was ever active. This site is good because of the open community. Whether or not you don’t find the love, you’ll deff make awesome friends – Lamby, 25

I honestly haven’t had more luck here, but I figure my likelihood is that a minimum of touch better because I feel most of the women who join up here have a minimum of appreciation of most aspects of the geek culture like gaming, anime, art, etc. – RainX, 23

Maiotaku Dating App Ranking

It is the most important anime dating site within the world! They’re new, fresh, and visionary. They use the newest technology, too. The Maiotaku website is made on a very awesome program that sometimes makes interacting with the website fun. It also doesn’t cost to contact other otaku and become a part of our community.


It is possible to unmatch with someone else if you find them not to be of your preference. It helps keep your anime algorithm in check and provides better matches.

Maiotaku as a Hookup App

It allows you to search out fellow-anime lovers, fix a date, make friends, and visit conventions together, if so inclined. So it has its chances to be a hookup app.

Maiotaku Real Life Review


Maiotaku website is a fan-made platform for anime fans to find dates and social networks. With their cosplay picture galleries, profiles, comments, and messages, they predict good compatibility. The site is a great place to form friends, and their matching program makes them a good place to search out users who may have an interest in an exceedingly close relationship.

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