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IndianCupid Review

IndianCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 66%
Popular Age 26-41
Profiles 648 492
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • IndianCupid has extensive matching criteria
  • The registration process is simple
  • Users` safety is the top priority of the dating website
  • The platform is user-friendly
  • Members can access on-site emails
  • The security is great
  • IndianCupid offers tips on how to improve security
  • Free users cannot access most of the features
  • There are time zone issues

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In this IndianCupid review, you will learn about online dating and matrimonial service for those willing to meet an Indian single. Fixed marriage happens to be a common tradition in India, but they are freer to decide who will be their partner these days. At the same time, some factors, including caste, religion, physical appearance, physical type, and economic status, are always considered when incomes to the matchmaking process.

It is what the IndianCupid website offers to its users, so there are comprehensive criteria that you can specify to meet your perfect match. Since its launch, the dating platform has brought numerous members together. Meanwhile, you do not need to be Indian to join the community. Thus, you can get registered if you are not Indian but are willing to meet one.

Note that it is crucial to learn as much as possible about a dating platform before you sign up. Hence, this IndianCupid review should be extremely helpful if you want to join this community. Thanks to it, you will know everything about it beforehand, so you will avoid possible problems or inconveniences.

IndianCupid Review

Does IndianCupid Support Other Languages?

IndianCupid website offers its users a translation service, so it is possible to translate the messages you get in a different language. Note that this feature is available to the Platinum members only. Hence, the languages are:

  • Arabic;
  • Japanese;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Korean;
  • Polish;
  • Russian;
  • Portuguese;
  • Turkish;
  • Italian, and more.

Who Is the Owner of IndianCupid?

The IndianCupid dating website is owned by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. It is a big company that has launched numerous dating platforms, such as MexicanCupid, ChristianCupid, AsianDating, RussianCupid, etc. All of them are popular.

Where Is the IndianCupid Dating Website Based at the Moment?

The IndianCupid website is based in Australia. Despite that, online dating service is available around the world.

When Was IndianCupid Launched?

IndianCupid was launched in 2000, which means that the online dating service has existed for 20 years so far.

Is IndianCupid Available in Other Countries?

Although the IndianCupid website is based in Australia, it is available in almost all countries around the world. It explains why this online service is so popular.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Join IndianCupid?

If you are willing to start using IndianCupid to find your perfect match, you can only join if you are at least 18 years old. Thus, people of all ages can get registered on this website. At the same time, the bigger part of the members is between the ages of 25 to 34.

Is It Possible to Use the App on a Computer?

The mobile application provided by IndianCupid is not compatible with any laptop or computer. There is no need to worry, though, because there is a great mobile version of the website.

How Many Users Are There on the IndianCupid Website?

According to the IndianCupid reviews, this dating platform has 45 thousand members around the world. The female members make up 35 percent of the audience, which creates some competition for the male members. The users of this dating platform are rather active because there are approximately 1,500 logins every day.

Many users of the IndianCupid website have Platinum membership, which proves that they have serious intentions. In fact, most members of the community are looking for long-term relationships that would lead to marriage. They come from different countries, while the top countries are India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Malaysia.

How Many Users Are There on the IndianCupid Website?

What Is the Website`s Design Like?

According to the IndianCupid review, the dating platform’s design and layout happen to be simple, basic, and clean. Thanks to this, even less tech-savvy members can easily use both desktop and mobile apps. Moreover, the dating platform has a design that is similar to the rest of Cupid websites. The colors used are white and red. The good part is that all features are rather accessible, and the tabs are on the top of the web page and drop-down menus. When it comes to mobile application, there are sidebars. Although the design of IndianCupid is not too modern, the online service effectively serves its purpose in providing a convenient and fun experience to users worldwide.

What Browsers Do You Need to Support IndianCupid?

If you are willing to use IndianCupid, you need to have the latest version of the browser. The following internet browsers support this online dating service:

  • Internet Explorer;
  • Safari;
  • Firefox;
  • Chrome.

How Can Members Use Camera on IndianCupid?

The members of the IndianCupid community can use their camera for the video chat feature. It is rather helpful, as it helps users to meet remotely.

Special Features You Can Access

In addition to the basic features, IndianCupid provides several special ones:

Profile Note

It is accessible for Platinum users, and it lets you add your own remarks regarding a member. You are the only person who can see these notes.

Cupid Tags

These happen to be keywords that members can add to their profiles to make it possible for others to find them quickly. They are free to use any words that are able to describe you.

My Favorites

Thanks to this IndianCupid feature, you will never lose your favorite members. You can just click on the star icon to automatically add another user to the list.

My Interest

This feature is similar to the mentioned above list, so it allows you to browse through those users you have shown interest in. You need to click on the heart icon to add someone to this list.

Popular Searches

Apart from the advanced search, there is this feature that lets you find others instantly. It is possible to view new users, the most popular users, and the latest pictures.

Message Filter

Thanks to this feature, you can filter messages received from people who do not match your criteria.

How Can Members Use Camera on IndianCupid?

How Does the Platform Operate?

You can find costs in the following table:

The first thing you need to do is to open a new account on the IndianCupid website. After that, you need to create a profile by providing some information and uploading a photo. When you do that, you can browse through the user database to find a perfect match. As you find someone you are interested in, you can start interacting with him or her. If you are a free member of IndianCupid, you cannot send messages to other free members. At the same time, you can send interests. You will have to purchase a premium membership to access all features.

How to Contact Other Members?

There are several options you can use to engage with others on the IndianCupid platform. As mentioned above, you can send a heart to show interest to a user. If you happen to be a premium member of the online service, you are free to send a message immediately. Standard members can send messages to paying users only. If you are not ready to start a conversation at once, you can save a person to your favorites or interests lists. Thanks to this, you can access him or her later.

Do They Have to Pay to Send Messages?

As mentioned above, you must pay to send messages without limits because only premium members can send messages to all users. However, the standard users of IndianCupid can reply to the messages they get from the paying members.

How to Start Communicating With Others?

If you want to send a message to someone, you need to click on the Message icon on the IndianCupid profile. You are going to see a message icon, and you are free to write a text there. When you do that, you are to click the Send tab.

Why Can`t They Access IndianCupid?

You may not be able to access the IndianCupid dating website because it requires specific programs, along with the Internet browser. Your browser might not be updated, for instance.

For How Long Does IndianCupid Ban Users?

The IndianCupid platform can ban user profiles in case of suspicious activity. It can even be suspended forever for violating its Terms of Use.

Can They Reactivate the Banned Account?

If your account has been banned, and you believe that there is an error, you can reactivate your account. For this purpose, you need to contact IndianCupid customer support. When sent, your request will be reviewed within 48 hours or less.

Can They Delete Their IndianCupid Profiles?

If you do not want to use IndianCupid anymore for some reason, you can delete your profile. In this case, you need to contact customer support, fill in a form, and provide the reason for your leaving.

What Happens If They Hide Their IndianCupid Profiles?

If you hide your profile on the IndianCupid platform, you will not be visible to others. It means that you will not appear on their search results so that you can browse through the database anonymously. Note that this feature is available to premium members only.

What Happens If They Hide Their IndianCupid Profiles?

Where Do You Find Your Matches?

You can find your matches on the IndianCupid online service by clicking on the “Matches” link. You can find it at the top of the website’s pages. Thanks to this, you can immediately start communicating with someone.

Is It Possible to See Who Sent a Message on IndianCupid?

All members of the IndianCupid online service can see who has sent them a message.

Where to See Who Has Sent a Message on IndianCupid?

If you get a message from another member while being online, you will see it immediately. If you receive a message when you are not online, you can access it in the Received box. For this purpose, you need to select the Messages option on the IndianCupid menu.

Where Can They Find Their IndianCupid Favorites List?

If you are willing to view your favorites list, you need to find this option on the Activity menu.

What Is Incognito Mode on IndianCupid Platform?

If you are using Incognito mode on the IndianCupid website, it means that your profile is hidden from other members. Thanks to this, you can browse through the user database anonymously.

Is It Possible to Edit a Username on the IndianCupid Website?

The members of the IndianCupid community can edit the information on their profiles that was provided earlier. For this purpose, you need to choose Edit Profile from the Setting menu. When you finish it, you need to select the “Submit” button.

Why They May Not Be Able to Enter the Website?

You may not be able to enter the dating website due to several reasons. For example, your browser might be outdated. You may also have forgotten your password or login. To solve the issue, you need to contact IndianCupid customer support.

What Search Options Can You Access on the IndianCupid Website?

The IndianCupid online dating service has an outstanding matching algorithm that considers the details essential for building serious relationships. The platform combined all answered questions, quick search options, and the more detailed questionnaire in the search parameters. In general, the search filter includes:

  • Age;
  • Marital status;
  • Physical features;
  • Number of children;
  • Cultural specialties;
  • Life habits.
What Search Options Can You Access on the IndianCupid Website?

Information on the Registration Process

The registration process is extremely important because people do not usually complete too long questionnaires and leave websites that offer too complicated signup. That is why it is important to develop an easy process. At the same time, it should require enough information to find better potential matches. Keep on reading to learn more about IndianCupid from this point of view.

How Do You Verify Your Email Address?

The dating website requires its new users to get their emails verified. For this purpose, IndianCupid sends a link to the provided email address. You need to follow it, and your email address will be verified.

Is It Possible to Use a Facebook Account for Registration?

The new members of IndianCupid can use their Facebook accounts to get registered. In this case, all the required data will be taken from it. Hence, the signup process will take less than a minute.

How to Join the IndianCupid Community?

It is not hard to get registered. All the IndianCupid requires you to do is to provide your gender, age, first name, and email address. After that, you need to add your profile photo, and you can also do that by linking your Facebook account. Note that a high-quality picture will increase your chances of meeting someone special. You are highly likely to find better matches if you provide more details about yourself in terms of your personality, preferences, interests, and background. Although IndianCupid does not require to fill out all the offered fields, you should better do that to receive the best matches possible.

How to Join the IndianCupid Community?

Is It Possible to Use the Website Without Registration?

According to the IndianCupid review, you cannot use this online dating service without getting registered. It is great because the environment becomes safer for people as they must provide some information about themselves and get verified. Thus, this fact is an advantage of the dating website.

Are the Profiles Informative?

When getting registered, you need to provide your basic personal details, describe your appearance, background, lifestyle, and cultural values. IndianCupid also requires submitting your description of yourself and the person you are willing to find. Furthermore, you need to edit the match criteria due to your preferences, including age, country, lifestyle, gender, cultural values, and background. Thanks to this, the IndianCupid online service will find better matches for you.

The members of the website can also specify their interests and mention something about their personality. At the same time, these fields are not compulsory, so some users skip them. All information on the IndianCupid profiles is visible to everyone.

It is possible to verify a profile by adding any identification document, such as ID, driver’s license, or passport. If you do that, your profile will rank higher in search results, which means more attention from other members. To sum it up, most IndianCupid profiles are rather informative and detailed.

A Few Words About the Mobile App

Most dating websites provide a mobile application these days. That is because apps provide easier access to the service and allow people to communicate on the go. Thus, IndianCupid offers a mobile application that is available free of charge. You can download it in Google Play Store, which means that it is available for Android users only. Hence, there is no mobile app for iOS users.

The IndianCupid mobile app happens to be easy to use and navigate thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface. When you open the homepage, you are going to see your matches. You can also access all the features available on the desktop version.

A Few Words About the Mobile App

Does the Online Service Offer Subscription?

Most dating websites provide a premium subscription, along with the standard one. Such premium plans tend to come with additional perks that can improve user’s dating experience. That is why you should learn about this aspect before you decide to use a dating platform. Hence, keep on reading the IndianCupid review.

Features Available to Free Users

All standard members of IndianCupid can do the following things:

  • They can open a new account;
  • They can create a profile;
  • They can access basic matching;
  • They can view profiles;
  • They can send interests;
  • They can communicate with premium users.

Is IndianCupid Chargeless?

As mentioned above, you can access some features of IndianCupid without paying. Still, if you want to use all available features and get the best online dating experience possible, you need to pay for a membership plan. The good part is that the price is quite affordable.

Can Standard Users See Who Likes Them on the IndianCupid Website?

All members of the IndianCupid community can see who is interested in them. Meanwhile, only premium members can send messages to everyone. Still, free users can send interests and add people to their favorites lists.

Features Available to Paying Members

If you are a paying member of the IndianCupid website, you can do the following:

  • You can communicate with all users;
  • You can access live chat with Instant Messenger;
  • You can use the Incognito mode;
  • You can enjoy VIP profile highlighting;
  • You can access the advanced matching algorithms.

What IndianCupid Subscription Options Are There?

If you decide to purchase a premium membership plan, you should know that there are two options – Platinum and Gold. Both packages provide perks, while the first one offers more features. You can find costs in the following table:

Duration Cost Total
One month 29.98 dollars per month 29.98 dollars
Three months 20.00 dollars per month 59.99 dollars
Twelve months 10.00 dollars per month 119.98 dollars
One month 24.98 dollars per month 24.98 dollars
Three months 16.66 dollars per month 49.99 dollars
Twelve months 8.33 dollars per month 99.98 dollars

How Do They Get Unsubscribed From IndianCupid?

The users of the IndianCupid can cancel their subscription at any time. They can easily do that from their account settings by canceling the auto-rebilling.

Do Payments Renew Automatically on the IndianCupid Website?

All membership plans automatically renew on the IndianCupid platform. Hence, canceling your subscription must be the first thing to do if you decide to delete your profile.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for the Unused Period?

The IndianCupid website does not provide refunds in case of unsubscribing before the due date.

Is the Support Feature Auto-Renewed on the IndianCupid Website?

IndianCupid does not provide this kind of service, so there is no need to bother about that.

Can Users Get a Refund if They Are Not Satisfied with the Service?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get your money back if you are not happy with the online dating website. IndianCupid does provide refunds in some cases, but unsatisfied clients get none.

Can Users Get a Refund if They Are Not Satisfied with the Service?

How Does IndianCupid Payment Information Appear on Credit Card Bills?

Note that the billing name can be different on a user’s credit card statement. It depends on the credit card provided used. At the same time, it is usually “Cupid Media Internet GB” or “IndianCupid Southport AU.”

Is It Possible to Provide Support to Other IndianCupid Users?

Theoretically, you can pay for another IndianCupid user if they provide financial details, but this online dating service does not encourage its members to do that for safety concerns.

Is It Possible to Pay for One Month Only?

If you are not willing to purchase a membership for a longer period, you can buy an IndianCupid premium plan for one month.

Is It Safe to Use IndianCupid?

IndianCupid happens to be one of the safest dating platforms you can find. Firstly, most of its users are verified. Secondly, online dating service constantly moderates user profiles and suspends suspicious ones. There are also numerous IndianCupid reviews claiming that the dating platform is safe.

Does the IndianCupid Online Service Moderate Forums?

There are no forums on the IndianCupid website, so there is nothing to moderate. Meanwhile, the service checks all profiles, so it is secure.

How Do You Filter the IndianCupid Members Who Can Message You?

If you are not willing to communicate with someone on the IndianCupid website, you are free to block him or her. In this case, both of you will not be able to send messages to each other.

What Does IndianCupid Do to Make It More Secure?

The IndianCupid dating platform provides a Safety Tips page where you can find a lot of information on how you can stay safe while using it. In addition to that, there is a dedicated Fraud Prevention Team that applies world-class fraud prevention technology.

How to Block Other Users?

All IndianCupid members can block someone abusive or suspicious. For this purpose, you need to click on the “More” button you can see on the Instant Messenger panel. After that, you are to select the “Block User” option.

What Will Happen to Someone Who Makes Use of IndianCupid to Get Money?

IndianCupid keeps checking its members` profiles all the time. If the service notices some suspicious behavior, it suspends such an account forever.

What Information You Should Never Post on Your IndianCupid Profile?

You should never post your personal or financial data on your profile. Thanks to this, your online dating experience will be safer.

Does IndianCupid Use Encryption?

The IndianCupid platform makes use of SSL encryption to make sure that all financial and personal information submitted by users is secure. That is why no third parties can obtain it.

Does IndianCupid Track Its Users Down?

The IndianCupid online service moderates all accounts, so it is one of the safest platforms available.

Does the Police Trace IndianCupid?

IndianCupid does not provide any information on that. Still, they are likely to cooperate with the police in case of serious issues.

Who Should They Contact to Ask About Privacy at IndianCupid?

If you are willing to learn more about privacy on the IndianCupid website, you can contact customer support. Optionally, you can check the Privacy Statement page.

Does IndianCupid Allow to Delete the Submitted Earlier Details?

You are free to edit information on your profile. For this purpose, you need to choose Edit Profile and modify any details. When you finish, you need to click on the “Submit” button.

Does Have Many Scam Accounts?

Although IndianCupid does its best to make things safer for users, there are a few fake profiles. At the same time, the number is rather small; consequently, you are not likely to come across scammers. If there is something suspicious, you can report and block such a member.

Contact Details

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: Level 5 2502/5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3103 4000

Alternatives You Can Use

Although IndianCupid is an outstanding dating platform, you may want to look at the following alternatives:

  • DesiKiss was launched in 2001. Since then, it has managed to make more than 4.5 million connections. There is a long questionnaire form, which is not a big issue for people with serious intentions;
  • EHarmony is not specifically for Indian singles, but it is one of the best online dating services when it comes to finding a perfect match;
  • IndiaMatch is one of the platforms that allow people to connect with locals. It happens to be a part of the People Media network, so it is rather reliable.

Review from a Real Customer

I have been using IndianCupid for the half year, and it is one of the best dating websites I have come across so far. I did not find it hard to figure things out, and the registration process is easy, indeed. I have already met several people I love communicating with. Still, I believe I have found my special one, and I am meeting her next month. – Jacob, 31

Is IndianCupid a Worthy Website?

As you can see from this IndianCupid review, this dating website is a worthy one. The fact that it is around 20 years old proves it. There are also thousands of members around the world, which is another proof of its worthiness.

Is It Possible to Delete Users From the IndianCupid Match List?

The IndianCupid platform automatically generates the list of your matches. Hence, you cannot delete anyone from it. Meanwhile, you can block a member you are not willing to communicate with.

Can You Find a Hookup on the IndianCupid Website?

Most members of the IndianCupid community are looking for serious relationships that would lead to marriage. Consequently, this online dating service is not suitable for people who are willing to find a hookup.


This IndianCupid should prove that it is an outstanding dating service that ill help you to meet numerous Indian singles. It has many Pros, and safety is one of them. The dating platform does its best to make its members’ online dating experience as safe as possible. There are also a lot of helpful features you can use to communicate with others. The standard members of IndianCupid can access several features that allow interacting with others. Meanwhile, it is better to purchase a premium plan to find your perfect match faster. Furthermore, the prices for the premium plans are affordable. To sum it up, if you want to find an Indian single for serious relationships, you need to join the IndianCupid community.

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